Raid Engineer Harper

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All Sky Raiders arent tall
Raid Engineer Harper
Player: @Red Hots
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Widow
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Chsirstopher F. Harper
Known Aliases: Harpy, Fly-Boy
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: All American Baby
Occupation: Raid engineer for Sky Raiders
Place of Birth: Chicago
Base of Operations: Shark Head
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Two brothers, Two sisters
Known Powers
None - Human
Known Abilities
(Rumored) Telepathy
Harper is your average Joe. He will occasionaly suprise those around him with magical shows of power. It is rumored that a dynamic psychic force has taken residence inside his head, though little can confirm it.

Harper is your run of the mill Sky Raider. He does not consider himself a super villain, merely a man trying to get by in the Isles.


Character History

Christopher Harper was born third to five children, having one sister and three brothers. Born the late hot evening of July 28nd, 1976, Harper was the result of a cesarean section birth and was deathly ill by the next morning. Barely pulling out of it with his life he was nicknamed “The Miracle child”, due to his uncanny luck and tendency to be a survivor. This would not be the last time Harper would prove his worth to this nickname.

Born to a semi-large catholic family patience was often tested, if it wasn’t a nagging mother it was a crying sister or a complaining father. Harper learned early in life that in order to establish yourself you needed a loud voice and developed a rash personality because of it. In an unfortunate turn of events his apartment complex in Chicago caught fire, killing most of its tenants including both Harpers parents. Once again barely escaping with is life, the family was left devastated in the aftermath of the parental death. Having no parent guidance in life Harper and his siblings eventually split up and went about their own paths in life, Harper choosing to take to the street as a common Chicago street thug. Floating through life he eventually found he could not support himself alone on his poor income, refusing to take charity and refusing to marry he joined the military.

In the military he became a more disciplined man. Still the same rash loud mouth, but more educated and more directional with his life. Eventually he earned a military degree concerning mechanics which would prove to serve him well in his later life. Ending his time in the armed forces, Harper moved on with his life. Now at the age 29 he was able to take his new education and work ethics and start a life for himself. Harper took an auto mechanics job in the Rogue Isles, working descent hours and making good pay.

Living in a place like the Rogue Isles, its almost impossible to live a clean life. He quickly became engulfed with trouble from groups like Skulls and the Circle of Thorns, making it almost impossible for him to keep going like he was. Harper then joined the Sky Raider division stationed in shark head, an escape from the dirty dogging civilian life and a good deal more protection. He now works full time a Raid Engineer, fixing force field generators and Jump Bots. Since his fall from grace into villainy Harper continues to live up to his faithful nickname… In a rough life, rough things happen.


It is often said that humanity is the most diverse species of all, so it would be no wonder that Harper is also. As a normal man living in a super human world, Chris Harper lives a very paranoid life. With men able to take bullets like candy and super powered women buzzing around the sky line, staying alive has led to his nervous tendencies. On the other hand he can be quite the jokester. Growing up on the streets gave him a love for pranks and overall mischievous behavior when around friends.

Harper is a man who believes in keeping things personal. It is rumored that he enjoys homosexual love for a man he is associated with, though it has never been proven. Asking him about it will invoke irritation and aggravation. He is under the impression that love affairs are personal and that people shouldn’t be asked about – no matter how entertaining it may be


Harper is a human and all around powerless when it comes to physical attributes. Granted, he is strong for a little guy but compares nothing to the supers that inhabit the city. However, his love for tinkering and building has gotten him though many scrapes. Although he doesn’t consider his professional skill with robotics and traps a “power”, one thing is for certain, its kept him alive and victorious through most of his mishaps.

It is rumored that within his simple human body he houses a powerful magic entity. He considers it a commensalism relationship, as the presence inside him benefits from being there. Harper can neither summon or control this entity, but under extreme circumstances it will show itself and its power. Harper has come to call this presence “Heba”. Telepathy or any sort of psychic stimulation will lead to Hebas involvement, telepaths beware.

