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Player: @Shelly
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Tigira
Known Aliases: '
Species: Sphynx
Age: Not applicable
Height: 5'9" at the head, 6'+ with the wings and ears
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: feline
Hair Color: orange
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Survival
Place of Birth: Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Based out of Port Oakes, Rogue Isles currently
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Lanara
Known Powers
Powers over energy and it's manipulation.
Known Abilities
Fire blasting, Kinetics, Fitness
No additional information available.



The Canmore Clan - A high tech group of hunters that draw their history back to old Scotland. They are human-supremacists, hunting down and killing anything not explicitly human. While they don't mind metahumans and superhumans, anything with fur is right out. They aim to kill Tigira as a genetic abomination.

The Zenvious Foundation - This supergroup was directly affected by the Utopia Project, as one of their former officers was mutated and another of their officers is one of their prototypes. The Utopian Society attack these targets as high priority.


Arachnos - Arachnos encourages the Utopian Society to sow chaos in Paragon City. Arachnos also likes that the Utopian Society is turning worthless Rogue Isles orphans into more advanced beings who sometimes join Project: Destiny. Arachnos provides the Utopian Society with advanced training and sometimes weapons.

The Utopian Society - They created her and taught (programmed?) her to be loyal to their cause...


Dr. Chen's New Plan

Soon after Rhiannon Gladstone left The Utopian Society to pursue interests in Paragon City with The Zenvious Foundation, Dr. Su Chen, who was now in charge of the society, broke open most of Rhiannon's sealed logs and notes regarding Rhiannon's creations. Su Chen read Rhiannon's painstaking detail and thought that went into her genetics work. Rhiannon had made her creations not only strong, agile, and magically powerful with her new magical chemical, but also made them highly intelligent so that they would be best suited to outclass humanity in the brave new world she wanted to create. Su Chen gained more respect for Gladstone's work, and opened up the files on Rhiannon's pet project, the Prototype - Lanara aka Lacy Myers.

The former human Lacy Myer's DNA had been rewritten painstakingly sequence by sequence to preserve her powerful and almost meta-human intellect, and introduce catlike strength, agility, and stamina, but adding the Mana-Chemical that Rhiannon had created by channeling ley energy into discrete molecule-sized packets and weaving those molecules of magic into the genetic code to give them magical powers by allowing them to innately take natural ley magic and use it in whatever way the end product wished.

Su Chen reasoned that Rhiannon's downfall was using 'blanks' - human children that were re-engineered into their new creations. This was flawed because people would go looking for those children. Rhiannon did this so that they didn't have to grow them from scratch - it would take 10-15 years to full grow a new specimen from scratch. Other villains within Arachnos provided the solution, a process to accelerate the maturation rate of a newly created specimen, reducing their growth time to a mere nineteen weeks. During this time an artificial learning program could be used to teach them the Utopian Society's slant on the world, and assure their loyalty to the grander plan. Dr. Chen also found the flawed genetic key for Lanara's hideously offcolor fur, returning the fur to proper tiger coloration. Lastly, why use a new kid, if you had the perfect kid's DNA on file already - that of a budding young metahuman mind with super-intelligence, the young Lacy Myers? Rhiannon's plan had been perfect, Chen only needed to fix a few things and try it again.

The Perfection of Gladstone's Work

Chen started with a new device that she had perfected, based on the Rikti Rezrings tech, that allowed her to string together genetic molecules rapidily from a pre-arranged sequence in a computer, she made the corrections to Lacy Myer's original DNA she desired, and built the genetic pattern, inserting it into a human embryo. One of the genetic bath tanks in the Utopian Society's secret underground lair was set aside for the task of growing this new project. She took great care with the new rapid maturation rate process to ensure that the her new creation was taught subliminally all the information it needed to survive in the world via the new sub-telepathic interface that Rhiannon had designed to be used on the original Lanara.


She is in most respects an exact clone of Lanara, except for her coloration. Highly intelligent and negotiable, she can be talked out evil things when sufficient logic is applied. She is not inherently evil, but more a victim of her circumstances, though it could take a lot of convincing and trouble to get her to abandon Chen's social conditioning.

Latest RP information

She went to the D to watch people and found people from the foundation that recognized her. She was baffled, but asked lots of questions. It quickly became clear that she had only been taught what the Utopians wanted her to know, so she was asking a lot of questions to try and find out more.

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