Joseph Malone

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"He's back..."~ Hellion Mk.1
Joseph Malone
Player: @Lucas Travers
Origin: Science
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 3
Personal Data
Real Name: Joseph Malone
Known Aliases: Dr. Malone, Operative Malone
Species: Undead Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'9
Weight: 600lbs/144lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish/Italian
Occupation: Robotics Scientist
Place of Birth: Marconeville, Port Oakes
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: John Malone(Father), Rosa Bianchi-Malone(Mother), JM-01 & JM-02(Creations)
Known Powers
Dark energy control
Known Abilities
Long range combat, Dark energy maniuplation
M60 Assault Rifle



Joseph Malone was always a very dedicated student of Robotics at Aeon University. His obsessions with creating the perfect machine have pushed him to cross boundries that no robotics professor had dared to cross. Ambitious by nature, his unwavering persistence can be seen by all as one of his strongest qualities and his downfall. After creating JM-01, he attempted to install pain receptors to it. However, this mistake had cost him his life.

After being ressurected by Arachnos, He decided that his goal was to dismantle his trecherous creation and leave nothing that can be repaired. His hatred for Hellion Mk. 1 drove him to build JM-02. JM-02 appears to take on the form of Hellion Mk. 1 after his betrayal. Malone's vows for revenge will not go unrecognized.

Life Suit

Because Malone is technically dead, the suit he wears reanimates his body and mind. The suit secretes gasses that cause corpses to move once utilized by the Vahzilok. On someone who had died less than 12 hours ago, the gas can temporarily restore movement and mental state. However, Joseph's mental state is permanently restored due to some of the chemicals introduced into his body by Arachnos scientists.


Despite the fact that poisons aren't very effective against him, a bullet to the head or decapitation will kill him.


JM-01 will be destroyed if it's the last thing I do.

A robotics project gone awry

Joseph Malone was a student at Aeon University who was assigned a Robotics Project. He decided to gather a team with the objective to build an android who could walk, speak and behave like a human being without being noticed. Malone and his team had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this project put forth. The difficulty in building the 'Civilian Android Prototype' was putting the pieces together to make everything perfect. Eventually, due to lack of funds, the team disbanded and the project rested solely on Malone's shoulders. Malone worked hard to make this project functional and complete. Eventually, 'Civilian Android Prototype' was near completion. However, It disliked the Artificial Emotion system coded into it. Soon, Malone would add pain reception as a feature to make it more human. Out of disapproval and anger, it killed it's creator by shattering his lower jaw with it's grip, causing almost complete bloodloss.

Malone's battered body was soon found by Arachnos. After numerous attempts to reconstruct the head, the science officers successfully reconstructed the entire body from it's decimated state. Two months later, Malone's body was introduced to a strange agent stolen from the Vahzilok. The result reanimated his body.



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