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The Ashen King of Lies
"Pray to me."
Art by BitMonkey and colored by @Ruby?
Player: @Dead Air
Physical Traits
Demon {Ashen)
195 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Black and Purple Eyes
Powers & Abilities
Dark Melee
Dark Armor
· Known Powers ·
Super Strength, Regeneration, Reality Manipulation.
· Equipment ·
Eye of Paimon. KIng Maker Blade.
· Other Abilities ·
Mastery in various forms of dark magic.
Villain Group
Abyss Empire

"Make a man hungry enough and he will eat from your hand. Make him fearful and he will long for security and gladly hand you the keys to his front door." — Labal

• Just a quick note: Labal's origins are all religious based, I've taken a lot of time to check things over and make a logical history for him, he is in no way a reflection of my own personal religious or demonological views.

Labal's Creation

Labal was created countless ages ago. During the war of heaven an angel named Bebel allied himself with Lucifer to challenge God himself. When Lucifer lost the war he was cast out of heaven and banished to the solar bounds of our dimension. Bebel was among the countless angels that fell with him.

When they reached hell, Lucifer was corrupted into a twisted version of his former self. He then corrupted the other angels who fell with him. Bebel was remade into the Ashen King Labal.

When demons are created, they are spawned using the power of Lucifer, and how much demonic power they have is random. Labal had an unusually high amount of demonic power, and so when created was given the title of King. He was given command over a region of hell called "The Ashen Plains and given legions within it to command. That is not to say he is the King of all demons, more accurately he is one of many extremely old and powerful demons.

His true age is unknown asking him directly will typically garner various results.

Another task that was given to Labal was becoming an aid to the more powerful demon Paimon. Along with another demon Abalam they assisted Paimon's dealings with the corruption of souls in the mortal world.

Labal's Punishment

The true nature of Labal’s banishment has been debated. The demon himself never reveals exactly what the cause of it was. Ancient records show harmonious cooperation between Labal and his King, Paimon. At some point five years ago that all changed. Rumours say Labal refused to obey a direct order from Paimon, others say it was his radical ideals and complacent attitude that were the cause. What is known as fact, that four years ago Labal was stripped of his power and sent to earth where he remained unchecked for too long.

Labal's Powers

Yeah you're about to die((pic by AcidRain))

Labal is essentially a battery of pure negative energy. Through his natural demonic powers and vast knowledge of magic, he is able to alter the world around an object or objects. The effects on living creatures is particularly deadly. Labal has the ability to suck the life right out of his enemies. He claims it's because the "universe is on his side"

"I simply tell the universe you are sick, when you are not"— Labal

In truth Labal's powers are a direct result of his unique ability to pull life-force from others and use it to power himself. Many people have tried to study his powers since his appearance in the isles but not to much success. It's widely accepted that what Labal is, is death. Not some strange embodiment of the end of our lives, sitting on a horse with a scythe or even the one true source of the end. Rather he is a demon who seems grounded in the fact that everything dies and rots away.

Dark Regeneration: By literally breaking down the universe around him, Labal has the ability to almost endlessly regenerate damage,

Super Strength: Labal being a demon is vastly stronger than a normal human

Rendering Claws: Being Primarily a close quarter fighter Labal’s claws are nothing to take lightly, he can easily slice through man and machine.

Negative Energy: Labal’s favorite method of taking care of enemies. Gathering energy from his aura to his palms and firing it at long range, the results vary but can be devastating. Most notably treka zu centio (Hell’s Judgement) a method he uses to destroy angels

Labal's Immortality

"I have not transcended death, I have simply made it a part of me, Lucifer's punishment has made me the perfect being." — Labal

Labal will often be heard to say "I cannot die" whether he is indeed completely unkillable is not known. However, second-hand accounts of the demon in combat have come up with some startling conclusions.

Labal's body itself is his first line of defense. It's made of black ash, that he can solidify to create his body. trying to damage him is like trying to cut sand, or shoot at dust.

Labal's second advantage is the very nature of his demonic powers, he is able to absorb damage and regenerate lost power.

The third and most important advantage is Labal's every watching former master. Cosmic beings, high level demons and powerful sorcerers have been known to completely destroy the demon. However, if Labal where to be forced to return to Hell, thanks to his banishment he is simply returned back to earth.

