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"There are times for civility, and then there are times for violence."
Player: @Rezz
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Mutant
Age: 33
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 2100 pounds
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Scholar, Scientist.
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona
Base of Operations: Founders Falls, Paragon City
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Super Strength, Invulnerability, Flight
Known Abilities
Immensely powerful and skilled fighter. Thick, scaly skin make him nigh-indestructible; can withstand most anything physically. Large wingspan allow him to fly, despite his size. Has developed deadly acidic vemon glands in conjuncture with his salivary glands


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"You want to know what it is about Rezz? He's DIFFERENT. He has A BRAIN and he's strong as hell. He's not some drooling, over-hormonal, teenager. Not some emo punching bag. Not some drunk frat kid. Not some all-powerful nether-being. All these guys are a dime a dozen. And then you've got Rezz. There's no one else like Rezz." - Shadowed Nightmare



Rezz, getting his daily diet of knowledge absorption.

Rezz is clinically genius. Now at an IQ of approximately 190, Rezz has been extremely gifted. As a child, he was also blessed with his mutation. A reptilian nightmare, born into a completely 'normal' family. Though proud of their extremely intelligent son, Rezz's parents also feared for him. Because of his appearance, they knew growing up would be rough. That's when they made the decision to home school their son. They provided the best tutors money could buy and gave Rezz everything he needed to succeed. However, as Rezz progressed in life and intellect, his grip on reality began to deteriorate rapidly. He was learning things that normal humans couldn't possibly comprehend. It came to the point where he became a complete shut in. Speaking to nobody, and spending all of his time researching and studying. Realizing that staying home offered nothing to expand his intellect, he left home at the age of 17 to find new information in new places.

Having been home schooled and with basically no human interaction, other than that from his tutors and parents, made life on his own very interesting. Before, there was nothing Rezz couldn’t understand. Nothing too much for his superior intellect… But the one thing Rezz couldn’t understand was human nature. The things he saw confused and infuriated him, sending him further into the depths of insanity. It was in human nature to destroy themselves. Drugs, alcoholism, pointless wars and conflicts. Rezz just couldn’t understand how people could be content being stupid. A vast world of knowledge available to them, and they waste it sitting in front of a television. They willingly destroy their minds on a daily basis and were too ignorant to realize it. Crooked politicians, who were more concerned with making money than making the world a better place. These people were in a place of Power? These people were in charge of the world?! Who were they to tell Rezz what he could and could not do? They were all below him. Rezz fled the greed, corruption, and ignorance that was so abundant in the United States and settled into his new home: The Etoile Isles, where he would formulate a plan to cure mankind of their self-destructive tendencies and usher in a new age of knowledge.


Inevitable Evolution - After years of being completely on his own, Rezz finally found a place with like-minded individuals to call come. It was the first group of people in which he truly felt welcomed. Rezz, while not initially a leader, is a brilliant strategist and scientific mind, allowing him to quickly rise through the ranks. All good things must come to an end, however, and certain complications within the group caused Rezz to leave Inevitable Evolution for their sake.. and his own, only to return much later on, with The Ministry of Order at his back, to save the group from itself as its new leader

The Ministry of Order - After being unable to find a group of people worthy of his exceptional talents, it was at the suggestion of his good friend Nidhoggur that Rezz put together a troupe of his own. After a few days of strict planning, Rezz's Ministry was born, and it flourished under his leadership and the leadership of his Magistrates. As Inevitable Evolution was faced with the fall of its long-time leader Run Riot, in order to save the struggling group from an inevitable collapse, Rezz merged his Ministry with Inevitable Evolution, taking over as leader until his disappearance in late 2009.

((I left to play Champions Online for a good year or so... In that time, the Ministry of Order changed hands a number of times in our absence from the group, and ended up in the hands of a shitty Anime RP group with actual religious undertones. The two groups are not at all one in the same.))

Rezz expressing his true feelings for Arachnos.


Rezz is a brilliant, socially awkward, and somewhat pompous mutant geneticist who has experienced the cruelties of mankind first hand. While a sheltered youth, he was still the subject of much ridicule among the ignorant residents of his birth town. The judgmental eyes and words of his peers would shape the young Rezz into a reclusive cynic, which is still apparent in the Rezz of today. If not for his loving parents, gifted tutors, and above all, amazing friends, Rezz would have turned out much... differently.

