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The Plague of the Six Winds: Nalrok Ath'Zim.
Nalrok Ath'Zim
Player: @Der Wahnsinn
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Nalrok Ath'Zim
Known Aliases: "The Plague of the Six Winds, The All-Consuming Fury"
Species: Demon (Royalty)
Age: Several million years
Height: 8'5"
Weight: Several thousand pounds.
Eye Color: White (flow with tormented souls)
Hair Color: Dark Crimson (with bloodstains)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Overlord of the Black Kingdom/Commander of the Dawn of Darkness
Place of Birth: The Black Kingdom
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: None he knows of
Known Powers
Dark Melee/Dark Armor/Soul Mastery
Known Abilities
Control of Nether Energies second to none
No additional information available.



Years have passed since Nalrok appeared in the Rogue Isles. Over this time, his acquaintances have increased in number and in strength.


Nalrok has known Acanous for a short time, but respects him for his cleverness, insight into his own survival and ability to bend reality.

Beautiful Red

A chance encounter during a routine Rikti beatdown introduced Nalrok to Beautiful Red, the avian storm bender. Bearing a striking resemblance to another avian storm witch he'd met, Nalrok immediately introduced himself. The two exchanged pleasantries, told stories, and severely injured War God Hro'Dtohz. "A pleasant, enjoyable evening," Nalrok recalls.


When Nalrok was accepted into the Dawn of Darkness, he came upon Solrac's servant Sharessa. An adept necromancer and cunning strategist, Nalrok came to both respect and admire her. Her tactics and merciless demeanor always had Nalrok smiling. Her disregard for the living was yet another thing he came to enjoy as she slaughtered her enemies with reckless abandon. When not waging war on those alive, however, she was calm and educated. Nalrok found her company to be both relaxing and fruitful.


Nalrok tends to have a rather level head for a demon. While most demons have a cutting remark for every insight, Nalrok will contribute to the conversation in a way that benefits both him and the other parties. When greeting new blood to the Dawn, or helping Sharessa forge an alliance with a separate band of Rogue Islanders, he is so polite that he's often been asked if it's all a facade. He denies this, explaining that a cool approach will yield fruitful results, and a secure future. In combat, however, the selflessness and thoughtfulness is thrown aside, and a malcontempt for all things in his path washes over him. With a rampaging spirit most fighters only dream of and a determination that frightens even the most iron-willed of his foes, he charges headlong into the fray and makes sure that nothing is left standing when he is finished.


Nalrok's ability to channel Nether Energy comes from the power embodied by his mother, Sia (SHAH), and his huge physique with massive horns come from his father, Zaerus Ath'Zim. Those two attributes combined allow him to hammer his enemies with an onslaught of sheer strength and the life-draining aura of the nether.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Though most may claim it, Nalrok has very, very few weaknesses to speak of. Only a certain holy power can subdue, and only subdue Nalrok. He can break free of the hold it places on him, but it takes some concentration.


Most of the time, Nalrok can be seen wearing the royal garb of the Ath'Zim family. NetherMetal plates are chained to his knees, his forearms, his shoulders, and across his back to guard the bases of his immense wings. A solid enchanted-iron mask is almost constantly clamped to his face since his mouth is a powerful soul vortex (IE, he opens his mouth and your soul pops out of your body). His upper body has had numerous mystical markings carved into it, mostly by himself. They double as royal insignia and runes that help him keep the nether energies he channels from overrunning his control.

Character History - "The Ath'Zim Bloodline and the Raxx Coven"

At the dawn of existence, there stood a looming monolith of black brick and bone. Millions of stories high, billions of miles long. Within it's cold, hollow walls sat a being of equal impressiveness. His name was Zaerus Ath'Zim, the Lord and Ruler of the Black Kingdom. Standing at an imposing ten feet, his NetherMetal armor adorned a body not even the strongest of the strong could hope to have. Atop his head, a set of thick gray ram-like horns curled around to the back of his neck. His face was covered in royal tattoos, his eyes a blazing white fire that shone in the brightest of surroundings. And he sat in his throne, ruler of this place. Even before the clock of time itself began to tick, he was there... Before the suns of the eternity of space exploded to life, he was there... Before it all, he had been there, building an empire he knew would never fall. But before he could solidify his hold, he needed a companion. A lover. A queen.

