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Weapons Union
Founder: Tasipher
Side: Mercenary (neither Villain or Hero)
Motto: "Anytime, anywhere, negotiable fees."
Leader(s): Nicholas Williams, Nacht Sniper, Johnni, Morgan Blood
Logo: WeaponsUnionSmiley.jpg
Group Colours: Black and Light Gray
Levels: Any
Play style: Heavy RP (We'll take light RPers, as we're friendly n' easygoing)
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): (We're all over)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: Nicholas Williams/@Nicholas Williams, Nacht Sniper, Johnni
No additional information available.


Guild Portal Site!

Don't forget to check out our awesome new Guildportal site, created by our friendly neighborhood Tech Kid! For all of you who are a little distant from the game at the moment can still keep in contact through this site, and for all of those who'd like to hire us you can also hire us through the Forums on the Guild Portal Site. For all of those wishing to join this rag-tag group of Deadpool-like Mercs, you can also check out our Guildportal site and send us a shout to get you in!


Can't get enough of us? Check out Weapons Union/Database. There you'll see our latest IC Gossip. News on our "Girls of the Isles" Calendar. And our line of "Action Figures". Check every once in a while to see if you'll pop up. Oh and feel free to post in our IC gossip section even if you aren't a member of Weapons Union (and if so...why haven't you joined us?)


"Be polite, be professional, and be ready to kill everyone you meet." -Tasipher. (Former Co-Exec)

"A good mercenary never shows up early--that's time spent not being paid." -Nicholas

"Anytime, anywhere, negotiable fees. If we can't get the job done, nobody can" -Mercenary

Oh No You Didn't! - The official "Theme" of the Union. For a legal MP3, click here: [1]

Exactly who we are


The Weapons Union started out as your typical VG with a mercenary theme. We'd meet up with other VGs and participated in their wars as an extra hired hand. We also lent our services out to individuals allowing them to take on groups a little stronger then they were. But as time progressed we started becoming more "tongue in cheek" with the way we operate. We started recruiting more humorous mercenary characters and found ourselves filled with fun role players. Thus we became a group where you could enjoy a serious RP as well get a good laugh.

This gave our role players an environment where they could just be themselves and have fun. Because of this very open RP environment members end up befriending each other and as such we're proud to say we haven't had any OOC drama. AT ALL. VREAKY, no? With the Weapons Union you can relax and have fun, not worrying what others will think of you. As long as you're active there's a good chance you'll gain a few good friends that may last you for a long while.

We host parties too!

OOCwise and ICwise we're very professional. We don't approach our targets with malice. If you're caught by the Weapons Union you'd more likely to be imprisoned and have a chat with one of our members over a drink then be senselessly tortured (unless we were hired to torture you, so enjoy your drink while you can). It's also important for us to speak with targets OOCwise to make sure there is no hard feelings. Fact is we love our targets! Most of the time they're great people. They know who they are.

Simply put, we're mercenaries. Therefore we are no one's enemy. We're everyone's "friends". The kind of friend that will smash you in the head with a lead pipe for fifty bucks so you can collect disability. There may be a few other mercenary organizations out there. But they don't get the job done like the Weapons Union. We will take the jobs that other groups are afraid to take. No matter who our target is, we'll take care of them.

Contacting the Weapons Union

Other groups wishing to "hire" the Weapons Union can contact a Commanding Officer, a Executive Officer, or Union Agent.

Contacts for Villain Groups wishing to hire the Union

Contacts for Mercenaries wanting to join the Union


The Union was created by a man known as Tasipher, a former demon hunter who was looking to start his own Private Military Contractor. At first it was a small organization with a few, but dedicated, mercenaries. But eventually began to grow because of the dedication of it's members. It wasn't long before a man known as Nicholas Williams, the King of Dogs, would be recruited in the organization. With Nic's mind he was able to act as a voice of reason. Tasipher, while skilled with dealing with external matters, was notorious for going out of hand with things. Nic, a seasoned mercenary, knew when to take jobs and when to turn them down because the client was giving them a bad deal.

It wouldn't be long until Nicholas would rise to become Tasipher's right hand man and close friend. This action solidified his position as the new Co-CEO of the PMC company. With their combined leadership the group would eventually grow. Becoming rather large and would mingle with some of the big names of the Rouge Isles. They also recruited mercenaries that would become iconic to Weapons Union, such as the infamous former fifth collumn sniper Nacht Sniper. A man who's antics created havoc at the groups favorite bar In the Loop. The same bar that acted as the stage for Tasipher's tragic downfall.

