Babydoll Slayer

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Babydoll Slayer
Player: @Jenesssablaze
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute, mace/willpower
Threat Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Kelli (no known last name)
Known Aliases: Babydoll Slayer, Babydoll Slasher, Mistress Kelli, Kelli the Cutter, Kelli the Cruel, Kelli the Cutter
Species: Human*
Age: 1 year, 3 months (Physically looks to be 16-19)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 124 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Violet, bordering on black
Hair Color: Pink and black
Biographical Data
Nationality: No national ties, currently resides in Cap Au Diable, Rogue Isles
Occupation: Professional Kick-ass bitch, student, and serial killer.
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island, United States
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable, in the Sigma Iota Nu Sorority House
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nadja Bathory (the Crimson Conjuress), 'mother'/owner; Ivy (Ersatz Evil), pet.
Known Powers
Enhanced strength, speed, and durability. Cellular regeneration.
Known Abilities
Elite level beer pong player. Reasonably talented gymnast.
Pipe wrench, shovel, hammer, rifle, pistols, katana.

This character gets into a lot of stuff little children should not be reading about, or uptight adults for that matter.

Hi! Welcome to the Unofficial Tribute page to one of the -coolest- icons the Rogue Isles have ever seen, the Babydoll Slayer!

Why do I love her so freaking much? Maybe it's because her skin is like the finest bone china, but she's still almost impossible to hurt! Maybe it's because her eyes are this striking shade of violet, and looking into them leaves you with a sense of longing. Maybe it's the -outrageous- death toll, but the fact that everyone who she's killed has been people who kinda deserved it. Maybe it's the way that she can solve most of her problems by hitting something with a pipe-wrench. She does what she wants, she does who she wants, and she's got an amazing fashion sense! Basically, she's the coolest thing to ever happen to the Isles, ever.

This page is under development, but what I have here is everything I know about her from interviews, police reports, the news, and seeing her around school. While not endorsed by Sigma Iota Nu or the Babydoll Slayer, I did meet her one time and told her about it, and she said that as long as I didn't lie she wouldn't kill me. God she's so amazing!



The BDS, or Kelli, wasn't born. She could kill Hamlet, 'cause of the whole woman born thing...or was that MacBeth? Some Shakespeare guy could get good and killed by her. She wasn't born, she was crafted. Lovingly and with great care from a special brand of wood by a Sorceress named Nadja Bathory, the Crimson Conjuress. Ms Bathory had been making a name for herself in Paragon City as a low-level hero (boo!), along with the help of a female warrior bodyguard named Callista. Ms Bathory had been having trouble keeping some of her darker impulses in check, and at the height of these problems decided to sacrifice part of her soul, and all of Callista's, to transform the wooden doll she had carved into real flesh and blood. The forming of a homunculus, a living doll, is no small task, and required an absurd amount of skill and energy from Bathory...enough energy to change her. Her dark side won out, and with the help of Kelli, bad things started to happen.

Starting in Paragon City, the first in the string of Babydoll Slayer murders can be traced to a simple warehouse in Steel Canyon, where 67 members of Outcast gang affiliation were found with multiple points of blunt force trauma, excessively beaten with a metal object until death. At the scene of the crime a small doll head was found hanging by a string from the gang-leader's neck. This is where the press dubbed Kelli "the Babydoll Slayer."

While the world was a better place for this and the dozen or so other incidents just like it, Nadja Bathory and Kelli were arrested and stood trial for perversion of nature and over 468 counts of first degree murder. Nadja was stripped of her Hero's license and put into the Zig, where she taught Kelli as much as she could about language, the world, math, science, and even magic.

One Year Later

A little over a year after they were captured, they managed to break out and make their way to the Rogue Isles. There, the BDS murders started back up again, although many of the incidents tied to them lack the signature doll's head calling card. Still, the work of the sexy slayer can be picked out by the sheer excessive brutality to targets that were preventing her from achieving a goal.

Not long after arriving in the isles, she and Miss Bathory started a Sorority for young girls. Everyone knows that the Sorority is just a cover up for a sort of crime-school with a lot more than cookie-baking happening after hours, but the University sort of glances over the issue, and we all know how bad the cops here suck.

In Sigma Iota Nu, she is the Headmistress Bathory's number one girl, and first student. Recently, she's been seen spending a lot of time with one of the other girls, and the message board rumors are flying! Her MO has also started to change, as she's been seen using a variety of other weapons as of late, including rifles, pistols, and a sword.


Kelli is known to use a pipe-wrench most of the time, but will also use a shovel, club, severed arm, bone, pipe, hammer or whatever else she can get her hands on to smash with.

"On our first outing, we were hopelessly outgunned in a warehouse that had some rather bad plumbing. She sprang into action, grabbing the first thing out of a broken toolbox she could find and went to work protecting me as if a thing possessed! She kept the wrench from that day, and when I asked her about why she continued to use it she just smiled and said "It's the right tool for the job, Mistress." -Nadja Bathory


-The BDS is just like any other girl, except for a few minor differences because of her magical beginnings.

-She has enhanced speed, strength, and stamina. It's estimated that she could run forever and not tire, can lift rough two times her bodyweight, and can move at Olympic sprinter speeds normally.

-Her body is in a state of continuous cellular regeneration, a process heightened by "Beauty sleep." While resting, she will eventually recover from any mark, break, tear, sprain, or dislocation. It's unknown if severed parts would grow back, but she wakes up every morning looking the exact same as she did the one before. This regeneration also prevents her from aging, leaving her looking like she's somewhere between 16-19 forever.

-Her body has an impossible beauty to it, as it is literally fantasy turned flesh.

-As a being of pure magic, her blood is a combination of sap and magic, and is not nutritious to vampires or the like. It will, however, act as a powerful hallucinogen and stimulant to anyone who tastes it.

-Though unable to generate magic of her own, she serves as a sort of Familiar to Nadja Bathory, and can store and utilize some of her power. Her grasp of magic is tenuous at best, and she tends to reserve it's expenditure for when she truly needs it.

Personality, Quirks, etc.

Kelli practically projects sex the same way most people exhale. Her posture, voice, and body language are almost always a mix of seductive poise and teasing innocence. She is currently the only member of Sigma Iota Nu to be both Mistress and Slave, and takes pride in both roles. She often comes across as flighty, teasing, and potentially insane.


-Babydoll Slayer is heavily inspired by a Skye Sweetnam song called "Babydoll Gone Wrong" off of the Sound Soldier album.

-Kelli is voice-acted by Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy, Mallrats).

-Because of the teaching nature of Sigma Iota Nu, Kelli has started to branch out into other methodologies and weapons. The characters Babydoll Slayer, Babydoll Slasher, Babydoll Shooter, and Babydoll Solider are all the same person, at varying levels of proficiency with the appropriate weapons.

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