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Player: @Aeslehc
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Widow
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Jenna Rebecca Moineau
Known Aliases: Aes, Ace, Ale, Daemon Siege, Seer Moineau
Species: Vampire, Malkavian - 6th Gen (through diablerie)
Age: 611
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 248 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Orange-Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: English, though descended from Irish and French blood.
Occupation: '
Place of Birth: Nice, France
Base of Operations: Oh, it varies…
Marital Status: Attatched
Known Relatives: Doc Philosophy- Father, Ani Reaves- Descendant, Jacob Morrison- Descendant, Chelsea Miller -Descendant, Daniel Moineau- childe
Known Powers
Vampiric Dementation, Auspex, and to a much lesser extent, Obfuscate. AND the uncanny ability to manipulate fire in an offensive manner using only a lighter and a can of hairspray.
Known Abilities
Due to a strange effect in her natural genes, Aeslehc seems invulnerable to fire.
A silver revolver, a small can of hairspray, and a well-loved golden Zippo.




Kinneas : The man who chose Aeslehc as his lover. For whatever reason (and nobody is entirely certain why or how), Aeslehc has sincere and undying love for the man.. being... whathaveyou known as Kinneas. She bears a seamless collar around her neck given to her by him that carries with it his scent.

Paola Flusso : It's hard to imagine what the two of them could possibly have in common or why it is that they get along so well or why it is that Aeslehc seems so Hell-bent on mothering the girl. There are many circulating theories and accusations, to which Aeslehc only smiles mysteriously at. Aeslehc and Paola appear to have a link between one another. If something happens to one, the other will feel it, although muted. This extends to pain, emotion, pleasure.... Since Paola's disapperance from the Isles, Aeslehc seems to have returned to a... somewhat more sinister side of herself.

Ani Reaves : Aeslehc is very fond of her many times-removed great grand daughter and is often there to whisper a word of advice in the girl's ear....though they are very rarely seen together in public.

Doc Philosophy : This would be her father. She no longer seems to consider an enemy as such and, in rare circumstances seems almost protective of him, mildly fond of him, even. She still blames him for her mother's death, as well as for every single subsequent bad thing that's ever happened to her...but to a lesser extent than before. She won't admit to having love for him, but has been heard muttering that she is happy he isn't dead. He is, after all, the only father she's going to ever have.

Jacob Morrison : Her grandson. She is unsure of how many greats should be put before the title, but either way... she would still call him grandson. Her favorite grandson, in fact, even though she honestly doesn't know of any others. Recently, he saved her fragile life from a psycho that wanted to take Austin away....and/or kill him. Aeslehc was disemboweled, but thanks to Jacob's amazing, God-like timing and skill, she was saved, Austin was saved, and the offending woman was sent away with a boot up her ass.


Daniel Moineau : Her wayward childe. She raised this one TOO well. He is cruel, wicked, power-hungry, and worst of all... smart.

Rezz : Former employer.... She of course betrayed him to Arachnos. At the moment, they have a tentative truce in the interests of combining with others against her wayward childe.

Sky-Scar : ...does she hate him? Does she love him? Does she have any opinion of him whatsoever? DEAR GOD!

Run Riot : ...ya wouldn't call him exactly an enemy, but ya wouldn't call him a friend. Aeslehc, for some reason perhaps unknown even to her has dubbed this man a target for various and assorted acts of mischief. She often alludes to "falling eggs" around him, but has yet to begin pelting him with any. *Edit* She has, in fact, pelted Riot with eggs.

Marco de Medici : How much does she hate him? Oh let us count the ways! Unfortunately, he is also Henri's childe and so she can't quite bring herself to kill him. Beat him to a pulp? Yes. Break all his bones? Yes. Rape him with severed arms? Oh you know it.

Chaos Necromancer : nature, it can be safe to assume that this evil man is the enemy of most people, no matter who they are. But specifically, he kidnapped Aeslehc, stole some of her blood, and used that blood to put a curse on her father. She was also recently sent to the Netherworld... where he was waiting for her.

