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This is called "Child of Fire", done by the exceptional artist
Chelsea Centofanti
Player: @Aeslehc
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Chelsea Centofanti
Known Aliases: Chelsea Miller, Chel-Chel, ChelHell, Red
Species: metahuman
Age: 41
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 215lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Amber
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Aspect of Fire for Phoenix Insurrection
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Base of Operations: Ouroboros
Marital Status: Married to Attilio Centofanti
Known Relatives: Doc Philosophy, Jacob Morrison, Aeslehc Kralc- living ancestors. Braden Miller - Brother, Ani Reaves – Daughter (Estranged). Elise Miller - Daughter. Pyro Rebel- Son (Deceased). White Moth- Cousin.
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.




She has child-bearing hips and a bust that many women cry for. ...or spend thousands of dollars on. She's a bit overweight, but not to an extreme extent. She has fit, strong arms. Her eyes are naturally honey-brown, however...with the usage of the fire in her blood and the boiling spirit that kindles behind her heart, her eyes now glow a very bright, glittering, beautiful shade of amber. Her skin is unnaturally warm to the touch most of the time, as if she maintains a low-grade fever even when feeling well. Her hair is very thick, but never tangled, and always extremely soft to the touch.

Family Traits

The people in Chel's family tend to lean towards tall. ...well, between "tall" and "HOLY SHIT", at any rate. Chel herself is tall for a woman at 5'10", but still the shortest adult person in her family. Her hair, like her ancestor Aeslehc Kralc's, is bright strawberry blonde. Most of the women in her family tend to have hair in some shade of red or another. Her cousin, White Moth's hair leans closer to a reddish brown color or very dark auburn while her daughter, Ani Reaves' hair is on the other end of the "red" spectrum with bright orange. Chel's own mother's hair was a carrot shade with silver and blonde streaks.


Chel is a very clean, well-groomed woman. She appreciates fine shampoos and conditioners, as her hair is a particular proud point of hers. She doesn't appear to mind dark colors, though prefers loud, bright colors that attract attention. Red, yellow, and orange and the various shades therein are her very favorites. ...go figure. She's a fan of leather pants, short skirts, and gold jewelry, as is made obvious by the chains around her arms and neck and the bangles on her wrists.

Styling in her favorite spot, redside at the D.


"She's one tough-ass bitch... she kicked my ass with a glass of expensive booze in her hand. Never. Spilled. A drop. No fucking lie." - overheard from a conversation between an incapacitated Skull leader and his girlfriend.

A flirt. A smartass. She's got a quick wit and a fiery twinkle in her eye that seems to catch as much attention as her body and style often does. She is easy to flirt and loves compliments, though doesn't appear to be particularly easy to get. The woman is a hard one to woo, though she appears to have collected herself a lovely, if strange, assortment of suitors.

She has a very maternal nature, though somewhat of a condescending... natural, considering she has three children. Most younger individuals she sees as people to be looked after... or in need of a good ass-kicking. She often administers both as needed.

In hostile situations, she becomes calm in a strange way. The only clue that she may be about to attack is that the temperature around her will rise -dramatically-.

As people are around her, particularly her fellow leaders, it may become more and more obvious that Chelsea appears to not only have no problem with the idea of torturing prisoners, but that she is very well-schooled in the art of it.


Chel was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to a middle-class Air Force family. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom and her father was an NCO in the USAF. They went from place to place in her childhood, eventually settling in Oklahoma, where Chel grew up. Her older brother, Braden, was often at odds with the law and their parents- stealing, doing drugs, vandalism, etc.. . The behavior of her brother was all she knew of him as she went through high school and then college. Her mother left the picture to work with her family's "business" (which is another story in and of itself) when Chel was still very young. Since then, her mother has occasionally sprung back up in her life.

