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This is called "Child of Fire", done by the exceptional artist
Chelsea Centofanti
Player: @Aeslehc
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Chelsea Centofanti
Known Aliases: Chelsea Miller, Chel-Chel, ChelHell, Red
Species: metahuman
Age: 52
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 215lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Amber
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Public Relations for La Sombra del Espresso, formerly the Aspect of Fire for Phoenix Insurrection
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Base of Operations: Ouroboros
Marital Status: Single (widowed, divorced)
Known Relatives: Aes Moineau- living ancestor. Braden Miller - Brother, Ani Reaves – Daughter (Estranged). Elise Miller - Daughter (Estranged). Pyro Rebel- Son (Deceased). Luca Centofanti- Son (Banished to Hell). Jason Miller- Son (Sort of estranged). Jenna Miller - Daughter (Also estranged!). Other estranged children whose names she forgets.... White Moth- Cousin.
Known Powers
Known Abilities
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Family Traits


Styling in her favorite spot, redside at the D.



Chel at work...


Friends, Family, etc.

Attilio Centofanti : Chelsea's ex-husband. At first assigned to keep an eye on him... and act as something of an ambassador from PI to the ancient grandfather of Daniel Moineau. She'd done some digging on him and grown closer, despite his history as a ruthless mob boss. Although wary cautious of him, she'd somehow found herself in love. A fact that has baffled many of her close associates is that she agreed to marry him after less than a month of knowing the man. It's not immediately clear what happened to her husband, but it's said that the child she bore all those years ago has resurfaced.

Chelsea and Ani, compared side by side

Clint and Chel, enjoying a night at the D.

Unleashed Force - Her former boss. A young man she'd come to greatly respect as a leader and a friend.

Exes and Former Flirty Interests

Another night at the D, Vexxin as her leaning post.

Unit v4.0 - Another Ex-husband. This one seems to be alive and not completely traumatized.

Dirge of Flame - A quick friend she met through her more nocturnal associates. A fellow rum-drinking fire user, Chelsea took to liking the mysterious Austrailian pirate-gone-merc after randomly approaching him as he was drinking coffee. With her urging, he joined up with Phoenix Insurrection and is now comrade, best friend, and dashing partner in crime. They were practically inseparable, with clear love for one another. Through some trials (particularly concerning her affection for men with fangs), they became fiery lovers... quite... quite literally. She believes him to have been killed at sea.

Amon Del Vega - The thuggish mayor of Villa Requin. Through much chasing and bending over backwards, witty banter, and heated arguments... he had finally managed to catch his prize. They broke up on relatively friendly terms and remained friends as she went back to Vexxin. In Vexxin's long absense, Chelsea's wandering eyes had returned to Amon... until Amon, also, went missing. He recently returned, only to discover Chelsea's engagement to another man. She hasn't heard from him in a long time and believes him to be back in Torpor.

Vexxin Vega - Vexxin was Chelsea's long-time fling. The tacky little man she adored. However, she was second in his life (and always would be), to politics and business. She spent a little time attempting to get involved, making herself out to be his bodyguard (and it worked, generally) to get closer to things at hand. Periods of time would pass, though, when he would up and leave her without a word. She would take to wandering to other creatures of the night- Amon del Vega, Maurice Moretti- in his absence. She hasn't seen Vexxin in over a decade.

Austin Reaves - Ani's father and her first ex-husband. While the world would say he's been missing for around 30 years, those who have worked with Chelsea suspect that he continues to exist her dark servant.

Enemies and Bastards

Braden Miller - The brother she thought she killed... horribly mutilated and scarred... and very, very angry. He seems to be making it his life's goal to rub it in.

Paola Flusso - Her daughter's sire and the woman Ani would much rather call mother. They have a very rocky, very professional sort of relationship. They view each other with distant, polite hatred.

Shade Nefarious - The demon that nearly killed Ani when she attacked him over something that Chel can't quite remember. She regards him with cool interest and no lack of distrust.

Opinions from Others

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"She's a cougar. A fucking cougar. But she's a really cool cougar, and she makes cookies that could end world conflict and solve hunger across the globe." - Robin Fenix, the Sky-Scar

"-------Huh? I'm sorry I didn't hear a -word- you said, I was busy staring at her rack" **Points at Chelsea across the room** - Vexxin Vega

"She's got the body of an actress, back when being a star had a little bit of class and they didn't starve themselves to twigs. She's beautiful; she's loyal. She's never steered me wrong and I'm proud to call one of the best friends I've ever had." - Rebecca Hart ((R.I.P.))

"...I'm getting fucking tired of her kicking me out of bed soon as the sun goes down to shove a fireball down my throat. Still, I guess it's making me think quicker which I'll probably be thankful later on. Besides, she's my mom. Regardless of our past, I love her. And even though I don't think she approves of me- what I am or what I do- I know she loves me, too." - Ani Reaves, oldest daughter.

"This crazy woman is going to turn me into a plush toy. -What the hell?-" - Rezz

"Not too long now, sis, and you'll look just like big brother..." - Braden Miller

"She's a... good.. friend? Sorta? I think we're there. Are we there? Really? Damn." - Unit v4.0

"Ah can't believe Ah only jus' met this lil' filly, but ya'll can bet Ah'm gonna make sure Ah get ta know her real well-like." - Dead Eye Jake

"Easily one'a the classiest ladies a guy would be fortunate enough ta come across. Dangerous for just that reason, too. But hey, danger is excitin', and excitement is the name'a the game, right? Not like it'd be hard ta do, but keep ya eyes on'at one." - Jerry Malone

"Chel is one of those women every man wants but very few can have. Shes a flirt, a bit of a tease, but overall seems to be a good gal. Her cookies are to die for and I have hereby dubbed her miss sexy cookies"- Blast Asylum

"Chelsea? Shes a tough fighter, This I found out. She is defently a beautiful woman, but Hey, I'll only be friends currently. If shes single, well...Thats another story" - Legionbreaker

"I can has cookies?" -- Ink Dyne

"Wha'? Chel? Lovely girl an' a great friend...y'know. All that garbage. Can drink with the best of 'em an' kick ass with me, s'all I need." - Dirge of Flame

"Let it be known that Chel has good fashion sense. I will defend this fact. *laughs*" -- Earthdark

"She's the only person who has ever called me on not really being senile... I, frankly, don't know what to say." -- MSGT Morris

"Chel is good lady. Nice. Huggable! Muppy likes. Da." -- Mister Muppy

Powers and Abilities

Mutant Abilities

Magic-based Abilities

Accolade Abilities


Various Songs that Fit

My Lips are Sealed, by Poe:

Heartbreaker, by Pat Benatar:

Why Don't You Do Right, as done by Jessica Rabbit:

Fat Bottomed Girls, by Queen:

When You're Good to Mama, by Queen Latifah:

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