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Rumor has it she's shackled to this bar...
Paola Flusso
Player: @Entropy
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator/ Scrapper
Threat Level: 40/ 12
Personal Data
Real Name: Prasede Cara Flusso
Known Aliases: Paola Cascatta Flusso, Saint Prasede, Lady of Chains, The Mother of All Strays, Swan Prince, Swanling
Species: Ventrue Vampire (7th Generation)
Age: 162
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Infernalist Hunter, Caretaker of those in need
Place of Birth: Italy
Base of Operations: A underground orphanage somewhere in Nerva
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Bonfilia, mortal niece; Nikki Van Corte, cousin; too many adopted children to list
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Vampiric Dominate, Presence, Fortitude, and Protean
Black cell phone; pink cell phone; business cards for several vineyards and her orphanage; pen; small shard of a mirror; a strange choker made of black ichor
No additional information available.


A Fiendish Pimp

"The loud music from downstairs is all but silenced as the door closes. The lock sounds as the guard who has led you up settles against the heavy oak of the door, not even making the effort of pretending you are free to leave when you desire. Before you is Woman? Creature, an albino that borders on androgyny so finely it is impossible to tell. It regards you with large, mint green eyes, eyes too wide to be natural. It is dressed in all the finery of a pimp with the exception of being white rather than the expected purple. The woman that crawl at his feet and lap are astonishingly beautiful in alien way. The 'victims' of the Fiend's blood and flesh craft, no doubt, all in white clothing that borders on indecent. To his right and a bit behind a woman in red. It startles, for a moment, how much like your target she appears. Perhaps she is somehow related? But then why with the Tzimisce, rather than Paola? '"

" "An elegant hand with fingers too long reaches for a glass of 'wine'. "

" “So, you seek information on the one known as Paola?” It's Russian accent is fading, but still strong enough to sharpen the vowels. “Well, childe, sit and listen. You've come a long way, it would be rude to not give you want you seek.” "

"So, what exactly is Miss Flusso like?"

What is she like? Aaah, childe, her personality is perhaps one of her more...intriguing facets. A gem within a gem, one might say. She's a force in her own right, moods shifting and swinging to affect those around her... and not just through her Gifts of Caine. What does she seem to you?

Mm, I see. Yes, she does seem quite effete, doesn't she? Those soft looks from such warm brown eyes, the graceful movements and quiet words. Always in a dress, smelling of some alluring perfume... The social delight of her friends and a true mother to her children. The very essence of womanhood made flesh, no? But remember when she first laid eyes on you? How did that feel?

And there lies the truth of Paola. Oh, she is a wonderful woman, but one must never forget she is a wolf in human skin. She follows the path of Harmony, so perhaps it is not so surprising she is quite the wild animal. Evil? Far from. She is quite humane. But she is a predator, and you would do well to never forget that fact. After all, once you've pushed her out of that'll find her quite capable of putting her fangs to your throat in a fit of rage.

Yes, rage. Despite that eternal smile on her lips, Paola is -quite- emotional, I assure you. Rage, sorrow, joy.... perhaps that is why she is so empathetic to others, unlike much of our kind. She feels and she feels acutely. But she is, at heart, a good and kind little girl. You would do well to endear yourself.

What is she afraid of? Why? ........Well, true, you are paying well. She has many fears. Failure, as any good Ventrue is. She also fears being touched, though I have heard rumors that she is managing to conquer that well. I suppose Marco was finally killed, or at least decided to leave the girl alone. But you know, childe, the oddest fear she has is that of being alone. It's a subtle fear, one that took me most of the past century to even begin to think of. Ever notice how close she keeps everyone? One does wonder why she is so afraid....

"I heard she's capable of being a handful."

Mmm, Paola is capable of a great many things. Did you know she's a skilled marksmen? Ah, yes, she's been playing with guns since before she died. I believe rifles are her preference, but I've seen her handle a great many things with finesse.

Perhaps some lesser known talents of hers are also some of the more fascinating. Now, I have heard rumors of her working with Inquisitors in the past to hunt down Infernalists. It seems she capable of sensing demons, though God knows that the high volume in the Isles makes it harder for her to concentrate. I'm not certain why she has this trait, but I do believe it has something to do with the rumors of her visions as well. Precognition and past events...whatnot.

Of course, that's all mere speculation from third parties. I have never seen so much as a hint of these things.

.....Mmph, yes, I've seen her use vampiric powers, as you so ineloquently put it. Paola's primary skills lay in her Presence, her abilty to sway emotions. I find this an agreeable thing, for it is harder for others to shield against than mental manipulation... and far more subtle. The ability to make others fear you, love you, respect you... That can be one of the few things I would consider dangerous about her.

Yes, she does show some promise with what is thought as the Ventrue's favored talent: Dominate. I've seen her issue commands and erase memories.... But she seems rather disdainful of the talent on the whole. She claims it's far too heavy handed for her tastes. I can't say I disagree.

Surprisingly, Paola has quite the gift with her Fortitude. She's had her reasons for building it up... Part of which is the amusement garnered when some Brujah rabble lands a punch only to shatter the bones in their hand. In her defense, she does warn them first.

An interesting note is that she does have the Gangrel gift of Protean. She's very fond of the claws it gives her in combat, and she is experienced with the brawling required to make them deadly. Of course, one does imagine the ability to slumber safely within the Earth is a boon. She does so enjoy traveling out in the untamed regions for reasons no sane Cainite will ever understand.

