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He's Will McBlack. He killed everybody. He won the game
Will McBlack
Player: @TemplarWill
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind/Night Widow
Security Level: 50 / 50
Personal Data
Real Name: William Liam McBlack
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown with Gray Highlights
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Ex-Witch Hunter
Place of Birth: Newcastle, Northern Ireland
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Not Married
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
None Known
Known Abilities
Numerous Combat Abilities, Military Tactics, In-depth Occult Knowledge, True Faith, Very Strong Willpower
  • Wooden Stake Launchers in sleeves
  • Blessed Knuckle Dusters
  • Dual Colt Single Actions Armies
  • Double-Barreled Remington 12-Gauge
  • Silver-Plated Forearm Blade

Body Armor:

  • Tactical XHP Body Armor
  • Kevlar-Weave Coat Lining
Other Equipment:
  • Silver and Wooden Crosses
  • Key Ring with Silver Symbols of Various Saints
  • Various Grenades
  • Grapple Gun

"The name's Will McBlack...I don't know if ya know this, but I'm kind of a big deal."

Will McBlack is was originally a vampire hunter I started playing in tabletop game five years ago. Since then, he has grown through three campaigns, the most recent being The New World of Darkness setting: Hunter: The Vigil, and has more than just a couple of vampires under his belt. Will has managed to take down everything from elder vampires, to countless demons, to spirits and shape changers and has manged to stop three apocalypses. This page is mostly used to catalog his history and abilities, as well as adapt him to the CoX setting, but for balancing purposes, I've put anything questionable into both New World of Darkness and Shadowrun Equivalents. Anytime you see a number of dots followed by a number, that is the equivalent World of Darkness and Shadowrun Rating, the Dots representing the World of Darkness Rating, the Number representing Shadowrun. . Although the information here is purely OOC, almost anything listed here can be found through varying levels of research in game.

This character has taken a long time to develop the the point he is, and I have done countless hours or research to make sure I'm getting it right. No spells, powers or abilities here are made up. They all come from real places, mostly the Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon (Two Occult books concerning the summoning/binding of angels and demons) or from Christian Mythology. I'm a very reasonable person OOC, so if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to bring them to my attention. I'll be happy to discuss with you.


The Black Priest; the Immovable Object

"Oh wow, Will, this is new, how do you think we kill it?"

"RPG Launcher."

"RPG Launcher?"

"Yup. Fire and dismemberment are the two most common demonly weaknesses. This thing does both."

"It didn't work so well against the Boleri Fire Demon."

"No... no it didn't... you're right... that was a bad day."


To the casual observer, Will appears to be very apathetic, uncaring and detached. His demeanor is one of confidence and apathy, something typical of his trade. In truth, however, there is much that lies beneath his skin. His parents death caused quite a dichotomy within his conscious. Since they were killed but vampires, he obvious holds a hatred for all of their kind, but this has also given him quite the soft spot for orphans. Especially those who's parents died of supernatural causes. He secretly longs for the normal life he never had, and will oftentimes go out of his way to ensure others don't live the same life he has. If he isn't spending his spare time training or researching, he spends it at local orphanages, taking care of the children there.

Even though he was very young when his parents died, they still had a major influence on his present personality, especially his father. Séamus McBlack was a policeman in their Irish hometown of Newcastle. Séamus taught his son about this importance of upholding the law and protecting the innocent. Northern Ireland was a very dangerous place to live growing up. The religious disputes, the IRA fighting against the English, the bombs, the gunfire all colored the backdrop of Will's childhood. Having to deal with such a level of violence from a young age has made it seem almost casual to him. In this setting, Will's father was the best kind of role model a child could ask for.

