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“It always seems impossible until it's done” --Nelson Mandela
Aubrey Rowe
Player: @As I Fade to Black
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Aubrey Rowe
Known Aliases: Texas, Tex
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 128 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Chestnut
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Communications Officer in-training
Place of Birth: Austin, Texas
Current Residence: Steel Canyon, Copper District
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother and Brother
Known Powers
Psychic Manipulation
Known Abilities
Photographic memory, innate psychic senses
Body armor, backpack, PDA
Although she's studying under Nicoletti, she often disagrees with her use of "outdated" equipment



Aubrey was born in a small town outside of Austin, Texas, where superpowered beings were limited to comic books and science fiction. Her innate psychic abilities were thus confused with a mental disorder, and doctors prescribed powerful anti-psychotics in order to suppress her "powers."

For years Aubrey lived a normal life with the help of her medications, although she always suspected that she was somehow "different." It wasn't until she began to see a new therapist, who himself was superpowered, that Aubrey learned the truth.

Shortly after she stopped taking her medicines, Aubrey began to hear voices. At first fearing that the doctors were right, she questioned whether or not to resume taking them. The therapist re-assured her that it was only a symptom of her powers, and taught her ways to focus her abilities.

When she was old enough to move out, she ventured to Paragon City to the University of Steel Canyon, where she majored in Communications. Aubrey had hoped to become a journalist for the local paper, and wrote several articles for them during her brief internship.

However, after graduating, Aubrey chanced across Nicoletti Davenport during a routine mission, and the two became fast friends. Aubrey was then invited aboard the CMF Rho Majoris, where she now functions as the ship's Communication Officer in-training.


Aubrey is often bright and cheerful, and well-liked by most who meet her. She projects an aura of calm around her which can defuse even the most tense of situations. In combat she is protective of her allies, and will risk her life to defend them. She is also intelligent, and able to memorize complicated texts due to a combination of her photographic memory and innate psychic abilities.

Aubrey is often described by those who know her as stubborn, much like her older brother. She is unwilling to accept defeat in any aspect of life, and will continue to study something until she understands it in its entirety. It is this tenacity that first attracted Nicoletti to her, as she saw her as an ideal candidate for a position aboard the Rho.


Because she and Nicoletti share an apartment, Aubrey can often be found wearing her spare clothes, including her Cygnian Marines uniform. Although she has little idea of its significance, she claims that it fits her like a glove. Her only complaint is that it only comes in a limited number of colors.

When not in combat, Aubrey likes to wear comfortable clothes that show off her athletic body. It is not unusual for her to be seen wearing her cowgirl hat, much to the chagrin of Nicoletti.


Unlike her counterpart, Aubrey has limited knowledge of combat or linguistics. However, she is familiar with several forms of telecommunications equipment due to her major, much to the surprise of Nicoletti. She is also a gifted psychic, able to manifest her abilities in a number of ways.


Aubrey has been brought aboard the CMF Rho Majoris as a Communications Officer in-training, something which she takes very seriously. Nicoletti, the Rho's current Communications Officer, has taken the young Ensign under her wing in order to fill her position while she is away from ship. She can often be found reading up on material Nicoletti has suggested, although she is having particular difficulty with the book on "Homing Signals from Trans-Universal Frigates"

Psychic Manipulation

From a young age, Aubrey has demonstrated psychic abilities. Chief among these is her ability to project a psychic "aura" around allies which protects them from harm by alerting them to danger. The size of this aura can vary from several inches above the person's skin, to a more than 50 ft radius around Aubrey's body.

Also among Aubrey's psychic talents is the ability to get into other people's minds. While this is mostly subconscious on her part, most people unwittingly project their thoughts outwards, creating "psychic noise" which can be disorienting in large crowds. Over the years she has learned to block most of this noise out, although her mental shielding can be eroded by by stress and fatigue.

As an offshoot of her ability to read minds is her ability to forcefully invade the minds of her enemies, rendering them traumatized and unable to act. Aubrey uses this only as a last resort in combat.


-Her favorite artist is Johnny Cash

-Aubrey has a Star of Texas tattooed on her lower back

-She is afraid of heights, and often has motion sickness while aboard the Rho

-Although she was born in Texas, she has worked hard to eliminate all traces of her Texan accent. However, people that knew her when she first moved to Paragon City still insist on calling her "Tex."
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