So, you've heard the whispers too? Yes, her sire was an Infernalist, and there is some speculation that he taught her one of their Dark Magics before his....most unfortunate demise at her fangs. I cannot begin to imagine what the girl knows. I've never seen her preform on that stage, so to speak. But she was a sorceress before her death. I think it only fitting her studies continue.

Weaknesses and Limitations

"They say you can judge a man by his friends..."

And they are quite right. Paola is, more than anything, a network made flesh and blood. If you need it, she can get it... or get someone who can. Here, I went through the trouble of arranging these list for you, complete with my own notes. Oh, no need to thank me. I assure you that you were charged extra for it.

The Inner Circle

Friends and Lovers

The Entourage

Kinneas - A strange man she has just recently encountered, she seems oddly perturbed by his presence. Enemy? Friend? Ah, it is hard to say.

"But she's a Ventrue. Isn't she in charge or working in some sect?"

No. While it is true Miss Flusso did once serve as a Seneschal in the United States, and there are rumours that before that she helped the Sabbat with a few things... she now avoids any sect or interest. I'm not certain what happened, but it seems whatever took place during the fall of the city she was Seneschal of has made her afraid to take a position of power.

I know that girl well. She does not scare easily...nor is she easily broken. I can only imagine what Marco did to shake her so.

"You say she is dear, but-"

I took the liberty of collecting bits of information in an audio format. Lets listen, shall we?

((Just a place for people to edit in IC opinions on Paola.))

"Paola is a bit onion--no, a -chive-. Still rather young by our standards and quite layered, flexible in a stiff breeze but resistant to most changes in her environment. And if you cut her, you will cry. -I- will make certain of that." - Aeslehc Kralc

"I love her. I -trust- her. I guess I like a lot of people, but not one of them I trust like Paola. I'll do anything she wants. No question. If she's ever in danger, damn straight I'll throw myself in front of that bullet. Nobody hurts my momma." - Becky Talxue

"I...guess I finally see what Becky sees in her. Vampire or not, she seems to truly mean well. And if it weren't for her, I'd be dead by now for certain. Who needs that weather man position in Paragon? I'll stick around here and teach her kids." - Tommy Talxue

"Miss Paola is a very kind and wonderful woman. She is an angel among her "Damned" kind. If she ever required my help with anything, I would be delighted to assist her." - Arlow

"...She's beautiful. Kind. Polite. Something you don't see in your average person, every day, et cetera.. just.. she's unusually.. usual. Refreshing. Relaxing. She calms me, helps me feel like I'm worth something, useful.. like I have a purpose, like I maybe -mean- something to someone. She's smart, she.. well, she's got a bit of a sense of humor. She's my kind of girl. And most of all.. she excels where I don't." - Sky-Scar

"What can I say about Paola? I love her. She's more of a mom than my real one ever could've hoped to be. I'm not gonna say that I don't get jealous when her attention's on other people...but hey, who the Hell am I to complain? After all, she gave me a home, money, focus, and purpose. Gave me everything I never really had." - Ani Reaves

"Paola is perhaps the most motherly Kindred I've ever met. No, scratch that, the most motherly person I've ever met. Period. There's likely no one else like her in the world, which is a shame. The world could use a few more people like Paola." - Unit v4.0

"The presence of Paola Flusso brings comfort to those who would have it." - Saaliha

Paola is one of the most lovely people I know. In any way you measure it. Fuck, she's so nice I feel guilty that I wanna tap that. - Steelsoul

"Paola is a caring and nurturing woman, and surprisingly so. I suppose all is not lost to one's Embrace, as I had once believed. Her demeanor is something I am only just getting used to, her being unusual company for one like me...'"' -Thaelius Kane

"There are so many that seek a closeness to her, and that's fine. Let them. I'm not that guy. Let the others fight for her, compete for her affection, her love; to display her as their trophy. In the end, would any of them really care for her more than that? They can have their trophy. She represents everything in the world I'm trying to protect, and I'd die before I let anything happen to her.'" - David Angell

"Paola was an asset to me at first. A piece upon a chessboard which I would use at a later time once I had removed the detrimental piece. Paola has proven herself to be one of the most human people I've ever met. She isn't a piece anymore. She's the closest thing I have to family. I would /die/ for her. Can you say that about anyone you've met recently?" - Moone

"Well I'm still here ain't I? After some of the crap I've pulled I should 'ave been cast out or torn up but for some bloody reason the lass keeps taking me back. I'll be damned if that doesn't say something 'bout her patience. Oh and ya' bloody touch 'er and you will be dead before you can bloody think, got it lad?" - Jeran Cassidy

"Paola's great. She's the kind of woman who'll let you use her tab and give you a place to stay when you're stuck out in Nerva with nothing but a pair of of course, heheh...." - Moonlit Rose

"Just as the sails of a ship wait a favorable wind, as do I wait to see her smile. Mark my words Karayan Arshavir ye have not won yet!" - Aiden O'Connor - Capitan of the Venomous Black Widow, Colombian Drug Runner - 1953

"Who? Oh Paola! Oh yeah she's a good kid. Lemme tell ya don' piss 'er off though. She's all sweet and cute lookin' but when ya get on her bad side you betta notify ya next a kin. I dunno, I like her well enough ya know? All those kids she's got around her are good people too I guess. Meh, we ain't CLOSE but we're friends enough to where I can says that about 'er." -Raphiel Gambino

"Paola? Mmm. I suppose, as Kindred go, she's all right. She's a lot better than most I've met over the centuries... and trust me, darling, I've met quite a few." -- La Diablesse


Childhood and Early Years

Wanderings and a City

Enter the Isles...


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