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This hero is a member of The Zenvious Foundation.

Sumaki Aikawa is the eight year old alternate of Maki Aikawa. Originally , when I first created this character, it was solely for the purpose of having some screen shots of Maki as a young girl. However, after interacting with some other player characters in Atlas Park, I discovered that people actually found the idea of a character who was actually a child, and not a tiny woman with big breasts, entertaining. As such, I decided to play with the character a while and see where it may lead me. Thanks to that decision, Sumaki has had quite a number of adventures in her short tenure and gained quite a few friends. I am happy that a, originally , throw- away character has made a stand for her existence and look forward to what may lay ahead for her in future adventures

For the teen aged version of this character please see Sumaki Aikawa ( teen )

note: Please keep in mind that the " Mature Content " rating on this page pertains to this character's interactions with her adult counterparts as in the manner an actual child would have with an adult. She is, in no way, to be solicited for any type of roleplay beyond the " Teen " rating and , even, then, used mindfully.

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Sumaki Aikawa / Sumaki-09
Basic Data
Foundation Rank: Operative
Origin: Natural / Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
'Day Job': Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sumaki Aikawa / Irudiel
Known Aliases: Mini Maki, Su-chan, " Lill Red", Maki, Zero Nine, Sumaki-09
Species: Human ( female ) / unknown ( presumely female )
Age: 9 / ?
Height: 1.21 m ( 121cm ) ( 3 ft 9 in )
Weight: 15.8 kg ( 34 lbs 8 oz. ) / 63.2 kg ( 139 lbs 3 oz. )
Eye Color: brown / pale green (no visible pupils or irises )
Hair Color: red (natural )
Blood Type: AB+ / ?
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Kyoto, Nippon ( Kamigyō-ku district ) / ?
Birthdate: April 24 / ?
Citizenship: Japanese / NA
Current Residence: Atlas Park, Paragon City,RI / ?
Religion/Faith: NA ( her father is a Taoist) / ?
Sexual Orientation: NA ( still a minor ) / ?
Marital Status: NA ( still a minor ) / ?
Known Languages
Japanese, English
Known Relatives
Haikaido Aikawa (father), Sai Aikawa (brother),Nobushiro Aikawa (brother) Tamako Honda (mother,deceased), Maki Aikawa (older alternate / sister) / ? ( fellow " Messengers ": Nephilm-01, Lilith-02, Samson-03, Lumena-05, Leviathan-06, Whisper-07, Scream-08 )
Known Powers
none / Enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced durability, Pin-point barrier, prehensile tail
Training / Abilities
beginner swordsmanship, trained Martial artist, beginner chi manipulation, bilingual ( Japanese and English ) / Viral computer control, organic nanite production
Katana and Wakizashi / Sentient swords ( blue blade- Morukumo, red blade- Shinkai )
* has a long thin scar from a knife slice starting at the right corner of her collar bone extending to her left lower ribs


Personality and Mannerisms -

Sumaki is a very cheerful child who ,almost always, has a positive outlook on the day ahead. Being the outgoing child she is, Sumaki is quick to try and make new friends, always trying to put on the best first impression she can. That being said, Sumaki is also quite naive, a little more so than she should at her age, but this is because she is undauntingly trustful anyone she has befriended. This behaviour has lead tto some interesting misunderstanding due to some of the adults she knows telling her false information as a joke.

Sumaki is also very protective of people she has "adopted" as part of her family, extremely particularly so of the young woman known as Lumena. She will and has put herself in the direct path of harm to protect her ( abeit doing what most children her age would do, kicking and yelling at the aggressor ). This behaviour has carried over to a few others of her note but, again, none so adamently as that with Lumena.

