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Player: @tragedyjones
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute/Brute/Scrapper (Formerly Scrapper, formerly scrapper)
Threat Level: 50/50/33
Personal Data
Real Name: Michael "Steel" Clark
Known Aliases: Eyeronos, Steeldriver, Penitent Blade, Clark Michaels, Carl Lucas/Steel Widowmaker, Sentinel of Steel
Species: Magically Augmented Human
Age: 26 Legally, 29 Physiologically, 529 Chronologically
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 350 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of the United States with a disputed Criminal Record
Occupation: Bouncer, Retired Supervillain
Place of Birth: Cornhusk, KS
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Complicated
Known Relatives: Unnamed mother, Unnamed father, Ambrosia Michelle Clark (Daughter), Bellum Pugnus (Son, Deceased), Destiny Clark (Estranged Wife), Carl Lucas (Clone)
Known Powers
Magical Entity (Superhuman strength, durability, endurance, agility, intellect, perception, mystical awareness, flight, sorcery)
Known Abilities
Master of Unarmed Combat, Natural Athlete, Willpower, Leadership, Skilled Swordsman, Genius
Impervium Armor issued by Vanguard for exceptional service, iPhone, Harley Davidson
No additional information available.

And I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well...'


Friends and Enemies


When he first arrived in the Rogue Isles, Michael worked with a group of Camarilla Kindred within the Children of the Night. He spent several months in their employ, working closely with the Prince of the Isles, Armando de la Vega. Eventually, Steel felt he did not truly belong, and left the group.

Before his first sojourn to Paragon City, Mike joined the Mutant Radical group Inevitable Evolution for slightly less than a week.

Eventually the Steel Man found himself working for the Kindred bar Hangmans Roadhouse. However, he left to stay in Paragon Again for a time. When he finally returned, he assumed ownership of the bar, he has temporarily abdicated in an effort to premote peaceful relations with clients. After a brief time working with the kids in Unruly, Mike returned to Paragon to raise his family in a better place. While there he worked for Apparition Abbey. Due to legal concerns, Steel is once again in the Rogue Isles, renting a room at the New Moon Pub and Inn with Destiny and Ambrosia.

The stay at the New Moon Pub and Inn would not last forever, however. Due to the complexity that is life, Michael and Destiny ended up separating in July 2009. Currently, Steel is found bouncing at the Darque Room

Friends in Low Places

Despite his gregariousness, Mike tends to be a bit brash, and, as such, his actual friends aren't as numerous as some might believe.

Closest Friends

Other Buddies

These people are less close confidants and more drinking buddies or other casual pals. This is either because they aren't close, or just recently met. Some of them are because Mike pisses them off to much to BE close. Glass OutcastZeta Foxx, Ani Reaves, Jalroy, Tempest Blaze, Quana, Unleashed Force.


People that fall further into the category of acquaintances, rather than good friends. This is a larger list, as Mike is fairly outgoing, but also quite abrasive.

Lunar Eclipse, Mikuruneko, Andrea Cole, Queen Xena of Vega, Alan Smilevitz, and numerous others, both alive and (un)dead.


And here we have the list of people upon which to seek vengeance, or, at least, to hate and let that hate keep him warm at night.

To All The Girls I've Loved Before

Lovers, past and present:

Ex Girlfriends

This list would probably be longer if he bothered to date instead of just fornicate Galaxy Adjutant Webb, Gadgette, Sophia Balthasar.

Others Mike has done little to hide the fact that he has loved others, though these were not relationships, for whatever reason. His first love was Sibyll Noir, Lasombra Antitribu kindred, childe of Prince De La Vega. Due to her Sire's wishes, they could never be together.

Mike also loved the Ventrue kindred Paola Flusso whom, ironically, he originally befriended to keep Sibyll safe. Mike fell for her, and fell hard. She was his world, and all he did revolved around her in some way. However, he has come to realize that she and he can never be lovers, they are too different, inhabiting worlds that cannot be reconciled.