File:Will and Trent.jpg
Will and his best friend: Trent McCormick
Also, Will has a love of firearms, especially revolvers. This comes partially from his father's job, partially from the violence in his hometown. However, mostly it comes from his favorite pastime from when he was a young child: American Western Movies. Young Will loved watching these movies, and through them developed a love of revolvers. His preference of a good Colt .45 as opposed to a Beretta APC 9mm has put him at odds with his mentor Father David Hayden. What can he say? A .45 won't jam, and is so much more elegant. If he really needs to though, Will has been known to use autoloaders. Most commonly used are the Colt M1911A1 or a Desert Eagle. Though he prefers revolvers, Will has been known to use the weapons most appropriate to the situation or the thing he's hunting.

Lastly, Will would have turned out to be a sociopathic, uncaring, and dry vampire hunter, had it not been for the intervention of his best friend Trent McCormick. Though he didn't care much for Trent at first, over the years, the energetic, smart mouthed boy has really grown on him. After Twelve years of working together, and having saved each others' lives, the two share a deep understanding and friendship in their dichotomy. Over the years, Will has opened up his feeling more and more, and has even now gotten to the point of getting in sarcastic arguments and using witty phrases in combat. He's even managed to develop a sense of humor, something Trent thought would never happen.


Although text doesn't convey it well, Will only speaks with a small Irish accent. He's spent so long outside of Ireland (mostly in America), and learned so many different languages that he has kept very little of his Irish accent. He no longer speaks melodically, or in a higher tone like most Irish. Instead, he talks like most Americans, with little to no accent. The only time his accent comes out are during words with an I sound (like fine or my, which sounds almost like an oi sound), and in words with a th, where he pronounces the harsher "th" sound (like in the those or though) almost like a d, and softer "th" (like thing or booth) simply like a t. He also doesn't use Irish slang, and only uses the word "bloody" when he's very passionate.

To hear an example of a light Irish accent, check this YouTube video of actor Glenn Quinn [Rip 12/3/2002].

Skills and Training

Though human in every way, Will has been trained in demon and vampire hunting since age 5. He has an incredible level of skill in fields ranging from combat, tracking, research, planning, tactics and a whole range of others. Below are some of his more commonly used skills an abilities:

Weapons and Equipment

The Knight Suppressed Revolver.
File:Ksr Mod.jpg
The KSR: Fully Modded.
Colt M1911A1
File:Blossom Storm.jpg
The Blossom Storm Handgun.

Relics, Rituals, Spells and Artifacts

Below are Detailed Will's specific Occult and Christian abilities, as well as artifacts or relics he's discovered.

Occult Knowledge

The Keys of Solomon hold many secrets. Conjurations, invocations and curses to summon and constrain spirits of the dead and demons, are only a few. Within the pages of the two books is contained much more information: rituals and symbols lost to the ages, and even the way to give final death to many demons.

The Enochian Devil's Trap, oldest and most powerful version of the seal.
This Devil's Trap contains the Fifth Pentacle of Mars, and is able to hold all but the most powerful demons.
The second incarnation of the Almadel. (click for Image)

Christian Benedictions

Rituals drawn from the Christian rites that predate the Council of Niccea and from secret invocations encoded into the New Testament, these are the things that give Will his righteous power to strike down the forces of darkness.

Relics and Artifacts

Hunters have always collected trinkets and odd relics over the centuries. Below are those that Will has come into possession of.

The Tattoo Pattern on Will's Back (Image taken from DC/Vertigo's Hellblazer comic #181)
The Devil's Trap as a Tattoo (Image taken from CW's Supernatural: Episode 3.12)


Being human, there's plenty of things that can kill Will: bullets, high falls, speeding buses. But he has managed to survive this long on his wits. His true weaknesses are in his friends. Will tends to attach himself to other Hunters, especially Trent.Trent is one of the easiest ways to get to Will, but due to Trent's resourcefulness, other ways can prove to be much easier. Will tends to get stupidly heroic and stupidly self-reliant when any of his friends are in danger.