Rezz is very well mannered, and even though he might be in the process of beating you senseless, he’ll remain a perfect gentleman while doing so. Having been home schooled and sheltered as a child, he somewhat lacks social skills. Rezz suffers from mysophobia (fear of germs), which makes venturing to certain areas, such as sewers, very difficult. Though inconvenient, it makes for some very humorous situations.

Moral Code

Rezz abides by a strict code which can best be summed up as 'Eye for an eye'. He firmly believes that the world would be a much better place if some of its less savory inhabitants simply ceased to exist. While normally a relatively docile person, he is aware that wishful thinking does nobody any good. Rezz doesn't believe what he does to be murder. He believes that he and others like him are in the right, that these things need to be done. Of course, only those responsible beyond the shadow of a doubt of the more heinous crimes, murder, rape, tyranny, or oppression deserve to pay the ultimate price. Anyone with the intent to take the life of an innocent is fair game. Petty crimes like robbery, vandalism, and things of that nature, are believed to be below him and left to lesser heroes or the police.


Rezz is able to dish out mass amounts of punishment as well as take it. His large wingspan also allow him to take flight, though his size prevents him from flying very fast at all. He’s a natural born problem solver and loves putting his intellect to good use.

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Superior Strength

Up for a game of catch?

Rezz loves nothing more than a good brawl. When words just won’t settle a dispute, the shirt and tie come off and it’s fighting time. Though slow, his blows deal a considerably large amount of damage. A punch from Rezz will surely ruin your weekend. Rezz has been documented lifting in excess of 200 tons. Though he has tried, he hasn't found any limit to his strength. The more weight that is piled on, the more he can seemingly lift, calling upon a seemingly limitless amount of strength when forced too.


Though not always fun to look at, Rezz’s reptilian appearance yields some advantages. His skin is immensely thick and can repel even the harshest attacks. Point-blank shots from even the most high caliber rifle are laughable, as are most other physical attacks. Rezz's thick hide has yet to be broken or pierced in any way, even when faced with the sharpest of impervium weaponry. This isn't to say that Rezz is immune completely. Though his tolerance to it is very high, it is still possible for Rezz to succumb to sheer blunt trauma, though, said trauma would have to be the equivalent of a meteor crashing into him from space. Good luck.

Genius Level IQ

At an astonishing IQ of 190, Rezz is as intimidating intellectually as physically. Labeled early on in life as a child prodigy, Rezz was given access to the finest tutors available, and every chance to succeed. Once unsure of where he would apply his vast intellect, his answer would soon blossom out of his own curiosity with what made him what he was... His mutation. The inner workings of his DNA. The genetics behind it all... It didn't take him long, graduating from multiple universities with several degrees and doctorates in the various fields of genetics and medical science.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Recent and Not So Recent Events

Rezz has come a long way since first leaving home to strike out on his own in the Isles. The once socially awkward, self conscious, phobia-ridden recluse has become so much more. The friends he's made along the way and the many experiences have helped shape him into what he is today. Some have changed him for the better, others for the worst.


Amidst a crisis near the end of summer 2009, Rezz simply dropped everything and disappeared without a trace. His location would remain a mystery for months, until finally, he'd deemed it appropriate to make a brief return to explain his situation: he was utterly exhausted and in need of a long break from not only his own problems, but the stress of dealing with the issues of others. He'd proclaimed his awareness of just how selfish such an act was, having left much unfinished business, including all of Inevitable Evolution, not to mention his 'friends'. He didn't seem to care in the least... and truth be told, he absolutely did not. He needed a bit of time to think over a few things... To get his priorities in order... And he would do just that, paying very little mind to the thoughts, opinions, and worries of others. This was his time, and he would take as long as was needed.

Needless to say, it payed off, and Rezz believes he is ready for...

A Fresh Start

After his year or so long 'retirement', Rezz decided he had his fill of rest, relaxation, and freedom from responsibility. After making a few calls to a number of friends in high places, Rezz was able to offer his services as a scientist in exchange for forgiveness of his past misdeeds and relocate to Paragon City. Under this agreement, it was also mandated that Rezz find a Super Group of heroes willing to accept him as one of their own and keep a watchful eye on him. Rezz is still searching for such a group.

