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Player: @shelly
Basic Data
Foundation Rank: Operative
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
'Day Job': Ouroboros Mender
Personal Data
Real Name: Sheryl Myzuki Lightfoot Stone (Given) or Suzuki Myzuki Lightfoot (Japan)
Known Aliases: Iron Hawk, Mender Equilibrium
Species: Kitsune (3 tailed)
Age: 96 (Chronologically), 28 (Actual)
Height: 5' 00"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type: O+
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Birthdate: December 7, 1911
Citizenship: 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 American
Current Residence: Apartment in King's Row
Religion/Faith: Shinto
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Known Languages
English, Japanese
Known Relatives
Dr. Jake Stone (husband), Katherine Lightfoot (daughter)
Known Powers
Superior agility and deftness with weapons of all kinds, preference for asian blades. Possesses superior regeneration and resilience in combat.
Training / Abilities
Shapeshifting, minor telepathy, unexplored magical powers, Superior intelligence, well versed in poisons and assassination, can drink anyone under the table in a drinking match without becoming intoxicated.
Her mother's folded steel Katana, Regeneration necklace



Kera's Rant

Invasion Stories

Two Aliens Conversing

Shelly's Statement

Closeup - using Kitsune magic

Skies of Blood arc

The Skies of Blood arc is a very important one because it illustrates Shelly's history, background, and the world she comes from.

  • [1] Introduction - A Dark Night
  • [2] Part Two - Ancestral Rebuke
  • [3] Part Three - Oncoming Storm
  • [4] Part Four - In a Dark Place
  • [5] Interlude - Shelly Leaves (In game RP, logfile dump)
  • [6] Part Five - A Familiar lunch Guest
  • [7] Part Six - Cherry Blossoms
  • [8] Part Seven - Sensations Anew as Magic Demands
  • [9] Part Eight - Poisoned!


The 'Jap'

Shelly Lightfoot was born in Chicago in 1911 to Jonathan Lightfoot who traces his ancestry to various Native American tribes, and Sakura Suzuki of Nagasaki, Japan, who traces her roots to a number of Japanese mystics. Her given name was Sheryl Myzuki Lightfoot, and was a very sickly child. It was expected by most doctors that this premature, underweight, sickly baby had no chance to survive long in life. To the surprise of the doctors, and the joy of her mother and father, she did survive. She was never as big as the other kids. Even as an adult she stood at least a head smaller than her peers.

From Shelly's young age the Japanese were very unpopular in the US, so more and more her name was adjusted to try and 'fit in' better in school. Most of the time she was referred to as Shelly Ann Lightfoot. As WWII was dawning and was Japan rising as an Axis power, being a 'Jap' in chicago was extremely hazardous to a person's health. It took being lynched in an allyway to get the young Shelly to start learning to fight back.

She learned about using swords from her mother, using her mother's Katana. Sakura never used it in the United States for reasons kept entirely to herself, but told Shelly it was because of how unpopular Japanese people were. Shelly learned to defend herself by whatever means necessary - even learning to drink heavily and not experience any ill effects, so that by the age of 15 Shelly could drink a grown man under the table.

Shelly at work - Vanguard combat armor.

Chasing Nazis

This is what got Shelly involved in working for a government agency. At first as a mere secretary, but she wanted to do field work. Finally, one day, that chance came - on a mission to track down so called 'magical' artifacts sought after by Himmler. No one in the agency took this job seriously, and hoped it would set Shelly up to fail - they didn't want to see their government jobs threatened by 'a skirt'. But instead she succeeded - brilliantly so - recovering the artifact, demonstrating it's magical potential, and humiliating the Nazis in the process.

By 1937 Shelly had a price on her head from the Germans, for thwarting Himmler on a number of occasions. Shelly had traveled the world, made many friends, learned a few languages (particularly her ancestral tongue of Japanese), and once a non-believer in magic had seen enough magic to believe in it, though she herself had none.

Shelly met Dr. Jake Stone while traveling the world. A brilliant Archaeologist, he had a secret. He was a practicing mage. He was a natural at helping Shelly locate magical artifacts before the Nazis could and getting those artifacts safely away from the them. Eventually the two began dating.