Brief History -

note: Both Sumaki Aikawa and Maki Aikawa share an almost identical history. However , because of the Ouroboros incident, some key events in Sumaki's life have been drastically changed, resulting in a splinter time line. It is these changed occurrences that separate Sumaki Aikawa and Maki Aikawa as persons

Kyoto: Birthday Betrayal!! ( Arc 1 )

Sumaki in the compound garden

Sumaki ( Maki ) Aikawa was the third born child to Haikaido Aikawa, an infamous retired Yakuza hit man. Her older brothers, Sai and Nobushiro, were born of a different mother than Sumaki and 14 years prior to her,respectively. Even though there was a large age gap between them, Sumaki and her brothers shared a deep sibling bond. Haikaido had lost Keiko Musada ( Sai and Noushiro's mother ) to his chosen profession. She could not take the stress of living under the yolk of the Yakuza, so in exchange for leaving her sons with him, Keiko was allowed to go, without fear of assassination, as long as she did not divulge any information about what she had seen while living with Haikaido.She has not been heard from since. It was then, some time later, that Haikaido met Tamako Honda ( Sumaki's mother ). Tamako was a mid level consultant for one of the fronts of Haikaido's Yakuza lord, Fumito Watanabe. She was being robbed when Haikaido had happened to chance by and saved her. After this point, the two started to see more of each other. Eventually, the two fell in love and Tamako was soon heavy with child.What was to be a joyous event was soon met with tragic complications. On the night before Sumaki's birth, Tamamko was poisoned with a variant of blowfish toxin that had been intended for Haikaido. It was, also, on the this night that a rival Yakuza lord, Shotobu Naga, staged the first of two attacks on the Watanabe compound. Naga had counted on the fact that Haikaido would not be part of the battle, having been poisoned, and thus, would have an easier hostile takeover. This, sadly to Naga's plans, was not the case. Fueled by the rage that his love had been poisoned, later too find it was by one of Naga's spies, Haikaido cut a path of death through the invading party. While Haikaido and his men repelled the attackers, the compound dotor attended to Tamako. ( She ) begged the doctor to save her child, as it was a symbol of her and Haikaido's love for each other. The doctor performed an emergency Cesarean section and Sumaki was brought into the world, health and strong. This happiness was short- lived, however. Soon after giving birth, Tamako began to succumb to the effects of the toxin. Tamako died holding her baby in her arms, with no fear in her teary eyes, stating to her newborn that she did not regret her life with Haikaido and that ( Sumaki ) would grow to be a strong woman. With her last breath, Tamako named her child Sumaki Aikawa ( giving Sumaki her father's last name as a final gift to Haikaido,as they were never married ). Haikaido arrived some twenty minutes later to find his new daughter crying in the arms of the nurse and the sheet pulled over Tamako's body.

Sumaki practices her stances

Sumaki grew up happy under the watchful eye of her father and brothers. When she was not studying, she would be often found in the company of either Sai or Nobushiro. Even though Sumaki was born into the criminal element, her father taught her to respect to the letter of the law, both traditional and modern. While not a genius, Sumaki was exceptionally intelligent for a child her age and easily picked up on different concepts and mannerisms early. It was because of this learning development that Haikaido soon began teaching her the martial arts. Much to his joy, she was an avid student and a quick learner. To make sure that Sumaki would grow up valuing life, Haikaido emphasized non-lethal techniques in her teachings ( i.e., many joint locks, pressure point strikes, quick take downs, and a variety of knockout blows ) This way of education would continue , not only in her tutelage of her father's " Iron Wolf " Kenpo but ,also, in her instruction of the internal martial arts from China. It would not be many years later until she could begin to utilize the abilities both forms of martial arts would allow her to use.

While growing up, Haikaido had a small house built on the compound to raise Sumaki away from the day to day business of the Japanese mafia. When neither her father nor her brothers ( who had joined the ranks of the Yakuza, under their father ) could be present, attendants saw to Sumaki's educational and personal needs. ( She ) was free to roam around the compound , as long she avoided certain forbidden areas. A good deal of the habitants of the compound came to love Sumaki, as she would try to assist where ever she could when she had free time to herself. Even the Yakuza lord, Watanabe, came to regard the child in a positive light. However, these happy times were soon to end. It was on the year of Sumaki's seventh birthday[1] that there was a major betrayal within the Watanabe compound. One of Watanabe's other hit men, Toshi " Killswitch " Mako, had grown envious and resentful of the favoritism shown to Haikaido by Watanabe and lusted for more power and acclaim.

