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"Get lost, scumbag" - Pretty much everyone he meets
Corey Howlett
Player: @Hellion31
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: Corey Theodore Howlett
Known Aliases: Core, Corey, Mr. Howlett, Blitz, Bugs, Inmate #1095712, Scumbag, Piece of trash, that excrement from his mother's rectum, <bleep>ing redhead
Species: Mutant Human
Age: 21 (August 17th 1989)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 161lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Plexicorp Employee/Weapons Technology dealer
Place of Birth: Atlas Park, Paragon City
Base of Operations: Marconeville, Port Oakes
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Victor Howlett(Father), Rosalyn O'Shea-Howlett(Mother), Geoffry Howlett(Older Brotehr)
Known Powers
Haste, Assault, Super Speed, Regeneration
Known Abilities
Call Thugs, Call Enforcer, Gang War, Equip Thug, functional immortality
Dual Uzis, Web Grenades, Triagle Beacon, Force Field Generator

"Corey, You the man!" ~ Joey


The Up and Coming Gang leader

Whaddya want! ~ The main man himself


Corey Howlett, at first glance, appears to be a common thug with nothing on his mind besides making large amounts of money. However, beneath that lies a crimelord in the making as evidenced by his desire to commit crimes for profit on one of his adventures. Howlett values his thugs as they are always there to protect him, and when one of them dies, he will often take notice and feel enraged by such setbacks. His criminal mentality covers every other aspect of his personality, as from time to time, he will not regret putting enough effort in a heist or a crime.

He often uses the word "Spondouli" to refer to his money and is very fond of it. He will flash his cash arrogantly, because he knows that even if he is mugged, he has billions of dollars out of the couple thousand he uses to fan himself as a gesture of pride. His greed bests his judgement sometimes, but he will often make the right decisions about certain things. If he can profit greatly, he will want to know what the setbacks are, as he tends to choose carefully who he deals stolen technology to. On regular terms, the highest bidder gets the gadgets. But when he knows the dangers of certain weaponry, he won't hesitate to refuse the highest bidder for the one he sees as deserving of such delicate weaponry (which is the person who bids the highest AND appears the most trustworthy).

Powers and Abilities

Howlett initially demonstrated a lack of any supernatural abilities. However, his charisma has often proved overwhelming as very few people can actually hate him. Using this traits to his advantage, Howlett manages with ease to convince others to fight for him on many occasions. Sometimes, his closest friends will even stake their lives to protect him. Abusing his influence often gains him the benefit of control in some situation that appears to put the odds against him. However, when influence fails, Howlett resorts to his dual uzis to handle the truly dire situations.

Eventually, Howlett's mutant genes began to surface starting with a mild regenerative ability, which allowed him to recover rapidly from alcohol consumption and intoxication with no signs of alcohol consumption. Soon, Howlett was decieved and became cursed. The Mark of Leviathan on his left hand caused him to thirst for blood, tainting his soul. However, within the later days, Howlett's DNA had undergone another dramatic change and manifested quick reflexes with no help from the taint on his immortal soul. The Curse of Leviathan grants him with only a mild ability to send a telepathic image of shark teeth. This ability will fade only if he dies or is set free of the curse.

Howlett can also utilize traps to further weaken those he fights against, giving his allies the upper hand. So far he has Web Grenades and a few other traps given to him by his close friends Joey and Sean. These traps are utilized by him and can easily turn the tides of any battle. The Web Grenades purchased on the black market can prove most hindering to a foe due to the adhesiveness of the fibers released. The target of this trap is rendered immobile from the waist down and is rendered a still target for Howlett and his men. Howlett has also acquired himself a Quantum Accelerator through his spree of crime, which allows him to travel at blinding speeds. His Triagle beacon can detect his allies and sending a healing wave that subsitutes as first aid. A force field generator drone is one of Howlett's more recent gadgets that offers protection from certain damaging elements to a degree.