There was no secret Tasipher had problems with drugs. Often in a drunken stupor he would ask others if they had any sort of drug on them--cocaine and marijuana being his poisons of choice. As the Weapons Union formed relations with a new alien race on Earth known as the Survivors of Vega Tasipher showed up to work less frequently. When he did appear he was under the influence of various drugs. Nicholas Williams, Tasipher's word of reason and long time friend, would often try to help his old friend out as he stumbled about The Loop acting like a lunatic. At one point Nic was forced to knock Tasipher unconscious when he had donned a spandex superhero costume shortly after he had practically overdosed on cocaine and alcohol. This became known as the infamous "Tasipher Man" incident.

One day King Nexus, the Vegan's ruler, hired the Union to aid in the rescue of his daughter. Nicholas Williams, Nacht Sniper, and Johnni would join in on this mission. With Nicholas' tactical mind he had managed to surround the princess' captor with the aid of Johnni and some Vegans. Though, this was a distraction to get the captor desperate. Nacht Sniper had been ordered to stand on a building and get ready to take a shot. Right when Nic ordered Nacht to take the shot, King Nexus lost his confidence in the sniper's ability and ordered Nic to take back the order. Sensing that this could break the contract even if the shot was successful, Nic ordered Nacht to halt. King Nexus' moment of doubt gave enough time for the captor to incapacitate the Vegans who weren't being protected by the "Williams Family Gift". The captor quickly escaped but was tracked down to the sewers. That's when it happened.

"Bloody 'ell...only 'nough room for one at a time. I'll go first." "Alright sir." "Wait! Wait! Nic! Nic!" "Tasipher? The 'ell are you doin' 'ere?" "Nic! I'm clean! Please believe me...I want to prove to you I can still do it. I can come back to the Union!" "Alright mate, let's go get 'em."

Tasipher had finally beat his drug addiction during his long absence. Tasipher went down first with his overconfidence--but triggered a trap that would block the sewer entrance. Appearently Tasipher was alright and continued with the mission as the rest tried to get through. Time would pass and once the debree had been cleared. A bloody Tasipher was approaching him. He had botched the mission and his neck was bleeding bad. His wounds were fatal. Wesley, Nic's team medic, and Dr Wren, Johnni's medic, did their best to try to save Tasipher. But ultimately they couldn't save Tasipher.

He had finally gotten his life together only to have it end.

Tasipher's remains were buried. His tombstone reads only these words "Here lies a dog of war." After the funeral Nicholas Williams disappeared from the face of the Earth. Occasionally reappearing to drink heavily at the Loop or the D because he couldn't work on the account of his broken hands. At Tasipher's death he broke both his hands punching out a lead pipe in a fit of emotion. Occasionally wandering to return to the METSU mansion and drink in solitude. In order to prevent the Union from being destroyed, as Nic was unfit to lead in his current condition, he put his old and trusted friend Nacht Sniper in charge. Despite Nacht's reputation as an insane conspiracy theorist Nic knew Nacht was someone he could trust and keep the Union alive. Nacht Sniper was someone Nic could believe in.

Nicholas Williams then disappeared in the Middle East, alone.

Nacht Sniper was originally planned to be the head of the assassination unit, and therefore had demonstrated his capability as a leader. Albeit a very unconventional leader. But one could say his madness was part of his charm and he was able to keep new blood flowing. But the task of being sole leader was too daunting. That was when long time member Johnni stood up. She was a hidden gem in the group and quickly ascended ranks to become a co-Commanding Officer like Nacht Sniper. She was able to help lead their fellow mercenaries as well maintain and gain new relations with clients. She had a certain air of charisma around her that would allow the Union to have active clients. Not only that she was able to re-vamp the base, making many improvements from the old design. Thanks their brilliant leadership the Union was still alive, and continued to mingle with the big names in the Rouge Isles. The METSU Mercenaries that Nic worked with had remained in the Union. And occasionally worked alongside Johnni.

Eventually Nicholas Williams was discovered by the METSU Mercenaries in an opium den in Vietnam. Nic himself had become crippled, bound to a wheel chair as both his legs and been blown off by an abandoned land mine he stepped on. After a visit to his personal doctor to get prosthetic legs he underwent a psychological evaluation. While he had always seemed to blame the Vegans for Tasipher's death, he had secretly been doubting his call to hold back Nacht's shot. As such he was blaming himself for Tasipher's death.

A quasai-relucant Nicholas Williams returned to the Union, though no one revealing the full details on how METSU discovered him. Ever since then he's acted as the third Commanding Officer of Weapons Union. But due to various reasons had to take a leave of absence. A short while Johnni took leave and Nacht and Nic ran the Union until her eventual return.

The Union still contains some of the best fighters on the Isles and the best mercenaries you can buy. And besides those mentioned, contained countless great individuals. Because of the long history of the group and the bonds formed between long term members. The group lives on and continues to grow.

Weapons Union--An organization dedicated to providing those society view as weapons a home.