History of Friends and Affiliations


Harper began his super group career in Port Oakes, joining a group of like-minded tinkerers called Subjugation Corp. He enjoyed his time there, as most of its members were deeply involved with the scientific community. Due to whatever reasons the leaders had, the group merged with a terrorist organization Inevitable Evolution. Harper slowly lost interest in this group because they were nothing like him and the leader of said group was in no way popular with the rest of the isles. His eventual resignation from the group came when Heba became unhappy with it. Wanting to please the entity he shares a body with, he gave in and left. Harper would not group for a long time after that.

After a period of going solo, Harper learned of a group named Emperyan Mandate. With the promise of work geared toward helping the human race, Harper signed on. Time helping the powerless in the isles was a noble enough cause in his eyes, not to mention he would earn brownie points with the more goodly man in his head. Time changes everything and in time Harper came to see the Mandate in a different light. As before, Heba became restless and unsupportive of the groups morality. Simply messing with people for the sake of being a pain was not something he wanted his Vassal to be a part of. Harper left the group on as best terms he could.

Harper then decided that group involvement based on moral expectations was probably not the best idea. He had run around the isles and wasted his time on two groups thus far. As a working man with bills to pay he settled on the notion that he would find a group to work for with the promise of a pay check. This way he would not be disappointed with the groups actions should they be morally corrupt. Taking a tip from long time friend Evan Durant, Harper settled to work off the books for a Council group. Port Oakes Division 316, more famously known as Requiem’s Decree. Harper now works as a half time handyman, he is not officially part of Council but his contacts were willing to take his services for low pay. Much to his surprise, he enjoys the company more than he thought he would. There is never a dull day with War Wolves who carry boulder “security blankets” and Vampyri who trade toupees.

Friends and Other Affiliations


Coercer Koada’ Sirn – Better known as “Heba”. This is Harpers best friend without question. Heba is the man rumored to be living inside Harpers head. This indeed is true, though hard to prove as Heba generally does not go into public. It is also rumored that Harper enjoys homosexual attractions for this man, which again is true, but hard to prove.

Evan Durant – The Sergeant in charge of operations in Council Base 316. Harper does fear the irrational and violent nature but overall enjoys the company. Not to mention this is the man that signs his pay checks.

Reshien – A man with a strange past and an even stranger present. Harper isn’t quite sure where he comes from or what he is, but he enjoys the friendship all the same. Reshien often accompanies him on adventures of mischief.

Lt. Eatherage – One of the men Harper works with. Eatherage is always able to make him laugh, that is if he isn’t pestering him to donate blood for dinner.

Queen Xena – Probably Harpers closest lady friend, he finds her enjoyable because she is in no way related to his work and enjoys the same things he does. Namely manicures, massages, and Desperate Housewives.

Wraith Prime – Harpers “Big mean cyborg brother”, or so he calls him. Wraith Prime often accompanies him on crazy adventures around the isles, sometimes even to other dimensions. Harper likes Wraith because he admires his “Bad ass” style of handling situations.

Adjutant Agilo – Harpers best friend within the Requiem’s group. Harper enjoys the trouble he gets into with Agilo, and will generally drop what he is doing to go play with him.


Dr Von Dread – “The Good Doktor” Is the bane of Harpers existence. This undead menace will go out of his way to make Harpers day a living nightmare. If it isn’t throwing things at him, its bothering him to donate blood for his vampyric tastes. Harper despises blood drinkers and will do almost anything to get around the wrath of Von Dread.

His own Shadow – Harper is a very nervous man. He is afraid of just about anything.

Trivia Fun

- Harper is gay, though will not speak of it.

- Harper paints all of his robotics with a pale pink chrome coat. Every Force Field Generator or Jump Bot he has made will undoubtedly be pink.

- Harper does not consider robotics his greatest skill. His time with Heba and his people has led him to pursue a greater hobby – Clockwork. Being the tinkerer he is, he has gone the extra mile to manipulate his clockwork to fit his needs. Every single one of his personal weapons (accept the gun) is clockwork.

- Psychics who wish to probe or speak telepathically will be met with Heba. Harper will be unaware of anything going on.

- Harper shares his body with Heba. He rarely sleeps in a bed, because the moment he does Heba will take over and go about his business. Harper will not remember anything that happens under this condition. He is technically asleep. Character Heba is denoted in role-play with a blue eye aura.

- Harper is 5’9. He is considered short in the Isles. It is entertaining to poke fun at him about it.

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