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The Azure Cabal Alliance is a super group that is based on the Virtue Server in the online game known as City of Heroes/Villains. It is based on a casual role-play (RP) concept that is centered around the idea of a diplomatic embassy established on earth. The purpose of the embassy is to educate the population of Earth of the potential danger of an invasion from a race known as the Feldar. Its members currently exist among the super-powered beings of Paragon City, RI. The forerunners of the Cabal work with the residents to combat native threats as well as working to thwart the efforts of the Feldar Imperial Order.

(OOC Note: As of Feb. 14, 2008, the Cabal Alliance is semi-active as an SG and is not recruiting. The page is being maintained to reflect role-play background and changes within the storyline. This change was due to player schedules and playtime.)


Role-play Concept

First Contact

Rain began to fall from the gray skies that hung over Paragon City that afternoon. It had set the stage for the meeting he had set up with the Commander-Elect with the newly arrived diplomatic group. Working for a new group known as the Azure Cabal Alliance, this 'ambassador' had drawn his attention with her own mannerisms when registering with her companions at City Hall.

The city coordinator was directed to the top floor of the building situated in Talos Island. He muttered as the woman called Incarna could be seen looking over the edge towards the local water ways that surrounded the city area. As he approached, the white and blue-clad figure extended a hand to allow the rain to fall into her palm. For now, she did not seem to take notice of him as he drew near.

Once he had joined her on the edge of the roof, the woman spoke softly, “Why do we fight? That is what your letter asked.”

He nodded quietly as she finally turned to look towards him. At his silence, Incarna continued. She gestured with her hand where the water had pooled. “We fight so others may continue enjoy their ability to feel and live. What do you feel at this moment?”

The coordinator frowned as he shivered, “Cold and wet. Not exactly the best place for such a meeting.”

The Commander-Elect simply smiled, “It is that feeling and that right to feel that we are fighting to protect for you and yours. If the Feldar have their way, you will be condemned to an existence where you will one day long to feel cold and wet. Simple things are often taken for granted...”

She paused, looking back towards the water, “Until we lose them...”

Nature of the Cabal

The Azure Cabal Alliance was formed on the ruins of the world of Atar with the schism of the Feldar Empire. The Alliance consists of several clans joined together under the leadership of the Clan Council. Membership of the Council consists of leaders of the most powerful clans, or factions, within the Alliance. Its purpose is to stand against the expansion of the Feldar race into other systems by combating their rivals on all fields.

The membership of the Cabal consists of rogue Feldar units and mortals (biological-based life forms). It is one of the only factions within the Broken Empire that has successfully allied the two mortal enemies into one working army. Rather than traditional military order, however, the actual armed forces of the Alliance consists of rebel militias that are working together through mutual agreement. Each clan or faction is led by a commander that is represented on the Council, either directly or through alliance with a stronger partner that has a voice on the governing body. Overall leadership falls to the designated Commander-Elect that coordinates the concerted efforts of the Cabal forces.

The embassy has established a minor foothold in the local Talos Island area. Its offices are based on the island where the staff works to coordinate the affairs of the Feldar on Earth at present. The host present on Earth have registered with the local super-powered agencies to aid in combating local threats in an attempt to prove their sincerity in combating the coming threat of the Feldar Imperial Order.

As of 2007, the Feldar have begun to become more known in the wake of the Second Rikti War. The fact of other races showing the ability to use portal technology for invasion have concerned the Cabal forces. It is a joined fear that the Imperial Order may pursue the data for attempts to gain the technology for their invasion plans. At present, the war between the two factions has remained in their home reality. The vanguard present now serves to fight keep the fight from spilling over the brink into an inter-planer conflict.

Super Group Information


The super group was designed to serve as the in-character central office for Feldar affairs on Earth. Membership into the super group is not required for those wishing to participate in the ongoing role-play. Non-super group members are considered affiliated with the diplomatic host on Earth and to share the same goal.

Due to the open nature of the Azure Cabal Alliance, there are many different factions within the resistance that are banded together for a common goal. This system allows a wide scope of concepts and role-play to be added to the tapestry of the overall story.

Current Membership

Contact Information

The Cabal can currently be reached via Incarna in game on the Virtue server.

Leadership Team

(In progress)

Cabal Members

(In progress)

Membership Information

The Alliance was officially created in the City of Heroes/Villains game on November 21, 2007 to serve as a casual guild for players. It is considered a 'part-time' group allowing players to fulfill in-game obligations or goals. This allows for a slow pace environment for those wishing to relax in an environment centered around the in-character theme. Membership into the Cabal holds no restrictions on outside super group membership. However, entry into the group requires an in-game interview conducted by the leadership.

Members of the Cabal role-play are requested to maintain a page on the wiki or Crey Industries in order to allow other players to network for an ongoing story.

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