Opinions From Friends and Enemies Alike

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"Doesn't quite look like plushie material? 'course he's plushie material, sugar! I've got the 'classic' Rezz, Four Food Groups Rezz, Chinese New Year Rezz, Read or Die (no, really) Rezz.... I've got a stuffed Rezz for every occasion, with witty sayings sure to scare your kids into tossin' their video games in the recycle bin." - Chelsea Miller

"Even the wisest man needs a little voice of direction in his ear now and then. And he is quite wise. A lesser man would have shunned advice in favor of his ego. Not this one... he listens quite well to my whispers ...between innuendo, of course. Oh yeeeees, innuendo... he would say I've no shame. And I won't disagree. But when faced with such a delectable bit of lizard tail... I just can't help myself." - Aeslehc

"Rezzy's ... like... way too smart. I mean, he's awesome and I love him like crazy and all that... and I REALLY wouldn't want him as an enemy... but man... I get headaches sometimes talking to him." - Ani Reaves

"A fine man and employer. If he has fault or drawback, I've yet to notice. More than anyone in this world, I respect Mr. Rezz. When he is angry... I am angry. When he is melancholy... I am melancholy. When he is unhappy with me, I feel as though I've caused a bit of the world to atrophy and die. Whatever happens between us, I will always consider Mr. Rezz to be one of my greatest friends. - Ryna Chyld

"Quite possibly the most eloquent being I've come across in this festering dystopia. I've been enjoying working with him and his Order. He's not afraid to crush the impudent, nor is he afraid of disrupting the foundation of the world with speech alone. Mr. Rezz has my respect, and my allegiance." -Nalrok Ath'Zim

"Rezz is big and scary, but he's actually a nice guy down at heart. He's very intelligent, and it's great being able to work with him." -Purge Initiation

"Rezz iz aws'm. D'ment'dly aws'm. I sure miss'im. 'E w'z a lotta fun back wh'n 'e w'z aroun'. 'S about all I c'n say 'bout 'im, an' I wish'im luck with 'iz own brand 'a chaos." - Ink Dyne

"Y'know, after all of the giant, invincible lizard men I've taken down, I figured Rezz wouldn't be any different. Boy, was I wrong." - Operative Lucenia

"Rezz... is a great guy. I honestly don't know what I do without him around. He's one of the only people I trust completely, and he will always have a special place in my heart. - Abi Normal

"I could totally take him. You know, cause that's what we're supposed to say. I'm a hero, he's a villain, gotta keep the insults and pride goin. But, there's a few things I've learned.. Show respect and it'll be shown back. Show yourself friendly and it'll be shown back. And quite frankly he's been there more than most hero folks I know, and a tonne more civil. Maybe I'm being biased, maybe I've been hard to reach.. I dunno. But he's there, and so far he's been reliable. At first I thought his beliefs, goals, and ambitions were just selfish and sinister motivations, I'm still not sure how he wound up on the wrong side of the fence given what I know now. Weird when your perceptions change about someone to the point where you go from looking down on them to respecting them.. But he's got some strength of character, integrity, and dignity. I respect him, still sounds weird to say." - Giga Gal

"In a word, he's dysfunctional. If you're unsure what I mean by that, grab a dictionary. Rezz doesn't fit in with the rest of the world, and I'm referring to more than just his massive stature. Something is wired differently in his brain, and the result is a man with a vision, who isn't afraid to pit himself against all authorities in order to make his dream a reality. Rezz certainly isn't without his flaws, of course; but despite his phobias and complete inability grasp even the basic principles of magic, he is one of only a few people who I trust, and I am glad to call him my friend." - Nidhoggur

"What can I say about Mr. Rezz? Well, he gave me a home and an identity I can call my own. He's also always there when I need someone to talk to that isn't so corrupt. He's a good guy, and I can almost guarantee his honesty - Even if I haven't read his mind." - Juno Carlyle

"It's me again! Oh my god. Isn't he the hunkiest lizard man you've ever seen? I know right? Bestest girlfriend ever, that he is! I just wanna squeeze those little lizard cheeks of his all day! Mwah! Love you, Rezzypoooooooooooooooooo. - Abi Normal

"I'm not gonna give my opinion. I'm gonna sit here and smile smugly to myself." - Americandy


Theme Songs

All The World Is Mad by Thrice -

Nemesis by VNV Nation -

Be Human by Scott Matthew -

The End Complete by Coheed and Cambria -

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