With any human, he is vunerable to all human hazards. He can regenerate from even the most fatal attacks from a single molecule, making him functionally immortal. He can also be quite arrogant, often leaving him open to underestimating an opponent.

Alternate Universe Counterparts

See "Section 2" below for history. See above for personality.

Lil Judas was once an active member of the resistance, but a very incompetent one. He was eventually ripped to shreds on a molecular level by Seraphim Mk. 1 with the help of Seers and ACU units.

This universe is identical to Primal Earth to September 1st 2009. In this universe, Corey captured on October 9th and is killed via three months of starvation during imprisonment by the war machines slaughtering all life on earth.

Corey flees to universe Gamma Mu 71-53.

Corey Howlett is a magician known as Deathless who performs live magic shows that involve him exposing himself to various elements that would kill most people. Only to emerge seemingly unharmed at all.

Corey's history remains completely unchanged.

In this universe, only robots have every existed. C-023Y is trying to establish a criminal organization but ends up humiliated by a random person. He always says refers to currency as "Sp0ndulz0rz"

Corey Howlett is launched into the sun by Binary Messiah in 2055.

Corey Howlett is a mastermind villain behind a weapon and drug network known as La Volpe. La Volpe is responsible for dealing weapons to other criminal organizations and street gangs. They also deal drugs on the streets, but only to those who are already addicts, because Howlett had a policy not to involve anyone who wasn't already addicted to the drugs his men sold. The corpses of those who disobeyed or disrespected him would turn up in distant cities. Unlike his Primal Earth counterpart, Howlett is actually very competent and intelligent as a criminal mastermind.

Corey Howlett is a student of Michigan State University. He possesses no superhuman abilities or genetic traits.

Howlett is called the "Secret Weapon" due to his regenerative ability and combat experience.

Howlett is a vampyri.

Howlett is killed by Hellion

Howlett is a super villain known as Spondouli Man. He often tries to rob various places of business only to be foiled by a super hero, despite his ability to fire emerald colored blasts of energy. Almost nobody takes him seriously.

A world somewhat similar to Theta Epsilon 6-16, Howlett is an enforcer for a criminal organization known as The Clover.

In this universe, C.T. Howlett is the owner of the Paragon City Museum after amassing millions of dollars in less than a year and purchasing it from the previous owner. C.T. Howlett is known to as well for his generosity and kind nature as well as his success at the age of twenty.

Corey Howlett is a fictional character and super villain played by Ted O'Malley. Howlett is a rebel and pariah who tries to win the heart of Magenta, only to be shot down everytime. Ted O'Malley is the drummer and front man of a band named "Big Spondouli". They recently released an album called "What hit the fan, again?"

Howlett's counterpart is an old World War 1 veteran who died on February 15th 2011, making him one of the last surviving World War 1 veterans. The Corey Howlett of Alpha Omicron 27-39 hides in Brisbane, Austrailia and goes by the name Geoffry David O'Malley.


Go &@$# yourself, Freedom Phalanx!

Bad Company

Howlett started his life of crime at the age of 14, when he dropped out of school and joined the Hellions under a buckshot named Bullet. Despite the fact that Howlett cared for neither demon worship nor pyromania, he knew this gang would help his street cred if he joined. Most of the Hellions were older than he was, but he quickly proved to be a natural firearm and skilled at planning small crimes. Soon, to Howlett's joy and the dismay of the rest of the Hellions, Bonebreaker betrayed the Hellions by giving information to the Skulls. This was the reason one of Howlett's robberies failed, at the hands of the Skulls. Soon, Howlett, among other members, was sent to kill Bonebreaker. Instead, Bonebreaker was brought in alive, only to be killed by Bullet.

