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Sigma Iota Nu is a college sorority affilliated with Aeon University[1]. The Sinrority (as we are sometimes known) also has an erotic component, with most members being in either dominant or submissive roles.

We are not a "sex club." We mission, we seek alliances and RP with other supergroups, and we conduct plots and in-game stories. However, because Erotic RP and sexual politics are part of the Sinrority's theme, all players with characters in the Sorority must be 18 or older in real life.

Our forum is located here.

Sigma Iota Nu
Founder: The Crimson Conjuress
Side: Rogue Isles
Motto: Pride * Greed * Lust * Gluttony * Wrath * Sloth * Envy
Leader(s): The Crimson Conjuress
Logo: Heraldry or greek 'Sigma'
Group Colours: per 'Chair'
Levels: Open to all threat levels.
Play style: RP, Missions, and Mutual Support
Roleplay: Heavy and Erotic Roleplay
Timezone(s): Various
Recruiting: Through roleplay
Contact: The Crimson Conjuress
-Other notes-
  • Must be atleast 18.
  • Currently looking for other heavy RPVG's to coalition with.


Introduction to SIN

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Sigma Iota Nu is a "crime school for girls" with a small number of instructors who train their students in all the skills required for successful super-villainy. In addition to learning how to use, control, and increase their own powers, Sigma girls are taught a variety of mundane skills which are invaluable to the modern criminal. Instruction includes (but is not limited to) business, law, public speaking, henchman recruiting and management, preternatural biology, magical practice, Rikti science, martial arts, mythology, political science, sociology, and criminal psychology. Each girl is assigned a faculty mentor who is responsible for guiding that particular student's academic development, though each girl will learn from all the instructors over the course of her time at Sigma. Training exercises are performed daily, and include kidnapping, robbery, arson, blackmail, terrorism, and murder-for-hire.

Spoilers end here.

The Sorority has only been in existence since June of 2008. We are allied with Dorian St. Gernain's Vicious Circle, the mercenary organization known as Ares Corp, and the criminal cartel known as the Stiletto-Heeled Executioners. The sorority's major NPC relationship is with Aeon University in Cap au Diable, where the sorority is officially based. We recieve a small amount of funding from the university and enjoy access to campus resources. Our criminal nature is an "open secret" on the campus, something that is talked about and known by many, but not acknowledged in any official way by the school. We are an independent contractor which sometimes takes jobs for Arachnos, but the sorority is not a part of Recluse's organization.

Sigma recently passed a significant milestone when it filled the last of its seven full-time faculty positions. There are fourteen students currently attending the school, with room for perhaps one or two more and a handful of staff spots. The roster is in fact smaller than it appears since about half the players in the school have two characters in it. We will never be so large that we do not all know one another.

NOTE: ALL students are assumed to be enrolled in Aeon University. All faculty are assumed to be employed by Aeon as professors. This needs to be a part of your character's ongoing RP 'story' even if it's not explicitly RP'd.

Recruitment and Other Policies

We are not aggressively recruiting but we are accepting new members. In other words, we are not advertising. However, if a Sister decides -- after extended RP and some criminal jobs -- that she would like to invite a new girl into the Sinrority, that's great.

Discreet marketing of the school has begun. Wealthy and successful super-villains who also happen to be parents have recieved promotional material for Sigma in the mail, highlighting the school's unique educational offerings and inviting parents and girls to come and see the facilities for themselves.

You should be 18 or older in real life, willing to RP all the time, have a female character, and be aware of the sexual politics in the group. Other than that, any powers or origins are welcome.

Roleplay with a current member more than once and do a mission or two. Ask to join. Most members can give you permission to join, but they will only do this for people they like and consider friends.

Also, be aware that the members of the VG leadership are college-educated; the founder has a Ph.D. in English. If you insist on spelling "are" as "r" and "you" as "u," this is not the VG for you.

We have a "two character" policy in SIN; players are allowed to bring one or two characters into the group. Some characters are represented by more than one toon -- if your character has multiple versions or incarnations which represent differing skill/power sets, all of them count as one character. It is important to note that no player may have more than one Professor in the school; most of the players with two characters have both a Professor and a student.