And so it began. Every waking hour was spent delving deeper and deeper into the nether realm, the Demon King often wearing himself so thin of strength he would succumb to unconsciousness. The blows he dealt to the nether barriers shook the very leylines of the astral cosmos, vibrations of his hellish pursuit felt across existence. His relentless assault on the gates of what could have been the essence of the nether awoke a strange, mystical energy. It wasn't the onslaught of power, it wasn't the unswerving determination of the Ath'Zim ruler; it was the potential he held. And she rose from the summoning circle he had carved into the castle floor with his bare hands, a perfectly feminine and perfectly beautiful creature. Her skin was a dark, transparent blue, the swirling black energy within her showing through. Her eyes held a purple hue not even the most precious of stones could have mimicked, her hair a tendrilous cascade of darkness. She came to the Lord Ath'Zim after a particularly draining ritual to tap the Nether's deepest reaches. He lay sprawled in his throne, resting for only a moment. Upon her arrival, he jumped to his feet... and knew. She walked with all the grace of royalty, and looked upon him with affectionate eyes, introducing herself as Sia (Sha). He knew she was his queen.

From their union, a child came. Zaerus took a single look at his son and knew he would be the scourge of all life, and couldn't have been a more proud father.

But it was two-hundred years later that Zaerus was locked in a battle with the very queen he had concieved a child with. She had been, from the beginning, unstable. Not in a mental sense, but because the energy within her began to spiral out of control the moment she and Zaerus first layed together. As Nalrok emerged as a true demon prince, she finally lost control of the nether she was formed from and assaulted Zaerus in hope of killing him and stabilizing her power. The battle raged for years, and Nalrok could do nothing as he was not yet strong enough to fight someone such as Sia. In a final checkmate move, Sia shredded open a portal to the darkest reaches of the nether itself and pulled Zaerus in, forever locking him away from his Kingdom and his son. But before he was encased in the nether, Nalrok screamed in agony, watching his father fall into the dark abyss. With this scream came the inception of horror that would dwell in his throat for all eternity. As his voice roared out in pain, the power of the scream itself broke a seal placed upon him by Sia before his birth. As it did, the portal began to turn inside out, and Sia knew that she would never see the light or dark of day ever again. The back of Nalrok's throat erupted in a furious magical singularity, and Sia was pulled into it so hard her power was infused into Nalrok's very soul. He opened his eyes, and took a final look at his father: Zaerus Ath'Zim was smiling wider than any being ever had or would.

A time came when Nalrok realized he was not alone in the Black Kingdom. He had, for centuries, taught himself combat and studied all that he could. Things a father would have helped with. It was during his combat training he came across a strange, wiry creature. It stood just shorter than him, it's sinewy muscles dancing as it moved toward him. Strange and vicious spikes jutted forward from it's head, arms, and fists, a toxic green color to them. The creature spoke rather clearly, with a hollow rasp that was akin to a winter gale. His name was Dazoraxx, leader of the Raxx coven. He explained that Sia's very presence had ignited life in the Kingdom's walls and surroundings, adding many flora and fauna to the realm. Dazoraxx was suddenly surrounded by a great many of the Raxx, the creatures able to bend light at their will. In a single, hive-minded voice they spoke, "We have watched you from the outskirts of this forsaken kingdom. The skill you display has impressed us all, and we can see potential within you that could change the balance of fate itself were you to will it so. We believe we can further your knowledge of the darkest arts... from combat to concealment, slaughter to strategy. With this extended mental fortitude, we can ensure you that you shall become the sole entity that will stranglehold all life in existence. Although your trials and tribulations will be vast and grueling, you shall endure and emerge victor should you accept our offer. All we ask in return is shelter within the walls of your domain. Nothing more, nothing less." Nalrok agreed, and became ally eternal of the Raxx Coven.

