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Arbites Cable Nuevo
Player: @Skyburner
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: Cable Andre Nuevo
Known Aliases: '
Species: Unknown (originally thought to be Praetorian)
Age: 36
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lbs
Eye Color: brown/hazel
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian ( ? )
Occupation: "Street Judge", member of Powers Division
Place of Birth: Unknown, adopted in Imperial City
Base of Operations: Imperial City (currently patrolling First Ward)
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: none, adopted parents deceased due to Resistance bombing
Known Powers
Telekinetic close quarter attacks, Technopath, Flight
Known Abilities
Energy Shield, nPad (hacked to improve functionality), Tranquilizer Daggers, Chain Gun, Taser, Shield Drone



Cable Nuevo, on losing an arm during a hospital bombing by malcontents from the Resistance, found new purpose in life. Fashioning a replacement arm for himself out of a smashed Clockwork with his innate gift of techno-telepathy, he drew the attention of the Powers Division for this "natural gift with machinery". Recruited, he was brought into the experimental "Adept Arbites" squad; a new group within the Powers Division that could act as "street judges" and "arbiters" for the Preatorian Police Department and Powers Division when necessary.

Working close with the PPD - as best as can be done given prejudices between the Praetorian Police Department and Powers Division - he helped cripple the Syndicate and for a time, hobble the efforts of their mysterious leader in causing more unrest in Praetoria. Likewise, he caught or exposed several Resistance cells across the Imperial domain. His hard work digging out corruption uncovered conspiracies in both high and low areas of the cities; conspiracies he helped the Praetorian Police bring to an end.

However, digging deeper is not always better.

After a request for assistance from Anti-Matter - something of an event in and of itself - Cable encountered a trio of mysterious individuals. One, a strange man in a black trench coat named the Dark Watcher. A second was what appeared to be one of the genetic cross-breeds from the end of the Hamidon Wars, a young cat girl named 'Fehral'. A third was a man, dressed much like the long extinguished criminal organization, the Tsoo, yet proclaimed to be from Powers Division and named "Bob". Cable, while suspicious, was not about to say much as to the man's name given he was never too overly fond of his own.

In any case, they assisted him in numerous missions in Imperial City, and a few in Neutropolis. Meanwhile, the information began to compile for Nuevo, and form an unpleasant pattern. It came to a head when dealing with otherworldly invaders known as 'Arachnos', or more accurately the Dark Watcher spelled it out clearly for Cable:

  • Arachnos are from a place called Primal Earth
  • The Emperor intended to invade Primal Earth for his own self-motivated reasons
  • Cable himself was an otherworldly visitor, not from Praetoria or Primal Earth. But elsewhere.

    Cable did not believe the Dark Watcher at first. How could he? It was not until Interrogator Kang uncovered the video of Emperor Cole's invasion plans that Cable - unwillingly - began to believe. Kang wanted to tell the public, but Cable knew this would cause a panic. Riots, death across Praetoria. Cable Nuevo had to stop the Emperor, perhaps even suggest a different course of action... anything to save lives. Kang wouldn't hear of it. A fight ensued, and Cable won. However, at the last moment, he took the video, and activated the Interrogator's medical teleport. Logic said to silence Kang, Cable couldn't ... wouldn't do that to a long time friend. Instead he swore to somehow free Kang's daughter from her fate among the Seers... if she was alive. If not, bring Praetor Tillman to justice.

    Feeling lost and confused, Cable flew across the city. There, once more he met the Dark Watcher. Under the stars, the Dark Watcher explained to Cable that the real world Cable Nuevo originated from was effectively destroyed. He was the last survivor, or at least the last the Dark Watcher knew of. Cable was stunned. He asked, which world? However, the Dark Watcher refused to say. Instead, he told Cable that the time was not right to give that information ... not yet. Then he vanished into the night.

    First Ward

    Cable patrolled First Ward once he was able to bring some sense of order to Imperial City and Neutropolis. He had heard the rumors and stories of First Ward, everyone had. The rumors paled in comparison to reality.

    It was city caught in a choking death grip of magic, nature, mad science left unchecked, T.E.S.T. super soldiers with little restraint, and a scattering of citizens trying to etch out a life in the ruins. Cable worked, patrolled and fought. He brought some semblance of 'normalcy' to the 'First Warders', though for how long he couldn't say. What he learned, shook him to his very core.

    Like anyone in Powers Division, all knew the Praetors were not the visage of sainthood. Rumors of Mother Mayhem, Neuron, and other abounded. Though the rumors were not ones spoken aloud for worry of a trip for "Cultural Re-education". Nonetheless, the activities of Praetor Tillman ... that Arbites Cable Nuevo was not prepared for.