We have a two week activity requirement for Professors and a month activity requirement for students and staff. Professors gone for longer than two weeks are presumed to be on sabbatical, and will be discharged from the roster and replaced. If the character later becomes active again, the player should contact the school to inquire about returning -- her position may have been filled. Students who are inactive for two weeks or more will remain on the rolls for up to a month before discharged; the student's mentor is authorized to explain the student's disappearance and discharge from the rolls in any way she wishes (for example: killed for poor performance).

"What Makes A Good Sigma Girl?" by Nadja Bathory (edited by Soul Train)

Please read this if you are considering applying for membership.

Players who come to a VG have a very understandable desire to know what sort of character the group "needs" or which sort will "fit in." In the interest of avoiding disappointment and a wasting of both your time and that of your mentor, the Headmistress's player will make some personal observations on the matter.

Sigma Iota Nu is an undercover crime school with an erotic theme. There is a logical story progression for every student who comes to the school: a girl, possibly innocent, possibly angry, but in any case in need of assistance, undergoes training and descends into ever more criminal acts and mentality. The specifics will of course vary, and the nature of those criminal acts and the mentality of the student as she grows will be highly unique and variable. But the end result is: graduating as a master criminal. Characters who can follow this very broad path will flourish. Characters who cannot will, in the academic and plot sense, fail.

So Sigma is a fine place for, for example, reluctant villains who do not want to do evil so much as learn to use their powers, or get food on the table, or survive, or get revenge for a specific injustice -- as long as those reluctant villains slowly become less reluctant and more willing to use their powers for self-gratification and, eventually, evil. But characters who go the opposite route -- who begin as evil and reform or doubt their criminal nature and become heroes, or who become increasingly uncomfortable with evil acts -- are an exercise in frustration for both student (who finds herself increasingly at odds with faculty and staff) and mentor (who must punish, and eventually expel, disobedient students).

Likewise, characters who begin sexually innocent but who slowly descend into debauchery and lust make excellent Sigma girls. Girls who cannot participate in the school's sexual politics --due to mentality, physical impairment, etc -- will never "fit in." They will always be social outsiders excluded from much of the club's recreational activities. The best you can hope for here is a "Rogue" style "look but don't touch" sexuality, and your desire for that level of constant frustration is something only you can measure.

A note on style: Sigma's teaching faculty are -- with only one real exception -- archetypal supervillain types. We have the Nazi Villain, the Witch, the Ninja Master, the Necromancer, the Vampire, the Yellow Peril, the Femme Feline, and the Demoness. Any comic reader could name a half dozen examples of all these archetypes. These are villains with codenames and costumes. They are, in the real sense of the word, "super villains."

This does not mean students must also be archetypal. Indeed, postmodern girls who just want to have fun and who shrug off all those old-fashioned labels highlight the generational difference in the school and help make the teachers look and feel different from the students. When a Sigma girl comes to the school, she's not an archetypal master criminal. She may not have a codename. She may not wear a costume. But by the time she graduates, she is much more likely to do and to have all these things. This growth, from "ordinary girl" to "super criminal" is indeed part of what Sigma is all about.

I hope this helps you, the potential Sigma girl, see what sort of characters best fit the VG.

Ranks, Obligations, and Sexual Politics

It is presumed that most of the women and girls in Sigma Iota Nu will be in either dominant or submissive sexual roles. When a new student arrives she is assigned the rank of Pledge, which means that she has not yet chosen a Faculty Mentor who will be her chief instructor and dom. Once this decision is made, the Pledge is moved to Sister status, where she will remain for the remainder of her time at the school. The Sorority employs a small number of administrative and technical Staff members who do not teach; they may, but are not obligated to, belong to one of the school's faculty members in a sub/dom relationship. Faculty are presumed to have at least one student serving as sub, but if a faculty member wishes to remain outside the sexual politics of the school, this is her right. An instructor may have more than one student, but is very unlikely to have more than three. Finally, the school is run by a Headmistress, whose absolute authority over the teachers and faculty is tempered by a respect for the personal fiefs of the faculty under her governance.