It was in college that her son Pyro was born... during an unfortunate circumstance. He was conceieved by her old boyfriend, who ran off as soon as it was apparent she was pregnant. She'd planned to name the boy Patrick Charles, after her brother and father's middle names. He was born when a botched mugging on the way home to her dorm frightened her enough that her powers flared into existence. They ignited nearby bushes and trees as she ran and, not realizing that it was her own power causing the fire. Eventually, the flames began to spread enough to close in on her, trapping her in one of the campus's storage buildings. It was there that she went into labor with her son... as she gave birth, it was in flames. The entire building, inside and out. Herself included, although it didn't occur to her to ask about why she wasn't burning. As the boy was born, there was no crying. She heard nothing. ...and so she left him and ran. She claimed a miscarriage and went on with her life.

After she graduated Oklahoma City University, she set aside her degree and ran off to marry her sweetheart, Austin Reaves. They bore a child, a little girl named Ani.

Although her powers had manifested two years earlier, they hadn't come up again. Her second pregnancy had triggered them once more. Her brother’s abilities had yet to manifest themselves and her mother’s abilities, come to find out, manifested in her at a very early age…she just never used them. With the powers, however, came another aspect hereditary in the women of her family- madness. In her mother, it was horrible bouts of depression and OCD. In her? A sudden influx of rage that could only be calmed with alcohol. It was on one of her rage days that Chel’s brother chose the wrong time to sneak into their parents’ bedroom to root through her mother’s belongings for stuff to sell. Chel was visiting that day, three months after her daughter, Ani Reaves’ birth. When she came into her parents’ room to see what was going on, the act…even so minor as it seemed… sent her over the edge. She burned her brother so horribly that his body was cauterized to the ceiling, black and blistered…unrecognizable and impossible to remove. To avoid prosecution, Chel’s small family ran. They ran from state to state…until her husband, fearing for his and his daughter’s life, stole away into the night never to be seen again .

It was a few years later that her cousin, White Moth, picked up her shattered peices and whisked Chel along with her to the Rogue Isles.

Chel-Hell at work...

During her time in the Isles, Moth dubbed her ChelHell for her usage of fire.

She was 14 years later reunited with her daughter, now a vampire…who had very little interest in her as a mother, being that she has acquired a new one- her sire, Paola Flusso.

Chel also came into contact with Ani’s father. …not her ex-husband, Austin, but the man she’d cheated with when her marriage began to go downhill. Being together with him, for a time, made her almost happy. She was, at least, undepressed enough to slow her drinking.

And then he left, without a trace. During that time, Chel went back to robbing banks, kidnapping, anything for a little money…. And ran into her daughter (who was moonlighting as a hero) during one of her heists. Everything went wrong. The madness flared up in Chel again and she attacked her own child, who frenzied and tore out her throat.

Chel was, in fact, dead. But it was her ancestor, Jacob Morrison that broke his own rule, went back in time, and saved her from the brink of death.

It was after this that she met the man... robot... ghost that she would marry and bear a child by. A little girl named Elise. In another future, the two would live a long and prosperous life and bear many other children. However, in this timeline, her husband, Unit v4.0, cheated on her and killed himself. In her grief, she blew herself, her unborn child, and their apartment into oblivion with a mass inferno. Unit was ressurected, but Chel refused to come back.

It was a short time later that Chel found herself no longer dead, despite her best efforts....

It appeared that the Circle of Thorns were very interested in the roaming spirit of this powerful woman and ressurected her in a small temple ruin in Nerva. During her time of death, she'd learned a thing or two about the netherworld and mastering the dark energies therein, giving her a dangerous insight into fear and the manipulation of miasma. This she now uses in conjunction with her fire.

For a while, she was acting as her beau (at the time), Vexxin Vega's personal spy, bodyguard, arm-candy, dinner, and thug as needed. The relationship was strained by her wandering affections during his frequent and long business trips, however.

At the moment, she seems to be in a very stable, stationary period of her life. She's given her talents to the cause of Phoenix Insurrection, and has risen through the ranks there with passion for the cause and the people she works with.