    When working with the Carnival and trying to help a young woman - a former Seer - rebuild her life, Cable gained the chance to see the memories of a Seer. See into Tillman's hospital. Cable never had any love loss for Tillman, though now after seeing the 'special surgeries' she personally performed? The techniques she used, in part for the 'process' and in part for her own enjoyment? Intense disgust and anger.

    Cable brought the entire system crashing down, one hammering kinetic blow at a time. Only later, he was forced to betray one one of the few friends he actually had made in First Ward ... all to save First Ward from something very powerful and old. Dangerous power that Tillman was playing with like an imbecile. First Ward was saved, but Cable bears the scars, both inside and outside. His friend, a telepath, has begrudgingly told him lately that she understands. Also, in her own rough way, that she does forgive him ... even if she still refers to him as 'killer'.

    With First Ward stable, he returned to Imperial City... and once again met the Dark Watcher.

    The Dark Watcher ... again

    The man known as the Dark Watcher appeared again, as always, from nothing. He needed the Arbites' help. Cable - despite a strong urge to tell the mysterious man to "take a drokkin' leap" - agreed to help when the Dark Watcher said it had to do with a young man, a hacker that Cable had worked with. Suiting up, Cable headed out and ran headlong into Neuron, Dominatrix and much of the other Praetors, save for Anti-Matter and Praetor White.

    During this, Cable managed to rescue and shore up relations with a group called 'Longbow'. They seemed skilled enough, though inexperienced due to the lack of armor when dealing with a threat like the ghouls. Primarily, Cable kept Longbow alive and out of the tunnels, at least the ones he could locate.

    With that done, the Dark Watcher revealed he was part of a group called Vanguard and that they were bent on unseating Emperor Cole's rule. However, the plan was flawed at best. The Watcher had Cable work with Calvin Scott - the leader of the Resistance and the man who's bomb robbed Cable of his arm and part of his life. They were to disable key systems for Enriche production and other infrastructure. Cable was not thrilled to hear this, the additional chemicals were not needed, but the treatment plants were! He tried to explain to the Dark Watcher, you could not just turn that off. He wouldn't listen, but instead was confident that this Vanguard would be able to move in with resources to handle the problem. Some would become sick, but that was unavoidable.

    Nuevo didn't like it, and once on the mission, he liked Calvin's interpretation even less. Exploding the factory with it right near a hospital! The Arbites could not let that happen. He held court, found Calvin guilty and arrested him on the spot, turning him over to Provost Marschand.

    Cable hoped that would be the last he would hear from the Dark Watcher.

    Through the Looking Glass

    Before Cable could turn his attention back to the new problems facing Praetoria, the Provost met with him. He had learned of the plans the Praetors had, and what little Cable did not know, Marschand filled in the gaps. It was ... horrific. So many lives would be tossed away carelessly. So many laws brushed aside for the sake of fear and entitlement. It was then Marschand offered Cable a chance, a slim chance. To head through to the Primal Earth dimension and somehow ease tensions, and help prepare a defense to avert the loss of life. The catch? Cable might not be able to come back.

    It took a long night of thinking, with some telepathic discussions with Kate, about what to do. Primal Earth was a chaotic place at best. Laws not well enforced or crime so rampant that the law did not have enough means to be enforced. At last he agreed to go. Before he descended into Anti-Matter's lab, he met with Praetor White - one of the only Praetor's he had any measure of respect for. They had a long talk. In the end, the Praetor summed it up nicely:

    "I'm not eager for any sort of long fight or war. I still remember the Hamidon Wars. Still, that place sounds as wild as it gets. To me, it sounds like you'll be takin' law out to lawless fools. I think you made a good choice. Teachin' those punks to respect the law, best job I could think of having. Beats a war any day. Pound a punk for me, would ya?"

    The next day, Cable descended into Anti-Matter's labs. There, Inspector Washington, Chance McKnight and the most surprising of all ... IVy - the former 'Home helper' clockwork Cable sent out to help protect people - was there to see him off. He shook hands with Washington and McKnight, they both hoped he would return someday, and that they would be able to sit, enjoy a drink and have plenty of stories for each other. The Arbites agreed, it was at least a goal.