Three months Later, Howlett left the Hellions to form his own gang called the Wolves of Paragon. The Wolves were even more successful in taking on grand theft than the Hellions or the Skulls, despite only lasting three years. Because this gang grew quickly in numbers, former members of other gangs were well protected. Soon, the wolves grew larger in numbers and commited more small time store robberies and car jackings. This went on until the PPD became interested in the Wolves. Eventually, one of Howlett's underlings had failed to rob an electronics store, leaving behind enough evidence to lead the PPD to their hideout. Soon enough, Howlett and nearly all of his underlings were arrested. He ended up one of the youngest criminals to end up in Ziggurat Penitentiary. He had somehow managed to avoid being harmed as his incarcerated gang members defended him loyally to the death, gaining the respect of some of the inmates. Despite spending four years in the Zig, he had not been hardened, unlike the surviving underlings, mainly because he was used to prison.

Four Years later, he was busted out of the Zig with the help of larger villains who saw the loyalty his gang exhibited. After escaping incarceration, Howlett had decided to return to a life of crime that he missed out on. Continuing his crime spree with bigger heists, followed by new thugs as bodyguards and accomplices, Howlett soon gained himself a name among lesser villains. Bank robberies, kidnappings, assassinations, raids, and turf wars were things added to his resume with only a few select thugs at his side. Eventually, he met a villain more experienced than himself. A machine adept with plenty of wisdom to spare. Howlett had finally found a mentor he could look up to. Though he remained reckless, he soon was able to realize he needed to know the reality of The Rogue Isles. That there were always going to be people bigger and badder then he was. After hearing reports about an android's many successful assasinations and spree of various crimes, Howlett took interest in the android, wanting to meet him and recruit him, much to his mentor's chagrin.


Soon, Howlett payed dearly for making the wrong deal with the wrong person. A mysterious man offered him a power said to help villains attain greater goals and power. Blinded by his greed and ambition, Howlett accepted the deal, only to be decieved and cursed by The Mark of Leviathan. The only way he would be able to get rid of the curse would be to throw himself to the mercy of the beast. The most noticable feature remains a marking on his left hand. Soon, he slowly succumbed to bloodlust, fed by the curse, and remained weak due to his lack of feeding. Eventually, he acknowleded that he needed to find a way to get to the eye of leviathan, defeating it to stop it from awakening. With the help of his mentor, he decides to carry out this task with sucess.

Soon, Howlett decided to pay a visit to Paragon City, where he was raised. A professor's invention caught his eye while he looked in the newspapers. Dr. Rodney Argyle developed a powerful speed booster that enhanced physical movement speed significantly. Dr. Argyle had dubbed the device a Quantum Accelerator, revealing in an interview that it was capable of enhancing the speed of anyone who used it. Howlett then broke in and stole the device, injuring Dr. Argyle severely in the process. Equipped with this new stolen device, Howlett has made an even more successful chain of crimes.

Friends and Allies

Droid -

Howlett's mentor and an Executive at Plexcorp. Droid took Howlett under his wing and the two became like brothers. However, the two have lost touch because of Howlett's excessive time towards his personal business endeavors.

Unfortunately, Droid is pretty much currently the only person who would still befriend him today.

Acquaintances of Note

Hellion Mk. 1 -

Their initial meeting wasn't a very good one. However, it didn't end in violence. Howlett approached him with a confident smile on his face, only to be openly insulted by this android. Leaving Howlett behind to take the skies, Hellion Mk. 1 snidely remarked, "Organic... How dare you think I would ever bow to you." Ever since, Howlett has lost interest in ever having Hellion Mk. 1 as an ally. Later on, Dr. Kazz would manage to take weapon blueprints from Corey by pulling the fake money trick. Months later, Hellion would subdue and humiliate him.

"Really hate that bot... Can't remember his name."


Unknown Soldier -

Originally making a pact with this soldier, Howlett became angry that he never got what he promised, recieving the taint on his soul instead. After many failed attempts at negotiation, Howlett vows to hand him a fragment of The Eye of Leviathan... And later take his life.

Pretty much everyone else he meets -

Let's face it. Corey has grown and developed to be a very unlikable person. He constantly tries to flaunt what money he has in an effort to impress the women, regardless of any presence of a male. This usually leads anywhere from a simple rejection, to being badly beaten and humiliated, to having wounds inflicted on him that would kill an otherwise normal person.




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