Also, as mentioned earlier, Will has a weak spot for orphans. A fact that an old nemesis, Angela, used to her advantage. This Ex-Witch Hunter turned Vampire was the first protege of Father David. After David's first believed death, she plagued Will and Trent, eventually turning one of Will's orphans into a vampire as well. Something changed in Will that day and even after he moved away from California, he hasn't taken on another job at an orphanage. He will, however, volunteer on occasion.

Due to Will's training and experience, he's almost always ready for whatever fight comes his way. However, if caught off guard, he is just human. Catching him off guard, however, can prove to be even more difficult than a direct confrontation. In fact, when training his own "Vampire Special Forces," Jonathan Cinder told his troops, "You don't find William McBlack, he finds you."


After discovering the truth about The Malleus Maleficarum, Will became excommunicated from the Catholic Church. He is now considered a heretic, a traitor and perhaps the biggest threat to the Malleus Maleficarum due to his intimate knowledge of the organization and it's deepest, darkest secret.



Very few can count themselves as friends of Will McBlack. He tends to keep himself distant form most.

  • Elizabeth Perkins - Liz was a part of the Mallues Maleficarum just like Will and Trent, even if the three only worked together occasionally. It was Liz however, that brought the truth about the Witch Hunters to light, causing the excommunication of not only her, but Will as well. Now, Liz and Will have a close relationship, even if it isn't readily apparent, and the two of them together work to improve their School, The Dawning Light Academy, and their nonprofit group of Hunters, The Valkyrie Foundation.
  • Father David Haden - Will's mentor, teacher and father figure taught him everything he knows. One might even be so bold as to say the young boy has spent his whole life modeling himself after this man. Although the two parted way nine years ago, it seems that David has come to the Rogue Isles as well. Things are setting themselves up as the final battle approaches.
  • James Perkins - James has always been eager and ready to prove himself. He's shown incredible drive, if not a little reckless at times. Something about him, however, stood out to Will, and so he has since taken James under his wing as his apprentice, teaching him how to hunt and kill demons, vampires, and any other supernatural creatures that seeking to harm the innocent.
  • Nyak - Another easily excitable youth, Will and Jake have worked together to bind and banish some increibly powerful demons in the past year. Though Will has the utmost respec for Jake, it's unknown what caused him to choose James as his Apprentice, and for Wraith to choose Jake. Now the two apprentices seem to have a healthy... well mostly healthy competition as do their two mentors...
  • Raid Engineer Harper - Dealing so closely with Wraith, Will inevitably met Harper. Just like Will, Harper is completely human. Seeing how deathly affraid of everything Harper is, Will has somewhat taken him under wing to improve his courageousness. It's proving to be difficult.
  • Satine Dubois - Satine followed the rumors regarding an upstart team of demon hunters in the Isles that were giving the Circle of Thorns, Carnivale of Shadows and the Wailers quite a headache in recent days. These rumors finally led her to a former priest by the name Will McBlack. Lost and alone, looking for work, she approached the man. Satine was able to quickly prove that she was both competent and trustworthy enough to join Will and his newly formed Witch Hunters. Will has never looked back and thought for a second he'd made the wrong decision. As his first instincts told him; she is one of the most competent and loyal hunters he's worked with in years.
  • Ten'ro - The mysterious Shinobi, Tenka and Will have been being seen together with alarming frequency. Why this is so is anyone's guess, but the Shinobi has shown an inexplicable and absolute loyalty to Will.
  • Trent McCormick - Will's best friend and confidant, he and Trent have been fighting the Forces of Darkness for the past 12 years.
  • Unleashed Force - Clint Sanders is probably one of the most powerful mutants in the Rogue Isles currently. Although he and Will aren't seen togetehr as often as they used to be, Clint has helped Will save the wrold countless times, and Will has done the same for Clint. Though the two are so different in many ways, they have a strong and powerful friendship that can be seen anytime an enemy of either rears their ugly head.
  • Wraith Prime - The full-con cyborg known as Wraith approached Will to help train his mercenaries. Wraith has been more than generous in helping Will since his excommunication. Ghost Hound has always had problems in dealing with the Supernatural, and so Wraith has brought Will onboard, not as a mercenary, but as a consultant. As long as Will continues to consult for the group and as long as Wraith continues to keep other Witch Hunters off his back, the two can overlook their differences. Things recently came to a head when Wraith announced he would personally fully fund a team of demon hunters as long as Will led them. Will accepted the offer and has since founded the Witch Hunters: the anti-supernatural threat division of Ghost Hound.


