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'One picture of Hellion Mk. 1 for the papers!'
Hellion Mk.1
Player: @Hellion31
Origin: Technology, Natural(Lucas)
Archetype: Mastermind(Lucas), Blaster(Paragon)
Security Level: 20(Lucas)/50 [+1](Blaster)
Personal Data
Real Name: JM-01 Prototype Civilian Droid
Known Aliases: Hellion, Lucas Timothy Travers, Alexander Landers
Species: Android
Age: Assembled Feb. 28 2008(Simulated age: 23 years)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 513lbs/152lbs(Lucas)
Eye Color: None(Hellion Mk. 1's eyes are digital lenses)/Brown(Lucas)
Hair Color: None/Black(Lucas)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles
Occupation: Former mercenary, Lone vigilante
Place of Birth: Aeon University, Cap Au Diable, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Platinum Apartments, Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single and not looking
Known Relatives: Joseph Malone(Creator), Assassination Droid JM-02(Successor series), JM-02 No. 173("Brother"), Martin Travers(Lucas' genetic template)
Known Powers
Hellion Mk. 1's abilities include: Flight, Weapons adaption system, Rocket Launcher, Mini gun, Dual Concussor beam cannons, Stealth module, force field generator
Known Abilities
Long range combat
See powers


Hellion Mk. 1: Up close and personal

What if machines had souls? ~ Anonymous

Hellion Mk. 1 is one of my favourites because of his willpower and determination to see any task through. Hellion Mk. 1 is a force to be reckoned. He possesses the ability to go hand to hand as well as shoot fire. He remains a true of an underdog due to leaving a bad first impression. At first, I decided to make him bent on Machine supremacy. However, there were too many evil robots, so I decided to develop him as more of a redside hero who fights to protect those he holds dear. In other words, Hellion went from Robot Master to Megaman X.


Hellion Mk. 1 is often known for his former feud against all organic life. However, After giving up most of his grudges, he became less mechanical and more focused on taking a more ethical path. This change in personality was evident in the fact that he no longer enjoyed killing organic life like he used to. Generally, He is more hot headed than he used to be, losing his temper upon the slightest aggravation, as well as foul mouthed. Despite being short tempered, he can also be very supportive and friendly. Also, He has a tendency to play an occasional pranks on someone, or say something to aggravate others into fighting him. He remains as stubborn as always, and when combined with his short temper, he remains very hard to reason with when angry. His cocky attitude towards fights can often get him into situations where he is humiliated or damaged. He can also appear slow witted when confronted with a logic situation or guessing variables because he often takes too many possibilities into consideration at once. However, his anger remains his dominant problem as he struggles with controlling his temper.

In battle, he starts off pulling his punches, using non lethal force. However, once he gets deeper into the heat of battle, his attacks become more and more brutal and focused as he becomes even angrier. There are very few cases nowadays where he will show absolutely no mercy, as he is sensitive towards those who are weak and/or injured.

Hardware Specifications

Original(Febuary 28th 2008)

Three months later(June 1st 2008)

After repair and customization(July 5th 2008)


Hellion Mk. 1 is better suited for long range combat. However, He can also deliver a fierce blow at point blank range, with the use of his energy manipulators.

List of Weapons

Built-in/Adapted Weapons

-Flame generators(Both Palms) This weapon is one weapon he used to use. It would generate fire from his palms, allowing him to set fire to an enemy or clear a path obstructed by a flammable obstacle.

-Electric cannon(Right palm) His right palm opens up to reveal an electrical stun cannon. This isn't as strong as the cannon that inspired this upgrade, but it is still lethal to most lifeforms of earth.

-Plasma cannons(Both Palms) His current weapon of choice. The projectiles of the weapon do not have adhesive abilities save for one type of energy that sticks to the enemy (Affectionately called 'Sticky Bomb Mode').

-Melee energy gauntlet mode(knuckles) This weapon is used at melee range if he cannot create distance between himself and his opponent. The kinetic energy enhancement increases the damage done by his fists.

-Compact rocket launcher(Right backhand) This rocket launcher seems like your typical upgrade. It is. It fires rockets at insanely fast speeds.

-Mini-gin(Left backhand) This mini-gun fires 12 rounds per second. If used for a minute (without pause), 72 rounds in total would be fired.

-Rail gun(right index and middle fingers) One conductor rail emerges from his index and middle fingers. However, it cannot work without a small projectile. Once the object in question is launched by the conductor rails, said object will travel at several hundred kilometers per hour.

-Concussor beam(Both palms) These are your standard concussor beams. Not much to explain here.