A few months into her work as the Aspect of Fire in PI, Chel came across a pair of burning buildings in Mercy Island. The one responsible was a redhaired young man known as Pyro recklessly channeling his own fiery power into the buildings. She stepped up and stole the fire, controlling it like a whip around herself before dousing it completely. They began to speak about right and wrong, about carelessness and recklessness. She pulled him into PI and began training him to hone and control his skills better, as well as about self-control.

It was during a get-together in the PI cavern that the seer Melissa Dems had a vision about Pyro's birth... It was revealed that he was Chel's "dead" son... instead of dying in the fire, he'd survived because of his innate abilities and invulnerabilities. He was later found and adopted.


Friends, Family, etc.

Attilio Centofanti : Chelsea's beloved husband. At first assigned to keep an eye on him... and act as something of an ambassador from PI to the ancient grandfather of Daniel Moineau. She'd done some digging on him and grown closer, despite his history as a ruthless mob boss. Although wary cautious of him, she'd somehow found herself in love. A fact that has baffled many of her close associates is that she agreed to marry him after less than a month of knowing the man. They've now been together over a year, and have since married.

Daughter and mother, compared side by side

Ani Reaves - Her estranged teenaged daughter. It's through Ani that Chelsea knows that vampires aren't just myth and legend. ...of course, with 9-foot demons wandering down the middle of the road, it's a wonder anybody minds a vampire. Ani has since moved to Detroit to be with the woman she would much rather called "mother".

Pyro Rebel - Chelsea's oldest child. He was born in a burning building when she was nineteen... something she has never talked about or revealed to anyone until he showed up in the Isles and found himself under her tutelage in PI. It was thanks to an awkward vision from the seer Mellisa Dems that Chel and Pyro found out about their relation. Pyro recently passed on at the hands of an old enemy of PI, Hecator Salinez. He's hailed as a hero for his sacrifice, as if it wasn't for him- they never would have been able to bring the evil man to justice.

Aeslehc Kralc (Aes Moineau) - A great-grandmother, 15 times removed. Don't you see the family resemblance?

Doc Philosophy - Great-grandpa 16 times removed.

Jacob Morrison - Great-grandpa 8 times or so removed.

White Moth - Her cousin and best friend. It was Moth who brought her to the Isles in the first place, kept her in her home and studio for the first several years. Her cousin eventually became the ghoul for a sadistic and very peculiar Toreador Antitribu. Chelsea hasn't really seen her since.

Elise Miller - Chel's youngest daughter, and only child still with her now. She and her husband now have full custody of Elise, with visiting rights to the father, Unit v4.0. She's become incredibly protective of the small child, although her maternal nature still comes into question from time to time.

Clint and Chel, enjoying a night at the D.

Unleashed Force - Her full-time boss. A young man she's come to greatly respect as a leader and a friend. At the best times, she will admit to considering him a son of sorts to her. When it comes to Clint, she'll do just about anything for him (if she believes it's in his or the group's best interest).

Sky-Scar - She doesn't particularly like Robin. Robin IS, however, slowly starting to grow on her as long as he can keep himself in a good mood and, generally keep his mouth shut. She's inclined to protect him if need be.

Exes and Former Flirty Interests

Another night at the D, Vexxin as her leaning post.

Unit v4.0 - Her ex-husband. They ended VERY badly... but things aren't so bad now. They could even be on their way to being friends.

Dirge of Flame - A quick friend she met through her more nocturnal associates. A fellow rum-drinking fire user, Chelsea took to liking the mysterious Austrailian pirate-gone-merc after randomly approaching him as he was drinking coffee. With her urging, he joined up with Phoenix Insurrection and is now comrade, best friend, and dashing partner in crime. They were practically inseperable, with clear love for one another. Through some trials (particularly concerning her affection for men with fangs), they became fiery lovers... quite... quite literally. She believes him to have been killed at sea.

