Arthur Skye

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Arthur Skye
Player: @Skull Jester
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Mr. Skye, Mr. S, Art
Species: Homo-Superior
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs
Eye Color: Brown (Glowing orange when using his powers)
Hair Color: Bald (Black)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Architect
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI, USA
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Martin Skye (Father, deceased), Amy Skye (Mother, deceased), Susan Skye (Sister, deceased)
Known Powers
Able to create and manipulate fire, flight
Known Abilities
Skilled interior designer, competent with most technology and computers, training in use of handguns and explosives
A pair of laser-sighted handguns, various devices
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Born Criminal

Arthur Skye was an intelligent but troubled boy, raised in poverty and moving around the low income areas of Paragon City most of his childhood along with his abusive father, alcoholic mother and younger sister. At an early age, he vowed he would do whatever it took to rise above his seeming station in life. Turning to crime at the age of ten, Arthur became adept at shoplifting and pick pocketing. This often brought him afoul with the police.

When he was 15, while being beaten by his father, his mutant powers manifested themselves and a blast of fire destroyed their apartment, killing his entire family and many other tenants. Unscathed and afraid, Arthur fled and was presumed dead. Wandering the streets, he soon became a member of the Hellions.

They taught him to control his powers better, but Arthur quickly became bored of them. After leaving the gang by force, he sought more training for his power and joined the Outcasts for a short while. When he'd learned all he could from them, he dropped out of the group, again using violent means.

By now, he was 18 and had made many contacts in Paragons underworld. Taking an interest in design and architecture, he saw a market in building hideouts for villains and quickly made a name for himself. Arthur chose to hide his mutant powers, worried that they would intimidate his clients, often passing himself off as a weak human who used his reputation for building incredible labs and hideouts as well as keeping secrets to maintain respect.

As word spread of Arthurs skill, so did his business and soon found himself working for various groups such as Malta, Crey and even Dr. Vahzilok as well as individual criminals. His fortune swelled and Arthur found himself living a very fulfilled life.

Business Closure

Unfortunately, because of his intimate knowledge of many villain plans and defenses, he became a target of Freedom Corps and the Longbow. Arthur managed to stay ahead of them using technology and contacts gained from clients, but his luck would soon run out.

After building a hi-tech base for a would-be world-conquerer named Shattermark, Arthur was attacked by the alien warrior. Using his powers for the first time in years, Arthur leveled the base, killing his attacker. Longbow found Arthur later, unconscious and buried in the rubble.

Arthur resisted their interrogation and gave them no details on any of his clients, therefor earning himself a life sentence in the Zigursky prison. Meanwhile, all of his ill-begotten wealth and property was confiscated and liquidated, leaving him penniless. A broken man, Arthur resigned himself to his fate in jail.

A New Lease

Two years later, after Arachnos sprang him from the Zig, Arthur found himself alone and broke on the Rogue Isles. His reputation shattered, he couldn't find work and had to resort to petty crimes to survive once again. Finally, luck would smile on him again when he learned that AzCorp, a weapons/technology company, was in the market for architect. Arthur offered his services and was quickly hired on.

As well as designing and building for the company, he used his powers as a operative for the company, becoming a mercenary of sorts. This has helped him to obtain even greater control of his powers. Meanwhile, he's made allies with the soldiers W E A S E L and Tyrth, as well as the mysterious god-like Algor Mortis.

Slowly, Arthur has amassed a new fortune and contacts, often working freelance design contracts on his free time.


Rough Patch

When an operative of the company was targeted for assassination, the president of the company, Mr. Vec, was abducted by the alien Vegans and replaced by a spy. Arthur encountered Vec's imposter and, though suspicious of the slight difference, thought nothing of it. After Vec was freed, he accused Arthur and the rest of the company of being morons for being easily tricked. Insulted by this, Arthur became irrational and gave his resignation, storming out on the company.

Algor Mortis tracked him down and convinced him to return to the company and prove Vec wrong. Arthur was still undecided as he's being propositioned by several other interested companies for his services, until Algor reminded him he was under contract with AzCorp and wouldn't hesitate to sue him.

After accidentally overhearing an arguement between Vec and the alien Didatch, Arthur tracked them down to Cap Au Diable and witnessed a brutal battle between them. After both were left critically injured, Arthur followed Vec back to the AzCorp building. Finding Vec near death, Arthur put his animosity aside and helped the Devil put himself into solitare to protect his body as he recovered from his wounds. This seemed to absolve their differences and are on civilized terms again.

Salvaging the Soul

The guilt of causing his sisters death has come to haunt him more recently, having vivid nightmares about the day he lost control of his powers. Finally, Arthur decided to ask Algor Mortis about it. After learning that Susan was in a better place, a small weight was lifted from his shoulders.

While the nightmares persisted, Arthur told Algor he would give up everything to keep her death from happening. Algor gave something to help his sleep and showed him what his life would've been like had his powers not manifested.

In his dream, Arthurs powers appeared gradually and he became the hero Fireskye, protecting Paragon City. He even came to blows with several members of AzCorp including Mr. Vec. Meanwhile, his sister was revealed to be a mutant as well, with powerful psychic abilities. After she was taken by Arachnos, Arthur tracked them down to discover that she'd joined them willingly and became a Fortunata. In order to save an innocent life, Arthur was forced to kill his sister once again.

When he awoke, he spoke to Algor again who offered to change his past for him but he declined. Arthur was more content to let his sister die still innocent than be corrupted by Arachnos. Though he will always blame himself for what happened, Arthur has found a little comfort in knowing she rests in peace.

