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Fehral clawpose.jpg
rare upright posture
Player: @Jarissa
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Hybrid Alpha Series, Subject 4B
Known Aliases: Jarissa
Species: metahuman (human altered through scientific process)
Age: approximately 35
Height: 4 feet 11.5 inches
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: created by Infinity, Inc
Occupation: assassin
Place of Birth: Niagara Falls
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Claws/Regen Stalker
Known Abilities
Fehral has the fur, feet, musculature, and tail of a leopard. She has great difficulty in standing upright without leaning against a support, much less walking upright. Her voice is very guttural due to surgical reshaping of her larynx and face.

Mature Roleplay Warning: This page may contain references to


Freelance minion for hire!


A founding member of Tactics International, Fehral is an excellent scout and assassin. She is deceptively strong for her small, compact stature, allowing her to handle more difficult targets than one might normally expect. Large numbers of opponents are beyond her abilities as a solo operative, which is why a discount is offered for package deals with our crowd-destruction specialist.


Tactics International will not be accountable for damage or complications sustained by clients, associates, property, or bystanders if the terms of our contract are ignored.

DO NOT touch Tactics International contractor at any time, as physical contact is an automatic "Kill" trigger. Yes, we're lovely to watch in action; yes, we're taking your money; we're not THAT sort of service! If you want that kind of thing, go to the Dockyard and look for contractors standing on the balconies. Or hire a psychiatrist. Either way: no touching!

DO NOT tell us how to do our jobs. You hired us because of our track record, because of our proven skills and efficiency. DO tell us all about your priorities, your requirements, and your concerns relevant to the work at hand. DO NOT expect us to provide fascinated audience services while you monologue -- you're paying us to provide or prevent violence, or acquire resources, not to feed someone's ego. We can provide references to colleagues who 'do' serve as excellent audience-minions!

DO feel free to give us commands. DO NOT be offended when we laugh before doing what seems right according to our analysis of the situation, your stated goals, and our secret super power of Common Sense.

DO expect us to deliver on the contract as written. We are nothing in this business if we are not true to our agreement.


Infinity, Incorporated

Fehral has been assigned to primarily work with/for a particular Hybrid Delta minion known as The Killing Dance since mid-2011. The employees of Infinity Inc who monitor Hybrid behavior at the Rogue Isles facility were extremely pleased with the overall improvements in Fehral's disposition and tractableness. She still has behavioral swings, including spikes of frantic hysteria or violently sullen defiance in some circumstances, but the calm times between last much longer. They didn't have any idea what Killing Dance was doing that previously assigned Deltas did not. Of all the corporate employees, only Behavioral Observer Jun Soto developed theories as to what these two individuals might be doing with their unobserved time, and he never made any of those notes available to the company system.


On September 16th, 2012, while serving the conclusion of a lease to mad scientist Werner von Grun, the Hybrid Minions Unit of Fehral and Killing Dance went to "Eden" outside Paragon City to combat a large number of Devouring Earth. In the middle of routine combat, forensic evidence suggests they were suddenly ambushed by a large quantity of Nemesis Automatons. Despite the heavy odds, the Hybrid Unit held their own -- perhaps even made progress -- by tightening their tactics. Trainers familiar with the Killing Dance's strategy believe he switched to "Primo Victoria", a power metal combat dance routine that is devastating to everyone around him, sacrificing self-defense in favor of lightning-fast offense.

Forensic examination of the collapsed cliff indicates that the enemy lobbed a high-intensity explosive into the middle of the combat, sacrificing all troops present in order to destroy both Hybrids before they could escape. Fragments of the Killing Dance's subdermal plating and his swords, and trace stains from both of their bodies, were found in the rubble along with numerous Devouring Earth and Nemesis parts.

Player's Notes

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Fehral is a clone of Jarissa, made before that latter escaped. Fehral is utterly convinced that the opposite is true, firmly ignoring the large gaps in her memory and haziness of the implanted copies that did get transplanted via psychic surgery. She hates the Paragon City "Jarissa" for having stolen her life, and spent years devoting part of her unsupervised "playtime" between assignments carefully enacting a slow plan to get revenge. Her first step was to gradually start impersonating that rival, insinuating herself into outlying portions of Jarissa's life.

To her great delight, she succeeded. Even fellow I.I. escapee Silver Valor, Jarissa's roommate and best friend, was completely unaware that he has spoken with two different individuals.

The next step in Fehral's plan was to slowly start twisting each of Jarissa's relationships. She carefully lets herself be observed doing vigilante-type things that mar Jarissa's heroic reputation, always at a time when Jarissa cannot provide an alibi if confronted. She dropped hints at bars and at Pocket D that Jarissa was desperately trying to find a substitute for a romantic relationship with Silver Valor that he's unwilling to have. She stalked any woman that he dates, just enough to make her edgy. She used Jarissa's connections to informational resources to set up secret meetings, acquire intellectual data, or bully rescued villains into "charitable" work. She damaged arrest-transporter chips so the defeated villain would get away clean, or would show up so badly injured their survival was unlikely. She occasionally chased already-frightened civilians, purely "from instinct", before breaking off to combat the actual villains. She broke into secured, confidential locations meant for undercover operations so she could take an "emergency nap" after Jarissa was known to have participated in a major fight.

The goal was to someday make Jarissa hate her life, and have nowhere peaceful to turn. "Jarissa" stole Fehral's life; Fehral tried to destroy it from the inside.

All of that ended in July of 2012, when Fehral got herself into a situation where she had to confess to Silver Valor who she really was ... and, more importantly, who she was 'not'. She clung to her hatred for another two days before, curled up with her back against her sleeping best friend's back, she finally chose to let go of revenge. Fehral has not forgiven "Jarissa" at all, but she accepts that the clone was able to participate in a successful escape that Fehral could never have managed, and that the stolen life is something Fehral would not have ever lived anyway.

Fehral has a short story, centered around the "Kill Trigger" part of her programming and how it sometimes does not work, on FFdotNet. It's very definitely part of that "Mature Audiences Only" rating on this character and the I.I. organization in general, thanks to violent and sexual content, which made me a little uncomfortable with posting it here. I'd welcome constructive criticism on my overall pacing and character building, if anybody is of a mind to provide it.

Updates to make to this page: Fehral and Killing Dance have, with help from several other sources, faked their deaths; disabled the locator chips; and started new lives as freelance specialists working in Tactics International. Date of freedom is 9/16/2012, when they finally dinged 50. The in-game bio has been updated thusly: quote No longer property of Infinity Incorporated! Contact Tactics International for rates when you need discreet free-lance hero work. There's a hero version who probably claims that it's the original, rather than a faulty clone of this model. My best friend and I escaped from the Etoile Islands, faking our deaths. Now we try to build a new life for ourselves, while staying out of our tormentors' notice for as long as we can! I am nearly five feet tall, have difficulty standing completely straight, rough-voiced. Claws are retractable, not strap-ons. I hate being a catgirl, but it's what the Corporation felt was best. I used to be erudite. I still am, if calm and safe. It's hard to make certain sounds with this face muscle structure, and I have to concentrate to be clear. More on http://www.virtueverse.com/Fehral

end quote

The brochure info has been moved to Fehral/Lease_Brochure because it still comes up in RP.

Spoilers end here.
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