The Air Pirate

But her employers were not content to let a 'skirt' outshine the fat bastards at the agency back home. She was a loose end they needed to tie up. They hired someone to do her in, under the pretense of collecting the Nazi bounty. However the bounty hunter slipped up in Paris, and Shelly - with the help of her friends - humiliated her wouldbe assassin. She and Jake hired on with a crew of air pirates lead by the charismatic Captain Connors. Shelly and Jake made many friends among Connor's crew, flying the world in the aircraft-carrier-sized-Zepplin named the NX-Stronghold. Shelly even had herself a fighter plane, which she learned to fly very well, named The Iron Hawk. She participated in raiding Nazi fortifications, espionage, and assassination. The Nazis called her a villainess, and kept increasing their bounty on her life.

That was when Nazi agents inside the United States assassinated Shelly's parents in their home in Chicago. While trying to deal with this tragedy, Shelly learned of her family's mythical connections and origins, particularly when Himmler went after an artifact found in her mother's old home in Nagasaki!

Still dealing with the loss of her parents, Shelly and Jake decided to tie the knot at last. Secreted away in China, Shelly and Jake had long ago discovered the hidden mountain location of Shang-rila. The crew of the Stronghold celebrated their marriage in the serene majesty of this magical setting.

Coming to Paragon

Just as it was coming to a final confrontation between Shelly and the Germans in North Africa, she and her friends were on The Iron Hawk, heading through the Bermuda Triangle, and through the use of a magical artifact they had discovered, they were accidentally transported forward through time 70 years to 2007. Lost, stranded, and with nothing but each other, they eventually made their way to Paragon City, a place where people with experience with the fantastic were very much in need every day.

Kitsun... eh?

Ava Adore First unlocked some of the secrets of Shelly's mystical heritage with her genetic unlocking devices, but fairly soon after Shelly didn't need the device anymore. Like a whole in a dam about to burst, Shelly struggled to figure out what this meant to her personally, learn about the Kitsune and her heritage as one from her world. And find out about the dangers this enTAILs. Access to Shelly's old world is open again. People are finding out about her extensive history of assassination, air piracy, and murder. Mr. Zen himself was very concerned. People from her old world still seek her life. It remains to be seen if she can weather this storm.



Since the second invasion of the Rikti, Shelly became a rank-and-file employee of Vanguard; (a) Her skills were already highly effective against the Rikti, (b) she already had a high level security clearance with the US Government, and (c) except for being a Field Officer for the Zenvious Foundation and working in her spare time to reassemble her old plane, the Iron Hawk, she wasn't otherwise employed. She works 8-5 in the Rikti Warzone, helping hold back the Rikti advance on Paragon City. She doesn't get paid much (government work never does) but she got a suit of armor (pictured below) out of the deal, which she wears in any high danger combat environment.


I tend to RP heroes by the philosophy that every hero needs some darkness - even a little bit - or they get boring. Superman and Statesman are great examples - they've little no darkness at all, making them boring to me. But like Spiderman and Batman - who have very tangible dark streaks - are more exciting to me. She is married to Dr. Jake Stone, who - because of the nature of his magic related occupation - can not be around with Shelly much, and she misses him bitterly. Shelly keeps all she has learned about being a Kitsune or her family history strictly to herself and rarely talks to anyone else about it.

Religous Convictions

Kitsune Shelly! Art by Sara.

Shelly might not seem a likely person to have a strong religious conviction, but she does. She is an extremely religious character, but it's a very personal private thing that she keeps largely to herself, but in an open honest discussion it may came out. In her youth she was wild and dangerous - and relished it. As a young special agent, she murdered people, stole from people, seduced people - usually before killing them, and so forth. She was the wild and crazy young female super-spy. As she grew she calmed down and grew up, especially when she started to learn the truth about who she was. Perhaps it was the realization that she was part of a bigger destiny and had important things she needed to do with her life, but in her late twenties Shelly Lightfoot is a very different person than she was in her late teens. She has developed a faith in all the soul searching and connecting to her family identity that is not completely categorical but deeply tied to her Kitsune nature. Her family's ancestral home on her home world has a shrine that Shelly keeps nice and stocked with incense to her ancestors. When she visits her ancestral home, she spends many long hours meditating here, getting in touch with herself. Even in Paragon City, somewhere in Shelly and Stone's room is a photograph in black and white of Shelly, like 5 years old, holding her mother and father's hands. The photo can at times have a bit of burning incense in front of it.