Secretly, he met with the vessels of the rival Yakuza lords, Shotobu Naga and Hiro Takanawa, and planed a staged attack on the compound. A deal was struck, in return for helping them take down Watanabe, he , himself , would be made into a Yakuza commander, under the two opposing Yakuza lords, and have precedence over the compound as his base of operations. On the night the raid was to take place, Mako had drugged the guards and unlocked the main gates. All he had to do now was right for the moment to strike from behind while everyone would be concentrating on the invading forces. All would have gone to plan,if not for the unexpected arrival of Sumaki to the front gates. She had decided to bring the guards a cake she had made, in thanks to them for showing her how to juggle earlier. She came upon the drugged guards and began running back to her father , shouting at the top of her lungs. Hearing this, Mako rushed to the child first to ask what had happened. As Sumaki began explaining what she had found , Mako had taken out a knife, intent on killing the child, lest his plans be ruined. Sumaki had turned back toward Mako just in time to see him trying to deliver the killing strike. It was only because of her quick reflexes that she was able to fall backwards, avoiding the complete attack, receiving instead a deep cut across her chest, a scar that remains with her to this day. Scared and bleeding, Sumaki ran as fast as her legs would carry her to find help but Mako had caught up with her. As he reached for her, Sumaki turned around suddenly and lunged directly for his face, stabbing him in the left eye. Screaming in both pain and surprise, Mako retaliated by kicking the child in the mid section, sending her bouncing across the courtyard . By the time that she came to a stop to catch her breath,Mako was ,again, right on her ready to finish what he had started. This time, an intervention came in the form of a rather quick kick to the side of ( his ) head, sending him sliding across the courtyard. Sumaki's timely savior was none other than her father, Haikaido, coming to see where the screaming was coming from. Seeing her father holding her brought Sumaki the comfort of protection she needed and fainted. Haikaido was furious to see that his daughter was the subject of , not only, a cowardly attack but a betrayal of one thought to be a friend. Haikaido ,so enraged, beat Mako to death with his bare fists, ultimately leaving his face unrecognizable.[2]

( Work in Progess )

Paragon City : A New Begining ( Arc 2 )

File:Sumaki 02.jpg
Sumaki asking a policeman for directions in her new neighborhood

( Work in progress )

Paragon City 2 : The Messengers ( Arc 3 )

( Work in progress )

Paragon City 3 : Clubhouse Days ( Arc 4 )

( Work in progress )

Sumaki changing forms

Powers -

In her human form, Sumaki has absolutely no superhuman powers or abilities. Credited to her martial arts training, Sumaki is slightly stronger and faster than the average eight year old of the same build, height, and weight. Still a novice, Sumaki's overall fighting ability is still quite low , as trained martial artists fare. However, she is a little more advanced in her swordsmanship than one ( a trained swordsman ) would expect, having only been practicing for five months.

When in her "Messenger" enhanced form, Sumaki demonstrates numerous superhuman powers, all of which have either not been seen or have been developed.

File:Sumaki fighting.jpg
Sumaki using her greater strength to teach a painful lesson

Through some yet to be determined manner, Sumaki can communicate with people around her as easily as she would normally, despite the lack of a mouth to do so with. Those around her can hear Sumaki, but it is not known ,whether or not, if her speech is heard through audio waves or a form of telepathy. It should be noted that Sumaki still gestures as she speaks, even in her altered form.