  • Alan Smilevitz - Yes Smiley is a vampire, yes Will is a Vampire Hunter. However, Will is not stupid. Will met Smiley in New Orleans, and saw the usefulness this vampire can provide. Smiley is always keyed into what's really going on and has always been able to lead Will to the real threat.
  • Dr. Kazz - Normally when Will encounters the undead, things turn out very poorly for one side or the other. However, he didn't find out about Kazz's condition until after he'd already become friends with the guy. Will likes Kazz for his quick and decisive actions and fervor in fighting the hordes of evil, but also respects him for his open-mindedness and level-headedness. When the two of them are working together, very little can stand in there way.
  • Mr. Lazarus Black - No one knows quite the relationship between Will and the Preacher: Mr. Black. Both are known vampire and demon hunters, both are known exorcists, and both names strike fear into the hearts of the supernatural that have survived an encounter with either. Although both have been in entirely different parts of the country, the two have only come together twice. Most recently in the Rogue Isles, and before that was in New Orleans, just before Hurricane Katrina hit. The two of them are the only survivors of whatever it is that really happened there, and neither one is talking about it.
  • Rezz - The Unscathable Mutant has the utmost respect from Will. Since Rezz has taken over the Mutant Activist Group, Inevitable Evolution, Will and the giant have beomce strong allies during a time of Evil.
  • Solo Ocelot - He's a monster. A moralless sociopath. Why Will has been seen on the rare occasion dealing with him is unknown.
  • Wilted Petals - Pinky is known to be some of Labal's greatest servants. A human, herself, she has been consorting with demons for a long as Will has known her. However, more recently, she's been seen around Will, Trent and their group of Hunters. It's even been seen that Ghost Hound has been protecting her recently. Why so much ruckus over one girl is still a mystery.


  • Jonathan Cinder - Will met this Bhaali Vampire during his first stay in England. Under the guise of being Ventrue, Cinder was able to manipulate much of London's underground, and made Will and Trent's lives very difficult during their stay. Since Will killed him, he's encountered many of John's golems. Will's current goal is to rid the world of evil, One Jonathan Cinder at a time.
  • Labal - Likely the most powerful demon in the Rogue Isles. Will found a passage in the Lesser Key of Solomon referring to Babal, the Ashen Prince of lies. Will was convinced the two demons are one in the same, when Babal's symbol worked to immobilize Labal. In an unplanned showdown, Will and his Witch Hunters managed to take the demon down, and with greater success than any of their predecessors. However, in the aftermath, Will would discover that it wasn't just the Demon Lord that posed a threat to humanity, but his servants and followers as well. Because of their actions, Labal has returned to life. The two now make preparations for their final confrontation.

The Team

Having been a hunter for so long, Will has met a variety of other hunters. This is his rag-tag hunter cell.

