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Standing on a soccer ball in the middle of the ocean. Business as usual.
Player: Acanous
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Caleb
Known Aliases: Keeper
Species: Outsider
Age: 526
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 Lb
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Keeper of Reality
Place of Birth: Edmonton
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single, in relationship.
Known Relatives: Sarah Nightingale, Malconvoker
Known Powers
Anti-Teleportation, Teleportation, Dark Melee, Dark Armor, Broadsword, Willpower
Known Abilities
Dimensional anchor, Universal constant, Immortal
Gatesaber, Extradimensional Armor, AE Tablet, IR Goggles
No additional information available.




Acanous- called "The Immortal". Guardian of the Third Gate, Keeper of Reality.

A strange and somewhat reclusive individual, he is known in Paragon City primarilly for his work for the PPD installing Anti-Teleportation grids in jail cells.

Origionally, he was hailed as a hero for apprehending villains who utilized various means of teleportation. That is, until he attacked Portal Corp for alleged "Crimes against reality". No one was hurt in the strike, but over $62,000,000,000 of equiptment and data was completely destroyed.

Apprehended without resistance by the PPD, Acanous was sentanced to 25 years in the Zig, with possibility of parole due to cited heroic work. He diddn't stay long, however. Almost the same MINUTE he was escorted to his cell, Arachnos attacked. Taking the opportunity to seek amnesty in the Rogue Isles, Acanous is technically an outlaw. While working in the Rogue Isles, he has managed to apprehend a veriety of D-tech criminals, sending them back to be processed by thier local authorities. Lord Recluse sees it as another way of "Thinning the Herd", and the PPD certainly don't mind.

After Lady Grey cited his assistance as "Invaluable" against the Rikti, Acanous was re-awarded his Hero liscence. Now he operates freely as a vigilante, careless of borders.


Acanous is somewhat aloof, and can come off as cocky and arrogant. He's been betrayed too many times to make friends quickly or easilly, although he still *Likes* people. He will usually attempt to push people away if they're getting too close, generally in some annoying way. He is very carefull not to do anything which would distance himself completely, however.


Acanous is immortal, and his ability to manipulate the fabric of reality for the purposes of instant matter transmission is unmatched by anyone else he's ever encountered. That being said, he is NOT invincible, nor is he very fast. Without the Gatesaber, or a similar means to execute his will, he's about as powerfull as any other normal guy on the street- who just can't die.

Instant Matter Transmission

Acanous can "Swap" matter between literally any two points he is aware of, with a couple second's worth of calculation. This functions much like a relay based on quantum tunneling- with the matter in the two areas switching position.

Further, he can use this same relay to STOP others from teleporting, taking them from thier destination point and returning them to origin point. Because the transmission is instant, it seems like the teleport never happened.

Alternately, he can alter the destination point to something he calls "", effectively unmaking whatever attempted to teleport. He reffers to this as "Gate Death", and it is a very serious mater, constituting a reality crime in itself if used in any but the most serious conditions. Normally, this is reserved for those who have committed a willing crime against reality- breaking the barriers with intent to attack or destroy another reality, or attempting to collapse one's own.

With a great deal of practice, Acanous has developed this ability to the point where he can teleport energy. If he has time to prepare, and is aware of an enemy, he is exceptionally difficult to hit. Any hits that DO make it through have to deal with a microstatic energy field he runs through his armor, which effectively slows anything passing through it- reducing most types of damage considerably. ((Dark Armor))

Further, Acanous can use his abilities offensively as well, pulling energies from elsewhere and flinging them at his opponents. Usually, he sticks with negative energy. ((Dark Melee))

Extra Senses

As a Keeper of Reality, Acanous is technically an incarnation of the rules governing it. As such, he has a prenatural awareness of things that aren't from this reality, especially those things that affect the reality directly or indirectly. ((Acanous can see your OOC chat.))


Acanous was once a member of the Shadow Spiders. He left under undisclosed circumstances, presumably to follow Dr. Von Havencrabs in the Weapons Union

He also has his own base, located in Warburg. (The One Hero Alone)

He is in a budding relationship with Warp Chronetricka.

He considers himself an opponent of Bad Dream, although both parties have too much pride to aknowledge any sort of rivalry.

Has been known to gravitate toward Uruare if the two are in the same area, although it seems it's more for mutual amusement than any sort of attraction.

Generally can be found in the same zone as Calculated Cataclysm


Got something IC to say about Ac? Say it here! Heck, say it OOC if you like.

**""He does purrfectly fine at caring for his catgirls. And he is good at scritches." --Tacnabehs

Random Trivia

Primal Earth is set to a different timestream than that of Acanous' home dimension. As such, he actually has a duplicate here. The duplicate is also a warshade, which is a source of contention between the two.

Acanous has a day job. He works at Lucky 7's Salon and Spa in St. Martial. He is a trained Masseuse.