Amon Del Vega - The thuggish mayor of Villa Requin. Through much chasing and bending over backwards, witty banter, and heated arguments... he had finally managed to catch his prize. Though, as Chel would insist, she isn't the greatest of catches. They broke up on relatively friendly terms and remained friends as she went back to Vexxin. In Vexxin's long absense, Chelsea's wandering eyes had returned to Amon... until Amon, also, went missing. He recently returned, only to discover Chelsea's engagement to another man. She hasn't heard from him in a long time and believes him to be back in Torpor.

Vexxin Vega - Vexxin was Chelsea's long-time fling. The tacky little man she adored. However, she was second in his life (and always would be), to politics and business. She spent a little time attempting to get involved, making herself out to be his bodyguard (and it worked, generally) to get closer to things at hand. Periods of time would pass, though, when he would up and leave her without a word. She would take to wandering to other creatures of the night- Amon del Vega, Maurice Moretti- in his absence. She hasn't seen Vexxin in well over a year now, growing close to at least a year and a half. She's almost certain he's dead- and if he's not, he probably would be if he ever came back.

Enemies and Bastards

Braden Miller - The brother she thought she killed... horribly mutilated and scarred... and very, very angry. He seems to be making it his life's goal to rub it in.

Paola Flusso - Her daughter's sire and the woman Ani would much rather call mother. They have a very rocky, very professional sort of relationship. They view each other with distant, polite hatred.

Shade Nefarious - The demon that nearly killed Ani when she attacked him over something that Chel can't quite remember. She regards him with cool interest and no lack of distrust.

Opinions from Others

(Edit this area with opinions from your character)

"She's a cougar. A fucking cougar. But she's a really cool cougar, and she makes cookies that could end world conflict and solve hunger across the globe." - Robin Fenix, the Sky-Scar

"-------Huh? I'm sorry I didn't hear a -word- you said, I was busy staring at her rack" **Points at Chelsea across the room** - Vexxin Vega

"She's got the body of an actress, back when being a star had a little bit of class and they didn't starve themselves to twigs. She's beautiful; she's loyal. She's never steered me wrong and I'm proud to call one of the best friends I've ever had." - Rebecca Hart ((R.I.P.))

"...I'm getting fucking tired of her kicking me out of bed soon as the sun goes down to shove a fireball down my throat. Still, I guess it's making me think quicker which I'll probably be thankful later on. Besides, she's my mom. Regardless of our past, I love her. And even though I don't think she approves of me- what I am or what I do- I know she loves me, too." - Ani Reaves, oldest daughter.

"This crazy woman is going to turn me into a plush toy. -What the hell?-" - Rezz

"Not too long now, sis, and you'll look just like big brother..." - Braden Miller

"She's a... good.. friend? Sorta? I think we're there. Are we there? Really? Damn." - Unit v4.0

"Ah can't believe Ah only jus' met this lil' filly, but ya'll can bet Ah'm gonna make sure Ah get ta know her real well-like." - Dead Eye Jake

"Easily one'a the classiest ladies a guy would be fortunate enough ta come across. Dangerous for just that reason, too. But hey, danger is excitin', and excitement is the name'a the game, right? Not like it'd be hard ta do, but keep ya eyes on'at one." - Jerry Malone

"Chel is one of those women every man wants but very few can have. Shes a flirt, a bit of a tease, but overall seems to be a good gal. Her cookies are to die for and I have hereby dubbed her miss sexy cookies"- Blast Asylum

"Chelsea? Shes a tough fighter, This I found out. She is defently a beautiful woman, but Hey, I'll only be friends currently. If shes single, well...Thats another story" - Legionbreaker

"I can has cookies?" -- Ink Dyne

"Wha'? Chel? Lovely girl an' a great friend...y'know. All that garbage. Can drink with the best of 'em an' kick ass with me, s'all I need." - Dirge of Flame

"Let it be known that Chel has good fashion sense. I will defend this fact. *laughs*" -- Earthdark

"She's the only person who has ever called me on not really being senile... I, frankly, don't know what to say." -- MSGT Morris

"Chel is good lady. Nice. Huggable! Muppy likes. Da." -- Mister Muppy

Powers and Abilities

Mutant Abilities

"They don't call me a cougar just because I'm a MILF..."