Hellion Mk. 1 was intended to be a civilian droid before it took on it's mantle.

Strong Electrical Currents/EMP blasts: Due to an installed EMP resistor as well as the fact that the Arc Reactor series are electromagnetic reactors to begin with, Hellion's lifespan is not affected by the Electromagnetic currents. However, they still affect him on a psychological and emotional level, with each blast causing him to go temporarily berserk. An EMP is the quickest way to cause him to lose all rational thought and turn him into a mindless, savage beast of steal. Prolonged exposure to extremely powerful electromagnetic currents will cause permanent damage to his rationality. The stronger the force, the stronger the damage.

Technopaths: Another Weakness of Hellion's, A strong enough technopath could gain control of Hellion's body. Said technopath could also issue orders to him. Fortunately, He has strong enough defense programming to regain control over his body quickly. The technopath may try to get him to do exactly what they want, but his reaction will be random and different from what was instructed. The can easily access his memories though.

Anger: His biggest weakness is his short temper. Provoked, he will charge into battle without proper preparation. This has often cost him limbs and wings at the hands of stronger enemies, proving that his emotional capacity can be a great asset as well as a terrible liability that endangers him. Due to his pride, he will often take on dangerous challenges alone to the chagrin of his friends and superior ranked officers of Ghost Hound. Once combined with his short temper, the results of his decisions may prove to be catastrophic no matter how good his original intentions were. Despite the fact that he is trying his best to learn how to control his anger, this sometimes proves to be difficult endeavor as his irrationality often bests his logic.

Although the Lucas body has none of the weaknesses that Hellion does, It is vulnerable to all hazards that would affect any human being and without preparation and weaponry, Lucas can be killed.

Lucas is also allergic to coriander.


Icarus flew to the sun and died... Joseph Malone made the same mistake creating me.

A robotics project gone awry

JM-01 Prototype's original appearance

Joseph Malone was a student at Aeon University who was assigned a Robotics Project. He decided to gather a team with the objective to build an android who could walk, speak and behave like a human being without being noticed. Malone and his team had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this project put forth. The difficulty in building the 'JM-01 Prototype' was putting the pieces together to make everything perfect. Eventually, due to lack of funding and resources, the team disbanded and the project rested solely on Malone's shoulders. Malone worked hard to make this project functional and complete. Eventually, 'Civilian Android Prototype' was near completion. However, the JM-01 disliked the Artificial Emotion system coded into him. Soon, Malone would add pain reception as a feature to make him more human. Out of disapproval and anger, he killed his creator by crushing his lower haw merely with his grip. Quickly, he made his escape.

Soon, he encountered Sky Raiders who wanted to hoard his parts for salvage. With the rage of an angry mob of thousands, he dismembered the approaching Sky Raiders with brute force. Soon, He hid inside various laboratories, stealing parts to complete himself. As he traveled, he made sure to kill anyone who found him with no regard for the consequences. Eventually, he chose the name 'Hellion Mk. 1' wanting to take control of his own fate.

Soon Hellion Mk. 1 would be self completed. However, He failed to rid himself of the A.E. system coded into him. The 0.00125% margin of success eventually drove him to an even deeper hatred, causing him to vow death to all organic life on earth. Soon, he would join a band of cybernetic life forms known as Ghost Hound, only to remain more rogue than the other members. Continuing his path of bloodshed, Hellion Mk. 1 wanted to make his name known and feared by all who cross his path. The many successful assassinations under his belt, despite their great execution, had gained him little infamy due to the fact that they considered him difficult to take seriously. Soon, he encountered Dr. Kazz, a fully cybernetic being who was once a brilliant robotics professor. Strangely, Hellion Mk. 1 didn't show very much interest in eliminating this Ghost in the Shell, due to his respect for Kazz's decision to abandon flesh for parts of machinery as well as the doctor being a great asset to Ghost Hound. Eventually, Hellion Mk. 1 was encountered by a young criminal leader with an offer to join forces. Assessing that such an offer was an insult to his pride, he refused, departing with a snide remark.

Hellion continued to opt for Machine Supremacy, hoping to eliminate all organic life.

Humanity... IT HURTS!!!

Lucas Travers

Hellion Mk. 1 soon encountered a force that would decimate hiss metallic structure. Damages included a broken left arm hanging by several wires, severe denting of his chassis, tears along his chest cavity, severed wires in his right leg, and his face guard shattered to expose its optical lenses and A.I. component. The extensive damage that was done to him interfered with his ability to speak coherently as well as his motor skills. Dr. Kazz immediately took Hellion Mk. 1 in and performed a procedure that he would never expect.