Faculty Chairs

The faculty of the school each occupy chairs named after the Seven Deadly Sins. This locks in the maximum size of Sigma's teaching staff and also influences the sorts of training exercises and instruction which individual professors may deliver. However, the titles are primarily honorifics and instructors are not bound to teach lessons limited to their particular sin.

We have an OOC rule that no individual player may have more than one character with a chair.

Pride (Violet): Sathraa (Filling in for The Crimson Conjuress (currently on sabbatical))

Wrath (Reddish-Orange): Jonin Princess (filling in for In Absentia (currently on sabbatical))

Greed (Yellow-Gold): Felicia Calloway (Student-teacher, filling in for Charisma Calloway)

Gluttony (Rose-Pink): Vacant

Envy (Forest Green): Marilin Fairchild (currently on 2 week hiatus)

Lust (Red): La Diablesse

Sloth (Light Blue): Dr. Qiang

Uniform Requirements


All students and pledges are to have a school uniform in at least one slot. This should be:

Students that require armor, or have unusual body types/skin/protrusions (such as scales and spines) may forego the uniform requirements if there are problems with fitting (a white dress shirt doesn't work well over scales or fur, for example, and skirts can sometimes interfere with tails and look plain bad with retrograde legs).

Within the uniform, there is some freedom of styling (length of skirt, style of shoes and stockings).

Students may wear their own styles in other slots, once earned.

With all clothing including the school uniform, a mentor professor may require their students to wear specific styles or items as part of their instruction.

"Nothing" is an acceptable style when one is within the walls of the Sorority, and for some instructors, may be a requirement at certain times[2].

Professors and Staff may wear whatever they wish, subject to Headmistress review. A formal "Professor" outfit is encouraged, especially if it relates to the Sin that they are embodying as a Chair. This Professor outfit should incorporate the color of their Chair.

Current Roster


Dia, aka La Diablesse: The unbound succubus known as "Dia" has taken on the chair of Lust; her skillsets are mind control and coercion, and demonology. She is newly hired to the faculty, and her students are Allisandre and Rizz. She has taken Consuela as an assistant and maid.

Doctor Qiang, Esper Saphira: Another new hire, Dr. Zhilan Qiang is a former professor of the Paragon University, who was falsely imprisoned for allegedly using her psychic powers to alter the personalities and psyches of her students. She is a grand schemer with countless plots in constant motion. Nevertheless, she holds the chair of Sloth. Mercy is her student.

Felicia Onyx: Felicia is a cat burglar and Rogue Isles native. She was a Sister pledged to Charisma Calloway, but has recently filled the chair of Greed temporarily vacated by her professor.

Lady Matsumi Chihomi, aka the Jonin Princess: Is the adopted daughter of Soke Matsumi Toshihiro, last jonin of the Oniwaban-ryu ninja clan. As a visiting faculty member, "Lady Jo" holds the chair of Wrath. Heritage de guerre is her current pledge.

Sathraa has taken on the Chair of Pride in Nadja's absence. She has no students pledged to her as of yet.


Consuela[3]: Nadja obtained the binding for this succubus from the Circle of Thorns, and for a time she served the entire school as a sex object. However, Headmistress Bathory decided she would better serve as an assistant to Dia. She does not engage in combat operations, and indeed, is prevented from leaving the school premises by wards placed upon the walls, doors and windows. She currently only obeys Headmistress Bathory and Mistress Dia, in that order, although if she is available, and there are no prohibitions to her doing so, she can attend other faculty's needs as directed. She is bound to not act against any member of the SINrority, and tends to simply avoid any conflicts between members. However... unwelcome outsiders will feel the full sting of her powers... and her decidedly Hispanic temper!


Kelli, the Babydoll Slayer but also known as the Babydoll Slasher and the Babydoll Shooter: Kelli is a wooden doll transformed into a living homicidal killer. She is pledged to Nadja, and is a Sister with her own girl, Ivy.