Ol' Henri : *Deceased* An ancient vampire. Her ex-lover, mentor, and handler. There was a point in time he was beginning to grow soft... In the interest of redirecting his power, she diablerized him. However, she now has taken into herself his lazy, lecherous disposition. And has adopted his ghoul dog, Napoleon. ....from time to time? Henri surfaces through Aeslehc. During these times, her powers shift from mental to dark, her eyes shift from honey brown to blue... and her voice becomes disturbingly deep and French.

Jaime Synge : He hates her. In fact, upon finding out what she was during their initial meeting, he tried to kill her. From time to time, though they occasionally end up in almost friendly-seeming situations, he still threatens to kill her or otherwise off her in some way or another. Whether she genuinely likes him, as she claims, or just enjoys the frustration she causes him, can't be said for sure.

Various Opinions from the Outside

((People can edit this category with opinions from their characters about Aeslehc.))

"Mad, but 'oo isn't, eh? I don't look 'er in ze eyes out of fear of what I might see, but with breasts like 'ers, 'oo really needs to look 'er in ze eyes?" - Ol' Henri

"Why can't this Damn woman Stay Dead!" -Run Riot

"Ev'rybody hates Aes. I m'self 'm und'cid'd still. I can't fuck'n tell 'f she'z 'n awes'm partn'r 'n chaos or a fuckin' evil bastich'a a vamp who I sh'ld start avoid'n. Ev'rybody tell'z me th' latt'r." -- Ink Dyne

"She's an annoying, manipulative little troublemaker, and worse yet, I think she's growing on me" -Doc Philosophy

"Aeslehc? Si, she is like a mother to me. ...The only real mother I've ever 'ad. I mean, she doesn't rape people with severed arms for just anyone....why are you giving me that look?" - Paola Flusso

"She's a crazy gal. -Very- crazy gal. But she gives my wife free rent for her apartment, and is fun to be around, so, in this case, crazy is good! ...Erm, wait, scratch the free rent thing.. Remind me to never make her angry." - Unit v4.0

"She has her... quirks, and apparently no sense of shame, whatsoever, but she is definitely an asset to me and the best Advisor I could have hoped for." -Rezz

"So outta nowhere comes this redhead, pale as the fuckin' moon. Turns out she's my great-whatever grandma. What the shit is that? Anywho... she's got a mindset almost as fucked up as mine. Her advice ain't half bad. Got a malice to her, it's refreshing. Least someone I'm related to isn't a total puss." -Braden Miller

"What can I say, my mother has saved me from a life of mediocrity. I led a life of boredom, fighting for the rights of others. A pathetic lifestyle if you ask me. I was a timid boy, I hid behind my cousin Liea half of the time. Not only did she show me the power that I am capable of, she has even given me more power by embracing me. Allowing me a rebirth into a metavampire. She has become a mother and a mentor. I have more respect for her than any other. And I consider her word as gospel. " - Daniel Moineau

"You know, at first I didn't like vampires. Of course, I found out how most of them are really not ravening animals like most non-Islander people think they are. After all, they -are- sort of humans and have their own best and worst. Aes? Aes is one of -the- worst, and I'd love to help kill her myself. Oh, I know I hold grudges. What do you expect?" -- Earthdark

The Ministry of Order

A group with the goal of eradicating ignorance and overthrowing the established regime in the Isles in order to accomplish that goal. ...she holds them in high regard and has opted to lend them her particular talents in the interest of furthering their goals.


Cunning, wicked, lecherous....

Some aspects she absorbed from Henri. Some she always has posessed. Aeslehc is cold, calculating... and rather peculiar in her assessments of certain situations. That fine line that divides genius from insanity is her favorite walking point. She gleans humor from odd scenerios and has a megalomaniac streak a mile wide from time to time.

She delights in pain to the very height of sadism, however she finds less enjoyment in the idea of death. Where she will talk of scores and scores of bodies, her murderous past... very rarely will she actually kill anybody. She has a cruel motherly streak- she will protect her charges with all the passion of an angry lioness... and then turn around and smack them with blunt objects in the next moment. Most notably was the severe beating she laid down on her recent childe, Daniel, who asked to take on her last name as his own. ...of course the only way to earn Aeslehc's love as a mother is to be beaten senseless and knocked in a hole.