Hellion awoke, feeling exhausted and barely able to move. His body feeling unusually tender and soft. He observed his body through new eyes. To his horror, He had been turned into the very thing he despised. Hellion Mk. 1 was now a human male. His new body angered him, causing him to nearly turn on Dr. Kazz. However, with the assurance of a few members of Ghost Hound, Hellion Mk. 1 decided to bear with his new body.

Soon, Hellion headed over to Pocket D to observe humanity from their perspective. Unfortunately, He encountered a siren to which the organic body had a reaction of arousal towards. The Siren sang a song, causing Hellion to nearly leap from a height that would be suicidal. Fortunately, Dr. Kazz showed up in time to prevent the siren's song from causing his death. Coming back to senses, Hellion criticized and ridiculed the siren, despite knowing well that his life was almost taken by her. Immediately, He vowed to repair it's old form and return to his original objective of becoming a machine overlord.


One day, Hellion met a woman named Marilyn who had a natural talent with machines. Unlike with most people, He didn't initially hold any hostility towards her. Soon, he realized he cared for her. After being teased by his friends about it, he finally hinted his feelings to her. The two eventually entered a relationship, seeing each other as two individuals who cared greatly for one another. Hellion had always been willing to risk his life to protect her. However, A former ally of his, Mech Vangaurd, threatened the safety of humanity and Hellion reluctantly decided to oppose him. Knowing well that Mech Vangaurd contained a nuclear explosive that could destroy the Rogue Isles, he did what he had to in order to stop the psychotic machine from endangering countless lives, including Marilyn. After Mech Vangaurd's rival, Mech Sentry, sacrificed himself to assist Hellion, Mech Vangaurd was free to roam, leaving a wake of carnage. With no time to waste, Hellion utilized a new weapon built from the remains of Mech Sentry by Dr. Kazz to destroy Mech Vangaurd.

Soon, another threat was taken care of, he had a new task. To investigate a notorious film company known as Visceral Video Enterprises. Donning the name "Lucas Travers" (Unaware that the genetic template was actually former longbow agent Michael Travers), he investigated them with a watchful eye. His cover as a reporter remained intact, yet he was fraught with many dangers as the company wanted him dead. After deeper investigation, the evidence was cleverly pinned on Arbiter Death. Hellion was sure that the evidence had lead to the right place. Soon, Marilyn joined Hellion on his quest to uncover the truths behind Visceral Video Enterprises. Eventually, Scott Marx, Director of Visceral Video Enterprises, assumed Hellion was connected, seeing Marilyn in the company of the people who questioned him. Hellion had assured him that he was not connected with the press. Unconvinced, he decided to send a known criminal to interrogate Marilyn violently. Upon learning from C-1 Cataclysm the bad news, Hellion wanted justice.

After several other incidents(some involving invaders from alternate timelines), He would face the most shocking news yet. Marilyn left him a package with a farewell letter. She was leaving him to travel to alternate universes. Hellion opened the present, revealing a suit that could grant him the sense of touch. From that day forward, he made it his side objective outside of Ghost Hound to protect the innocent and serve as a hero of both Paragon and the Rogue Isles. To this day, Hellion sees Marilyn O'Donnell as the only person he will ever love.


Friends and Allies

Unit Crimson -

Hellion Mk. 1's right hand man with a quirk of his own. Unit Crimson may be a large behemoth, but his sense of humor and references to gaming often leaves people confused or laughing. Crimson is also known to be heavily addicted to video games and will often comment on the latest big game. Crimson's favorite hobby besides gaming is cooking, however he is not very good at it. He will often make references to his gaming experiences on Xbox Live and being one of the players with a less colorful vocabulary. His catchphrases are "<Explanation of human advantages>. And that's why I wish I was human...", "Cooking time!", "Ess tee eff yew!!(Spelled STFU)" and "Prepare to be pwned, n00b!"

"This big guy's been there for me since the beginning! I assigned him and the other units to protect Lucas and they all do an amazing job at keeping him alive. Just wish he would stop trying to cook, though... Not to mention he's way too obsessed with Xbox Live."

Units Obsidian, Silver and Cobalt -

Three combat droids. Despite lacking Unit Crimson's personality, Units Silver and Obsidian more than compensate in sheer firepower. These droids can be seen in Lucas' entourage behind Unit Crimson.