From left to right: Gus, Uli, Satine, Will, Reuben, and Murphy.
  • Thugs
    • Jamal Thirston - Jamal was an inner city youth from Detroit. He lived in the rough part of town, just the other side of the train tracks. Everyday, someone would go missing: old men, children, little girls. Cops didn't care; too busy protecting rich white folks. Jamal and has friends started their own neighborhood watch. In stead of killing each other for turf, they started defending their turf from a gang of vampires calling themselves the Brujah, and handing some hurt back in return. They tattooed halos with wings on the side of their necks to show camaraderie and began calling themselves the Night Watch. After meeting up with Will while on the trail of a dark Vodoun, Jamal and his gang quickly became much more organized and powerful force to deal with. Jamal and the Night Watch still run with Will to this day.
    • Nathan Reynolds - Once a barback for for a small restaurant in Baton, Louisiana. Nathan wouldn't have amounted to anything spectacular, that is until one night he was walking along the river with his girlfriend. The two were attacked by a large wolf. His girlfriend killed, no one believed him, and Nathan was ready to go to trial for her murder. That is until a wandering priest believed his story and found the wolf responsible. With the help of a savvy lawyer, Nathan was aquitted of his girlfriends murder and worked with the priest and lawyer to track down the wolf and kill it. Even though Nathan was acquitted, the town still didn't trust him, and Nathan soon lost his job at the bar. Just when Nathan tought all was lost, the lawyer and priest who helped him made him an offer. Just so happened this priest and Lawyer went by the names Will McBlack and Trent McCorrmick.
    • Reuben McIntyre - Reuben was just a typical college kid. Nothing special about him. He went on his daily life and was in the middle of playing the freshman leapfrog with his major when he was kidnapped by cultists. Reuben was chosen to become the sacrifice to their demon master in return for the power he would grant them. As fate would have it, though the cultists carved the wrong symbols into Reuben as well as their own bodies. When the demon emerged, he saw all the cultists as his sacrifice and Reuben as the one to be granted power, and so did so. Since then, Reuben has developed a number of magical talents and acquired quite the collection of supernatural lore. Will had worked along side Reuben a number of times before the two decided to just stick together.
  • Enforcers
    • Ramius Murphy - Murphy was a cop. A damn good cop. He worked the beat his whole life, and then, after the academy, made a great detective. After his precinct was attacked in Chicago, he decided that New York would be a safer choice, and so moved to the Big Apple with his wife and daughter. New York would prove to be a bit more tolerable, and the pay was better. This would change however, the day he met Will and Trent. The Pair had been investigating local demon activity and believed that Murphy's partner was, in fact, the demon they were hunting. Murphy tried to rationalize this away, and talked to his partner about it. His partner just assured him that the two were crazy, and not to worry about it. That night, Murphy came home only to watch his partner change into a terrifying form and rip his wife and daughter apart. If not for the help of his old friend Uli, Murphy would have shared their fate. Now Murphy runs with Uli and Will, still hunting that bastard that killed his family.
    • Uli Zeitsev - This Russian Immigrant came to America at age 17 and immediately joined the U.S. Air Force. When his plane was shot down over Bagdad in the first Iraqi War, he was thought KIA, but in reality, he'd been captured by Al'Quadin sorcerers who performed terrible tortures on him for three years until he finally managed to build the will to fight against and kill his captors. Uli now hunts all magic users with equal prejudice and especially hatesthe Circle of Thorns due to their commonalities with his previous captors. Those who are willing to repent their ways or help society, he lets live. Those that hurt or manipulate others, he kills without mercy. Will met Uli when they were tracking the same demon in New York. The two happened on the scene of Ramius's house just in time to cause the demon they were chasing to flee. It was at this time that Uli recognized Ramius from their time in the Air Force.
  • Bruiser
    • Gus - Gus has been a fighter his whole life. A Golden Gloves Champion in High school, Gus never pursued a boxing career, instead dropping out of High School and joining the Army at age 18. By age 20, he became a Ranger. By age 21, he was discharged from active duty after being caught with ten pounds of marijuana in his possession. After returning home to New Jersey, Gus fell in with the Pagans Motorcycle Gang, where he ended up becoming a Diamond Back, one of the top ranks within the gang. Gus would be arrested during the historical battle for New Jersey between the Pagans and Hell's Angels. Gus spent four years in prison when he was let out for good behavior. It wasn't much longer before Gus ended up back on the streets. It wasn't until the fateful night that Gus picked a fight with the wrong pedestrian. This particular pedestrian was possessed by a demon and quickly showed Gus that he didn't have what it took to fight demons. Luckily, Reuben McIntyre was on this demons trail and ended up saving Gus's life. Now Gus follows Reuben and works as his muscle. Over the years Gus has learend much more about the supernatural and has found ways to use his natural fighting talents to go against the creatures of the night. The most readily apparent thing about Gus (aside from his size) is his tattoos. Having not only personal tattoos, but military, biker and prison tattoos as well, there isn't much of his body left that isn't inked.
  • Gang War
    • The Night Watch - Alot of Jamal's gang still runs with Will and when the going gets rough he knows how to call in a favor. Though no single one of these guys is much of a threat single handedly, fifteen or twenty of them can spell disaster for even the strongest of opponents.


