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"Activate Termination Protocol."
Drawn by @Ruby?
Player: @Dead Air
General Information
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Name: First General of the Ashen Planes, Simi'Kraz
Known Aliases: Simi
Species: Demon The Ashen
Age: Ageless
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 98 LB
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality Hell
Occupation: Head Strategist of the Ashen Legion, First General, and second in command of Abyss Empire
Place of Birth: Created in Hell
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Command over hellfire, and Balefire.
Known Abilities
Regeneration. Super Strength, Metal rendering claws, Numerous fire based Attacks.

The Genius Spawn

Simi'Kraz was created at the dawn of her race, the first in many ways to Labal. The means in which she was bred are a closely guarded secret. However, she started out like any other ashen, a small imp, with barely a mind of her own. At some point during the first few hundred years she grew and evolved under the ever watchful eye of the ashen king. When she was finally complete he dubbed her "Simi'Kraz" in their native tongue it means "Jewel".

The General

When Simi'kraz was ready for her final promotion she was given the rank of fourth general, stabbed in her chest with the king maker sword by labal himself,she reached her final stage of evolution. What stood before Labal was a small woman, with an intellect that surpassed all others. On top of that she had developed the ability to heal and one power even Labal could not expect.
Simi'kraz was able to summon balefire, one of the five sources of magic. Although, she had a limited use of it. It enabled her to completely destroy whatever the flame touched, so much so that it erased it from time. Even with this terrible power and her intelligence she was given the rank of fourth, and primarily the military strategist and liaison for Labal within hell.
Over the next thousand years she assisted Labal in anything and everything, long outlasting the other ashen elite, mostly thanks to the fact that she rarely if ever was engaged in battle. Her place was within the palace, the glory and the battle went to the other three ashen generals that outranked her. However, fate would prove to favour the little general and after many trials and millennia of war, Simi'Kraz was finally promoted to first general of the Ashen Planes.
Everything, was going well. Simi assisted Labal and through him she served Paimon. She proved to be an invaluable asset to both the demon lords and she was often sent to turn the tides in battles within hell and even earth. That was until Labal's banishment. The world as she understood it ended that day and she was left in hell along with the others to fend off the coming storm.

The Purge of Paimon

Five years ago when Labal was banished, the focus was mostly on his trial and tribulations on earth, little was known about the world he left behind. Labal did leave behind many demons under his command; ones who Paimon knew would never follow him.
Any forces who would not follow Paimon would in his mind also be defying the will of Lucifer. There was little recourse and that was to eliminate them all, purge their blight from hell once and for all.
Paimon’s forces were numerous over one hundred legions and with them closing around the Ashen Plane’s borders it was up to Labal’s generals to see their race through this plight: First General Kelter, Second General Terum’blet, Third General Brak’Zem and Fourth General Simi’Kraz.
The military might and genius of the generals was without question but against such overwhelming force, it seemed as all hope was lost. After Treum’Blet and Brak’Zem fell within the first hour, Simi’Kraz began to pull her forces back. In Simi’s mind there was no doubt that this was the end and the only logical recourse was to retreat, to save as many as they could and hide in the depths of hell or perhaps even flee to earth with whatever they could. She called Kelter to recommend him to order the retreat.
Kelter refused and called Simi a coward, she knew Kelter was foolish and in that moment wondered why Labal had ever made a human, general; let alone first general. She took a small personal troop with her and fled the ashen planes on her own, thinking Kelter and the few thousand ashen that remained would be slaughtered. It would be the biggest tactical error of her life.

Simi's personality

All business.
Simi's personality is greatly affected by an emotional inhibitor she has magically placed on her. With the inhibitor in place she is a cold and calculating person. She has had the spell on her for so long that she truly does not understand most emotion or the significance of said emotions. She cannot love and she cannot be riled to anger. Any and all emotion she is presented with is simply -recorded and stored within her- She then uses those scenarios to calculate any and all situations that can arise. In her own words emotions amount to "X-factors" and nothing more.
As mentioned before Simi is highly intelligent far surpassing that of any ashen and most other sentient beings. In many ways Simi is a walking talking magical computer. That being said she has an entire other side that few have seen.
Without her emotional inhibitors on Simi is violent and quick to boredom. Her intelligence isn't affected but her reasoning is. She acts a lot more whimsical and will often just go on a complete rampage until her boredom subsides or she is convinced to return home.
Lastly, Simi has a very distinct sense of pride and self confidence that makes her a leader that commands respect. This simply comes from a lifetime of high expectations of herself and others. She is never satisfied being second rate, having the idea of her own perfection drilled into her head by her creator.

Powers and Abilities

Her main offense is hellfire, a blackened flame that burns like any other. During special circumstances she will conjure Balefire which was explained earlier.
Simi's main defense is her regeneration. Although all Ashen can regenerate, Labal took special care to ensure his prize would not fall easily in battle. Of all the ashen her ability to heal herself and others is unmatched. Her healing is so potent that aside from death there is nothing she cannot mend.
Secondary abilities are the benefits of being ashen. Claws, heightened strength etc.
Simi's speed is also uncanny. Although never officially clocked she is more than able to move faster than the human eye can detect.
All of these powers make for an extremely formidable opponent but in the end her intelligence is her greatest weapon.