Unit Cobalt acts as a foil to Crimson's childish behavior, often critical of anything he says. Cobalt is a no nonsense droid with courage that exceeds her size. Despite having no identifiable gender, Cobalt identifies herself as female and has a female voice(Which Hellion is unable to explain). She enjoys collecting confiscated weapons. Her catchphrase is "Crimson. You're an idiot."

Unit Silver is a unit that behaves very much like an old man. He will often complain when the others are arguing or when faced with an undesirable situation. He can also be cranky when summoned by Lucas or anyone. His catch phrase is "People these days...<Insert complaint applicable to the current situation>. Back when I was built, people were much better than this!"

Unit Obsidian, unlike the others, has no personality whatsoever and often follows the orders of Lucas without question. He has no catchphrase.

"These three may not be the toughest, but they are tenacious!"

Units Freyr and Apollo -

Protector units capable of combat. Both have proven to be a great asset to Hellion Mk. 1, protecting the team from harm. Unit Freyr focuses primarily on repair as her male counterpart, Apollo, is adept at creating shields.

Freyr is shy at first, however she knows when she needs to act. Like Cobalt, she identifies herself as female. She is often the first person to calmly warn Lucas to be careful of enemies, where as Cobalt would give a more stern "Be careful!". She enjoys reading and will become distracted by what she is reading. Her catchphrase is "Do you require assistance, <insert character's name here>?"

Apollo is far more serious than even Cobalt, and will often ignore any humor, much like Silver and Obsidian. However, unlike the latter two, Apollo has an extremely protective personality. This is often demonstrated as he is the first one to shield everyone with force fields no matter who or where they are. His hobbies include playing chess and putting together jigsaw puzzles. His catchphrase is "Would you like a shield, sir/madam?", followed by summoning a protective barrier around the target regardless of whether or not they want it.

"The medic bots can repair damage as well as they can deliver it!"

Dr. Kazz

Hellion Mk. 1's mentor and Commanding officer. There was one time when Dr. Kazz turned Hellion human. Af first he hated every second of it, but with the help of Dr. Kazz, he adapted to it. Hellion's opinion of Dr. Kazz only went higher as the two interacted. Hellion thinks of Dr. Kazz as a mentor and a trusted friend.

"The good doc is everything I wished I could be. Even though my goals are different now, I still have great respect for him."

Shadow of Havoc

Beginning as enemies, the two soon became allies. They often exchange jokes and communicate freely. Havoc has helped Hellion face some tough battles in the past.

"Worth my respect! In the darkest times of my past, he's helped me take down the worst of scum."

Marc Slade/Metamorph

At first, Marc and Hellion didn't get a long. As Marc would antagonize Hellion. He would threaten Marc's life. Eventually, the two set asside their differences and became friends. Marc Slade has also been hired by Lucas Travers to gain information on a certain business.

"He may be a shape shifter... But as long as he's not backstabbing people, he's okay in my book!"

Kain Omega/Anarchy Agent

Kain and Hellion have an unusual friendship where the two often go out of eachother's way to antiganize one another. When Kain isn't aggrivating Hellion, Hellion's finding ways to blackmail Kain.

"The less said... The better..."

High Jinks

The two started off not getting along. Hellion was easily annoyed at High Jinks' humor. Jinks was wary of him. Hellion headbutted him and punched him a few times. However, the two soon became friends. Jinks wants to find Hellion's sense of humor. Despite Hellion's serious nature, He does find Jinks' antics amusing over time. Hellion's imposter, JM-02, was the one responsible for an earlier assassination attempt.

"Funny guy! But sometimes he can be a total dumbass..."

"Liz"/Lillith Mk. 1

A universal portal opened, allowing for something ridiculous to happen. A female version of himself! She turns out to be far more polite and mild mannered than he is. However, Her holographic camoflague is much more unstable than his, and(unlike him) she also relies on archery and traps. She has also never killed a single person in her life. Hellion trained her in the harshest manner possible in order to prepare her for the worst. However, one day, he threw her into a portal. This portal, unfortunately, led to Praetoria. A Neuron Industries facility to be specific. Fortunately she escaped. The two still got along despite this. However, his eventual control over his anger caused her to label him a hypocrite. His initial training had changed her personality for the worst. The once kindhearted gynoid had turned herself into a remorseless war machine in hopes of earning his respect, only to discover that he had not intended to make her this way, but merely to instill confidence in her to help her overcome her timid nature. Unfortunately, she had met an untimely demise in Praetoria after her rampage.

"Creepy resemblance to me... Very creepy resemblance. Except she started out totally different. She used to be such a good fembot. That is until I had to screw everything up with my "tough bot" talks. I don't think I could ever forgive myself for what I turned her into..."


