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Player: @shelly
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster / Controller
Security Level: 50 / 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lacy Myers
Known Aliases: Lanara Fields, Ceilingcat, Glowcat
Species: Mutate
Age: ???!!!
Height: 6.5'
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Portal Corps Intern
Place of Birth: Santa Anita, California
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Helena Myers (mother), Russel Myers (father, deceased)
Known Powers
Powers over energy, heat energy in the way of fire, and raw power channeling.
Known Abilities
Can control heat, raw energy, electricity
51st century combat armor
Hero Corps Classification: Shapeshifter

Lanara has a very tortured past but rose above it to become a very positive person. Highly intelligent, she received her doctrate from PCU in nuclear and portal physics. She was a researcher with The Zenvious Foundation for a time, and is now teaching at Paragon City University.



Lacy Myers

Lacy Myers was born in Santa Monica, California to an interior decorator and a drug peddler. Her father was eventually jailed and sent to prison where he eventually died of AIDS. Her mother, Helena Myers, was so obsessed with her career in the high society of Hollywood, that Lacy was taken by social services and placed with her aunt in New York City to live.

This aunt was very much one of those people who preferred that a child be neither seen nor heard. She had a number of 'gentleman callers' and Lacy was kept in a locked room most of the time. Lacy eventually ran away and was living on the streets. She learned to survive, to fend for herself as one of a countless number of orphans living on the streets of New York. Then, rather suddenly, she was abducted from the streets and disappeared from all knowledge for years.

Patient Zero

The year was 2001. Lacy Myers awoke in a cage, tended by a strange woman with pointy ears, who was with a secret society of villains who called themselves The Utopian Society. This pointy eared figure was Rhiannon Gladstone, who was attempting to create a new, superior species to humanity that would, per Darwin, eventually outmode and replace humanity. The advantages to which would be that she could make this new race more compassionate, less prone to war, and more prone to more constructive pursuits. One that would consider her as a great teacher, and not the villain that she currently was. She wanted humanity out of the way, replaced with something newer and better, and she wasn't afraid to hurt a few people in the process.

Rhiannon's experiments were cutting edge, based on a theory that magic was itself a form of photonic energy that could be psionically manipulated. But she needed human 'blanks' to use as templates from which to grow her new race from. As stock, she needed children. Lacy was hardy, brilliantly intelligent, and had kept herself alive against difficult odds for years. She was perfect. She became Patient Zero.

Lacy's genetic code was painstakingly... lovingly... rewritten sequence by sequence. A 5th chemical was introduced to the genetic code, the one Rhiannon had created, made of magic on a molecular level. Human genes were blended with feline traits, avian traits, and magic to make a body light weight but strong, agile, survivable, and deadly, yet also stunningly intelligent and intellectual. This was to be the new humanity. And she wanted Lacy to be the queen mother of this new custom humanity. To Rhiannon Gladstone, Lacy was being given the greatest gift Rhiannon could give anyone.

Lacy Myers was locked in a zoo paddoc in the underground lab. Over the course of five years, Lanara's genetic code... and her body... slowly and painfully changed shape into what she is known as today - a blue sphynx.


But Lacy was an unwilling subject. Rhiannon was working on trying to find ways to get her creations to comply with her wishes - either magically or through suggestion. Lacy resisted brainwashing for many months until finally Lacy broke free of her restraints one night. She grabbed a small azure agate that Rhiannon had been using as focus for her spells. Lacy accidentally crushed it in her hand, surprised at how strong she was now - unaware of her new strength -and magical energy poured into Lacy Myers, allowing her to break free of the underground lab and call police.

She took the name Lanara, leaving her old name and life behind her, ashamed of what she saw as her hideous new appearance. Lacy testified against her former captors in court. With Rhiannon Gladstone tried, convicted, thrown in the Zig, and the key thrown away, Lanara wanted to start over. She headed to Paragon City to try and find work that would accept someone that looked like 'a freak' to survive. She hoped there people wouldn't notice so much that she was a 6 1/2 foot feline person with wings, blue in color, who felt very much like a "blue and white freak". She found an avenue for her to survive by doing freelance hero work.



She lives in an almost perpetual fear of Rhiannon's wrath now that she has escaped the Zig, because Lanara's testimony was largely the smoking gun that put Rhiannon in the Zig. Rhiannon Gladstone needs only to get Lanara's genetic code to start her work where she left off. Rhiannon would stop at nothing to get her hands on Lanara's blood. Lanara is very aware that if that happens, Rhiannon could easily exterminate all of humanity.

She met the Emmas (Emma Fields) while working with the Foundation. They treated her as something special, this glowy cat-lady who was immune to the Emma's radioactive side-effects. She was completely overcome by this glorious special treatment that just made her purr with delight. The Emmas called Lanara their Glowcat, because Lanara gave off a soft blue glow, keeping her at home like a pet cat. Her self-image improved. She was at peace with who she now was.


Lanara has a kind of dark history but her every day personality is generally cheerful and very intelligent. She can be very defensive about her unusual appearance. She realizes the gravity of her situation, but despite it all her personality is intelligent, subdued, but pleasant. She liked helping others, and being helpful. Her goals are to complete her doctrate degree and work as a researcher for the Zenvious Foundation.

She is young - only 17 years old - and in many ways way out of her league. Here she is in a super-hero organization, life and death are an everyday occurence, she's working on her doctrate degree, at 17. Sometimes when confronted about it all, it gets a bit overwhelming. She normally prefers or tried not to think about it all.


Lanara in her human form.

