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Sysop Shelly
@Shelly (main)
A.K.A.: Tigris Euphrates
Species: Unknown, Suspected catgirl
Day of Birth: 05/28/1979
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Student
Location: San Jose, CA
Marital Status: Married
I avoid the Virtue forums - and all of the official forums - like the plague. Best way to reach me is in game.

This is the user page for user @Shelly on the Virtue server. From here you can visit her character pages. She is a 31 year old female roleplayer from California. Go go speaking of one's self in the third person!





This list will be expanded as I write down the RPs for the existing characters. Not all new characters have RPs and gain them later. Others have one and are created specifically for an RP. List subject to change without notice, you know the drill. :P :P


I have my own Supergroup on hero-side Virtue. I might hang out on villain side more if I knew an RP group there to hang out with.

About the Player

I am a hardcore, immersive RPer. I originally came to CoX with some friends who are in the ASCPA group, but did not seem to fit in well there and found a better home amongst the RP'ers of the Zenvious Foundation. I am not a heavy PVP person, though I will PVP with a team - my primary interests are PVE and RP. I enjoy roleplaying above all else, and secondly large groups or taskforces/strikeforces. I also collect badges for fun. This is my fourth of five MMOs I've played: EQ, Horizons, WoW, CoX, and LotRo. Currently playing CoX and WoW.

I've been playing MMOs since around the year 1998-2000 and before that was heavily into LARPing and other kinds of roleplaying both in person and online. I mainly play on the Virtue server. I'm a writer, so I tend to write a LOT of stories about my characters. Usually these stories are kept at the Zenvious Foundation site. I am really really bad at imitating accents and tend to imitate any accent I hear... buncha wankers. :p

About RPing

I have one rule for myself and RPing in MMOs. Much as I love RPing, I refuse to engage in cybersex scenes, as I'm in an RL relationship and that comes first. Characters getting into relationships is fine, but on the condition that if the person I'm RPing with stops playing, all character relationships are retconned.

Why, isn't that a bit harsh, you ask? Well... once burned. Twice Shy. Five times - embittered.


Feel free to add memorable quotes said by User:Shelly here.

More Information

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