She describes her religious affiliations as Shinto. She often prays to the spirits of her mother and father, and believes that the spirits and memories of her mother and father guide her life. Her mother - the shapeshifter, kitsune, trickster. Her father... the stalwart war hero with no powers at all.



Supergroup Affiliation: The Zenvious Foundation ([10])

Spouse: Dr. Jake Stone


Shelly's been hunting Nemesis a great deal, prompting Nemesis to attempt to make an automaton duplicate of her, but never managed to take out the original. A prototype Shelly robot was built but never activated before Shelly recovered it, but it is unknown if more were constructed or why Nemesis has taken such an interest in her.

Arbiter Sands of Arachnos specifically requested that Arachnos employ the PsychoChronoMetron device on Shelly Lightfoot, and Recluse seemed to agree before Agent Lightfoot absconded with the PCM device. Arbiter Sands is still bound and determined to duplicate the device and use it on Shelly. Rumors floated of an Arachnos Agent called Iron Hawk with Shelly's face, created by the PCM, but no proof of this has ever been confirmed.

While Shelly would normally not care about the Circle of Thorns, the Circle has recently discovered Shelly's unpredictable Kitsune half and look at her like a delicious battery of chaotic magical energies for them to consume. On one occasion Shelly was disabled and unable to defend herself, the Circle seized the opportunity to lock her up and siphon energy from her until Shelly was able to escape. "Fine, Circle... you want war... you've got one!" Shelly told them.

Shelly also turned up another interesting scrap of rumor. She was not normally native to this world, but it seems that she did, in fact, exist our world also. However all records of her ended in 1937... at Requiem ([11]). It would seem that her Paragon Universe self was directly fighting the early Nazi forces that became the Council in 1937, and disappeared. There is no documented evidence, but the suspicion at this point is that Requiem himself may have killed the native Shelly Lightfoot. However now, the nictus-joined immortal Requiem of the present has taken notice of the new Shelly Lightfoot, and has seen fit to send her a warning... not to get involved. A warning she notoriously ignored.

One of Shelly's mortal enemies, Agent Iron Hawk is Shelly Lightfoot's evil twin, a darker and older version of herself native to Earth Prime. She was supposed to have died during WW2, but somehow she's back...

Shelly's evil uncle she did not know about for the longest time who seeks to kill Shelly Lightfoot and steal her Kitsune powers. He avoids the spotlight or being seen, preferring to work from the shadows. He is every bit as powerful as Shelly is, and seeks Shelly's utter ruin.

The assassins from the future felt that killing Shelly Lightfoot was the best way to prevent horrible things from happening in the future. He almost succeeded, if not for the intervention of the Foundation. Shelly STILL has no idea what she does in the future that these future-assassins felt the needs to eliminate her.

Shelly fights the Iradu to save Vagary!

The notorious fake-heroes of Paragon City were uncovered by Bonfire Butterfly and after her torture and near death most of the Zenvious Foundation was galvanized against the Arbiter and his troop of undercover Arachnos spies in the city. Shelly had a run-in with the Arbiter himself in Pocket D one day, in which Shelly - in her usual bluntness - told the Arbiter that the foundation was onto him and would soon expose him, and nothing he did could stop the Foundation from doing so. Needless to say, Arbiter Death hates Shelly, and Shelly would take great pleasure in taking down the Arbiter. Only time will tell who wins that one.

An old time enemy of Zen's, the mind-screwing villainess leads the Institute villain organization that Zen left when it started becoming evil. When she tried to frame Zen for her own murder, she appeared in the Foundation base, and tried to screw with Shelly's mind. Shelly took a serious slice out of Hagan's shoulder before she escaped. While Shelly has some resistance to her mind-based attacks, it's not a lot, and Jenna Hagan is a serious threat to Shelly should Jenna Hagan come out of hiding once more.