Labal's Weaknesses/Limitations

Holy Weapons – Labal is fallen. The divine energies that used to make up his body are now his most glaring weak point. Holy weapons and energy do damage him far more than anything else.

Ice/Cold – Being made of Ash is a huge asset in most regards. However, Ice disrupts the nature of his body and slows down his reactions and regeneration. Also if frozen Labal’s ability to disperse gets negated.

Binds/Magic – Labal can be bound, trapped or otherwise held by magical prisons. However the user must be more than a run of the mil mage.

Over Exertion – Fact: Labal’s aura regenerates but if he is being constantly damaged it costs him his own aura to put himself back together, the more times he is destroyed the longer it takes to come back and or the less perfect his form will be. In heavy combat regardless of weapons, constantly disrupting his body will tire him out and force a retreat.

Labal's human guise((pic by AcidRain))

Labal's Appearance

During his day to day, Labal chooses the form of a small black demon with demonic energy flowing from his eyes. He looks like little more than a hellhound or some lesser demon, but his massive amounts of demonic energy enables him to fell creatures many times his size.

As mentioned above Labal is made of a black ash, it gives him some leeway on how he appears, as he regained some of his higher demon abilities he became able to change to a human form to better hide from those who would not understand his appearance. His human form is of a small young man with white hair and glasses, who looks to be about in his early 20's. Others have asked why he has taken this form to pass as human however, his only response is that he "stole this image from someone else"

When Labal releases all of his demonic energy at once, he takes on his demon king form. A crown of bone protrudes from his head and he dramatically increases in size and power. This is how most other demons recognize him.

Labal's final form is a result of him turning his aura inward. By doing this he can retake his long lost angelic appearance. In This "Fallen form" he is many times faster and resistant to damage.

Labal's Personality

What most find confusing when first meeting Labal is his somewhat whimsical nature. In many ways he seems like a child, he is easily excitable and quick to anger. Despite his outbursts and beneath his savage form hides a well mannered and articulate creature.

He is capable of great acts of cruelty and deception. Like all demons truth weaves with lies into a seamless mesh of misdirection.

For the most part Labal remains what he has always been: an arrogant and self-righteous being, the sin of pride being somewhat glaring. He views himself as perfect and lords his power and influence over many. He has lived for countless ages and has been banished from heaven and hell alike, he blames fate and god’s ineffable plan on his position but also seeks to use it and free himself along with mankind from its inevitable path. That being said he is no friend to earth, his solution would see himself as the last living creature left alive on earth.

More on the way Labal interacts with people:

  • His speech and mannerisms are extremely strange, his voice is soft and clear, with an educated tone to it, which makes it seem like he has somewhat of an accent. He is extremely inquisitive and often times starts his sentences like he is asking a question. He also mixes words on occasion and has an extremely bizarre laugh.
  • He enjoys withholding information from people, knowing full well they would benefit from hearing it.

The Slaughter

The exact day it happened is unknown. How it was executed is also a mystery. What is certain is that at some point during the mid 2000’s Labal was invited to Abyss Empire by a young man named Xander. Xander was a run of the mil mutant who just so happened upon Labal as a small imp. Labal was in danger and needed rescuing. After the fact, Labal was introduced to Renzer.

Renzer was a powerful netherlord that was more interested in the balance of dark magics than where Labal truly came from. Weeks turned to months and Labal lied and cheated his way through the ranks, slowly but surely regaining all of his former power.

Renzer named Labal his second in command and on the surface he was the model solider. All tasks were carried out, quickly and with almost a perfect success rate. One odd thing that Renzer began to notice was how many times, Labal’s missions would result in the death of one of their own. It was of course always blamed on circumstances beyond Labal’s control.

Then one day, it was as if Abyss Empire never had anyone within its walls. Not one member of the group was accounted for except for Labal and his mysterious Jester Yorick. Labal had claimed he had no idea what had happened and that he was awaiting the return of his leader, like many others.

Not until recently was the horrifying truth revealed. An old section of Abyss Empire had broken away during an attack, and a mass grave was discovered. Nearly a hundred gravestones lied beyond that wall. At this point Labal had no reason to hide the fact, that he had killed them all and taken Abyss Empire as his own.

