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Seriously. I am NOT a demon.
Player: @Fox Lee
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: ?
Known Aliases: Theo, OH MY GO-
Species: Human, mutant. Not a demon.
Age: Twentysomething
Height: About 6'8"
Weight: ?
Eye Color: Dark red
Hair Color: A rich, cool red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Islander
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: ?
Base of Operations: ?
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Can fly, due to her wings.
Known Abilities
Powerful brawler, extremely tough and durable.
Notes: Contrary to appearance, subject is not a demon. Subject is particularly not a succubus.
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Atheos is an Energy/Energy Brute played by Fox Lee, designed for the sole purpose of giving Nation a female brute who isn't a quivering bunny inside. In short, Fox gets very sick of the apparent need of comic book writers to "re-feminise" all of their strong/tough female characters by making them emotionally-crippled abuse/rape victims, and felt that Nation needed somebody to represent the stable, emotionally mature strongwoman.



Atheos - "Call me Theo, if you're under 25 and feeling lucky" - is a proud, slightly arrogant woman with a sharp mouth and a somewhat prickly attitude. With her strong anti-authoritarian bent, it's somewhat surprising that she approached Nation; with a grim smile, she notes that they can compel her act respectfully, but they cannot compel her to respect.

Theo seems to base much of her actions on deliberate irreverence toward things normally held sacred - like religion, as one might guess from her name - and seems to be happiest when she's causing discomfort to those she considers naive or prudish. It is clear that she has as little respect for Lord Recluse's authority as she does for anyone in Paragon City, and possibly the same might be said for Agony.

Character History

We don't know much about Atheos' history, but she has mentioned one thing; her road to villainy began when she was arrested for having sex with her boyfriend. Because she was eighteen at the time, and him only seventeen-and-nine-months. This catalyst started her down a long road of disdain for inappropriate laws, which led to disdain for appropriate ones as well, which led ultimately to a strong attitude of self-focus and self-determination. And an enduring taste for teenaged boys.


Apparently, Atheos showed up one day and demanded to be let into Nation because she was a mutant. Tests proved this to be true, and thus she somewhat forcefully affiliated herself with them, though her motives are unknown and her manner slightly disquieting. She is yet to forge any personal relationships within the group, though she has been keeping an eye on certain members of the group whom she suspects may be unhappy with Nation's leadership (particularly the newly-appointed general, Eisregen).

Theo also has a casual - in the most suggestive sense of the word - connection with The Recollection, a hero she met in Pocket D. After his winning her over by starting his proposition with her own favourite pickup line (see trivia), the pair quickly developed a rather violent physical relationship. This is in no way, however, a romantic connection - neither of them is interested in becoming a couple.

Theo in combat stance

Powers and Abilities

Theo is a mutant, and she has mutant powers. Most people assume that when she talks about this, she means her immense strength and almost supernatural toughness, but this is a misconception (albeit one she allows people to have). In truth, her mutation was simply the growth of two leathery, batlike wings.

Technically, Theo's primary and secondary powers (as well as her 'Fitness' powers) should be listed here instead of above. Through practice, focus and raw power, she has fashioned herself into a magnificent fighting machine.

Weaknesses and Limitations


Other Notes


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