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Bellum is a creating from my desire to accomplish certain things. To have a new brute, to play a good guy in the isles, to continue the 'Lineage of Steel' and to have a good time. It turns out, that he is 1/4 Cable, 1/4 Bruce Lee, 1/4 Skull the Troll ( and 1/4 Superman.

Player: @aberrantpvp
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 9
Personal Data
Real Name: Clark X
Known Aliases: The Warfist
Species: Human Mutant
Age: 29
Height: 7'0
Weight: 330 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Hero, Former Gladiator
Place of Birth: Sector 4 (Rogue Isles), Year 2049
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unnamed mother, twin brother Miguel (deceased), Steelsoul (Father)
Known Powers
Short Range Psychokinesis (Enhanced Physical Prowess, Deflective Shields)
Known Abilities
Highly Perceptive, Master of Multiple Forms of Unarmed Combat, Skilled Melee Combatant, Speaks native Rikti
No additional information available.



Growing Up

Clark X (X, he is told, is a bastardization of the Rikti symbol for Mutant) was born into a possible alternate future, in the year 2020. His father, a time-traveler from the year 2007. While born in a resistance cell, by the age of 2 his settlement was annihilated by the Rikti. His mother was slain, and his father had already returned to his own time line to "set things right". Recognized as a mutant, Clark was separated from the rest of the captives and placed in a special training camp.

The Rikti, who had utterly dominated the world after a surprise turning point in 2007, were employing mutants as gladiatorial combatants. From the time he could walk, Clark was trained in combat, both unarmed and with hand-to-hand weapons. His initial combats were against other unmanifested mutants. Indeed, his brother, Miguel, was one of his last foes he was forced to face. On his 13th birthday, Clark beat his own brother to death with his bare hands, in order to stay alive another day. The crowd cheered this new, savage warrior.


Once Clark's powers manifested themselves, he was trained further and placed into combat with other mutants. His powers, which may have been far broader had they developed in a different environment, made him an immensely capable hand-to-hand combatant. Coupled with his training, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Gladiatorial circuit.

It should be noted, however, that, while the Rikti enjoyed watching mutant humans do battle, they would regularly subject them to power-suppressing drugs. These drugs were designed to keep the mutant powers of a subject at a lower, more manageable level. This is why Clark is considerably weaker than many contemporary mutants.

Revolution 2045

Starting in 2045, the Human Resistance movement kicked into high gear. Having been cradled and protected by a variety of disparate factions, including The Circle of Thorns, Arachnos Remnants, Nemesis, Rikti Sympathizers and even some Mu Cultists, the humans struck back. Using a massive, concise sorcerous assault, combined with assassinations of key Rikti leaders, they were able to finally turn the tide and begin expelling the Rikti from their world.

After the 3 year long conflict, Clark, who had worked alongside the resistance, was finally free. However, any family he had was long dead. He had no real friends. Left without a purpose, he asked the High Mages of Orobungua to aid him in finding peace. Using a one-way spell, they sent him back in time, to find the father who abandoned him and never made things right.

A Rogue Hero

Since he was unsure if the United States would even exist, Clark chose the Rogue Isles as his destination. Arriving in Mercy island, he was shocked and dismayed by what seemed all to familiar. Barbaric cruelty and horrendous conditions, similar to the world he knew. But this wasn't an alien force. This was human on human violence. Aside from locating his father and making him pay for his transgressions, Clark had a new goal: To help these poor people protect themselves.

Powers and Abilities

Short-Range Psychokinesis

Clark's natural mutant ability is to generate and control psychokinetic fields. A form of telekinesis, this energy is directed by his body, and, as such, has a very limited range. If he had been left to develop naturally, it is possible Clark would have been a vastly more powerful telekinetic. However, he can only manipulate his own body, and objects within a foot or so of him.

These powers commonly manifest in a number of ways:

Enhanced Strikes

By focusing psychokinetic force around his fists and delivering it with an impact, Clark can augment his already considerable skill and martial ability and deliver devastating blows.

Deflection Fields

By keeping a field of force around his form, Clark can deflect harmful attacks away from his body. This requires a constant dedication of energy, however, and can sometimes leave him drained and exhausted.

Physical Augmentation

While significantly more athletic and powerful than most people, Clark's physique is not actually superhuman. Instead, he is able to use telekinetic ability to move himself faster, and jump farther. Also, he can lift weights far greater than he could with his muscle mass alone, up to around a ton. Finally, as he can do this lifting telekinetically, he could, for example, hold up a 500 pound man with his foot, or even on his head, since it is not actually his body doing the work.


While not a fully realized ability, Clark has, at two points in his life, levitated himself. As his power allows him to move his body, he can theoretically move himself through the air in any direction. He is currently training to see if he can master this ability.

Martial Arts

Since he was 4 years old, Clark has been training as a combatant. While he specializes in unarmed combat, he is capable in using various hand-held weapons, such as axes, maces, swords, clubs, and spears. Since the Rikti wanted the most impressive, capable battles they could find to watch, they trained their gladiators well. Clark knows a multitude of martial arts styles from around the world, including Krav Maga, Tae Kwan Do, Jeet Kun Do, Muy Thai, Savate, Capoiera, Mantis Style Kung Fu, Pi Qua Quan and numerous other forms.

A practicing combatant since he was 10, Clark has more than a decade and a half of experience in practical application of violence.

Highly Perceptive

Perhaps due to his training, or being forced to fight for survival on a near daily basis, Clark is a surprisingly good judge of people and places. He notices small details, and can easily see through most people's facades via body language and other postural changes.

His sight and hearing are superb (but not superhuman) and he rarely is surprised.

Trivia and Notes

Tattoos and Scars

As a respected and famed Gladiator, the Warfist earned the right to have glory marks. These marks are tattoos over his face, chest, and back, which resemble human bones. Made of an advanced Rikti ink, they do not fade, and there is little scarring.

Much of Clark's body, from his head to his feet, is covered in a wide array of scars. Burns, slashed, stabs. While his face is actually quite handsome considering, he definitely bears the marks of countless battles.


Clark almost always wears heavy chains upon his person. They were considered his trademark look by the Rikti. Since they appear to be mundane, they were never confiscated, and he would fight fiercely with other humans to hold on to them. In truth, they are the only possession he has that belonged to his father.

What Clark does NOT know, however, is that the chains were forged from partial remains of the metallic demon Eyeronos. While inert, they do have a slight mystical resonance, and could be potentially useful for occultists.

Fear of Women

While Clark has killed hundreds of people, man and woman alike, he has never actually known love, or even affection, of a physical sort. Unlike the Gladiators of ancient Rome, who were often sought as consorts by wealthy women, Clark's masters were Rikti and had no such interest. As such, he is, despite his age and relative handsomeness, a complete virgin and somewhat intimidated by women in social situations, especially when they are scantily clad.

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