The two haven't met very often, but they get along very well. Kennie and Hellion often share interests and get along very well.

"He's totally cool."

Red Komodo

A friend of Hellion's who works for the Battalion Initiative as well as a biologist. Hellion finds him to be somewhat weird. However, the two get along just fine. They first met when Red walked in on an interview Visceral Video Enterprises was conducting with Marilyn, with a distrusting Hellion observing. Later, Hellion would become an ally of Red's.

"Awesome guy. A little wierd though. And he's always avoiding Petite La Morte."

Petite La Morte

The two met through Red Komodo. So far they get along fairly well. The first thing he noticed about her was her feelings towards Red. He sometimes wonders if Red will ever return her feelings.

"She cares about Mark and would do anything to protect him... And she's a cool lady!"

Wolves Gang Leader(Chris)

At first the two didn't get along, but after being sucked into a gang war, the two became the best of friends. Chris is an interesting guy who loves to be intoxicated, but strives to bring peace to the Rogue Isles through gang control. Although Hellion opposes his methods, he sees that Chris has some good intentions.

"My buddy for life! I got his back and he's got mine! Even though we're on different sides of the fence, I see he's got a few good intentions. Misguided though."

Templar Vruke

Despite their completely different personalities, they get along well. Where as Vruke is a man who carefully evaluates situations, and judges accordingly to his intuitions, Hellion is more likely to rush into things based on his emotional compass. Vruke and Hellion have fought a few battles together, building a friendship from that. Vruke is one of the few people who know Hellion's secret identity.

"Vruke's a great guy... Just don't piss him off."

Belle Barium

Belle and Hellion initially got along well despite Hellion's lack of control over his temperment. The two meet occasionally, but each meeting is goes rather well. Initially, she came up with a few names for him as the name 'Hellion' would often be associated with the Paragon City gang. She soon settled on Mark One. The two haven't had many problems if any.

"Great Heroine. She's got a positive effect on everyone she meets."

Acquaintances of Note

Corey Howlett -

Their initial meeting wasn't a very good one. However, it didn't end in violence. Howlett approached him with a confident smile on his face, only to be openly insulted by this android. Leaving Howlett behind to take the skies, Hellion Mk. 1 snidely remarked, "Organic... How dare you think I would ever bow to you." He left Howlett alive, thinking very little of him. Later on, Dr. Kazz would manage to take weapon blueprints from Corey by pulling the fake money trick. Months later, Hellion would subdue and humiliate him. Hellion has no respect for him, nor has he ever had any. Every time he hears about how someone 'killed' Howlett, he simply shakes his head as he's aware that Howlett is only going to return from the dead very shortly afterwards.

"Gotta give hat's off to your quintessential megalomaniac. Sure loves his pasta. He'll even kill to get a plate. Trust me. He'll actually do it."

C-1 Cataclysm

C-1 Cataclysm was created based off of some of the elements from Mech Vangaurd and Hellion Mk. 1. However, Hellion Mk. 1 considers the worst of C-1.

"He's not so bad... Once you get past the whole 'This one views your existence as inconsequential' thing..."


A bitter dislike between these two were sparked from the beginning. Fuu would often ridicule Hellion, maybe because of his thin upper arms or his tendancy to complain openly about something that offends him. Despite his upgrades and aerial advantage, he had lost a battle to Fuuinashi due to his lack of fortitude.

"He pisses me off... Then again, who doesn't sometimes."

Keelut Yakone

Hellion and Keelut aren't the best of friends, but they aren't the worst of enemies either. Because Keelut dislikes all machines, Hellion takes pleasure in pissing him off a lot. He will not hesitate to call Keelut a smurf and does so every opportunity he gets.

"He's really fun to aggravate!"

Sara Ritsuhashi

Hellion is a fan of her band. He once got his guitar signed by her after showing her a couple of guitar solos.

"Great guitar player! I'd love to challenge her to a guitar battle some day."


Mech Vangaurd

Mech Vangaurd was a threat not only to his friends, but the rest of humanity. Hellion wasn't going to take him lightly because of the nuclear explosive contained inside Vangaurd. Ultimately, Hellion had succeeded in destroying Mech Vanguard with weapons created from the blueprints stolen from Corey Howlett.

"He's dead. Now can we change the subject?"

Gyrus Omega

Hellion hates Gyrus. Gyrus Omega had inadvertently helped his defenses adapt and approve in an attempt destroy his code. Hellion overall sees Gyrus as a foe.