The Story of Nalrok Ath'Zim had begun.

Character History- "The Rithdelian"

Nalrok took to scouring the human planes once they came into reality and realized just how much he enjoyed ending the life of something so below him. Countless human lives were torn asunder by Nalrok's powerful hands, and royal bloodlines fell faster than the peasants that lined their castle alleyways. But it would be the Rithdelian bloodline that would exact a most crippling revenge against Nalrok Ath'Zim. As the Dark Prince began the assault of the Rithdelian Kingdom by shearing the drawbridge from the castle with a single pull, the Rithdelian family had come across something his father had never told him about; a Tome of Ath'Zim. Upon hearing of the ruthless slaughter of royal families, the Rithdelians quickly realized that a tome found by their mystics was possibly a key to defeating the demon. Unfortunately for them, Nalrok was not his father. As he entered the Rithdelian Kingdom, a true beast of a man stood before him in shining white armor, an immense axe in his great hands. Lanos Rithdelian, the King of the castle, stood before Nalrok with confidence and courage.

"Leave my kingdom at once, scourge o' the earth," the king proclaimed in a thick Scottish drawl. Nalrok simply laughed and drove his armored fist through the King's chest. It wasn't the last he would see of the Rithdelian bloodline, however. Centuries later, a woman of the Rithdelian Queen's bloodline was approached by the angel of Lanos himself. He told her of his plight and of his death, and she listened intently. She somehow fell asleep during his tales, and awoke with a warm feeling throughout her body. Nine months later, she gave birth to Argus McMillus Rithdelian, son of Lanos Rithdelian. Argus was a strong young man, and quickly took to joining a newly founded Knighthood, the Legacy Chain. Argus climbed the ranks of the Legacy faster than any normal man could due to his almost-angelic strength and virtuous mindset. He met a young swordsman by the name of Arden Lorgath, and the two became fast friends. In a night of prayer within the Legacy Halls, the two were approached by the angel of Lanos, and were told of the scourge upon their family. It was then that they set out to find this demon and destroy him completely.

But Nalrok found them. However, the demon prince had walked into a trap that would change the course of his life for several hundred centuries. As he began to slaughter the denizens of the castle, he was approached by Argus and the two engaged in an epic battle that quaked the castle walls. Arden took the only chance he could and plunged into the battle, helping Argus corner Nalrok. The demon prince realized with horror that the stone he stood under was etched with sealing runes. In a last ditch effort, Arden and Argus held Nalrok to the floor as the mystics of the Rithdelian Kingdom sealed all three of them into the Nether Cage, a twisting purgatory reserved for the darkest demons of the underworld. And for thousands upon thousands of years, Nalrok Ath'Zim was never seen.

Character History - "The Unleashing"

It was a match made in the underworld; the Circle of Thorns had made a deal with the Legacy Chain. From within the cold, bleak halls of Circle convents had been a feeling they'd not experienced for centuries. An overwhelming pressure of hatred and fury that was barred from our realm. The mystics had hidden away in their chambers, fearful of what was lurking in planes unseen. Finally, the mages of the Circle stepped out from their island, determined to end the omen that was approaching. Unfortunately for them, the Legacy Chain knew exactly what was exerting it's anger upon our world. Sealed away in a dimension of forgotten name was a demon their ancestors had told them of, a monolith of wrath and the end of all living things. It had been the Chain's duty to guard a single black leather-bound tome with demonic writing in it, presumably related to the sealed entity. (Working!)

Character History - "An Order of Omens"


Character History - "Tension and Trial"


Character History - "A Dawn Breaks"



The Six Tomes of Ath'Zim are as follows:

  1. Rage
  2. Connection
  3. Power
  4. Corruption
  5. Hatred
  6. Conviction

OOC Info

Nalrok is one of the purest of blood Royal-type demons. Most demons are quite arrogant when they're royal-blooded, using their high status to exploit others and do many things without consequences. Since Nalrok has been around for several million years, he's learned that tact and a cool-minded attitude goes a lot farther than hot-headedness when it comes to forging alliances and fueling the fire of dominion.

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