    Then he spoke with IVy. In the time since Cable helped rework her and free her from the constant barrage of Metronome, she had changed. There was a spark about her, in her tone and mannerisms. She confirmed it when she hugged him and replayed the recordings she took of people she helped. All because she felt Cable needed to hear it! Likewise, she had been telling people - proudly - that Cable was the one who helped fix her so she could do these things. From then on, Cable knew he would never be able to look at Clockwork again and think they were merely 'just an android'. With a last look at the others, he turned to face the portal and heard Kate's voice in his mind, "Don't worry, Killer, I still know you're 'home number'. You don't get rid of me that easily."

    Cable smiled, then stepped through the portal ...

    ... and into a warehouse that was empty, save for the single figure of Emperor Cole.

    They spoke briefly. Cable had never met the Emperor before, and had an idea of what the man was like. Reality apparently would prove to be different.

    Cable Nuevo remembered the stories of when the Emperor was young, what he did for the people. One brief conversation, Cable realized that the Emperor had changed. He was not the man he once was. He was jaded, cynical, and perhaps a little afraid. He had lost his way from the law and protecting the people to ... what he was now. At the end of their conversation, Cole told Cable, "Stand with me or against me in the coming days ... make your choice wisely", then proceeded to return to Praetoria. As the Emperor was leaving, Cable listened to the sounds of Paragon City outside the Portal Corp building: The birds, cars, voices, and the sound of laughter from some people nearby enjoying the day. Arbites Cable Nuevo faced the man he once called 'Emperor', then replied:

    "I already have, Cole. I chose the Law. Court's adjourned."

    Currently ...

    Now, Cable patrols Paragon City. With some stern assistance from Fehral and "Bob", whom Cable knows are not from Praetoria and are most likely from Primal Earth, he has setup a plan for the future ... a job, a place to stay in Talos Island, research into the various Laws of Primal Earth, protecting people who need it, and as Praetor White told him ... bringing law to the lawless.

    However, Arbites Nuevo has kept a wary eye for both the unpredictable Dark Watcher and signs of invasion from Praetoria. Cole is not a man to be taken lightly or easily stopped. Cable knows the Emperor's forces could spring out at any moment. When that happens, he would have to be ready.


    Cable's powers are telekinetic in nature, granting him the ability to harness kinetic energy and direct it in telekinetic attacks.

    In addition, Cable is a rare 'technopath'. A telepath who has an innate ability to gestalt with advanced technology, which allows him to create and repair fabulous devices. His deflector shield and cybernetic arm - which he made when his real arm was lost during a bombing - are two such examples of what he can make. However, he does draw up plans for what he makes, not relying solely on his innate technopathic senses to guide him.


    Currently still in good standing with Powers Division, however lately is working in Paragon City with their own PPD. So far his relationship with the Paragon Police has been ... tense - they served him with a citation shortly after he arrived when he tried to assist them - but Cable has been gradually trying to improve his working relationship with them.

    He knows of these 'supergroups' that seem to litter Paragon City like flocks of pigeons. However, he's been too engrossed in training, study and work to pay them close attention as of yet.

    Viewpoints, thoughts and Opinions

    Dark Watcher

    "He's not proven himself to be a threat to people in general, nor to myself personally. The Dark Watcher *seems* to have the best interest of Praetoria - and other places such as Primal Earth - in mind. While I'm still suspicious of his motives, I'll listen and take his council. However, given recent tensions, I suspect he may not trust me any more than I trust him. However, the fact he knows where my real home - my birthworld or dimension - is and refuses to tell me, is rather irritating. He says its to protect me. Which leaves me to wonder, what are you protecting me from, and why?"


    "At first, I took for granted she was another genetic cross-breed, like Bobcat. Now, that is no longer the case. Her references to a 'brochure' made little sense at first - I thought it was left over mental conditioning - however, now I know differently. Based on conversations with the Dark Watcher, I understand she's an offworlder, and definitely a genetic cross-breed, but from where? That's I'm not sure. I do know she seems a staunch ally, even if she falls victim to her more animal, violent nature - which is not surprising, given my suspicions of her genetic origin."


    "'Bob' ... he claims to be from 'special operations' within the Powers Division. Given the nature of Powers Division and Praetor White's take on the organization, that spurs the urge to ask 'which one this week'? He seems to exhibit an undo interest in combat and the liberal arts, specifically dance and music. An interesting combination. His style of dress is something from the Tsoo - though the Tsoo have long since been eradicated as a functional criminal organization on Praetoria for some time. Puzzling, but not troublesome yet.

    However, the evidence is too great that "Bob" is an otherworlder as well. Which one? I can't say. So far his interests and actions, while melodically violent, have been targeted towards the greater good and helping those in need. So for the moment, I count him as an ally, so time will tell."

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