"Where the hell is that bastard anyway... He owes me money!"

Scott Marx

Scott Marx is considered Hellion's Arch Nemisis. He can sometimes be seen trying to take Marx down with every tactic up his sleeve. However, Marx has many methods of dealing with Hellion. While Hellion has an squadron of mech at his service, Marx also has mechs that rival even Unit Crimson. Marx was also responsible for nearly killing Lucas Travers, Hellion's journalist alter ego. Marx has also taken the opportunity of striking at Marilyn, much to his chagrin. Since then, Marx and Hellion have become the worst of enemies.

"Wherever could you be? Marx, once I find you, you'll be quadriplegic for the rest of your life!!"


A successor series to Hellion built by Joseph Malone. Unlike their predecessor, JM-02 units are capable of limited independant thought and demonstrate no emotional pattern whatsoever. JM-02 units are equipped with stealth technology and impervium claws, and most noteworthy, dawn the appearance of Hellion. They will stop at nothing until their predecessor is completely destroyed.

"These poseurs are the second biggest thing that gets on my last circuit. Guess being dead never stopped Joey from making those fakes. Nonetheless, I'm gonna send these counterfeits to the scrapyard!"

JM-02 No. 173(Jam)

This particular unit was one that Hellion reprogrammed to have free will. Not interfering with personality algorithms, He had faith that Jam would figure things out for himself. Jam has a very sadistic idea of entertainment. Although Hellion notices this, he still had hope that Jam would change his ways. However, Now he knows that Jam will never change.

"I gave him a chance, and he just had to go screw things up..."


Hellion always disliked Labal, seeing him as a danger to everyone. Also, the betrayal of Simi'Kraz reinforced dislike, turning it to hatred, and other successive attacks on friends and allies further reinforced his hatred. Labal is also responsible for destroying one of his bodies as of recently. Hellion's animosity towards him cannot be hidden.

"You better not be working for this guy."

IC Opinions on Hellion

Let's face it. I've been on and off virtue for three years. I know I should have put this section here a long time ago, but I always forget. Anyway, post how your characters feel about him below.

Corey Howlett - "That bot cost me quite a bit of spondouli. I'm gonna break 'im apart and sell the scraps."

Andrew Cortez - "I don't know much about him except that he's trying to fight the good fight. I commend that."

Seraphim Mk. 1 - "I have been ordered to destroy him. It's nothing personal actually, I do admire his tenacity and his apparent disregard for his own safety. However, orders are orders."


Alternate universe counterparts


See above.

Seraph works for the Powers Division of the Praetorian Police Department, and is loyal to Emperor Cole's regime. However, he was once an active member of the Resistance who vehemently opposed the same people he was reprogrammed by the IT department of Neuron Industries to serve. He may seem to behave as an evil killing machine, but he's merely patriotic about Praetoria and has an unwavering loyalty to Emperor Cole.

This version of Hellion witnessed the destruction of the entire world at the hands of a genocidal android and his army. A refugee from his home world, he now fights to protect that very world from the same fate. Unlike the current Hellion, this counterpart still lacks a sense of humor. He may have a sense of heroism, but is very strict and disciplinarian towards those under his command. However, he can also be very kind despite his battle hardened nature. His past(As well as his home universe) is identical to Primal Earth Hellion's prior to September 1st 2009. In this universe, Lucas is destroyed in the chaos during suspended animation.

In this universe, Hellion continues his path of villainy. Instead of learning from Marilyn O'Donnell the value of life, he kills her instead. He soon kills many other heroes. Eventually, he upgrades his chassis and dons the name Daemos 2.0, commanding a large army of automatons to hunt organic life. He is opposed by the remaining factions of survivors of his army's attacks. In this universe, he incinerates Lucas.

In this universe, an angel named Julian merges with him, turning the would be villain into a kind hearted hybrid of celestial energy and machine. Adamant Savior becomes a celebrity, causing him to momentarily fall from grace. However, he ultimately redeems himself by rescuing Corey Howlett from the Marcone Family and swaying him from his criminal career.

JM-01 was destroyed by the Sky Raiders, preventing him from becoming Hellion Mk. 1.

In this universe, only robots have every existed. JM-01 is currently running for Mayor of Paragon City.

In the year 2054, all organic lifeforms are killed off by a flesh eating biological weapon unleashed by the robotic super villain Binary Messiah. Binary Messiah also kills or successfully exiles magical beings not effected by the bio weapon. Hellion then decides to gather the other sentient robots and unite them against Binary Messiah's army. The battle is successfully won by the army of cybernetic lifeforms. Hellion recommends Cyber Eagle lead the machines and establish a new world.