Power Outage

After waking up at home with no memory of the previous week, Arthur was sent by Algor to visit a seer from Paragon. After a game of cat and mouse, Kira-Kira revealed to him that he'd been abducted by Crey Industries where they attempted to subvert him to their company, as well as try and glean any information about AzCorp. Having failed to brainwash Arthur, they implanted an inhibitor chip that would block him access to his powers and stripped his memories, returning him to the Rogue Isles. Arhur learned that any attempt to remove the chip would kill him instantly.

Learning to cope without powers, he's taken to testing AzCorp weaponry in the field. To back himself up, he armed his building crew, made up of members of a small time gang called the Wreckers he took in years ago. Arthur continues to take jobs in the Rogue Isles while searching for a solution to his problem.

Hoping to find an alternative, Arthur contracted Lord Roboticon, the Director of Cybernetics and Robotics in AzCorp to find a way to subvert the chip. Roboticon devised a small EMP pulse emitter that could temporarily disable the power dampening. Though it would only last a short while, Arthur was relieved that he was no longer as powerless and hunted the mysterious Dr. Carson, the man responsible for his condition.

Working Man

After getting his revenge, Skye resigned himself to his role of architect, practically disappearing from active villainy. Spending much of his time in his office working on new plans, he is rarely seen except during renovations. His gnag has all but been disbanded, prefering to use robotic workers AzCorp provided to do his work.

Though he's happy in his life, he does miss the action occasionally.



Arthur works for AzCorp as the building architect, drafting up new layouts as well as making sure computer and defense systems work properly. He's also in charge of making sure the proper resources are available for construction as well as lab use.

He also has ties with Crey Industries and the Malta, as well as other villain groups in the Rogue Isles and Paragon.


Arthur tries hard to maintain a professional attitude at most times. He prefers to refer to people by titles of respect and maintain his composure even under the most stressful times.

Often times, Arthur experiences anti-social moments due to years of being on his own as well a psychological and emotional trauma from his past, causing him to have trouble talking to people on a personal level.

Occasionally, his time on the streets will break through his hard exterior and he'll snap off a snide or wisecrack, but he'll quickly recover.


Arthur has the body of the average person his height, weight and age who engages in regular exercise. Before he lost his powers, his body temperature was extremely high and his eyes would burn bright with internal fire. It also fueled his body, making him need less rest and food to live. Now though, he is completely human.


Fire Emission

Arthurs body can emit powerful bursts of fire that he can throw as fireballs of various size. He can also focus it into a powerful beam of pure heat and fire it at a long range. Arthur has also displayed the ability to control fire from other sources aside from his body but it requires more concentration.

Fire Control

Arthur is able to manipulate heat and fire to multiple degrees, from creating fiery rings to filling rooms with smoke to blind his opponents, even creating fire "imps" that protect him from enemies. They seem to be controlled sub-consciously and often seem to have a mind of their own.

Arthur has also demonstrated being able to create other images and figures that he can control almost without concentration. As he practices, he can create more vivid and detailed objects from fire.

He is also able to control the flames so that though he's completely surrounded by them, his clothing is never singed or burnt.


Harnessing the heat around him, Arthur is able to lift from the ground and fly at a fantastic rate of speed. His top speed has been clocked at 58m/hr. Also demonstrating his willpower, he is able to suspend himself in the air in a form of hovering, though this proves taxing on his body.

Limited Telepathy

Through practiced focus, Arthur has demonstrated a very slight psychic ability. His power is extremely weak compared to other psionic powers, but it allows him more focused fighting ability, knowing where to hit his opponent at their weakest point. He is also able to sense presences, making him difficult to get the drop on. Subconsciously, he also effects his allies, guiding their attacks.


The Wreckers

A small time gang of homeless kids living in the destroyed Baumtown area, they were often beaten and humilated by the Trolls until Arthur appeared before them. Giving them shelter and jobs with his projects, they have developed an intense loyalty to him.

Weakness and Limitations

Because his body is constantly at an extremely high temperature, sudden drops of heat are very painful for Arthur. Anything below freezing could potentially prove fatal to him if under constant exposure.

Also, because of his little psychic ability, his thought can be easily overridden by telepathic suggestion by more powerful minds.

Due to his low social skills and loner attitude, Arthur Skye often works solo which leaves him vulnearable. His pride prevents him from asking help unless absolutely necessary or pushed on him.

Friends and Allies

Mr. Azael: The CEO of AzCorp, Arthur reports directly to him. Arthur has alot of respect for the Fallen Angel and hopes to prove himself worthy of his high position.

Mr. Vec: Usually highly respected by Arthur, though he is often put of by Vecs low, though understandable, views of humanity and other mortal beings.

Tyrth: Borderline friends/enemies, Arthur is never quite sure where he stands with the mercneary.

W E A S E L: Though the two have barely talked outside of work, they often aid each other in their respective jobs.

Algor Mortis: For reasons unknown to Arthur, the powerful cosmic being has taken an interest in Arthur and has educated him in many inner workings of the universe. Algor is one of his closest allies.

Oxilus: Occasional partners in crime.

Kira-Kira: An odd psychic who lives in Founders Falls. Arthur sees her once a week to help with his memory loss.

Lord Roboticon: A cybernetics genius who is working for Arthur in regaining his powers.


Mostly Mr. Vecs character, who is a business man first, but also Deadpools real estate agent. I also wanted to play a different villain then I'm used to, someone with more honor and integrity.


- Hates to have his intelligence questioned, especially around peers and superiors.

- Though he's often seen drinking coffee, he prefers herbal tea.

- Doesn't like to talk about his past much, though he will open up when comfortable enough.

- Is in high demand by Crey Industries who have tried several times to take him by force.

- The only family member he was ever close to was his sister. He carries a huge burden of guilt for her death.

- Though he can create his fiery helpers, he seems to have little control over them and they often get him into trouble. Arthur often refers to them as his "Little Saboteurs".

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