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Bestial Alligator Mutant Predator

Temp Flashing Steel.png Origin
Almost nothing is really known about the history of the mutant that the Rogue Isle residents have nicknamed the Back Alley-Gator. He (presumed male) is a large muscular lizard-man who is able to extrude wickedly sharp scales that can punch through body armor.

Although incapable of speech, the Gator engages in seemingly directed behaviour. Psychic hero the Psyentist reports that his mind is primitive and predatory, but his actions show complex planning. Longbow concludes that he is most likely a regular cat's paw of some unknown mastermind.

In combat the Gator is considered an extremely serious threat. He shows no signs that he can be reasoned with, and his mutations make him a dangerous combatant who shows no hesitation in employing lethal force.

Temp Flashing Steel.png Powers

Venomous Razor Sharp Scales (spines)
Gator is covered in large flexible scales with incredibly sharp edges. The scales flare up when he is angry or threatened, and he naturally secretes a dangerous corrosive neurotoxin along the edges of these body-weapons. He is able to retract them for greater manouverability, and also able to shoot the scales a short distance. Combined with the caustic nature of the venom these scales are capable of penetrating even Rikti armor.

Gator can regrow his scales at an incredible rate. His whole body regenrates alarmingly quickly, allowing him to shrug off injuries in seconds or minutes. Bullets which manage to pierce his tough hide are often ejected mere moments later as the tissue knits together and rejects the foreign body. The Gator has been known to play dead after recieving a particularly serious blow, only to leap up and strike enemies as though unhurt. Toxins, sedatives and chemical suppressents are useless on him. Physical force, in large, frequent quantities is the only thing proven to work against the Gator.


As if a near-unkillable lizard man covered in steely-sharp spines which drip with poison were not enough, nature has one last gift it has bestowed on the Gator. He is able to instinctively camoflage himself from all mundane attempts at detection. He becomes effectively invisible, with no detectable heat, infrared or pheromone signature.
'Gator sneaks up on Flambeaux unnoticed
He can breeze through some of the most sophisticated scanners on the planet without triggering them. The ability borders on the psionic, with even trained Longbow agents often unable to track him. Although unverified, witnesses have claimed he seemed to vanish into thin air before their very eyes. The Gator uses this to his advantage by performing hit and run attacks on enemy groups, killing or maiming the most dangerous targets before vanishing, only to strike again a few moments later from an unseen angle.
Temp Flashing Steel.png Secret History
Nobody officially really knows the tragic story of the Gator, but he was once an ordinary man named Bruce Christopher who was made unemployed. The stress caused his mutation to trigger and his body slowly began to undergo a change, developing scales and elongated teeth. Afraid of what was happening, Bruce turned to superadyne to dull the painful transformation and take away the fear. The Dyne only accelerated the mutation, and he found he almost instantly developed a strong addiciton to the stuff. Within weeks his mind had begun to regress to a primitive state, while his body became that of a dangerous predator, resembling a crocodile or lizard.

With his Dyne addiction growing to be his main motivation, he was easy to manipulate and soon became the unwitting pawn of a sinister mastermind.

Temp Flashing Steel.png Personality
Gator is primitive and predatory, primarily a creature of instinct. He mostly ignores people that do not pose a threat or hamper his goal, unless Dyne is involved. When working with other villains Gator mostly strikes out on his own, and his fighting "style" is such that it's wise to give him his space if you don't want to be accidently impaled. Nonetheless he understands and obeys orders, and even some of his aggression is kept in check. he clearly understands English, but his lack of lips make speech impossible. Psychics can read basic intent, but his brain is barely human anymore.

He communicates in the form of snaps, growls and rattling his spines. Most of his "communications" are quite basic, but interestingly the sentient plant Smother Nature has shown a seemingly genuine ability to understand and translate more complex sentiments from him.

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Back-Alley Gator
There's Something Lurking in the Sewers
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Real Name
Bruce Christopher
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Venomous, Resistant to damage, Biocamoflage, Exceptional Regenerative powers
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