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Don't mess. Just don't.
Braden Miller
Player: @Vince the Insane
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Braden Miller
Known Aliases: Brad, Big Daddy
Species: Metahuman
Age: 46
Height: 6’9”
Weight: 259 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Orange-Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: He burns shit.
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Married to Benji Alford
Known Relatives: Ani Reaves- Niece, Chelsea Miller -Sister
Known Powers
FIRE. Lots of angry fire.
Known Abilities
Able to manifest impossibly hot flame.
A nice necklace.



Braden Miller is a tall, scar-faced, anger-prone badass with a malevolent disposition and a distaste for people who think they're better than he is. He's known for his violent, often unnecessary outbursts that more often than not leave someone dead or dying of burns and scorches. This has only worsened with the birth of his twin children; when Child Services came to the Miller home to try to take his babies away, Braden mercilessly beat them to death with his own bare hands and strung them up on his balcony as trophies. In short, Braden has a millimeter-short temper and the wherewithal to act on his uncontrollable anger. The worst part is, he does it all engulfed in flames so incredibly hot they can melt lead from ten feet away. Able to manifest fire in ways that could only be called inhumane, Braden burns and blazes anything in his way. His most frightening habit is to pick up an unlucky soul by the throat and scream fire into their face, leaving them a body with no evidence of ever having a skull. Those closer to Braden know he'll break anything and anyone should they decide to cross his friends. Persons such as Tommy Talxue and Kinneas are considered close buddies by Braden, and he'd gladly step up and beat someone to death if they asked.


Usually, Braden can be seen in his tattered flame-proof leather trench, the sleeves of which have long melted away. Without it, he seems slightly uncomfortable. Underneath that is his favorite asbestos-lined red muscleshirt, all atop flame-proof tattered khakis and iron-toe work boots.

His most distinguishing feature, however, is his face. Mangled by his sister decades ago, Braden's face is a disgusting road-map of scars, stitches and failed surgeries. He's become accustomed to it however, claiming that it "helps [him] be intimidatin' when there's business to do."

Powers and Equipment


Braden is of course born of the Miller family, notorious for their frightening control of flame. Braden seems to have the most brutal form, able to pump it through his limbs to create burning punches and haymakers that evaporate his enemies. A few notable abilities that he's perfected:

Burning machete (Fire Sword)— "Machete's are fuckin' cool." Braden can manifest a machete of solid flame. This nasty weapon is able to slice through most metals, let alone some poor guy trying to be tough.

The Scream (Breath of Fire)— Often, Braden will grab someone by the neck, lift them to his face, and scream like a man possessed. The force of his magma-hot breath meeting the oxygen of the surrounding air ignites it, causing a stream of fire to billow out of his throat. This leaves the unfortunate person he grabbed with little to no proof they ever had anything above their neck.

Big Fuckin' Sword (Greater Fire Sword)— "It is what it is." Aptly put; Braden can form a colossal claymore-like sword of condensed fire and ash. When swung, this behemoth of a creation sets multiple people ablaze, burning them to death if it somehow failed to cleave them in two.

Heart Burn (Incinerate)— Braden just loves this one. He gathers condensed flame into the palms of his hands and then rams both of them into his enemies' chest. The resulting blast ignites most of their torso, consuming them in fire.


Braden probably does have several weaknesses. For example, he isn't a god. A well-placed bullet will wound him and wound him hard. But you had better be a sneaky, damn good shot. Otherwise, he'll superheat the air around himself and the only thing that will be hitting him will be a blob of molten lead and copper. If someone is able to take the flesh-searing heat of Braden's fire, then a nonstop one hour beating will wear him down to the point of futile aggression. ((Keep in mind though, no matter how godly you want your character to be, it's 3,200 degree fire. Don't just shrug it off with 'magic' or something. You WILL get burn't.))


Phoenix Insurrection

Braden's part of this revolutionary group just because his wife is. He despises their promotion of good intentions and beneficial actions in the Isles.


Kinneas — Kinneas helped Braden and his wife Benji overcome the fact that... well, if she and Braden decided to have some fun, Benji would be a pile of ash. With a snake-like piece of enchanted body jewelry, Benji and Braden are able to religiously consummate their marriage.

Tommy Talxue — Recruited into a small-time organization called The Bottom Rung by Mr. Talxue, Braden found Tommy to be just the kind of guy he could hang out with. This is incredibly funny, given that Braden and Tommy are complete opposites in every way, shape and form.


Braden sometimes just doesn't like you. If he comes up and decides he wants to provoke you, you can either follow up on it with him, or ignore him. Enough dismissal of his actions will render him bored, and he'll move on to trying to piss off someone else.


((Want to be an enemy? Throw your hat in the ring!))

Chelsea Miller — Chelsea, Braden's sister, was personally responsible for making Braden's face into the stitched, scarred horror show attraction it is today. Braden hasn't forgiven her for this, nor will he ever. The two are at each other's throats almost constantly, going out of their way to make the other's life a living hell.

Allen Gabriel — While it's uncommon for Braden and Allen to cross paths, somehow these two end up being coincidental nemeses. From Allen firing upon his Niece at the Pocket D Christmas bash, to the occasional pestering-that-leads-to-violence around the Isles, when Braden sees Allen he gets a little uncontrollable.


((Because there MUST be opinions!))

"Don't fuck with Big Daddy Brad. If for whatever reason there's somethin' left of ya when you do? Then you got to deal with Big Mama. And you'd best make doubly sure you don't fuck with me or the kids. *Dry chuckle.* He's a papa bear if there ever was one." - Benji Alford

"Uncle Braden's great! I know why so many people are afraid of him... man's brutal as Hell. But he's awesome to me. He'd probably be awesome to Mom, too, if she weren't such a bitch." - Ani Reaves

Theme Songs

Zerstören, by Rammstein ( )

Road Rash, by X-Ray Dog ( )

Before I Die, by Mushroomhead ( )

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