....At least she doesn't need potholders.
The abilities obtained after her second death.....

Magic-based Abilities

Accolade Abilities


((Alright... this is PURELY OOC info. I can understand someone figuring out the water weakness ICly... it's not that hard to figure that water + fire = no dice. However, Chelsea does not make her Platinum allergy known. The only way to know about it is to have access to her medical records from at least fifteen years ago.))

Aside from her mutation-based strengths and invulnerabilities... Chelsea's life is as precarious and fragile as any human's. She gets sick. She takes a long time to heal if she doesn't tap into the netherworld to sap the life of something else to mend her injuries. For minor or purely cosmetic injuries, she won't. And if she isn't quick enough to heal the wound, she will scar, with no way of healing.


A former vulnerability of hers. Since meeting her husband, Attilio Centofanti, this weakness has been completely nipped in the bud. Either he cured her addiction to the bite, or he gives her exactly what she needs.


Chelsea fully admits to using alcohol as her crutch. At all times, she will have a flask on her and woe be to anyone who tries to take it or gets it lost or destroyed. She's a fan of various rums, usually drinking Pyrat or 151. If she ever were to take a breathalizer test at any point during the day, it would register her Blood Alcohol Content between 0.03–0.059. However, it doesn't appear to affect her mind or behavior 80% of the time, aside from keeping her calm and happy.


As a fire-weilder, Chelsea has a particular issue with water. Now, she loves water and, of course, frequently bathes and showers. However...when wet, her powers fizzle and become largely useless. She grows incredibly agitated when she's gotten wet on any one else's terms. ((On an OOC note, she becomes unable to use any of her Fire Blast powers except for flares and aim)). She can, however, heat her body to evaporate the water quickly if given the chance and, once dry has the full reign of her abilities again ((I generally use Demonic Aura to represent the evaporation process and duration before she can use her powers again)).


This is simply a run of the mill allergy that any metahuman or human can easilly posess. However, Chelsea is deathly allergic to it should it somehow be ingested or inhaled, even in the tiniest amount. If not treated quickly, this kind of exposure can send her into shock and kill her very quickly. If simply touched to her skin, the particular area swells up and turns reddish purple. Both conditions are actually easilly treated with Benadryl.

Braden Miller

Oh yes, he is a weakness. Her brother's fire is the only heat and flame able to burn her. She bears a hand-shaped scar on her right arm compliments of Braden...


Various Songs that Fit

My Lips are Sealed, by Poe:

Heartbreaker, by Pat Benatar:

Why Don't You Do Right, as done by Jessica Rabbit:

Fat Bottomed Girls, by Queen:

When You're Good to Mama, by Queen Latifah:

OOC Notes

Chelsea was actually made before my main, Ani Reaves... though I spent much more time playing Ani. :D I finally have Chelsea in a fun place where I'm happy playing her. She was my very first toon on Virtue, which means Chelsea as a character has existed for almost three years. ...she's just undergone numerous retcons and been killed off twice out of personal boredom.

Chelsea doesn't get involved in fights as a general rule, but she's been known to on occasion. If you're in a fight with Chelsea... I'm easy to please, generally. I'll go Arena if you want, but depending on your build I might insist on inspirations to even things out. I'll textfight, but I don't speed textfight... because I'm a slow typer who likes to think things out. I take level into consideration to an extent. If it's for a specific plot, I won't usually. If it's just some level five demon kicking me in the D... I'll level 50 his ass into oblivion. Just depends on the situation. It's all for fun. :)

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