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Originally a much welcome pharmaceutical company, the Arwon Corporation has descended into the pits of ethic hell. Abducting anything and anyone to facilitate their plans to create super enhanced beings, capable of carrying out the whim of it's newest benefactor.

Subjects of Interest

A number of individuals asscosiated with the Arwon Corporation have become well known throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles Some of them are:


Justice Flame


Omega Devastator



A Beginning

The Arwon Corporation was formed in the late 1950s under the oversight of it's founder Christopher Watkins. A physics professor, Watkins envisioned a laboratory system that would provide jobs for thousands and help many more enjoy long and healthy lives through the various pharmaceuticals the Arwon Corporation became known for.

Seeds of Corruption

In the 1960s, the Paragon City branch, partnering with NASA, assisted in the creation of some of the technology used in the Apollo missions. Although Professor Watkins expressed his concerns that the board of directors were becoming hungry for money and power, rather than continuing the mass production of their pills and potions for the public.

Corruption Exposed

It was 1971 when the professor was diagnosed with a form of cancer. Physicians could do nothing for him, so he drew upon his vast resources to find a cure. It was only then that he found out what his once proud company had become. Reports showed that massive amounts of staff and resources had been diverted into operations deemed 'Classified' by the company, meaning they were high paying military contracts. Professor Watkins was crest fallen at what his beautiful company had become...

Ray of Hope

Becoming ever more reclusive, the Professor began using a small space in one of one of his Paragon Research laboratories to begin what some would consider 'inhumane'. According to the Professor's viewpoint, what he was about to do would save the humanity of his company.

Death Ray

Piece by piece, Professor Watkins began slowly and painfully enhancing his body with advanced cybernetics. He had full confidence in his abilities to completely replace his weak flesh and bone body, with the clean and super effective mechanical one. The professor knew that there would be those against his decision and designed this new body with appropriate counter measures to 'combat' any who posed a threat to him bring about the Arwon Corporation's salvation.

End of an Era

On September 15th, 1993, a rather large and menacing mechanoid emerged from the basement of the Paragon Research lab and began its bloody ascent to the top floor. A group of the company's directors had all been gathered for an important announcement from the dying company founder. Expecting to see an elderly man wheeled into the room, the board were horrified when they saw the mechanical automaton smash the double-wide meeting room doors down and stroll casually into the board room. It was not long until the massacre ended. Having removed all who could have potentially stopped him from 'cleaning up' the company, the once professor sat motionless on the remains of the conference table amidst a pile of torn and disfigured corpses. Offering no resistance to the PPD upon arrival, Watkins was taken to the Ziggursky Correctional Facility where it is believed he remains until this day.


Many contracts where canceled and billions of dollars were sucked out of the company coffers to hide the massacre from the public view, leaving the company devoid of the work it had become infamous for. Help came in the form of a Crey Official, offering unlimited funding in exchange for almost exclusive control over what the Arwon Corporation could and could not research. So continued the Arwon Corporation's descent into the depths.

Trash Day

In the latter months of the year 2006, the Arwon Corporation began fervently striving to create a super-soldier to satiate their benefactor's desire for living weapons. During that time, a failed subject marked LOKUST-001 was tossed into the street along with the the rest of the garbage for that day's work. The scientists working the experiment did not realize, however, that they had just made the biggest mistake of their lives.


It was March 23, 2007 when a lone, masked man entered the primary research laboratory of the Arwon Corporation in Paragon City. It was not long before alarms began to wail and lights inside the building began to flicker and dull, a sign of the auto-mated defense systems working at full capacity to thwart the intruder. Suddenly, all power to the sight stopped and everything switched off. The large foyer doors opened, revealing the same masked man, now accompanied by almost two dozen others. The group headed for a large truck in a nearby alley and disappeared into the night.


Wishing to distance itself from such a dismal failure, Crey made sure that none of the events that occurred were made public and removed all its funding and support. Once again, the Arwon Corporation was on the brink...

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