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Doc Philosophy
Player: @Alzharade
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None known
Species: Human
Age: Roughly 850 years.
Height: '
Weight: 220
Eye Color: Slate gray, other missing.
Hair Color: Gray
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Monster Hunter, alchemist
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Brother-Unbound Necronaught, Daughter-Aeslehc Kralc, Grandson-Jacob Morrison, Granddaughter-Ani Reaves
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Enhanced strength and reflexes, skill at swordsmanship, regeneration, as well as a fair degree of skill in alchemy.
Trenchcoat, magical broadsword, and various vials of alchemic mixes and potions.
Physically immortal, as well as a skilled alchemist and monster hunter (this can be assumed due to the fact that he is still breathing), as well as an excellent swordsman.



His history is not very well known outside of a very small group of people, who are not prone to reveal any of it.What is known is that he and his brother were born in the twelfth century, and lives a relatively normal life for most of it.At one point, he left the village he had grown up in in order to apprentice under an alchemist, and to try and discover the Philosopher's Stone, the secret of immortality.The alchemist he apprenticed under was revealed to be none other than Chaos Necromancer, although he did not know this at the time.When he found out what other experiments Grumdek had been up to, he confronted him and was nearly killed.After he recovered, he returned to his home village only to have found the inhabitants slaughtered, including his brother.He then set out to try and find Grumdek, and along the way became involved with what was, at the time, hidden to most people, the world of the supernatural.He'd been taught swordsmanship in his youth, so he started carrying a broadsword in order to defend himself, along with several alchemic potions he had learned to make when apprenticed under Grumdek.What exactly transpired through the following centuries is unknown, although it is known that he had a brief affair with a French noblewoman, birthing a daughter, Aeslehc Kralc, although it's thought that he did not know about her.

Arrival in Paragon

He arrived in Paragon several months a go.His intent, apparently, was simply to pass through on his way north to New York, but after seeing just how infested the city was with mages, undead, and various other supernatural phenomena, he decided to stay in order to try and weed it out a bit.During a visit to the night club, Pocket D, he encountered a young vampire girl, Ani Reaves, and surprisingly enough grew fond of her.After they had known each other for a while, it was revealed that she was his granddaughter, seventeen times removed.This was obviously a surprise to them both (Doc was quoted as saying "The universe sure has one Hell of a sense of irony") but they quickly grew accustomed to their roles, although Doc has been witnessed to grow exasperated with her on more than one occasion.For her part, he seems to have softened a bit, even going so far as to befriend her sire, Paola Flusso, something which would have most likely been unthinkable beforehand.He has moved into a permanent residence at Kings Row, and at times has been visited by a few of his rather "eccentric" relatives, amongst them Ani, Jacob Morrison, and his brother, Arthur.He's also apparently entered into retirement, as he's rarely seen outside of his apartment these days.

Powers and abilities

Broadsword:He wields a well made, enchanted broadsword.The blade itself is jagged, with a small channel running through the blade.The pommel is hollow, and he's capable of pouring various liquids down it (from acid, to holy water, to garlic) depending upon the situation.It also appears to be incredibly durable, since he's been witnessed slicing through tempered steel with it before with ease.

Quick Recovery/Fast Healing:This is simply a passive, beneficial side effect to his immortality.

Regeneration:When he drank the Elixir of Life, he was granted increased natural healing, along with several other benefits (see below).

Reconstruction:This, unlike most of his passive abilities, is simply Doc grabbing a small vial of healing potion from his jacket and swigging the contents.

Dull Pain:Doc has a ridiculous tolerance for pain (he has been witnessed to shrug off having one of his arms literally ripped off) and at times he is able to, through a combination of focus and a small alchemic medley of his own creation, to numb his body completely to pain, as well as triggering a small burst of healing.

Instant Healing:This is caused by swallowing the contents of another vial, which increases his natural regeneration to truly staggering levels,, since he's been seen to spontaneously regenerate limbs when under it's effects.

Moment of Glory:This is simply due to the fact Doc is a stubborn old buzzard, he keeps fighting regardless of the odds against him or the damage he's suffered.

Body Mastery:

Focused Accuracy:This is simply due to the fact that Doc is blindingly fast and after over eight hundred years of fighting, he excels at predicting someone's movements.

Laser Beam Eyes:Recently, he obtained a magical, glass eye, which he has fitted inside the socket behind his eyepatch.While most of it's functions, if they exist, are currently unknown, it has been shown to be capable of firing a blast of magical energy.

Pool powers:

Hasten:This is just another vial from his jacket, tightening his reflexes and increasing his already phenomenal speed.

Super speed:He typically rides an old, beat up Harley Davidson when he's out and about.

Assault:After fighting everything under the sun and more than a few things that aren't for several centuries, Doc knows where to hit so that it hurts.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Doc's sword: Found inside an old tomb he was busy clearing out, this blade usually appears as a large, heavy broadsword, notches and channels running down the blade, with a hollow pommel through which various liquids can be poured, quickly coating the blade in various liquids from alchemist's fire to holy water.The blade itself is magical, capable of transforming into virtually any metal, a very handy property for a monster hunter, and also capable of of transforming into a simple, unadorned, and tarnished, silver ring, if one wishes to conceal it.It's various other properties, if they do exist, are unknown.

Spoilers end here.


((Feel free to post IC opinions regarding Doctor Phil here))

"He's old, paranoid, and the biggest pain in the ass I've ever met. ...he's alright in my book, I guess." - Aeslehc Kralc

"Gramps is a great old guy and I love him like crazy. It's times like this that I'm really, really glad he didn't decide to kill me when we first met." - Ani Reaves

OOC notes and trivia

Doc was born to me one day with the random desire to craft a working concept for a BS/Regen scrapper, and apparently it worked.He's changed a lot over time, from a paranoid old monster hunter to a sarcastic, grandfatherly type who spends most of his time giving his granddaughter really, really irresponsible advice.

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