Early Years

NOTE: To understand the turmoil of Northern Ireland better, please read the wikipedia article: The Troubles. In short, The Troubles consisted of about thirty years of recurring acts of intense violence and terrorism between elements of Northern Ireland's nationalist community (principally Roman Catholic) and unionist community (principally Protestant). The conflict was caused by the disputed status of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom. Nationalists were discriminated against based on their religion (since it is part of the UK, which by vast majority is protestant), and believed that Northern Ireland should be part of the Country of Ireland, not part of the UK. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) was one of the main antagonists fighting for a new "All-Ireland." Though Will's hometown of Newcastle was lucky enough to escape the worst of The Troubles, it was nonetheless hard to get away form the violence.

Light Will.jpg

On the 3rd of March, 1981, Séamus and Nancy McBlack were blessed with a healthy baby boy. The Boy would be named after both Séamus's and Nacy;'s fathers, giving the boy the name William Liam McBlack. William was a very healthy and energetic boy, born into the harsh countryside of Newcastle, Northern Ireland. Séamus was a Seargent in the Newcastle Police Force and young William idolized his father. Indeed, Séamus was a great man. After all, being a cop was hard enough, let alone in Northern Ireland. Being a cop made The Troubles so much harder to deal with, Séamus oftentimes being called to other counties to help with relief work. Since his father was gone so often, Nancy would simply leave young Will to watch television while she cleaned and performed the daily housework. This is when young Will would discover his first true love: American Western Movies!

For the first five years of his life, Will's life was pretty normal. That is until one day in the late sumer when Séamus had come home from relief in Belfast. As a gift to his family, he decided to take his family into town to see the american movie his son had been bugging him to see: Labyrinth. However, the family would never get the opportunity to see the movie, because little did they know that not only were humans fighting their wars in Northern Ireland, but vampires as well.

Due to the intense violence in Northern Ireland, the Camarilla found it very easy to disguise their feeding, but the Sabbat also found it easy to wage all-out war on the Camarilla without drawing attention to themselves. The McBlacks were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. While walking from the dark parking lot to the movie theater in Lisburn, the family was attacked by what they thought were petty thieves. When one of the men approached his wife, Séamus drew his gun and fired at the man. The man flinched from the shock of the bullet, but didn't seem to be hurt in the least. The man turned toward Séamus, smiling. Séamus fired into him again, and again the man didn't fall. Before he knew it, his gun was empty and the man was upon him. In a swift motion, the man moved into position and broke Séamus's neck. Will watched as his father's lifeless body fell to the ground with a thump. The two men then turned back toward Nancy, and before Will could even scream, the both were upon her, biting into her neck, blood falling the the ground.

