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((Player's Note: Yorick was created simply as a device to spy and or reveal information about Labal. His inspiration has a lot to do with my love of Shakespeare. Just like Labal he's slowly getting a life of his own so stay tuned!))

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What do you seek?
Player: Dark Yorick ((Labal))
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: Yorick
Known Aliases: The Eyes, The Ears, The Mouth, The Arms, The Dark Fool
Species: Puppet
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: Nearly nothing
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Spy/Assasin
Place of Birth: Created by Labal at some point on Earth
Base of Operations: Abyss Empire
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Labal (creator)
Known Powers
Master swordsman, Stealth, Precognition, and great speed
Known Abilities
Complete Invisibility
Four Sets of Blades and a Deck of Magical Tarot Cards


Yorick's Story

((warning!! Spoilers Ahead))

Yorick is an extension of Labal, much the same way that Labal is an extension of his father. When Labal arrived on earth he was unable to trust anyone, his kingdom taken away, and all of his loyal minions gone. When he was finally granted enough power the first thing he did was create Yorick.

Yorick is an automated puppet. Literally a magical Marrionette without strings. He somewhat "jerky* body motions are a constant reminder that although yorick could be considered sentiant he isn't truly under his own power.

Yorick is not a singular being but four separate beings sharing one magical body. Each of them given the name Yorick and something indicating their primary function. The known personalties are the Eyes, the Mouth. the Arms and the Ears of Yorick. Because Yorick is not a singular being he always reffers to himself as *we* and *us*.

Theories of Yorick

((The following is several theories on Yorick presented to me by other players, I find them fascinating. Oh please feel free to add your own ideas))

Yorick the Imaginary Friend

Labal created Yorick at a time when he was all alone on earth. Could Yorick be a simple wish to have a friend?

Yorick the Prophet/Bad Omen

Yorick has demonstrated precognitive abilities before. He also seems to randomly appear during times of crisis. Could he be a prophet, or perhaps the cause of negative events?

Yorick the Subconscious

Yorick in many ways represents dreams, his various abilities and strange appearances mimic many classic dream situations. Could Labal’s inability to sleep be the true cause of Yorick’s creation?

The Riddles of Yorick

EYE Riddles

"Time Time Time" "Time time Stop" "Eyes See" "Eyes Open" "Eyes Shut" "Eyes Never Close" "Eyes Bleed"

MOUTH Riddles

"Eyes Run Da Show" "Mouth Talks But Dun Say Nuttn" "Can't Say but Ya Gotta Hear!" "Up down all Around" "Time Time Time"

ARM Riddles

"!Wolf ti Tel" "!Eman S'rotaerc eht Keaps"

EAR Riddles None have come to light so far

Dark Fool Riddles

"We are the waking dream"

Extra stuff

What all the Yorick's share, is their keen insight about other people. It isn't surprising when they have knowledge that normally someone wouldn't. Also it is to be assumed that Yorick knows everything Labal knows and Vice Versa


The Eyes of Yorick

The first personality that became known to the general public. The Eyes serve as the ever watchful spy for Labal. It is his job to seek out and observe potential threats to Labal either internal or external. As time has progressed the Eyes have cast their gaze on other select people. He isn't doing it out of love or protection. Only because these select people directly effect Labal's well being. Thus, he keeps them safe, to keep his master safe.

The Mouth of Yorick

The Mouth was the second personality that was discovered. Whimsical and seemingly carefree, the Mouth is the most popular of the Yorick's by far. The Mouth is also the personality that is out the most often. He is the easiest to communicate with which is by design. His word is Labal's and it is his job to inform others of plans or problems that are coming. It is noted that Labal's sense of humour is in play when ever you are dealing with the Mouth. He speaks clearly and in full sentences but often times beats around the bush. Or will spout nothing but gibberish. When confronted with a real question about Labal he will laugh it off and refuse to answer. "The mouth talks da most, but says nuttn;"

The Arms of Yorick

Violent and disciplined the Arms of Yorick fight. It is as simple as that. All Yorick's have swords and some skill at their disposal but the Arms are the most deadly. The arms will indiscriminately eliminate all threats to Labal, also when angry or defensive the Arms will forcfully take over Yorick, to protect himself or his master. Like the Eyes, he protects others not so much out of personal love but, out of his masters will and well-being.

The Ears of Yorick

Blind and Mute the Ears are easily the hardest to understand. His function is to listen and not interact. he is the most etheral of the personalites and reveals himself the least often. His almost zombie like nature, makes him the creepiest of the bunch. Almost unable to socialize or exceed his function beyond that as a walking listening device. If in dire need the Ears will attempt to communicate through a deck of tarot cards. It should be noted, that the ears listen but never speak. That fact gives them a huge advantage in deciphering meaning of others.

Allies and Masters

((the following are The Yorick's combined thoughts))


Yorick uses two distinct decks of Tarot cards while communicating as the Ears. The first is the Major Arcana, the Second, is the Suit of Swords.

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