Like Nephilim - 01, Sumaki can also manipulate this energy field for attack purposes. She can use this energy field as an offensive weapon to strip similar defenses from other individuals, rendering them vulnerable to more conventional forms of attack. However, in using the field a direct offensive manner, Sumaki differs. While Nephilim - 01 has demonstrated the ability to fashion the energy in such a way as to make it soild enough to use as a bludgeon ( i.e., a hammer or battering ram ), Sumaki can compress this field across and along the length of her swords. By doing this ,she can extend the reach and cutting radius of her sword swings. Likewise, her swords gain an additional slicing force and the power of her strikes are increased to an unmeasured,but far stronger, degree than her normal strikes. Using the energy field in this manner is extremely taxing of Sumaki's body and has only been used when her normal attack methods have been rendered ineffective.

Abilities -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chi Manipulation -

As of yet, Sumaki cannot, or more accurately, has yet to learn how to manipulate chi with any moderate and great effect. She is currently being instructed in the cultivation and manipulation of chi by her older counterpart, Maki Aikawa. It is because of the foundational training in Chinese meditational arts taught to her by Maki, Sumaki can manipulate her chi enough to perform the " Shadow of the Wind " technique, which allows her to run at a greater, but not superhuman, pace than she is normally capable of. However, her skills in chi manipulation increase each day and ,may one day, even rival those of her older counterpart.

Martial Arts Training -

Sumaki has a growing amount of abilities stemming from her practice of her father's Japanese"Iron Wolf" Kenpo, and several Chinese martial arts , most notably Gōngfū ( in western cultures called " Kung- Fu) ", Shaolinquan ( Shaolin - style martial arts ), and Wushu, all of which are being taught to her by Maki Aikawa. Her abilities can be broken down into two categories: Internal and External.


The usage of Nèijiā ( internal or "soft style" ) Martial arts is rooted in her teachings based upon many Chinese martial arts, such as Bāguàzhǎng,T'ai_Chi_Ch'uan,and Xíngyìquán. It is because of her manipulation of her chi, or life energy [ which all humans generate to varying degrees ], Sumaki is able to perform feats of physical prowess that seem to be superhuman in nature, especially for a child. Through an act of concentration, Sumaki can direct a portion or all of this energy to any point of her body or to her whole body simultaneously. There is, at times, a physical manifestation seen of the usage of her chi. This manifestation comes in the form of a faint yellow glow, either illuminating from her core or from her hands. Due to her current skill level, Sumaki has yet to unlock the potentially unlimited well of universal chi that only few grand masters have been able to tap into. She is still, however, a formidable opponent for her age, with many applications still to be learned as she advances. Listed here are a number of the techniques that she has been able to learn to utilize.[3]


The usage of Wàijia ( external or "hard style" ) martial arts is rooted in her teachings based on a number of different schools of Japanese and Chinese disciplines but are mainly sourced from her tutelage in her father's martial art practice, Okami Tetsu Kenpo ( "Iron Wolf" Kenpo ). As she is still a novice in most of her disciplines, her range of actual techniques is not broad. Below are a list of some of her most frequently used techniques.

Sumaki cutting down a thug using the Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu dual sword style

Weapons Training -

Under her father's tutelage, Sumaki has been learning the art of Kenjutsu, primarily from the school of Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu,using Nito Seiho, which emphasizes the use of her katana and wakizashi together. Sumaki has been practicing the fundamentals Niten Ichi for little over five months now and , amazingly, has already absorbed the core teachings of the sword art. While she is far from being even moderately proficient, Sumaki has proven herself to be a natural swordswoman. She continues to study the principles of Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu and practices ,at least, one hour everyday. This, along with her normal martial arts training regime, has boosted her overall reflexes and strength somewhat pass that of a child her equal age,weight, and height.

Sumaki uses two different sets of swords in her sword art. The first are a katana and wakizashi set given to her by her father. These unnamed swords were made specifically for Sumaki's size and both are engraved her name at the base of each blade in kanji. The second set of swords are the ones that are manifested when Sumaki transforms in to her "Messenger" form.