  • The Iradu

The Iradu are a religious extremist faction within the Rikti from the future. Shelly works closely with Vanguard, so when these Rikti come for her friends Mike Mars of Vagary Keller, Shelly has been there to oppose them. Of all the Rikti factions, the Iradu hate her the most.


Shelly is a Kitsune. She was born thinking she had no powers at all but over time the Kitsune heritage started to make itself known. MOST of her abilities come only through hard work, training, discipline, and two magical items that make those skills stronger. Although it could be argued that Shelly's ability to drink almost anyone (almost anyone) under the table is borderline on a weird pseudo-superpower. Her actual Kitsune abilities are seldom used. Seldom relied on. But if the situation warrants it, those powers will come out... often with disastrous results. The last time that happened, hundreds died.

Katana AssassinBlade.png

Her sword belonged to her mother. Shelly isn't aware of the full history of the sword, but it dates back to what some might call myths of magical beings making war in an ancient times. The sword was owned by one of her ancestors who was a fox spirit. The sword itself is folded steel and was made with a Naginata, which has been lost over time. The sword was passed down from mother to daughter, until rival gang warfare caused Shelly's mother Sakura Suzuki to leave the country and moved to Chicago, taking the sword with her, and giving it to Shelly ultimately.

Regeneration QuickRecovery.png

Shelly's ability to regenerate her health quickly is not natural, but comes from an artifact necklace given to her by the archaeologist Dr. Jake Stone as a Christmas gift. The necklace is bound to Shelly and cannot be given away (she can take it off, but others cannot wear it). Dr. Stone knows it's origins but has not told Shelly yet. But necklace itself is ornate silver wire studded with diamonds. Shelly wears it underneath her clothes and out of sight for safety reasons. The necklace allows her to heal herself both actively and passively, even to get back up after being defeated in battle.

Fitness Stamina.png

Shelly Lightfoot works out constantly to maintain her abilities and hone them. As a result she moves quickly, regenerates her health and endurance at an accelerated rate, and in most cases she never ever runs out of endurance - her rate of recovery is so high.


Shelly's ability to fly is two fold. When using Vanguard combat gear she can fly with rocket boots. However, when not armored, she can use her Kitsune abilities to send herself aloft.

Body Mastery

Shelly's self-training has focused on staying in shape and sharpening her senses, including being able to focus her senses to a degree that her blade seldom misses it's target.

Latest RPs and News

Skies of Blood

When Mr. Zen learned that Shelly was somehow connected to the Kitsune, that set in motion a series of events that lead to Shelly learning about the hidden truth in her heritage and background. While she had spent her life bitter about not having super powers, they were in her genes, passed on from her mother's side of the family, laying dormant for the right moment. A trip to her home world, attacked by a dragon, and daughter from the distant future all began to trigger the unlocking of these dormant powers, natural to one of the Kitsune.

To read this story arc, visit here: [12]


Her spouse, Dr. Jake Stone, managed to spirit away the unborn child Shelly carried to a place where the child would still grow and thrive, out of harms way and allowing Shelly to continue her heroic activities in Paragon City. This was done mostly because Kitsune-human pairing offspring usually die during birth, and this system was put in place to protect against that happening. Though not visually pregnant, Shelly can still feel the effects.

Shelly took a lot of time off after Katherine was born. Already the power the girl demonstrates is considerable, manifesting full grown from the future before she had even left the womb.

Mender Equilibrium

Mender Equilibrium

The Zenvious Foundation formed a tentative alliance with the Menders of Ouroboros. On the surface it was due to the nature of the Foundation being somewhat outside of time and having many members from across time. However, there was a deeper - darker motivation. The Zenvious Foundation was infiltrating Ouroboros to find out what they want, what they know, and what their true motivations are. Using a hand-picked group of Foundation members lead by Dr. Jet Falcon, they became Menders to infiltrate the ranks of the time-travelers organization. Among Dr. Falcon's hand-picked group was Shelly Lightfoot - already highly versed in undercover operations, and one who has no trust at all for the Menders of Ouroboros - a fact that Dr. Falcon relied heavily upon in selecting her for the job. Shelly - as a Mender - uses her Kitsune nature to her advantage to mend problems with time, but only as a front to find out what the Menders are really up to. She suspects - but has no proof yet - that Mender Silos is in fact none other than Nemesis himself. But is this future Nemesis really an enemy? Or is he really trying to stop a great cataclysm...?