Simi has all the weaknesses of any other ash demon but to avoid meta-gaming they won't be mentioned here.


Simi's human guise
Simi's appearance has changed over the last 50,000 years of her life but since her final promotion to ashen elite she has looked like a small and very thin young woman. She has medium length black hair and bright pale blue eyes. Her skin is ghostly white and she has four small black horns protruding from her forehead. This is essentially her rested form and what she likes to stay in when she simply isn't wearing her human guise.
While in public Simi like all ashen hides her true form. Her appearance isn't significantly different only she obviously looks human any demonic characteristics are gone. She is often mistaken for a teenager due to the fact that she looks to be about 15 or 16 years old.
Simi's true form is something she never has taken in battle, partly because of her pride and also because "it's an inefficient use of energy."

Simi'Kraz: The Silver Smile

It was a call to earth, Simi could care less where she was sent and on some level she found earth to be at least a good opportunity to acquire more data. The situation seemed simple enough, a small Roman outpost had traveled too close to Gull. The barbarian hordes had been attacking and kidnapping the settlers who had called for aid. They had been fighting nearly non-stop for weeks. Who was the wrong and who was the right in this scenario? Such things never crossed the little generals mind. The simple fact was she was ordered by Labal who had granted a wish to the the Barbarians believing him to be some dark god to hold back the invaders. She used the Roman's regimented tactics against them and was close to securing an easy victory.
There of course was no reason to enter the final battle herself, instead she would stand behind the lines as per usual and watch her plans play out. However, something she had not factored in was the inclusion of a celestial. It seems the Barbarian hordes weren't the only ones seeking outside help. A warrior of heaven had come to the aid of the opposition. A warrior like this would need to be dealt with my Simi'Kraz herself. Without hesitation she charged into battle at blinding speed, and met the angel head on. A lapse in judgment, is all Simi would later explain. The angel saw her coming despite her speed and answered her actions with a direct strike to her face, shattering her fangs and breaking her face with a holy war-hammer. The damage to her began to heal but something unexpected happened, as she spat out her broken teeth along with large amounts of black blood, she noticed they were not reforming. Of course the pain would have to be ignored for now, she had a job to do and disfigurement was the least of her concerns. During an extended battle she found herself the victor and claimed the angel's weapon as her own. Of course she would never be caught dead wielding such a clumsy thing. The metal of this weapon would be melted down and coated silver, remaking her fangs.


((feel free to put yourself in and I'll fill out the rest))

Fang of Illuyanka
A sudden attack on Simi by Wraith Prime nearly ended her life. Bleeding out on the ground and in terrible pain, she assumed her existence had finally ended. Before the deed could be finished Thomas stepped in. Thomas defeated Prime in one on one combat which resulted in a brief trip to hell for the robot. Simi never forgot this. She will protect Thomas with her life and destroy anyone who would dare threaten him. Recently Thomas was freed from the power of the deity Illuyanka. While Simi was pleased he managed to fight his way free things have never been the same since then. A certain unspoken rift between the two now exists and Simi is just not equipped to understand how to mend it.

Both Simi and Xa’Phan have the unique honour of being ashen elite; many would assume based on their personalities they would be constantly at each others throats, but it is quite the contrary. Simi both respects and trusts Xa’Phan as a demon truly worthy of his rank and privilege. She often times seeks out his opinion on official matters or leaves plans up to him, for everything Simi lacks Xa’Phan makes up for in spades. A mistake in the planning left Simi to face off against Dizzy the Banshee alone. Completely outmatched Simi found herself in a rare position of fighting for her life. Xa’Phan, who seemed like he had betrayed Simi and Abyss Empire, ended up delivering a killing blow to Dizzy at the sacrifice of his own life. Battered and dying, his life faded before Simi’s eyes. She often replays that night, and drives herself mad trying to figure out what she could have done differently.
Grinning Guillotine
Simi both respects and dislikes Guil, For a being of such order and compulsion, the jester captain’s whimsy can be frustrating. Often times Simi, leaves guil out of sensitive plans, and is very quick to offer her a snide comment, but she cannot deny her loyalty or her skill as a warrior.