In 2091, Hellion retires from hero duty and settles down on Talos Island.

Lilith was originally a laboratory assistant created Dr. Joseph Malone under the name Liz. She enjoyed helping him clean the lab as well as build robotic animals. However, one day Dr. Malone's funding was canceled. This drove the doctor to create mechs to destroy Paragon City. She then decided to wield a bow and arsenal of arrows to battle against her creator and his mechs. Fortunately, Lilith apprehended her creator and turned him over to the Paragon Police Department. However, her creator would escape and create more robots. During a battle with one of her creator's robots, she was thrown into a portal and sent to Primal Earth. Here she met Hellion, who wasn't exactly pleased to see her. She had tried to earn his respect, only to be treated harshly by him. Eventually, his treatment had caused her to become cold and remorseless, trading her bow and arrows for more lethal weapons. Upon learning Hellion's true intentions, to make her stronger and more confident in herself, she dismissed his apology and seemingly turned on the citizens of Neutropolis, only to be destroyed before Hellion could save her. It was revealed that the attacker of Neutropolis was a robotic clone. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

This universe is completely identical to the virtueverse in almost every way, except that Hellion ignores Mender Ramiel's offer of powerful weaponry on May 22nd 2011, thus never coming in contact with a shard from the Well of Furies. So far, besides that one detail, this universe remains identical.

An active member of a cell of freedom fighters who oppose Nemesis. Like his Alpha Xi 2-16 counterpart, he is very battle hardened. However, he is nowhere near as kind and tends to expect more than some of his colleagues are capable of.

Hellion was destroyed trying to stop the Nictus from invading.

Hellion destroys all life on earth. However, Ghosts are currently haunting him and trying to exact revenge.

Hellion was built by a team lead by Doctor Joseph Malone under a company known as Dyson Industries. This version of Hellion turned on Dyson Industries' Security personnel and escaped. He then vowed to destroy all human life until he met a mutant named Lucas Travers and his older sister Elizabeth. Lucas, aided by his empathy ability, talked Hellion out of killing agents of Dyson Industries. The two immediately became friends and would join forces to fight villainy in their partnership. Soon, Dyson Industries builds Seraph in response to Hellion's escape from their labs. At first, Seraph and Hellion are both mortal enemies. However, with intervention from Lucas, the two become allies against various criminal organizations and all three form their own hero group.

A world somewhat similar to Theta Epsilon 6-16, though Joseph Malone is a recent university graduate. The very same team built JM-01 as a personal project. However, unlike Theta Epsilon, Joseph was the only male member of his team. JM-01 becomes Hellion after being possessed by sentient AI by the same name. Elizabeth Travers convinces Hellion to fight for the good guys, with the very reluctant help of her younger brother Lucas. Seraph is still in alpha testing.

In this universe, Hellion is a suit of steam powered armor that Lucas built along with the Seraph suit. The two suits are destroyed upon unsuccessful test runs, but their schematics are hidden very well inside Lucas' workshop.

Hellion Mk. 1 doesn't exist in this universe. However, Lucas' email address is hellish_robot85@yahoo.com.

Hellion Mk. 1 does not exist at all in this universe. However, the Hellion of Theta Epsilon 6-16 once looked at this universe from security footage of an open portal at Dyson Industries' Science Wing on his way out.

Lucas Timothy Travers

See above.

Lucas doesn't exist.

This universe is identical to Primal Earth Hellion's prior to September 1st 2009. In this universe, Lucas is destroyed in the chaos during suspended animation on September 3rd of that year.

Lucas is incinerated by Deimos.

Lucas is a struggling artist trying to make a living. His parents Martin and Lynette are trying to help him obtain a means of income as well as recover from his alcoholism.

Lucas never existed.

In this universe, only robots have every existed. L-UC45 is currently a talk show host who interviews various heroes as well as other celebrities.

In the year 2054, Lucas was destroyed by a bio weapon.

Lucas Travers was once a client of Dr. Malone's who once payed the doctor to build a robotic dog known as Kelevra. Upon hearing the news of how the Doctor went insane, he aided Lilith in her heroic quest by hiring an archer named Javier Rivera to train her in archery. Lucas is the wealthy son of billionaire industrialist Martin Travers and Lynette, Executive of Rivera Industries.

This universe is completely identical to the virtueverse in almost every way, except that Hellion ignores Mender Ramiel's offer of powerful weaponry on May 22nd 2011(Last Sunday), thus never coming in contact with a shard from the Well of Furies. So far, besides that one detail, this universe remains identical. Lucas remains the same as well.