Acanous was first born on the world of Aern, a paranoid place ruled by the technocratic elite. Common folk were kept uneducated and segregated, with aptitude tests administered around the age of 5 mandating where you would be placed later in life.


Chosen by aptitude to undergo Gatekeeper training, Acanous was seperated from any friends and family. His life consisted entirely of study, exhaustive training, and competition. 50 children from across his world had been selected for this generation, and only 10 survived. Acanous scored 3rd in his class overall, and 1st in Instant-matter transmission, both formula and execution. At the end of this training, the children were told they would become an extension of the Tribunal, Immortal and Unquestionable.


At the age of 12, the surviving class was seperated and taken for individual training under approved instructors. Acanous' instructor, Ilna, was a hard old woman. She brooked no insolance or ignorance, and set about teaching him with the single-focused drive of a precision laser. He learned multidimensional theory, about alternate realities and "Soul Strings". With her guidance, Acanous began to understand the fundimental network of folds and splices that made up the multiverse.


After completing his training at the age of 18, and his teacher execuited for the glory of the Tribunal, Acanous began his long duty of protecting his world from teleporting invaders. Manning one of 5 "Watchtowers", he would monitor and adjust the planet's anti-gate matrix; a system that would disrupt incoming teleportation- and set thier paramiters to 0- effectively killing them much like a black hole crossed with a microwave oven. Supplied by a nearby fishing village, he lived his life out in single-minded focus and supreme confidence, blissfully and completely unaware of events outside his tower.

Around the age of 70, Acanous created a device he called "the Pillars of Light"- Fashioned from the designs of Tesla. Their function; to create a stable bridge leading to other realities for purposes of exploration and recon.


It wasn't long before the activities conducted through the Pillars of Light garnered extradimensional attention. Although at first, attempts to break through the pillars were easilly spotted and countered by Acanous and Zoophagous, a fellow BOB- eventually SOMETHING out there got wise, and infected one of the recon teams. Using them like puppets and carriers, this malevolent force bypassed Acanous' scrutiny, and began spreading it's malign influence through the world. The downtrodden and uneducated venerated her as a goddess.

eventually catching on, Acanous found a way to stop this plague of transformation and soul-sucking.. but it would come at a high price. He would have to seperate that reality from all adjoining ones, then sever all connections. Luring the avatar of this force back to the Pillars of Light by feigning ignorance, Acanous and Zoophagous were able to force her out, destroying the Pillars of Light in the process, and forever severing all interdimensional contact with that plane.


However, Acanous and Zoophagous weren't to escape unscathed, the reacton had pulled them from thier home reality and sent them... somewhere. Using what materials they could beg, borrow, steal or scrap together, they began trekking for a suitable place to call home.

During their adventures,the pair encountered the Archangel Anthius- sent to aid them in their search with prophecy of a sword- the Gatesaber- a tool and a weapon that could be used for instant-matter-transmission, without the need for excessive computation and massive energy consumption.


Years passed while the three searched, and quite a few battles. The Battle of the Aerie proved Acanous' immortality, and the fight for Los Diablos gained Zoophagous the same, albeit at the cost of (Zoo's) Soul. After a long and gruelling trek across multiple dimensions, Acanous finally recovered the saber.


Assuming he would now be treated to his just rewards, Acanous retired himself to an island paradise on an alternate earth. However, this retirement was not to be. Power calls to Power, and even though Acanous managed to establish himself as an uncrowned king, the same malevolent force which had cost him his origional home found him once again.

Willfully oblivious to it's tactics, Acanous ignored signs pointing to the corruption of one he had fallen in love with. Even after she exposed herself, he refused to strike her down. This cost him the entire plane, as the transformation and corruption of it's people hit critical mass. Acanous fled.

Zoophagous' war

Once again, Acanous ended up encountering Anthius and Zoophagous. This time, Anth came to him with the grave news that Zoophagous had been corrupted, and was leading a vast army of demons against one of the nearby planes. Acanous was tasked with stopping his earstwhile ally. Determined not to fail a second time, Acanous met him on the field of battle. Even with the Gatesaber, he was overwhelmed.

Zoophagous, however, suffered a sudden resurgeance of concience, and brought Acanous back to his master instead of attempting to destroy him. There, Acanous managed to persuade the Demon Prince into accepting a bet... one that would send him hunting through the planes for two hundred years, searching for a place that had no corruption.

Eventually winning the bet by fabricating a shard from fragments of other realities, Acanous managed to win freedom for Zoophagous, and immunity to any reprisal for himself.


Winning this battle impressed people on high places, and Acanous was cerimoniously inducted into the Keepers of Reality, a loose-knit network of reality guardians that spanned almost every known plane. Certain this was what he had promised to do, Acanous willfully entered their service, and was the one to respond when Statesman called for heroes after the Rikti war.

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