Strengths and Abilities

IC Abilities


Dementation: Since the late 1500s, this has been Aeslehc's knack and pet project, always seeking out new victims to perfect it on. With little effort, she can enflame the emotions of her victim, even another vampire, can induce hallucinations in their peripheral vision. She can also see the true nature of another if she truly puts effort into it and percieve the exact level of insanity or instability in another. She can cause true insanity in others on various levels for a brief amount of time and, provided she can keep eye contact with her intended victim for the amount of time it would take to describe a derangement, she can permenantly give them that particular derangement. Her last, and possibly most unnerving gift with this discipline is the ability to turn her victim into a cold-blooded killer. This does, however, require her to kiss someone, and only lasts until the victim is offended by someone in any way (even a loved one) and murders that person, whether with a long drawn-out plan or right then and there with an axe.

Auspex: With this ability, Aeslehc can heighten any one of her five senses to a superhuman level. If she chooses, she can see the auras of those around her, getting hints about their particular natures and attitudes. She can also glean useful information from objects by sensing an imprint left upon them by someone who held them previously.

Obfuscate: If there is one thing she has never been known for, it is subtlety. Her only ability with this is to blend in with her surroundings, provided nobody sees her in the first place and she doesn't move at all.

Hereditary and Learned


.45: Aeslehc is, and has been since about the mid-1600s, a damn good shot. Her basic philosophy is that if she can shoot it, why bother chasing it down? Her current gun is a Model 460 XVR Revolver from Smith and Wesson.

Immunity to Fire: A branch of her natural regeneration, a gift of the genepool from her father. She seems to be capable of withstanding impressively hot temperatures to the point that standing in straight flame no longer harms her. It's this that makes her perfectly able to ignite her clothing without worry for her personal safety. And it is this that has made her particularly dangerous towards other undead.


Derangements: Pyromania, lack of judgement. If she gets around fire, she WILL attempt to spread it, regardless of where she is or who she is around. Aeslehc has no fear for her own personal safety. This has lead to wreckless acts on many occasions. For a Malkavian, Aeslehc seems remarkably lucid on various occasions, though can be seen talking as if to herself or an unseen entity.

Emotions seem to startle her. For centuries, she existed with nothing but greed and anger. Her brief stint as a mortal again has had her discovering everything from sadness to happiness to love. Loss phazes her briefly, but after living for so very long, she has learned that loss will always come and, therefore, is quick to accept it. However, the initial impact of it is temporarilly devastating.

It should be noted that she occasionally seems to "channel" Henri. Whether this truly is the spirit of Henri temporarilly stealing her body or merely a fabrication of her own due to diablerizing him is up for debate.

The Long, Sordid History BEFORE Aeslehc Came to Be

Too long to be told entirely, in fact, so what follows is a brief synopsis or, the short SHORT versions.



Westward, ho!

Daemon was presumed to have met Final Death by all who knew her, and so Aeslehc was free to wander the nearby wilderness. She chopped her long, red hair down to about ear length (for the most part...a haircut can only be done so well with a jagged rock) every night. She didn't particularly want to be recognized for the moment. It was in the short week after the destruction of Kitel that she came across the young Ventrue she'd tossed in the closet. Marco hadn't killed her as instructed, but taken her as sort of a plaything. In fact, she could see him "playing" with her at that particular moment. The girl didn't seem to recognize him, though she'd seen his face as plain as day only a few nights ago. Something maternal snapped in the Malkavian and she found herself rather suddenly standing over the man, grabbing him by the hair, and dragging him off into the trees. She kept him twisted around where he couldn't see her face and make quick work of breaking most of his bones before wandering back to check on the girl, who didn't appear to recognize her, either. She chalked it up to trauma blocking out most of the memories.

She took to following the girl, who called herself Paola, keeping her safe and imparting broken words of motherly wisdom. Paola followed a group of Independents and refuges from Kitel and so Aeslehc rarely got very close to them, keeping to the trees and caves as the group moved west.

It was a cold, rainy night in February that Aeslehc came to a decision. She wanted to have a city all to her own. By then, the group had landed in Oklahoma. Paola, feeling indebted to Aeslehc for her protection, offered to join with her. The group they'd been moving with went on towards California and Paola and Aeslehc settled down in a tiny offshoot of Oklahoma City. Aeslehc claimed the territory as her own and took the title of Prince, despite the excruciatingly un-Camarilla attitude of the previous personality in her body.