Without thinking, without hesitation, a five year-old Will picked up a piece of rebar, obviously something that had been knocked loose in a prior bombing and layed into one of the assailants with it. The men didn't give Will any more notice than one would give to a fly buzzing around their head. Will was received with a simple kick to the torso, sending him flailing through the air and into another car some twelve feet away. He tried to stand, a sudden sharp pain rushed through his chest. His ribs had been broken, although he hadn't realized it at the time. The pain caused him to cough, choking slightly on his own blood as he did so. He would later learn that one of his ribs has pierced his lung, and he was going to die if he didn't get medical attention. Will simply gritted his teeth as he stood up. Will had always been a little scrapper, and was scolded often for picking fights with other boys in the village. But this was a very different situation, and still Will stood up, breathing heavily, trying to take in as much breath as he could. The two men had finished drinking from his mother now, as Will watched her body drop to the ground as well. Now the two men turned toward him. Will gripped his rebar, ready to fight them himself, despite being a child, despite them being full grown men, despite the fact they'd already killed his father, despite the fact he was going to drown in his own blood. Only one thought consumed young Will's mind: the fight.

As Will raised the rebar to swing, he heard a twanging noise from behind him, and watched as an arrow pierced the heart of one of the assailants. The man burst into dust in mid air, and only dust landed on the pavement as a fine powder. He stopped, the man remaining in front of him hesitated, then another twang. Almost faster than Will could react, the man had dodged the next incoming arrow, dodged around him, and was now behind him somewhere. Will looked over his shoulder to see what was happening. As he looked he saw his savior, a well built man wearing dark sunglasses and priest collar. The man looked cold and focused, as if he'd done this a hundred times before. The assailant lunged at the priest who ducked under the lunge almost effortlessly. As he came up from the duck, the assailant had landed and was turning back toward the priest, but the priest was too quick. He had drawn a crucifix and a handgun from inside his trench coat, and was now holding both outstretched in front of him in a military fashion, as if he were holding a pistol and flashlight.

"What do you think you're going to do with that toy, Padre? You should know guns don't hurt our kind," the assailant mockingly said.

The priest however, didn't react at all to the taunt. Instead, he simply talked in a simple, callous tone, "Phosphorus rounds." And double tapped the assailant in the head. Again, nothing but dust fell to the ground.

The priest then simply replaced the firearm in his shoulder holster and turned back toward Will, who promptly lost consciousness.

Will awoke the following morning in the local Catholic Church. No one knew he was awake yet, but he could hear voices coming from the next room. He tried to move, but found himself in too much pain to do so. He was just about to call out when he heard something he found interesting in the next room over, "Will the boy live?"

"Yes, Eminence. He has taken to The Healing nicely." That was the voice of the priest that had saved his life.

"Does he know what happened?" the second voice asked.

"I don't think so, Eminence. He was barely alive, I'm sure he didn't see anything."

"Good. The last thing we need is an orphan running around telling people his parents were killed by Kindred. We will have him put in the orphanage. You, on the other hand will return to Rome for your next assignment."

"Yes, Eminence. I will check on the boy."

"Indeed you shall. And David..."


"Make sure he knows nothing."

"Yes, Eminence."

Then Will heard the door to the next room open, then close and the sound of approaching footsteps. Quickly he hid himself under the covers just before he heard the door open. It seemed like an eternity that the priest stood in the doorway before approaching. He felt a hand touch his body and heard soft mutterings in a language he didn't recognize. Before he knew it, his whole body felt warm and as all the aches and pains in his body began to fade away. Will turned over to see what was happening and in doing so had given himself away. The priest looked stunned, and slightly upset. "I don't want to go into an orphanage," he said before the priest could react. "My parents are dead! I'm not going to an orphanage! I want to do what you just did! Don't take me to the orphanage!"

Just then the Cardinal poked his head from around the corner, a look of interest and intrigue on his face, "Really?"

The next few months were rough for Will. He was taken to the Vatican, filled out some adoption papers and became an orphan of the church; he also became a member of the Vatican's hidden wing of witch-hunters: The Malleus Maleficarum (Latin for the Hammer of Witches) Will didn't quite fit in with the other kids. He tended to be a little more reckless, but he was much more driven. There was something about him however, that caused him to catch the eye of a certain Father David Hayden.

Twelve Years of Hunting

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