It now serves as a powerful reminder to everyone who knows the truth. Never trust Labal, and never underestimate his cruelty.

Madness and Rebirth

Over the years countless beings have tried to end Labal; it doesn’t matter who they were or what they meant to the rest of the world. The thing that bound them all together was they viewed Labal as the ultimate threat to their ways of life.

Some would go to many lengths to try and destroy him. They would augment their bodies, or make pacts with other demons. Some would look the power of deities while others trained relentlessly. One however had the unique ability to manipulate time.

This being known only as “Creed” wanted nothing more than to erase Labal from history. What better way than to go back to the moment where Labal was at his weakest to finally end him once and for all. When they first met and Labal learned of his power, he didn’t wait to begin collecting the Ten Arcane Books of Hell. Each one of these books contained a powerful combat spell, that the user could use in battle, but together was where their true value lied. If a person had all ten books, they would be removed from the time-stream. In affect, a person could not be altered by changes in the past. When Creed finally came for Labal it was too late. Labal kept the books long after that and never returned himself to the natural flow of time. Months turned to years and the spell began to twist his mind. His memory became worse and worse until one day he had been reduced to half-insane shell of his former self.

The other members of Abyss knew that he would never relinquish the books on his own; even if it was to save his own mind. After much debate they decided to go behind his back and destroy the books on their own.

Shortly after, Labal’s mind began to clear, but even to this day there has been a lasting effect on his short term memory. He wasn’t angry, although he has been returned to the flow of time and lost the ability to summon certain spells in battle. Labal feels that loyal minions that know when to –not- follow orders is a welcome trade for a few spells.

Labal: Heart of Stone

A notation found, written by Varasin, probably inaccurate, but in circulation and moderately easy to find: "During the latter part of 2008 there came to be a tunnel, or pathway, linking our present with a future. From this future, approximately a score of years ahead, there came future versions of Labal and others to our time. This labal was named variously Stone Labal, Future Labal and Cold Labal. After a time the tunnel was collapsed, and once more the future became one of potential, not certainty. However, Stone Labal later reappeared, alone. It seems clear he must have taken steps to maintain some form of anchor. While here he caused great amount of mischief, including the destruction of souls by throwing them into the void. This is, of course, a thing anathema to Heaven and Hell. It was clear Stone Labal was either trying to alter his hell and god forsaken future, and perhaps to build a new foundation here. Eventually, Stone Labal and 'our' Labal fought. Our Labal won, and took into himself the power of Paimon. I do not know what became of Stone Labal after that fight."

Labal's Minions and Allies

Labal and his Daughter Theresa((pic by AcidRain))
First General of the Ashen Planes, and Labal’s eldest ashen elite, she handles his day to day as the Mouth. Her primary function being his military strategist, she is widely considered the foundation of Labal’s Empire.
Second General of the Ashen Planes, born of the ashen hundreds of years ago, he was a recent addition, nearing one year since his promotion Xa’Phan has accomplished much for his lord. Not always the most vocal, but always the most feared. One way or another he has the distinct reputation of getting the job done, no matter how difficult.
Captain of the Jesters and fiercely loyal to her master, Guil has a very unique position within the Empire. Absent of any restrictions most other Abyss members get, her background is shrouded in mystery. Many who would dismiss her as mad quickly learn that the giggling jester is not to be underestimated.
A man that started off as one of Labal’s most hated enemies, so many battles fought and so much lost between the two of them it would seem odd that one day perhaps simply tired of trying to butcher each other they decided to butcher the world together. Their alliance would see them striking down any and all who would dare attack them. Now where do they stand? Some argue they are still the worst of enemies, other say the best of friends, the truth of the matter is they are both.