Paraphernalia -

At any one point, Sumaki will carry a traditionally made set of swords, made customary for her size. This set comprises one Japanese long sword, a katana, and one Japanese short sword, a wakizashi. These are unnamed swords given to her by father, Haikaido Aikawa. These swords are of a high grade of refined spanish steel and are partially extra strengthened in their spines for enhanced durability. Both swords are weighted and scaled for Sumaki's proportions and use as a child. As she continues to age, new swords will be made for her to adjust to her skill level and size. Of note, both swords are engraved with Sumaki's full name in kanji script at the base of each blade. Other than the engravings, the swords, themselves, are common ones and posses no supernatural or superhuman powers.

When in her "Messenger" form, Sumaki uses two long swords of indeterminable origin and classification. The swords seem to be, on observation, produced from Sumaki's body itself and can be manifested at any time when she is in her alterd form. While the hilts of each sword is similar, the actual blades of said swords are different colors,one being a crimson red and the other a deep sky blue. As described, they have the exterior appearance of a high grade metal alloy, however, the swords are not actually made of any metal known to man, but are literally physical extensions of Sumaki's will. The swords names are Morukumo and Shinkai and both appear to be sentient, each with a distinct personality. Sumaki describes these swords as thus:

- Sumaki Aikawa: " Momo-kun and Shin-kun just came out of my arms one day and told me that they were here to help me. Momo-kun is very smart and nice. But Shin-kun is always mean and yelling. Not to me but to other people. i don't know why he does that...."

- Morukumo :

Morukumo is Sumaki's blue- bladed sword and is normally held in her left hand. He describes himself as Sumaki's " will of compassion " ,or, more accurately, her " willingness to want to help or defend ". He goes on the describe that: " the more Sumaki wishes to want to help, the sharper i become to defend that which she holds dear ". Morukumo's personality is that of a refined gentleman who mormally speaks in a proper manner, always mindful and polite, unless provoked otherwise. Always at Sumaki's beck and call, Morukumo tries to guide Sumaki when she has doubts or questions and wants nothing more than to help his master to remain safe and happy. Sumaki's well being is always his first and second and last priority. Apart from the color of his blade, Morukumo has the same design as his twin brother, Shinkai. Morukumo will obey any command given to him by Sumaki, without question, unless that command ,in any way,will put Sumaki in immediate danger or risk. Used in conjunction with Shinkai, Morukumo is used to create defense techniques:

Reflecting Flash: By quickly swinging Morukumo in a downward horizontal slashing movement, Sumaki is able to create a temporary vacuum of air in the swing's wake. This pocket vacuum provides a cushion by which incoming inertial force can be negated, thereby allowing the actual swing of the blade to successfully deflect oncoming projectiles. The extreme speed of the slash itself produces an illusionary blue trailing glow to the blade.

- Shinkai :

Shinkai is Sumaki's red- bladed sword and is normally held in her right hand. Shinkai states that he is Sumaki's " will of violence " , or ,more accurately, her " will to fight and defeat all that stand against her ". He further states that : " the more we fight together,the deeper i cut, the stronger we come and those before us fall like mere flowers unto the raging storm!! ". Shinkai's personality is extremely abrasive and crass and speaks ,usually, in a very disrespectful tone. He is quick to insult all those he considers weak and beneath him ( which is practically everyone, with the exception of Sumaki )and will actively point out their faults. On the other side of this, Shinkai hates when other demean him in any way and will, almost automatically, threaten any who do ( again , with the exception of Sumaki ). Shinkai wants nothing more than to fight. This want even takes priority over Sumaki's safety at times. However, all appearances to the contrary, Shinkai does care for her safety and sense of self. He will adamantly defend Sumaki's honor and pride as a warrior and then will proceed to verbally chastise the offending party. Like his twin brother, Morukumo, Shinkai will , even if he disagrees, listen and follow Sumaki's commands. Used in conjunction with Morukumo, Shinkai is used to create attack techniques:

Twin Arc Flashing: By quickly swinging both swords rotational clockwise in one complete circle, Sumaki is able to create thin vacuum of air which expands in radius, in accordance with the strength of the swing, and cuts through practically any force it meets. The extreme speed of this dual swing creates an illusionary ring of golden light.