Currently the fourth ashen general given command of the “ears” of Labal Aki’el more than proved herself over the course of her existence. Simi’Kraz respects her detachment to earth, something most ashen have been completely unable to do. Although Simi respects her, it wouldn’t be accurate to say she likes her either. She knows as well as anyone that from the moment Aki’el became general, she has become Simi’s competition to maintain her number one spot.
Whenever Labal’s reputation precedes him its standard fare to have Simi’Kraz step in; her softer hand is never something to be overlooked. She watched him from afar and concluded like all young men his ego would be the key to success. Caleb (otherwise known as Toy Man) was required to assist in the building of a dimensional gateway that would enable the Ashen to finally leave hell, and join Labal in the Abyss Empire. Simi respects Caleb’s intelligence and tenacity when it comes to completing his tasks, and is more than a little impressed considering his exceptionally young age. So far she has still kept an eye on him despite their current business being concluded, for what reason, is still unknown.
Sumaki Aikawa
Simi'Kraz has never -ever- gotten along with children. She has the maternal instinct of a plant. Unfortunately for her she has to deal with Sumaki. Because of the paradoxical nature of Sumaki's existence miss Kraz also has to deal with the teenaged version of Sumaki aswell. Normally she would ignore her outright but her close relationship with Labal won't allow her to turn a blind eye to the girl. It doesn't help that as a child Sumaki caused Simi nothing but grief with her antics. On a serious note, Simi also considers Sumaki a very real threat to the empire. In short Sumaki has the means to kill an Ashen, and that doesn't sit well with the general. Not one bit. At this point Labal has ordered Simi to cease her study of Sumaki's powers, she has refused that order and conducts her research in secret from her king.
Cackling Oblivion
Frixas, or Chuckle or the guy with the hat is a recent addition to Abyss Empire, Normally Simi wouldn't have the patience to deal with someone that has his flamboyant personality but thanks to Guil she has become used to such things. Despite his outward appearance, Frixas is proving to be a valuable and loyal minion to the Empire.
Gu Qin Tang
Tango is someone who Simi met through Reiraku while standing in the D, at first the general thought nothing much of her, thinking that it was another faceless individual she would meet and never see again. Fast forward a few months and they have become good friends. Simi'Kraz respects Tango's ability as a warrior since they two have fought and enjoys the fact that she can more or less be herself around her. The one thing that Simi appreciates more than anything is Tango's understanding of her position with Abyss Empire and Labal.
Another chance meeting through a mutual friend brought Rei to Simi's attention. The two have been close almost from day one. The similarities between the two are fairly remarkable. They both conduct themselves as warriors ready to accept any challenge with a mutual yet distinct sense of pride. Both have a strong connection to China (something most don't even know about the general) Rei also helped Simi in ways she probably didn't realize. Thanks to Rei Simi is becoming slowly more adept at social situations
Walter has always been a point of interest to Simi'Kraz since they first met. Originally it was a fascination with his social behavior that attracted her to him but that wore off quickly. She dislikes his unreliability and his inability to take anything seriously despite saying he does. Not to mention his constant obsession with every single woman he comes across. That being said, she does consider him a friend somewhat in spite of himself. Recently Walter has officially joined the ranks of Abyss Empire, which makes Simi his boss and that causes off-beat shenanigans like you wouldn't believe.
Second general of the ashen planes and Simi's direct rival within Abyss. Simi'Kraz was unable to defeat Pyra'lis when directly challenged. The extremely rare defeat nearly cost the general her life. She has trained relentlessly and as a result has grown in power far beyond where she ever was. However, she is still uncertain if she is a match for Pyra'lis strength wise. Anyone who knows Simi, understands that her true power is her intelligence and that's something Pyra'lis could never hope to rival.

IC Character Comments

((go nuts))
Heya, Simi, I still owe you dinner, even if you won't eat it! -Xeden
Leave. Me. Alone. There's no need for us to fight, but if one of has to die, it's not going to be me, dammit. You started this, but it's gotta be finished, and I'll be the one to do it. - Psi-smic Fault
She's shown that she can be quite the rabid bitch, and yet remains tamed. I suppose this balance is somewhat admirable.-Rayne Darke
She still loves me...I'd put money on it. Not -my- money, but....I would. -Walter
Leave my family only, Ms. Simi, or we'll find out if an Ashen demon can bleed. -Black Hood
You really think she meant that stuff about mating with ugly guys? I mean, I like to think I have a chance here. -Footloose
"I really ,really, REALLY like Simi nee-san!! She dresses up so cool looking, like a secret agent that works Akuma-kun! She doesn't smile a lot but i know that she's a nice person. Even Akuma-kun said that she is nice but because of the job she does for Akuma-kun, Simi nee-san has to act all super tough and quiet. She's definitely one of the people I want to be like when I grow up!!" - Sumaki Aikawa
" yeah...uhm.... Simi-san.... doesn't really like me much... or ,in her words," I don't care for your presence around Lord Labal". I really think that whole " pie avalanche" incindent when i was ten kinda pushed the line for her..I kinda spend my time trying NOT to tick her off if i'm around her...........not working out so well so far.." -Sumaki Aikawa ( teen )
"Simi's basically a walking computer, but she's my favorite computer demon! Even if she bosses me around sometimes, I don't know what I'd do without her! ... Or Krazzie Chips. Omigod, Krazzie Chips are so deliciously addictingomnomnom--.." -Guil
"When she is near. When she is far. So long as I live, and long after I am dead. Always." -Reiraku
"Flamboyant?! ME!?? Simz, there is a difference between flamboyant and AWESOME! And I know I'm the latter." Cackling Oblivion
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