In this universe, Cpl. Travers was a member of a mercenary group called Ghost Hound. However, he dies in a mission against SERPENT. He and Hellion never meet as his home universe has no native Hellion Mk. 1 counterpart.

Lucas is killed in the crossfire between Nemesis and the freedom fighters.

A low ranking werewolf with no memory of his life as Lucas Travers. Before the events that shaped this world, Lucas was a photographer for Paragon Times.

Lucas, like every other lifeform in the universe, is also destroyed.

A university student studying journalism, he seeks to uncover the truths behind Dyson Industries as well as super heroes he deems too good to be true. Unknown to everyone else, Lucas has the mutant ability to see and understand the emotions of all sentient beings, giving him an advantage in negotiation. Soon, he and his older sister Elizabeth encounter Hellion who's about to end the life of an agent sent by Dyson Industries. Elizabeth insists that they call the military. However, Lucas manages to reason with him and the two become fast friends. He does the same with Seraph and the three form their own hero group.

A world somewhat similar to Theta Epsilon 6-16, though Lucas is a generally apathetic 17 year old. In spite of his ability to feel and understand the emotions of others, he tries to ignore the feelings of just about everyone he meets and prefers to avoid most people in general. One day, he and his sister encounter Hellion in the same situation as Theta Epsilon 6-16. However, Elizabeth is the one who convinces Lucas to negotiate with him. Though the two initially dislike eachother, the two soon become friends.

In this universe, Lucas is a successful inventor despite being completely self taught. He goes on to build many inventions. However, his two prized inventions are his Patented Projectile Cannon and his Synthetic Flight Pack. He is very often commissioned to create almost anything possible with the technology of this universe.

Lucas Travers owns and stars in his own public access television series called Luke's Power Hour. On this show, he reviews metal albums and interviews various celebrities of Paragon City. Michelle Canfield who stars in "Not without my cape" as Magenta/Rebecca Reid guest hosted one episode dubbed "Becky's Power Hour" where she lists various bands she can't stand listening to as well as bands that she's a fan of. Because of Michelle's appearance, even more viewers tune into Luke's Power Hour on public access TV in hopes of seeing her again. He ends each episode by leaving his email address on screen. He gets a lot of mail demanding that he feature more episodes with Michelle Canfield.

Lucas Travers is a superhero known as Solar Man. He was experimented on by Crey Industries who put out an advertisement in regards to a study. He volunteered because he wanted to buy his girlfriend an expensive birthday present. However, nothing could prepare him for the effect that the drugs had on his entire genetic structure. This unnamed and previously untested compound had given him the ability to harness solar energy and use it as a weapon. His arch nemesis is a villain named Lunar Amazon. However, they have begun to develop an attraction for each other which conflicts with Solar Man's dedication to his girlfriend.

Most common reactions to common situations

Annoyed by someone he deems stupid (Said in a sarcastic tone) - "You're the shining epitome of intelligence, aren't you..."

Annoyed by someone he deems to be obnoxious (Said with even heavier sarcasm) - "You're really good with people, aren't you..."

Angered by an obnoxious male (Organic species(Sometimes including humans depending on how angry he is) ) - "Chiron Medical Center's waiting for you. I'll chaperone you in five seconds." He then throws a punch before the first second goes by.

Angered by an obnoxious female - "I bet all the guys fall head over heals for you. Too bad that last part was completely sarcastic."

Angered by another robot (Male) - "Your chassis is damaged. Mind if I make some repairs?"

Angered by another robot (Female) - "Did your coder forget to implement common courtesy or is your AI too faulty to compile that?"

Scared - "I just dumped some data in my emotion core... But seriously, this is bad."

About to be hit by a potentially devastating attack - "This supposed to hurt, isn't it?" or "I'm not gonna like this, am I?"

Hit by said attack - "I've already run out of ways to say ouch years ago, so my displeasure in being hit by that will have to suffice."

Hit by weak attack that does little to no damage - (Arrogance)"Is that the best you can do? <Insert enemy's name here> can put up a better fight than you!" or (Annoyance)"You fight like Corey Howlett." or perhaps (Sarcasm)"That was really devastating... That almost left a scratch just now. Keep up the good work!"

After screwing up, himself - A facepalm. Followed by (semi sarcastic voice)"Way to go, Hellion. You've just made things worse." or (Self doubt)"I am such an idiot..." or perhaps (whining)"Why do things never go my way?"




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