Lanara has the ability to manipulate magical energy on even the most basic level. She can call fire to incinerate things to death and use pure magical energy to bounce her enemies around. Her powers are divided into three aspects:

Power Aspect: Girl

BoneSmasher.pngPowerThrust.pngConservePower.pngBuildUp.png Lanara was born human as Lacy Myers, and she was born with the potential for a very high intellect. She could have been a genius if her life had gone differently. Her Human aspect, when combined with the magic in her DNA, gives her strong control over the raw power of mana, magic, and ley lines. She can see people's magic auras, see ley lines of energy and manipulate them with a thought, and even use raw magical force to repel or damage her enemies (/Energy secondary).

Costume color: Purple

Power Aspect: Tiger

Fitness Quick.pngFitness Health.pngFitness Stamina.pngSuperSpeed Hasten.png The tiger DNA used in her makeup was to give her agility and stamina, and make her difficult to kill. In the end it was responsible for her freakish appearance - blue furred with white stripes - but it did increase her physical fitness and endurance (Fitness pool, speed pool).

Costume Color: Blue

Power Aspect: Phoenix

Icon Inferno.pngIcon Fire Ball.pngIcon Fire Blast.pngIcon Flares.png The Phoenix DNA in Lanara gives her total dominion over fire and flame magic. She can create flame with a thought, make it rain from the sky (Fire primary), even rise from the ashes of her own corpse like a Phoenix can (Flame Mastery). Her Phoenix aspect also gives her the wings on her back, allowing her to fly (Flight pool power).

Lanara in her phoenix form.

Costume color: Red

Multiple Incarnations

Lanara Ceilingcat
Blaster Controller
Primary Fire Blast Fire Control
Secondary Energy Manipulation Kinetics
Epic Flame Mastery Fire Mastery

In RP, Lanara's powers are solely based around the movement of energy. The Phoenix allows her to generate large amounts of heat energy and throw it around, as Fire. The human aspect allows direct manipulation of Energy and throwing it around. Or, in the case of Kinetics, deliberately moving energy around. After all that's what Kinetics means... moving energy. (PHYSICS! ZOMG!) All aspects/alts/personalities of Lanara use the same theme of fire and energy.



Recent RP Events

The Grandville Incident

Lanara was out with Yolanda to save some children that had been kidnapped, when they were ambushed by Rhiannon Gladstone, Queen Maab of the Unseelie, and was taken captive by the Utopian Society. There they used Lanara's prototype DNA to create more 5-gene kids like her out of the kidnapped children. Among them was Yuki Yanagi. Gladstone gave them all a tiny genetic telepathic weakness so that she could feed them programmed instructions telepathically. Rhiannon announced to them that Lanara was the queen of the new race they were building. She intended to make fifty kids like Lanara, all with different animals and power sets. She taught them to obey Lanara as their queen.

Now... maybe this sounds awesome, but Lanara was being forced into this by telepathic machinery, and being a puppet of a machine takes the fun out of being queen of a new race, doesn't it? Luckily The Zenvious Foundation came to free them. When Lanara was freed, she turned on Rhiannon Gladstone, and was about to kill her, except Emma Fields stopped Lanara's hand.

Villains of Paragon City

"We protect the innocent. We rescue the oppressed. We help the poor. We save those needing saving. We cower in our homes or in the base because we dare not go outside for fear of being attacked... by people who are 'supposed' to be heroes! We are living in a state of fear. I spent the weekend with Aranath helping Bendi Jones who was attacked for a SECOND time by these people, and there's Shelly that won't go out because of their torturing her for information. Who is the hero to the heroes? When our enemy is one of our own, who will save us?" - Lanara to Mr. Zen, regarding the Villains of Paragon City and Arbiter Death.


Kyle, or Lightedge, and Lanara met at a party at the Echelon's outerspace fortress. While they had seen eachother around previously, they never started talking seriously until now. They immediately went out on dates for several nights, going and doing her stuff together, seeing movies, going out to eat, and spending many hours just talking.

OOC NOTE: Kyle's player has left the game for now, so the relationship with Kyle is currently considered RETCONNED.

Last Known

Lanara is still dating Kyle, though after talking about it many times they have never gotten past skinny dipping, flirting, and some heavy petting. They've talked about going further, but both want to wait. She is deathly afraid of taking it too fast, going to far, hurting Kyle's feelings. She does care for Kyle. Both are afraid of taking it too fast. She has a lot on her mind right now, after all. Rhiannon Gladstone is now in the Foundation as Winterblood so Lanara avoids her whenever possible. Yolanda is away a lot, mostly trying to avoid her family. Lanara wished Yolanda would just own up to her mother as a lesbian, but Yolanda refuses.

After the Grandville incident, Lanara has been trying to find all the transformee kids, calling them her brothers and sisters. Genetically, they were as close as she had now. Some she couldn't find. Some went villain. Some decided to join her at The Zenvious Foundation.

Lastly Lanara has built the Foundation a transdimensional beacon intended to enhance the functions of the Foundation's comm and mediport system. But it works a little too well. Another dimension of people heard her beacon and is trying to communicate with her in a language she doesn't understand...


In 2010 Lanara's activities have become largely secret. She did gain a full professorialship and became a project manager at Portal Corps.


Iggy had died a few weeks before when suddenly he was on the comm network... alive. Lanara immediately jumped into action, tracking him down and bringing a doctor. They rushed him to the med bay. She called in help, and had him healed up. Passed on a message from his evil praetorian self to him, even tried to help him find a place to stay. Man, what a night! At least she got to help, and hopefully they'd let her help more in the future. Poor Iggy lost a year of his life, a lover that loved him dearly, and who knows what else. Freaky!

Quick Timeline

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