Unusual Features -

When in her "Messenger" form, Sumaki has no mouth, nose, or visible ear structures. Yet, somehow, she can still seem to speak and hear sounds. If she can still smell odors in this form, Sumaki has not made any indication that she could. Her feet are as one whole in themselves rather than each having individual toes. Also, when in her "Messenger" form, Sumaki possesses a 3 and 1/2 foot long tail that looks simian in appearance and it is prehensile. When in her "Messenger" form, Sumaki's eyes glow incandescently, giving them a sometime unearthly feel.

Relationships -

And these are some of the good people Sumaki calls friends:

(( feel free to at your name to the friends list if you know Sumaki ))

Weaknesses and Limitations -

The most important thing to remember is that Sumaki is still only a child. Despite any of the abilities or powers she demonstrates, this one factor will be a key detriment in whatever adult activity ( i.e., battles, social gathers, etc. ) she participates in.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Recent Events -

(Work in progress )

Spoilers end here.

Musical Themes-

Story Arc musical themes

Arc 1:

Opening Theme : " Changes Are No Good " sung by The Stills

Closing Theme : " Sourire " sung by Les Nubians

Arc 2:

Opening Theme :

Closing Theme : " Keep Trying " sung by Utada Hikaru

Arc 3:

Opening Theme :

Closing Theme : " The Happy Ending " sung by Phantom Planet

Arc 4:

Opening Theme : " Writing on the Walls " - sung by Underoath

Closing Theme : " Blue Side " sung by Rooney

Sumaki Character Themes

Sadness theme : " Soleil Est Pres de Moi " ( Premiers Symptomes )

Happiness theme : " Got To Be Happy " ( instrumental, Bust A Move 2 )

Character theme :

Enemy Engagement theme : " Highspeed Underground " ( Gungrave O.S.T 2 Lefthand )

Inspirational Will theme : " My Hero " ( The Colour and The Shape )

Desperation Fighting theme : " The Real Man " ( Cowboy Bebop O.S.T 3 Blue )

Declaration of life theme : " Toy Soldiers " ( instrumental, Encore )

Resolve theme : " Hey, Johnny Park! " ( instrumental, The Colour and The Shape )

Sumaki personal favorites:

" Let'Em In " - sung by Paul McCartney

Trivia -

In character :

Did you know that...

- Sumaki is a fan of old sentai shows,such as: Himitsu Sentai Goranger ( translated as Secret Squadron Goranger )and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai ( translated as J.A.K.Q. Blitzkrieg Squad)

- Sumaki's metabolism and digestive system cannot properly break down nor digest most forms of red meat ( mainly beef )

- Sumaki is 1/16 Irish on her mother's side

- There is a natural curl to a tuft of hair on the back of Sumaki's head. This curl, oddly, cannot be straightened.

- Due to her mother being poisoned before her birth, Sumaki was born with a blow fish toxin immunity

- Sumaki has never contracted the flu or had a cold.

- Sumaki has an irrational fear of ghosts and most spirits

- Sumaki is a math prodigy ,however, rarely uses this talent as she hates math.

- One of Sumaki's favorite snack foods are french fries

- Given to her by Nyak, Sumaki now owns a talking parrot named Marcus

- Sumaki's favorite flavor of icecream is strawberry

- Sumaki's favorite candy is Jolly Ranchers, with cherry being her favorite flavor

- When Irudiel is in full control, her thoughts are in binary

- When in her "Messenger" form, Sumaki has no access to her chi-based abilities

Out of character :

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  1. This is one of three critical points in Sumaki's life that diverge from that of Maki's
  2. This event is the second of three critical differences in history between Sumaki's life and Maki's life
  3. Focus chi
  4. Super speed
  5. Storm kick
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