Shelly was being introduced to the Menders of Ouroboros by the Mender's liason to the foundation, Mender Stygian. He explained to her about the internal factional disagreements among the Menders - some who mend time to make of it what they wished, and others that truly seek to mend time for good or ill. Shelly, being Kitsune, believed - and still does to this day - that a balance must be struck and time not be altered for personal gain. She engaged in small acts of mending time where she could either by stealth, subterfuge, or by taking out wrongdoers by her blade. She won enough support with the Menders to be made a full mender. She was presented a custom Mender uniform created by Mender Aurora, whom she later learned was none other than Franchesca DiMarco (Clockwork Dawn) herself and that she and Mender Stygian were partners. She was also given the code name of Mender Equilibrium, as a hand off to her Kitsune nature.

Mrs. Lightfoot continues to mend the timestream as she quietly attempts on the side to learn the secrets the Menders are hiding. She does NOT trust Franchesca DiMarco or Stygian, or even the rest of the menders.

Arbiter Death

Shelly ran afoul of the notorious villain of The Zenvious Foundation known as Arbiter Death in the D one night. She warned him that the Foundation was onto him and determined to expose him and his friend's espionage to the city and - even if the Foundation failed to remove them, the Freedom Phalanx could be called to remove them. (((Ready Shivans and nukes, prepare to stack vengeance!))) Arbiter Death took it rather personally, and started looking for a way to strike at the tricky Kitsune woman personally.

Arbiter Death found an opening when he met Fudokazu. He was more than HAPPY to sell Arbiter Death the secret to taking down a Kitsune... for the price of a favor. Fudokazu then offered to sell the Arbiter's plans to the Foundation, but Toxpin refused to pay Fudokazu's price. Fudokazu left, laughing at the Foundation.

Sure enough, with a CD player of 1920's jazz music, Arbiter Death was able to capture Shelly when she was on a regular patrol mission in Peregrine Island. Arbiter Death tortured her, only to discover that Shelly was trained and experienced in coping with torture. He tortured her for information about the exact dimensional location of the Foundation's secure base. All he got out of her was name and hero ID number. Any wounds he inflicted on her immediately closed up again. The arbiter used her regeneration to his advantage, hurting her, seeing it heal, and hurting her again.

But the Arbiter made a single mistake. He ignored her comm device. Mechanizm had replaced her comm device a few months back with a new one that was top of the line after the incident with being turned into children and captured by the Circle of Thorns. Shelly was able to subtly and without the Arbiter noticing, hit the red alarm button on her comm, causing alarms to sound in the Foundation base and on the Foundation comm network.

Sure enough, a few hours into the torture, the Villains of Paragon City base was invaded by Hero Prime, Toxpin, and later Jet Falcon. Arbiter Death played it smart and used stealth to vanish from sight as the three of the Foundation's heaviest hitters came in and found Shelly strapped to a table. The trio approached with caution, certain that it was a trap. Sure enough when they tried to free her, the explosives under the table were remote detonated. While causing very little damage to Hero Prime, Toxpin, and Jet Falcon, Shelly was thrown across the room, knocked out cold. She was picked up and taken back to the Foundation base and treated for her injuries.

A week later Artemis's Siren was beaten up by Arbiter Death, and Jet Falcon duelled the Arbiter to defend her, and beat the Arbiter senseless countless times. Jet Falcon was later reprimanded for these actions by Mr. Zen and Jade Ohm, and the incident was put under wraps. Shelly got wind of things on the comm and asked what was going on - stating she had 'personal interest' in the situation. Jade Ohm took Shelly aside and explained to her what had happened and why the foundation had taken a position against Jet Falcon's actions. Shelly was secretly glad that Jet Falcon had beaten the Arbiter to a pulp... it was poetic justice and karma coming to call, as far as she was concerned.