Things were okay for about fifty years, until Marco found Paola again and came to the realization of who Aeslehc really was. The small city fell rather quickly and Aeslehc and Paola fled to the Etoile Islands...otherwise known as the Rogue Isles.

Rogue Isles

Due to the chaotic nature of the Isles, Daemon found herself waking up. Of course, Aeslehc wasn't about to give up control. For awhile, they shared it. Daemon would emerge in the event of frenzy, so she could ride and enjoy it. Aeslehc would take over when more tact was needed. It was a win-win situation. They managed to work together for the good of themself and the poor, huddled girl still deep inside. And, as always, Aeslehc still kept watch over Paola's shoulder.

A hitch was hit in her and Paola's relationship when Aeslehc got a wild hair up her ass and decided to join the Rogue Isles' Sabbat. It seemed that Paola was more hurt that she didn't discuss the possibility with her before actually joining than anything else.

Her membership was very short-lived, however. Paola vanished from the Isles for a long period of time and Aeslehc took it upon herself to follow her friend without a word to her new allies or, even, to Paola herself. She trailed the Ventrue across Italy, across the rest of Europe, and all the way over to China, of all places. It was there that Paola came face to face with what seemed to be a giant fish monster and Aeslehc, ever the maternal meat-shield, chose that time to reveal her presence.

Not a moment later, her head was bitten off and eaten by the fish monster.

Paola managed to retrieve the head and, using some of her contacts with the Giovanni, was able to bind Aeslehc to Earth as a spirit. Unfortunately, she seemed to be trapped in the dimension of the Rogue Isles/Paragon City club, Pocket D. She grew restless...bored.... She began to use mental suggestion to get people to cause senseless destruction for her. However, depending on the level of destruction, Paola would use her spiritual "leash" on Aeslehc to cause severe, sharp pain to the ghost to keep her under control.

The creation of...the Zombipire!

Clearly, Paola fears saying no to Lasombra Elders. Silly woman. An old "lover" of Aeslehc's, the Lasombra Henri le Sangre wasn't particularly pleased with her less-than-solid state and wanted her to have a body again. Paola went to her contacts again, pulled some strings, and obliged.

Aeslehc had been returned to her old form, though only partially. Her head wouldn't reattach, so a bolted collar kept it on tight. She was still technically a vampire, though no longer possessed her abilities of Dementation, Obfuscate, or Auspex. In addition to these things, she now apparently possessed an infectious bite. Anybody she killed returned from the dead as a shambling zombie. Anybody she merely bit slowly turned into something more like herself- a sentient, non-decaying undead creature that must subsist on human flesh and obey her every word.

A Peculiar Mortality

In an attempt to return Aeslehc to the way she once was, Paola came across a concotion that could turn the strange zombipire human again. Unaware as to its effects, Aeslehc drank the potion...and now finds herself alive and, in her mind, woefully vulnerable. She feels pain in greater doses now- both emotionally and physically, has no strengths or abilities to speak of, can no longer even create undead minions to follow her.

She won't allow herself to be reEmbraced, however, by another vampire. To her, the kindred of the Isles are a rather weak, pitiful lot, and she wants nothing to do with them, especially by being tied by blood. She is slowly growing used to the idea of being alive again and remaining so. After all, her father is impressively strong for being a mere human being himself, so why can't she be?

Vampirism. AGAIN.

Using (and abusing) the Ouroroborus "secret" of time travel, Aeslehc has managed to find the place and time of her Embrace. After a few thwarted attempts at going back more recently to A. have herself Embrace herself or to B. keep herself from being half-eaten by the fish monster in China, Aeslehc has decided to go back to the source. She went back and took her own place in Bedlam, to be Embraced again by her own sire. Using over five hundred years of pent-up skill and knowledge, upon Aeslehc's re-Embrace, she attacked and diablerized her sire. At that point, she also went and rescued the original woman that was her, Embraced her, and went on about her business .

OOC Notes

Fun fact: Saying Aeslehc's name backwards is almost like banishing her temporarilly from the room, as no matter what she is doing, she will drop it and walk out.

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