Alistaire Carson-Davies, the 24-Karat Bombshell: Ali is a spoiled California socialite, who parlayed her trust fund into several arms and drug deals, deciding that being a smuggler got her into better parties than being Suzy Homemaker. For additional firepower, she calls upon a small 'posse' of gangbangers that she calls her 'boytoys'. She is a Sister pledged to Professor Fairchild.

Arana, aka Nox Latrodectus: "Arana" is the assumed name of a third-generation servant of Arachnos who has been rewarded with personal freedom after the long service of her family. Arana is a student of Professor Fairchild.

Sara, aka Sara Smith: A recent surprise acquisition of the Headmistress. Miss Sara seems to have no record, or past, and is an amnesiac. She seems to have a knack for the curative arts, and offers protective enchantments and a shy, innocent, and occasionally ebullient disposition readily to all in the house. Yet she seems lost, and pitifully confused most of the time. She is a Sister pledged to the Headmistress.

Allisandre, also known as Kali's Embrace and Agent Melendil: Allisandre is a former cult sacrifice who survived the experience and was granted deadly powers by a Hindu goddess. She commands the loyalty of a squad of deadly mercenaries. She is currently Professor Dia's student.

Thessa, aka Thessalinoke Virtea: Thessa is a Virtea, a race of merfolk who live in the deepest depths of the ocean. A cruel twist of fate came with the Coralax, as they took control over the Virtea, and made them slaves. She managed to escape, and found the human world. She learns about the wonders of freedom, and humbly follows the Sigma group. She is currently Dr. Octavia's student.

Rizz, the Sovereign Misery: Rizz is a Dark Elf from a dimension of magic, and is unaccustomed to this world in many ways. She is pledged to Dia.

Nell, aka Code Voodoo: A young woman who stumbled upon a necromancy book and 'adapted' it to her usual pastime of hacking computer code. Her knowledge of magic is very limited at present, but with training, it is believed she will become most formidable. She is studying under Dr. Greta Tod.

Mercy, aka Leucrota: A mental unbalanced young lady who was brought to the Sigma house by her powerful, and well connected father. She seems have a 'history of violence'. Her Faculty mentor is Dr. Qiang.

Veronica Falcon, aka the New It Girl: The daughter of a notorious Family crime boss, she has pledged herself to Felicia, the new acting Chair of Greed.

Héritage(Heritage de guerre): Runaway girl from Québec, she ended up in Sigma for protection. She's Jo's student, under the Chair of Wrath.


Pledges are all recent additions to the SIN student roster, and none of them have faculty mentors.

Sasha, aka Sensory Exquisite: Sasha is a young woman who stumbled across black magic, an action which got her noticed by the Headmistress of the school. After arranging for Sibrina Styles to find the girl and retrieve her, Nadja inducted Sasha into SIN for "her own good."

Alumnae & Sabbaticals

Nadja Bathory, the Crimson Conjuress: The heir to the Bathory bloodline and a practicing witch, Nadja is the founder of SIN and the Headmistress. She occupies the Chair of Pride and has three students: Kelli, Ivy, and Sara. Sibrina Styles is her personal assistant. Headmistress Bathory was last seen in Eastern Europe.

Sibrina Styles: Nadja's Executive Secretary, Sibrina is learning to wield a pair of enchanted blades as instructed by Nadja. It is assumed she is with the Headmistress.

Marilin Fairchild: Professor Fairchild is a garage inventor specializing in gravitic technology; she is also a sought-after fashion model. She holds the Chair of Envy and has two pledged Sisters, Alistaire and Arana. Professor Fairchild is on hiatus.

Charisma Calloway: Calloway is a professional thief with a talent for hypnosis, a "no killing" policy, and a fetish for cats. Befitting her status as a burglar, she sits in the chair of Greed, and has also gone on an extended sabbatical. She has one student, Felicia, who is filling in for her during her absence.

