The Utopian Society

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The Utopian Society
Founder: Rhiannon Gladstone
Side: Villains
Motto: Making the world a better place... or else!
Leader(s): Su Chen
Logo: The All-seeing Eye of Ra
Group Colours: Pure White and Royal Blue
Levels: Any
Play style: Heavy Evil Roleplay
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): (Mostly Pacific Time US, all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: Su Chen or Cannonbolt
No additional information available.


The Utopians Society was first founded by Rhiannon Gladstone in 1947, in response to the cruelties done by the Nazis to their prisoners in the concentration camps. The immortal fae woman realized that not only were humans becoming a force to be reckoned with, they were horribly cruel and not the type of people she would want dominating their beloved earth in the future. A heavy believer in Darwinism, Gladstone set out to find this who thought as she did, and find a way to make a new, more intelligent and compassionate humanity, hopefully erasing the old one in the process.

The Utopian Society's first successes were in the creation of their test prototype, Lanara. In fact they designed her so well, that in 2006 their test prototype outsmarted it's keepers and escaped, calling police. A federal raid followed, and the old Utopian Society was jailed in Zigursky. Then, in 2007, Kalinda had the Utopians freed in an Arachnos raid, and they began to rebuild their secret society as a villain group in the Rogue Isles. A full 60 years since their original inception, their plans are finally starting to see reality.

Origonal Utopian Society members

These are just some highlights of the group as it stood in 2001 in New York:

Current Membership

  • Su Chen - Since the defection of Rhiannon Gladstone, Such Chen now runs the society, and trains as an elite Arachnos fighter in her spare time.
  • Moira McHale - Still making a pretty penny from the Society's genetics research advances, she acts as financial backer and is training as an elite Arachnos fighter on the side.
  • Cannonbolt - The successor to General Fielding with a flair for the flamboyant.
  • Captain Arya Steele - Cannonbolt's personal assistant.
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