Until recently, Mike was married to Destiny Cole, former bartender at the Roadhouse. Now, however, the two are separated.

Powers & Abilities


Upon his significant wounding at the hands of his Bellum Pugnus, Michael crept back to Ghost Widow and asked her aid in restoring his powers. Finding his shame and humiliation amusing, and knowing that Mike still had a place in her Lord Recluse's plans, The Widow had her Fortunatas probe his mind, and even called on Scirroco's Mu Mystics. Eventually the truth was revealed to Michael.

He was unique, it seemed, in will. Such was the structure of his mind and soul that he could alter, command, and control magic. A fearlessness such as his could gaze into the depths of Oblivion itself and pull forth form and substance.

This is what enabled him to survive the bonding with Eyeronos, and how even in death he could summon forth a fleshly body and return to life. Michael's soul itself was "tempered with a strength like steel" and he was, it seemed, immortal.

Michael Clark is a nexus to the eldritch. An arcane force through which magic can and does flow, whether he wishes it too or not. Currently, he keeps the magic "contained" within his physical form, which is weaker than he once was in raw power, but more sane, less destructive. However, the power continues to grow with each day.

Superhuman Strength

Michael can heft immense amounts of weight. At his calm peak, he can bench press 500 tons. Michael's strength increases with his anger, both from the rigors of combat and his ability to channel anger into pure strength. The latter is a temporary gain, which leaves him weakened a thousandfold for a few moments. However, that still leaves him with strength proportionate to a mortal man of his build.

Due to the way his strength manifests, however, he cannot lift certain objects without them collapsing in on themselves. He can, however, pick up objects that would crush his own weight, due to his ability to fly.

This physical strength also translates into immense leaping ability as well as the ability to run at tremendous speed.


Possessing an incredibly dense body for his size, Mike's tissue is also suffused with magic, and is immensely durable. Injuries, particularly crushing or cutting, are virtually impossible to inflict on a mundane level, he is resistant to almost all other forms of harm, from temperature extremes to toxic radiation.

However, the rigor of containing his magical energy has left his Mind less protected than before, and purely psionic assaults have a fairly easy time causing him harm. With effort, this invulnerability can be heightened even further, once more taking on a divine, metallic form of devastation, in which nearly nothing can harm him.


Once relying on external wings, as a being of magic, Mike can levitate and fly at high speeds by using a combination of magical ley lines and his own innate properties.

Dark Magics

As a being that is a part of and yet seperate from the ambient magics of the universe, Mike has a few abilities granted through this. He can cast spells, but generally these require elaborate rituals and preparation. Specific feats that can be performed "on the fly" are:

(Note: Michael must 'unlock' his full power, letting the magic out of him, in order to perform these feats)

Magic Absorption

By physically damaging or destroying objects (or beings) of great magical power, Steelsoul has been able to absorb portions of their might, using them to feed his strength, growing stronger by this.



Since his reformation, Steelsoul has become extremely more durable to harm. His body can bend or shatter blades, is virtually impossible to burn, freeze, cut, dent, or dissolve with acid. Energy of all forms has little effect. At times he can fortify his body so greatly that even Orbital Grade weaponry is little threat. However, due to the constant strain of keeping his powers in check, Mike's mind is vulnerable to direct attacks, though control is nearly impossible.


It comes before the fall. It came before all of Mikes. He is arrogant, sometimes careless, and always believes he is in the right.


While he is aware of, and in counseling, Mike still suffers severely from depression


He loves women. Even more, perhaps, than they love him. By nature he is flirtatious, and will sometimes pursue a woman for the sheer challenge.



Mike is a born athlete. Gifted from birth with nearly peak strength, speed, agility, and stamina, he has great skill in all forms of athleticism, from throwing and running, to diving, rolling, dodging, or vaulting.


Perhaps his greatest strength. Even when his powers are banished or reduced, Michael possesses an immensely strong will. Practically without fear, he is stubborn and unyielding, perhaps to a fault. He is unphased by danger, magical dimensions or the like. That said, he does often find himself consumed by temptation or sorrow.

