Ani Reaves

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Ani Reaves
Player: @Aeslehc
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Annelle Loreli Reaves
Known Aliases: Andy Reaves, Loreli the Cinder, Autmn Minx
Species: Metavampire
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Islander
Occupation: Owner and Operator of "The Herb Shop, Drug Dealer, Black Market Retailer, Social Revolutionary
Place of Birth: Mercy Island
Base of Operations: Phoenix Insurrection's Cavern and "The Herb Shop" in Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Seeing Unleashed Force
Known Relatives: Doc Philosophy, Jacob Morrison, Aeslehc Kralc- living ancestors. Chelsea Miller- Biological mother, Braden Miller - biological uncle, Pyro Rebel - Biological brother Sky-Scar- adopted brother, Elise Miller- Half-sister, Sillean- adopted big sister Run Riot- adopted Uncle/Father, Eshet Lillah- adopted sister (...she has a lot of adopted relatives. I'm probably missing some. >_>)
Known Powers
Mastery of Fire (fire/therm)
Known Abilities
Fire-weaving (the ability to create pictures and shapes with fire). Ability to operate firearms on a basic to intermediate level, depending on the gun. Basic hand-to-hand combat (as in, street scrapping.. she WAS raised in the Isles.)
No additional information available.



Ani Reaves. …chatterbox, flighty teenager, shrewd businesswoman, loving girlfriend. She’s often seen as a flirt without shame and uncharacteristically bright and cheery for what she is. She just loves people…. That much is relatively obvious. On her bad days, she may feel a bit more animosity towards some than others, but deep down… even if she claimed to dislike somebody for whatever shallow reason she can come up with… Hell, if they asked her for help or looked distressed… she’d offer to lend a hand.


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She’s been with a couple of sporadic organizations, including the Dawn of Darkness and being involved heavily with her sire’s orphanage before the woman left for Detroit. After that, she joined up with Inevitable Evolution until Run Riot became drunk with power.

Phoenix Insurrection: "Phoenix Insurrection is a place of rebirth, of starting anew. Our over-reaching goal is to help those in need by any means necessary." Ani's come out of her semi-retirement to join up with the group led by her boyfriend, Unleashed Force.

Loved ones and Friends

Paola Flusso : Her sire. The woman she actually considers to be her mother. It was Paola who took a vicious, destructive little Hellion with control issues and made her into a strong, powerful young woman with a conscience, a quick grin, and a love of people. She still gets allowance checks and phone calls from Paola now and then, keeping in contact with her as well despite her disappearance to bigger and better places.

Chelsea Miller : Her biological Mom. They’ve got a lot of issues… especially since Ani considers herself an adult, having been released from Paola’s care almost two years ago. Chelsea didn’t come back into Ani’s life until she was already fifteen, and under Paola’s guardianship. They’ve more or less resolved their issues and entered into a slightly strained and sarcastic sister relationship.

Unleashed Force : Ani's closest friend and boyfriend. She loves him more than anybody else in the world. They attempted a romantic relationship at one time, which she broke off under the insistence of an ex who she believed she still loved... and that she believed had her best interest at heart. She made no secret of the fact that this was a mistake. It took a long time after that for them to realize that they really are meant for one another. In the past year, Clint and Ani have reunited as lovers, their relationship going stronger than ever.

Jimmy Salvatore: The manager of Ani's store. He's a very hardworking and capable man and she trusts nobody but him with the day-to-day requirements of the shop. She pays him well- a good wage, good benefits, good living conditions. But there's something else about him, too. He seems a bit more resilient than the average store manager... and his loyalty to his boss is practically profound.

Enemies and people she dislikes

Rachel McDermott/Rachel Sanders: Not so much an enemy... but Ani has never liked this woman. Ever. At first it was territorial, but eventually developed into a general dislike of her as a person. In Ani's opinion, Rachel was a bitter, stubborn, snob of a woman who didn't deserve her best friend...

Crashblaze :

Aes Moineau/Aeslehc :

Thoughts from Others

"Ani's a manipulative, ADD vampire that just happens to be a walking incendiary bomb."

"And we LOVE her for it!"

-OOC conversation between @Alzharade and @Aeslehc

"She's sweet, lovable, energetic, and she puts up with my antics, what else could a grandfather ask for?" - Jacob Morrison

"Isn't she precious? She' sugar, wrapped in a layer of 'eavenly bliss. And blood. Oh, si, lots of that... A mother couldn't be more proud of their drug-dealer. ...By the way, if if you touch 'er, you die." - Paola Flusso

"I know certain other people who would claim motherhood over her... and why not? I sure wasn't there the first fifteen years or so of her life. ...still. Hard seein' the fruit of my loins taking on thirty-year-old responsibilities at sixteen." - Chelsea Miller

"She's a good kid. Don't approve of some of the characters she run's around with, but I'll turn anyone who tries to physically harm her into paste. Her love life though? Thats her own problem, well cept when certain Ex boyfriends begin to spread unkind words about her.. Then I have to step in" --Run Riot

"An annoying runt vampire, that holds onto her emotions vith her ex 'lovers'. I loathe to admit it, but she is a good kid and I don't intend to let any harm come to her" --Sev Teufel

"She's hyper, she's a vampire, she's a teenager, and the single greatest threat to my sanity in centuries.Still, hurt her, and you will learn firsthand what a forty pound broadsword to the face feels like"--Doc Philosophy

"Ani's the best, she really is. Weird friends, certainly an odd family, but I can't talk there, it's mine now, too. Still gotta figure out a way so that she and her mother can get along, though. They're stubborn like that." --Unit v4.0

"I do not understand youth." -Saaliha

"Her hugs rock." --Gail Kilcrop

"-Gawd- her mom is hot!...Huh? Oh yeah--Ani...good kid. Have her mom--"*Does the call me motion with his hand* --Vexxin Vega

"Ani Reaves? Well she could use a tan and lose the whole, 'I'm a legion of the undead and need blood to satiate myself' thing, but hey ... I'd hit it." -Matt Brooks

"I don't know why someone'd fake being a vampire, but hell: people are weird. Who am I to complain, her witchweed is fucking magnificent. She's half of the reason I've decided to make my seven-year rule into an eight-year rule. Why? Three words: First. Class. Boobs." -- Jaime Synge.

"Ani is really nice...and she is a good cook. I'm glad she...calls me...her sister."--Eshet Lillah

"Shes a cheerleader, and in many ways a preppy high schooler type, but shes the rare nice type. The type who'd wave at the nerds and be friendly with everyone, I'm just glad she stopped wearing those neon tiger pants though. Those things were freakin' scary" - Blast Asylum

"Ani c'n be fun, b't sometime'z we jus' don' click, y'know? She'z more'a th' norm'l type'a teenage female. I don' get along too well w'th thoze. She also need'z t'not und'rstand that wearin' weird shit ain't a crime. Mmkay? 'K? Got et? Good." --Ink Dyne

"I hit it a few times." --Power Patron

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