Dr. Octavia: (Ms. Alice) was/is? a bio-mechanically altered vampire who specialized in undeath & necromechanics, and provided liaison to Arachnos for the sorority. She had irregular hours, and resided in the basement. She was rumored by the students to have "killed and devoured" her first student, though no-one seemed to remember who she was. She held the chair of Gluttony and had one student, Thessa.

Dr. Greta Tod, In Absentia: Dr. Tod is the grand-daughter of Heinrich Himmler, and was already a brilliant medical researcher before a Fifth Column cell turned her into a sadist and assassin. As faculty, she holds the chair of Wrath, but has taken an extended sabbatical. She has two students, Helen Horowitz and Nell.

Ivy the Mack, aka the Ersatz Evil, or Gunsel Girl: The clone of a hero in Paragon City, Ivy is a Sister and belongs to Kelli. Nadja is her faculty mentor. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Discharged Members

Students who are inactive for two weeks or more will remain on the rolls for up to a month before being discharged

The Sorority House

Sigma Iota Nu has a modest base which serves as the in-game playspace for the Sorority House, a three-story home on the Aeon University campus.

The ground floor of the House includes a lobby/armoury where Miss Styles has her reception desk, a lounge, library, kitchen, and personal chambers for Bathory and the other faculty and staff. The second floor contains several small rooms, each housing two girls. A basement houses Dr. Tod's medical facilities and Dr. Octavia also has a secure private chamber here where she may sleep during daytime hours. The attic houses the succubus known as Consuela, but she is no longer limited to a pentagram, and has the run of the building. An underground garage beneath the House accomodates the personal vehicles of the girls and faculty.

Enemies and Plots

It's difficult for any criminal organization in the Rogue Isles to avoid the attention of rivals and law enforcement personnel, and SIN is no exception.


Longbow has been monitoring Sigma Iota Nu since before it was even officially founded. Bathory's escape from prison, along with her homicidal bodyguard, made it easy to predict that she would soon gather followers and establish some kind of cult. Knowing Nadja's prediliction for attractive young girls, Longbow sought out the heroine known as Track Girl and arranged for Crey to clone her. This clone was then inserted into Bathory's circle and was indeed recruited into the school, becoming the Ersatz Evil. When the Evil's Crey programming broke down after exposure to her own radioactive powers, Longbow was forced to admit that their insertion plan had failed. They have returned to a policy of observation and obstruction of SIN's policies while a new long-term strategy is developed.

Longbow's efforts towards SIN are a result of two sometimes conflicting viewpoints. Although the school is a danger, providing shelter to over a dozen criminals with an extensive list of personal misdeeds, it is also relatively small and not as large a threat as, for example, groups like the Goldbrickers, Circle of Thorns, or Malta Group. Longbow supervisors are currently developing a plan for swift destruction of the school, seeing it as a target best eliminated quickly and early before it can grow and stabilize.

To reflect Longbow's ongoing surveillance of SIN members, missions involving Longbow (including Mayhem Missions) should be set to the maximum difficulty.

Carnival of Shadows

As an organization led by dominatrix women who prey on young girls, the Carnival of Shadows has much in common with Sigma Iota Nu and makes an excellent rival or antagonist for the VG. The Carnival even offers "running away to join the circus" as an alternative to SIN's emphasis on "higher education." Although several of the girls and faculty in the school have run up against the Carnival on missions, we have yet to formulate a true plot developing a rivalry between these two groups.

Hero or Villain Groups

Sigma Iota Nu would benefit from regular interaction with a Hero or Villain Group which was not composed of alts of SIN's own members. This sort of contact could take many forms: a rival or competing school of some sort (such as something along the lines of Xavier's School for the Gifted) would be ideal. Other possibilities include another all-girl or an all-male organization (both of which would offer useful themes). But virtually any Hero or Villain group could fill this role; a story could be created pitting the two groups against one another, creating a tension that could then be explored and complicated in further stories.


  1. The sorority is actually a "front" for a small all-female crime school
  2. Get the "naughty" costume mod here
  3. Consuela is an NPC

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