Master of Unarmed Combat

Years of fighting have honed his skills. While he is not a practitioner of any particular martial art (though he does have a background in grecco-roman wrestling), Mike has something just as valuable: experience. He's fought everything from giant robots to evil faeries to ghastly apparitions and generic thugs. When it comes to using his hands and feet as a weapon, he is quite skilled.


When trapped in a bleak future for 3 years with no powers, Mike had to adapt. Technology was hard to come by, so he used old weapons. Swords. While he became quite adept, fighting Rikti and other men for three years, and then spending a few months in Paragon as a sword-swinging hero, his skills with a blade are far from a master level, and he is much better with his fists.


He was the Quarterback. He helped fight a revolution in an alternate future. He runs a bar. Michael is a fairly inspiring presence, at least, to those who trust in him. He is able to inspire and lead, often by example or by acts of bravado. This is not a skill at management or logistics, but at getting others to follow.


Once he increased his brainpower 4fold, Mike was a veritable genius. While he is still far from a doctor or a master scientist, ideas and concepts come to him easily. With preparation and time, he may create inventions of startling design and complexity. This is far from a reliable skill, however.

Comments from Others

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"He's the closest thing I have to a real brother." -Tzun Locke

"...Signor Mike? What is there to say? 'e's an idiot and a lech....but 'e's a -lovable- idiot and lech. I suppose that 'lovable' makes all the difference. But if 'e kills 'imself again....I'm giving 'is soul to a Giovanni. Such a cruel thing to make me see." - Paola Flusso

"Mike who..?" - Shineburst

"Mike's... well, frankly I'm pissed at him right now. But I like him. He's decent enough, wasn't a bad business partner... just needs to know when to keep his mouth shut." - Ani Reaves

"MIKENSTEIN!!!! He gives meh icecreams! Icecreeeeeeeams!" - Belinda von Saurkraut O'Goldstein McCrabcake (Onteh Marks)

Character History

Things past

A 500 Year Week

After his battle with Armando, Mike needed time to think and to ponder. He spent some nights speaking to Paola, some nights alone. Eventually he was overcome with sadness, however. He loved Paola. He loved Sibyll. He could be with neither. What he needed was escape. So he did.

Donning his steel form, he bribed, beat, and intimidated some Arachnos scientists. (He tells people he used contacts withing Ourobourous but this is a fiction). Then, he stepped through a Portal that was never officially opened and carried a few dozen books and papers into a temporal bubble, located at the bottom of the Mareanas Trench. The bubble was sealed for 500 years, distorting time around it, and unable to be opened.

For a time, he studied, read, learned. Then he slept. And dreamed. And thought. For 500 years, to him, he was alone.

I'm Back

He returned to a time that he barely remembered. Distortions of thoughts and memories. However, he eventually returned to a semblance of normality, falling back into his memories and loves of the two kindred. This was a disaster of hearts, however. He and Sibyll continued to drift close, have a moment of tenderness, then freak out and flee. And with Paola, well, she has politics and the demands of her own life to concern.

After a memorable night of conversation and quiet contemplation, he realized he would never be with either woman.

Kiss Me, It Will Heal

Again Steel fell into the trap of being, for lack of a better term, a manwhore. Sleeping around, flirting, partying. He had noble goals while this was going on, sure. Secretly he was assembling a small force of like-minded Rogue Isle Denizens to fight crime and corruption in the Isles, protecting the citizens from predations. This was a dedication to his son, Bellum Pugnus

After a few passionate but seemingly trivial encounters, a strange stirring grew in Michael's heart. And he wept and was scared, for he was in love with someone whom was not the relationship type. He knew this, with her being his ex girlfriend, whom both had been unfaithful towards.

But he pursued her. Coming to her one night, he confessed his love and she wept in joy as did he. And after consummating his relationship with someone he loved, Michael James Clark fulfilled the condition of a curse the universe itself had seemingly placed upon him: He was now mortal, albeit immensely powerful still.