Labal’s deadly puppet assassin and only original member of Abyss Empire still existing to this day. He is a strange creature that many have tried to interpret, but like a dream he can mean many things and nothing.
Varasin is a human Labal is completely unable to ignore. Through, his various connections (Especially Seba'eld and Ollie) Varasin has been somewhat of a constant figure over the last few months intentionally or unintentionally, Labal is not certain. Labal knows Varasin is intelligent and well versed in the demon's history and ability. Labal assumes that is only because, he has the unique advantage of conversing with a creature of his age. Labal enjoys Varasin's love of knowledge, and willingness to listen to him talk on end about "the old days".
Labal's relationship with Maki is very pure. He had always known who she was (since they ran in the same crowd) however, a simple gift she offered him elevated her beyond many others. She introduced him to opera and classical music. That was taken a step further when she gave him his prized MP3 player, which he has on him nearly always. Labal absolutely adores Maki. She proved that even with a King of Hell, a little kindness goes a long way.
Z is someone Labal took an odd liking too recently. He enjoys her energy and seemingly posative outlook. Often he will seek her out in a crowd which is pretty rare. He even took her out for a "night on the town" town once.
Many changes were coming. Before any in Abyss realized how much Labal was already scouting new generals. None stood out more than the vile torturer Aki’el. She had been a loyal member of Abyss for many years, not to mention the fact that her pure disdain for humans rivaled that of even Labal. She is ruthlessly efficient and completely callous to any who she does not believe to have power. In other words, she is the perfect Ashen.
firaxis is someone whom Labal knows very little about. While he has proven to be a useful and loyal minion the demon king isn't very hands on and relies on Simi'Kraz's judgement on matters of membership. In that regard he hasn't heard anything bad. So long as the Jester uses all of his abilities to further Abyss Empire's goals, he is in Labal's good books.

A rather unwelcome surprise within Abyss Empire at first. Pyra'lis literally dropped in on the King while he wondering the castle grounds. He thought she was an intruder and with no minions around, took to the battle himself. He was impressed with her power and after the battle was over he attempted to recruit her to his ranks. After a few days she returned and agreed. She instantly set her sights on the number one spot in Labal's army and in an almost unheard of move challenged the first General's spot and won. This of course was all a plot from Labal to convert her to Ashen and ensure his control over such a powerful demon was absolute. After a short time she eventually gave up her first general spot, and took second general and command of field operations within Abyss. Labal knows that if he never converted her, she would likely attempt to destroy him. That suits him just fine.

((If you want your name on the list just add it, I will fill in the rest))


Azarai, Labal and Theresa((pic by AcidRain))

Theresa to this day is Labal’s only biological child; born over twenty years ago to an angelic mother. He trained and raised her to be his successor and most powerful warrior. Although her mixed heritage presented many challenges and caused them to often be at odds, he still cares for her deeply. She has rejected his throne and his revenge against the earth, choosing a more peaceful and righteous life. Despite all of this, she is still "his baby”.

Opinions of Labal

getting ready to pwn((pic by AcidRain))

((feel free to put IC thoughts on Labal here if you like. Yes, I am jumping on the bandwagon))

"I once served him and called this man Lord and respected his strength, perhaps, returning from my crusade, i shall test his resolve once more...if he still lives." - Defiler Rohesia

"Ah reckon its a good way ta keep track a what belongs ta who." - Dead Eye Jake (after misunderstanding the question)

"Labal is a force of nature, but is also passionate and intelligent. He is truely Earths greatest hope and threat all wrapped up in one. I am truley honored to be his wife, even though I can not be with him now." - Seba'eld

"The infamous king of hell, it appears with recent developments I am either his lackey or he is mine, but what I would loath to admit is we have grown close in our prior combat. Labal is a trustworthy and loyal friend. Alright who am I kidding, he is the ashen king of lies. But he does aim for the best and when I was ill he supported me, and when he was down I helped him up. I find myself siding with what I came here to eradicate, to ensure mutual survival and that is a shame in and upon itself." - Seer Malak

" Akuma-kun is very funny!! And even though he looks like a scary monster he's really very very nice!! He even gave me a dancing doll!! wanna see?!" - Sumaki Aikawa

"Labal....Heheh, My time under his service was, memorable..He is too willing to cooperate with any who would call him Master and offer him their soul, however...And he still owes me a fight, a real one, a debt I look forward to collecting upon my return.." - Krosun

"The dark song collector has many melodys sung for him, one of which is of hatred.. others of love, and others in lust.. in lust of power and other things.. the one might sing that the song collector collects his share of attentions as well of both the liveing songs and those departed" - Unknown

