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((Undergoing a major overhaul/retcon...oi vey.))

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Jacob standing in front of Vanguard HQ
Jacob Morrison
Player: @Alzharade
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute/Tanker
Threat Level: 50/50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jacob Bartholomew Morrison
Known Aliases: Indomitable Ironclad
Species: Human
Age: 189
Height: 7'2" 8'2" in suit.
Weight: 600 pounds, 3,000 pounds in suit.
Eye Color: Silver gray
Hair Color: Silver gray
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Artificer, businessman, grandfather.
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Base of Operations: Boston
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Moderately enhanced strength and stamina, seeming immortality. In suit, nigh invulnerability, phenomenal strength, and a few handy tricks.
Known Abilities
Knowledge equivalent to a PhD in several various fields, an excellent head for business, and a great deal of skill in the magic of artifice, a type of magic dedicated to the study and crafting of artifacts, runic magic, and other various permanent or semi permanent magical effects.
His suit, a refurbished Nemesis Staff, and a fine hat and coat
No additional information available.



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Powers and abilities

Super Strength-Within his suit of powered armor, Jacob posseses vast physical strength, which he uses in combat via a self taught fightingsi fighting style similar to old fashioned, pugilistic boxing, with some grappling and wrestling thrown in for flavor.His strength is unknown, but is theorized to be enough to lift in excess of one hundred tons.

The suit-Jacob's suit is immensely strong and durable, made of an unknown alloy of metals that Jacob has dubbed "macguffinite". It is able to withstand mortar shells, rocket launchers, and heavy artillery fire. With it, he's been seen to take a blast from a Rikti Drop Ship head on and to keep on going, and the upper limits of just what it can endure are currently unknown. He's also been seen, in various incarnations of the suit, to throw fireballs, hurl lightning, or even shoot lasers from his eyes using it, and it's suspected that he's hidden a few other capabilities into the thing over the years.

Willpower-He is well know, if nothing else, for being stubborn almost beyond comprehension, and those few telepaths who've tried delving through his head have found reported not to have been able to find anything relevant, beyond a rather catchy tune best described as, "every elevator tune you've ever heard, just not quite as irritating".

Understanding-Jacob's first and least known ability, he is capable of examining an object, and through some process not fully understood, ascertain it's function and means of operation.This is most effective on technology, but it takes a measure of time depending upon his familiarity with the object, assuming he has seen something similar at some point in time.

Artifice-Jacob is skilled in a variety of magic known as artifice. A lesser known branch of magic focusing in the crafting of artifacts as well as the creation and reinforcement, or if need destruction, of various objects or structures, it's primary purpose lies in crafting various artifacts. While this does allow him to perform some potentially spectacular feats (spontaneously creating walls of iron or stone, causing metal structures to rust and collapse, or to strengthen a structure to the point where it's almost impossible to knock down) he usually refrains from doing so mid combat, preferring to avoid collateral damage if he can. However, given enough time and resources he can whip up just about anything you could think of, though even his ability to craft such things have their own limits and restrictions.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The suit-Though effectively indestructible, his suit is not capable of absorbing the full impact of attacks, letting enough of it through to prevent it's occupant (Jacob, we hope) isn't wholly invulnerable, though they are pretty damn close. It's also vulnerable to certain forms of magic, especially various forms of anti magic, and anything that would cause rapid corrosion, though the suit is also capable of repairing itself over time.

The man within-Though for some unknown reason (though there are theories, some somewhat plausible, some that sound like poorly conceived fanfic) to explain why, Jacob is far tougher than a normal human, and ludicrously so for someone of his age, he is still, ultimately, human, and capable of being grievously, even lethally harmed if caught outside his suit. He seems aware of this, as the number of times he's been seen outside of it in public in the last century can be counted on one hand.


Jacob Morrison/The Hitchhiker

Jacob Morrison/A Quick Stop


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"He's one of my favorite people ever! Granted, he and Gramps ((Doc Philosophy)) are going to have to rumble over that position sometime, since it could go either way." - Ani Reaves

"I like this one. I haven't liked a good many of my descendants over the years, but I do find myself fond of Jake. He's very...handy to have around." - Aeslehc Kralc

"Great guy, wise and has some pretty sweet tricks, I'd consider him a friend anyday." - Power Patron

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