Attempting to "settle down" further, Mike meditated in his lab, where he pondered changing his body. And he did so, perhaps for the final time. Condensing his steel form and his wings and armors all into a single, "Ultimate" form, he is now fully powered at all times. Additionally, he can soar through the air magically, without need of wings.

No Wedding, Two Funerals

It became clear, eventually, that his love was false, forged from a desire to be more than a bachelor, to prove himself good. He loved someone, yes, but not Sophia. And he strayed. After taking refuge in the arms of another woman, he broke off the engagement to Sophi, who fell into a deep depression which eventually drove her to take her own life.

Shortly before he found Sophi dead, he finally took a step towards loving Paola. However, when this news reached her ghoul and lover, Sky-Scar, he also took his own life. To some, this was the equivalent of Mike murdering the boy himself, though he had no idea of the relation between the two.


Two people were dead. Mike's infidelity, his love for a woman who died long ago, had caused this. And he would make it right. Once more, the whipped dog, he returned to the Ghost Widow, begging for her aid to recover the souls of those lost. He would need to expend almost all of his power to do so, but it was worth it. The Widow agreed, on the condition that Mike serve her as a Night Widow. He agreed.

However, Michael imbued an item, a chain, with a tenth of his might, and formed it around Paola's throat, as she fled the Rogue isles in shame. It would be this artifact that would retrieve his personality from the Night Widow.

Webs Unraveled

After he retrieved his memories and powers at the hands of Paola, Mike went to his home and wept, then realized that he had so much more potential. He wanted her, and he wanted himself. And to have her, he must know himself. But to discover his potential, he had to go. Somewhere quiet, somewhere alone.

He went to the moon. Flying faster than ever he had, he went to the dark side of the moon, where he expended, manipulated, and bound magics as never before, learning more and more of whom he was. What he could be. Transmogrification. Teleportation. Conjuration. Anything would be within his grasp, someday.

The Woman, The Boy, The Blood, The Tears

Enough was enough. Eventually, Steel tired of the love he possessed for a woman he could not. To have her, he would have to be someone he wasn't. For one, he would have to crush Sky-Scar, either bodily, or, at least spiritually. And he was not willing to do this. And even if Robin was a non-factor, Paola Flusso was not human, her wants and needs were different. She needed to be a slave, or a master. And while Mike could never be a master, he was dangerously close to letting him become her slave. This was something neither could abide, so, one night, he decided to begin letting her go. And though his heart broke, it left him... free.

Having a Ball

On June 21st, 2008, the Hangmans Roadhouse held it's first Hangmen's Ball, a massive party with friends from both within and without his coalition, and hosted by The Cape Radio. A smashing success, the party led to Mike falling into the arms of his current lover, Destiny Cole after speaking to his bartender after she cleaned up for the night.

=Broken Toys

Despite being with Destiny, Mike could not instantly abandon all feelings for Paola, and this led to numerous verbal clashes with Robin. Eventually Robin challenged Mike to a fist fight. More like an operating room, in the end, Robin was systematically broken in several places. Mike can only hope this drives a wedge between he and the woman he loved.


After a period of romancing, Michael and Destiny became engaged. Shortly thereafter the bride to be became pregnant, and they realized they were going to have a family. Shortly after the birth of Ambrosia Michelle Clark, Mike, Destiny, and their daughter moved to Paragon City. There, Mike submit himself to the United States Department of Justice and was placed on probation, with the condition that he could serve as a hero, however, he must wear a monitoring device at all times lest he be found too dangerous.


Over a month after arriving in Paragon, Mike got bad news. A nationwide magazine was doing a story on him, having discovered that he was working in Paragon City. The article revealed that Michael Clark, aka Steelsoul, aka Sentinel of Steel, aka Penitent Blade, aka Steeldriver, aka Clark Michaels, was wanted for the murders of 614 people in the United States, over 400 of them Law Enforcement personnel, notable Paragon Police and Longbow. Given this new press, the USDOJ had no choice but to begin proceedings to prosecute, so, in the middle of the night, Mike and his family ran off to the Rogue Isles once more.





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