"Not a normal demon... weeelllllll.. ok he is but he isn't.. think of it as this you have all the power, lust, hatred, and pure malice of a demon then add some human independance and heart then you might have some thing close to Labal... close.. I'm still figureing the ol' Lad out though so don't quote me on this yet.... I said don't! Fer fucks sake Yorick ge'd yar arse back 'ere!!!" - Katerzina

"Labal? He's a cool guy. One of the better friends a guy could have, even if he is the Demonic King of Lies. Which, if you think about it, probably explains why he has so many friends. And if you don't think about it? I hear he just loves granting wishes with totally no drawbacks, I swear." - Toy Dispenser

"Labal? I love him dearly. He always makes time for me, no matter what. True, he's tried to kill me a couple of times, tried to end the world more than that... But when I look into his eyes, I find my own humanity." -Satine Dubois

"Labals? I love my lord Labal. Sure, I know he's evil, but everybody has their faults. Hehe. You just have to look past . . . well, you know, his urge to destroy the entire world. If you can't do that, you have to at least admit, he's sexy. Mmm . . . Oh, and he made Yori. Who doesn't love Yori?!?" -Wilted Petals

"Change the subject... Unless you wanna wake up in a hospital bed..." Hellion MK1(When asked by a Longbow Raver about Labal)

"The ultimate enemy, the greatest threat to mankind. The Great Corruptor, Son of Lucifer, the King of Lies, the Last Usurper. His taint is felt my the masses who aren't even aware of this presence. The Lord created the Earth and gave it to mankind, Our Kingdom, a reflection of His Kingdom. Labal is an affront to all of God's Plans, all the work that he, The Lord, and we, His Servants have done. He cannot be allowed to corrupt any more, to usurp the Kingdom of Man. When the End of Days comes, I will make sure he is defeated, or die fighting him." - Will McBlack

" Dude's a dick. " - James Perkins

" I tried to help him, save him from what he is a long time ago. It didn't work and it's all my fault he's still alive. Every evil thing he's done over the past year is all my fault. I have to stop him, it's the only way I can repent for what I've done." Dr. Kazz

"Stop fuckin' tryin' to seduce me!" - Sgt. Maris

"I loves Labbles! He's so fun and he doesn't beat me when I say hi! Hehe, he's also the greatest tool I've ever used..." - Podge Hodge

" Labal? Hnh... confusing, that one. He's a demon, sure. But I hope he keeps his word once it's given. As long as that stays true, I can respect him. " - Chris Xeden James

"That which is forsaken can not be forgotten, that which is burning can never be extinguished, that which is mourned can never be rejoiced, that which is real can not be false. Those who seek where the Fallen land will come across nothing but fields of sand. That which is dead does not eternally lie, those who are Fallen ascend to the Sky." - The Artificial Intel

"He apparantly finds me very attractive. I've to state that he also appears rather good, however, I know it is a facade. Simply a mask. I find his company, interesting. But, I know not to become too close to him, for he is deceitful." - Keshka Di'mir

"Wherever he goes, I have a mess to clean up. And by that I mean reality gets a little unravelled and I have to FIX it. I wouldn't want to fight him unless I had to. Too much of a headache. He's a person, but I shouldn't have to tell you not to trust him. He's a Demon" -Acanous

"..I- .. What? Labal? Fuck, I dunno. It's complicated and so simple. Labal and I have some great conversations. And scarily enough, we share a lot of the same views. But every time I walk away from him, I hope I never see him again. People need to learn how to stay dead around here.." - Lia MacKay

"Labal is what happens when you stay a child for a few billion years." - A strange little green girl named Zir.

" "Opinions of My Lord? *scoffs* Opinions are irrelevant to facts. The Black Lord is perfection personified. I am only privileged to be an extension of his greatness, and the swine who dare question it will eliminated." " - Aki'el, the Vile Black Torturer.

"Y'know, I think the guy's finally comin' around...'cept he calls me Wilson. I think I mighta told him that was my name. I dunno. Anyway! Yeah...he knows I got mad skills. 'Cause I'm a ninja." - Walter, the Phantom Operative.

"Color me intrigued." - Vello
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