Towards the End of An Era

After the birth of Katherine Lightfoot, she had an argument with Mender Aurora, and left the Ouroboros organization. She never wanted to be in it in the first place and was only there under cover to try and get information for Jet Falcon and Mr. Zen. But in time the need for the project waned and so there wasn't a need for Shelly to do it anymore. Shelly left to spend more time with her daughter and her spouse. She still frequents the Foundation to see her friends there. She has uncovered most of her family's past records and learned much about who and what she is expected to be as a Kitsune. However the appearance of Katherine Lightfoot's future self has given her some to be worried about. The ominous warning that some point she gains her fifth tail and goes insane, far worse that the already insane future Katherine, weighs on her mind.

After the collapse of the Zenvious Foundation, Arbiter Death moved in on Shelly. However instead of avoiding him, Shelly's Kitsune side took over. She tricked the Arbiter into sending him and his agents to take down her evil uncle Fudokazu under the false pretense of considering joining his organization. Fudokazu was fully aware of Shelly's manipulations, and set about to lay traps for the Arbiter and his friends. The result remains to be seen...


The Post-Zenvious Era

After the breakup of the Zenvious Foundation, Shelly started to fall back into some of her old habits. She spent a lot of time raising her daughter and spending time with Jake. She was asked, on occasion, to do freelance work for Ouroborous as Mender Equilibrium again, which she grudgingly accepted from time to time. However her heart was not in it. In her nature... her heart of hearts... Shelly was Kitsune, and seeing justice not done for the sake of the letter of the law was starting to get to Shelly. Over time she started to go a little vigilante, around 2010.


Shelly has a number of exploitable weaknesses, depending on her current state. Most CoH gameplay will find her in Human Form, but sometimes in RP situations she might enter full Kitsune form, at which point she becomes very difficult to defeat. But she is not invulnerable or undefeatable by any stretch of the imagination.

Human Form

When in human form ((like in most of CoH play)) she is quite hardly and resilient, hard to defeat - up to and including tanking Elite Bosses. However defeating her is simple - outdamage her regeneration. Sometimes, however, that's easier said than done. A good alpha strike will usually do it.

Kitsune Form

Somewhat intangible with a tendency to disappear here and reappear there, the Kitsune, when fully manifested, is slippery and difficult to defeat. She does not enter into CoH play hardly at all and exists only in RP situations, as many of the crazy and insane things the Kitsune is able to do completely defy CoH game mechanics, like sitting on the ceiling.

It's debatable if a Kitsune is a fairy creature, but most will hold a Kitsune is not, therefore that would argue that iron has little to no effect on her, unlike her ex-roommate Yolanda Gladstone. However, there is an old trick to defeating a Kitsune - mesmerizing it with a pretty song. A pretty song is a stronger hold to a Kitsune than any mag 50 hold you can produce.

Character Playlist

What's on Shelly's iPod? A mix of new and old music. Typically she'll love music from her own era - 1910-1920's swing and big band sounds. But living in the present, she adapted.

  • Leave All the Rest - by Linkin Park - from Minutes to Midnight
  • Am I Blue - by Ray Charles
  • The Rocketeer Soundtrack - James Horner
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow soundtrack
  • The Reason - by Hoobastank
  • Blue - Eiffel 65
  • Batman Begins soundtrack - James Newton Howard and Hanz Zimmer
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire soundtrack - James Newton Howard

OOC Information

Shelly was originally a FFORPG (that's Free Form Online RPG, not Final Fantasy Online) character. Me and two other friends brought some of our FFORPG characters here to CoX when I started playing. Of all the little alts I made when I started, Shelly took off the fastest. When bringing her roleplay here, I considered rewriting it for the existing Paragon universe, but when I instead made her a person out of her own time - it added to her depth and character and made her rather unique - so I ran with it. Shelly's out of her time - 70 years out of her time - because the FFORPG was in 1937, but she and some of her friends were launched forward to now when we created them in the Paragon universe. When I RP her, specific names and things from the FFORPG universe she was based in are not used, although some of the more basic elements of who she was and what she did stayed. Some of her roots came from the Crimson Skies [13], Lara Croft, and Inu-yasha universes. The best way to describe her in ten words or less is she's Batman style - totally self made hero, practices, works out, and works hard to be a hero. She didn't get any powers handed to her on a silver platter like most heroes, a point she's very bitter about.

More Information

  • KT/regen Scrapper badges: [14]
  • KT/regen Scrapper spec: [15]
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