Mission Statement

If the client can pay our fees we will do whatever they wish (within reason). Their spot on the moral spectrum does not matter. We will provide our strength to villains seeking to rule, or even destroy, the world. We will provide our strength to heroes seeking to bring evil to justice. We will support neutral causes. We'll kick dirt into the faces of the little guys. We'll bite the ankles of groups considered to be more powerful then us. As long as the client can afford our fees--we'll give them the best loyalty money can buy.


While the Weapon's Union is legally a PMC Company, their structure doesn't follow the atypical business-military hybrid format often seen in PMCs. Instead of having people in charge of jobs and having CEOs not participating in combat, their structure is based upon older mercenary organizations. This decision was made as the Union expects almost every member to be combat ready, including their leaders.


They compose the mass of the Weapons Union and are the backbone of the Union. While not as glorified as Specialist Mercenaries they are essential as they provide the Union with a large mobile force. The Union Mercenaries don't receive as many benefits as the specialists within the organization but, in return, they are generally given more freedom as they aren't called upon specialized jobs.

It's not hard to become a Specialist Mercenary, though. After a display of talent and dedication to the Union a promotion is easy to get.

Specialist Mercenaries

Specialist Mercenaries are mercenaries within the Weapons Union who have proven their worth. Generally they are more useful and are generally given higher priorities on missions. They are mercenaries that are proven to be able to follow orders and aren't mad vigilantes. As a reward for their ability to follow orders and dedication to the Union they are sometimes supplied with special equipment for missions. Not only that they have access to the Union's vast armory.


A special type of mercenary within the Union. In terms of combat rank they can act as emergency field commanders. Although their primary function is to act as informants, information gathers, and scout out new clients as well new mercenaries. This is a highly desired position as it's as close as you can get to officer level pay without having the many responsibilities of an officer.

Executive Officer

They can be considered the official field commanders if a Commanding Officer isn't present. Executive Officers can operate on their own to a degree and form their own squads of specialists. Normally Executive Officers don't deal with targets, unlike Agents and COs, and typically focus on leading the Union mercenaries in missions.

Commanding Officer

The leaders of the Union. Each Commanding Officer has their own responsibilities depending on their abilities. The three current Commanding Officers are Nicholas Williams, Nacht Sniper, and Johnni. If present in a mission they automatically take the position of field commander.

Some Mercenaries (Ones with Virtueverses)


What can we say? The Union has a lot of cool friends. Why don't you become one of them?

Client/Allies History

This section is dedicated to the several groups that have retired/gone inactive. We're no longer coalitioned with them but they are part of our history.


Union Officers.jpg

Nicholas Williams

Nic's Business Card

"The King of Dogs", Nicholas was the Senior Commanding Officer in the Union. He quickly ascended the ranks from a mere mercenary in the Union to the first Co-CEO. Nic was the one that reorganized the structure of the Union to a more traditional system for mercenaries. Focusing more on militant organization then business. Once Tasipher was killed in the line of duty he started to show up less. Passing his role of primary leader to his trusted friend Nacht Sniper. Afterwards Nic did some soul searching and returned to the Union.

He's best known for being perhaps the most wanted man in the Rouge Isles, but not by authorities. Nicholas often gloats about the insane amounts of people who want to kill him for various reasons. Although most of them seem to be jaded metahuman women he seems to like to hit on. On several occasions entire organizations have wanted to kill him. But so far all attempts on him have failed, regardless of the odds against Nic.

Nicholas also gives out Weapons Union Tote bags to promote the group or provide a client with a free gift with "purchase". They're excellent for going to the gym, pool, or carrying your mangled severed hand!

Currently he is on extended vacation. Though, Nic's idea of vacation is hopping battlefields in Africa. It's unknown whether he'll return to the Union.

Nacht Sniper

Nacht's Business Card

Michael Morder, better known as Nacht Sniper. Prior to joining the Union he was an officer in the 5th Collumn. But during an operation he was fatally injured and underwent the vampyri project. Although the psychic abilities never developed his natural senses have been enhanced a great deal. This improved his ability with a rifle and became a top notch marksman. After the council takeover he was captured. Once he broke out he eventually became a member of the Weapons Union. And thus began the legend of Nacht Sniper.

Nacht or "Nachtie' as Nic refers him, quickly became known amongst the Union's allies because of his antics. Some questioned his sanity and thus overall competence. But in the field he had proven himself worthy of being among their best. Eventually becoming the Union's top Sniper and Assassination specialist. Prior to his promotion to Commanding Officer he was the leader of the Assassination Squad. Nacht's odd ability to relentlessly pursue things (generally insane theories) was utilized to track down and recruit new blood into the Union. He is deeply trusted by Nic, who at times acts defensive of him.

Nacht's android, "Night Bot" is considered the unofficial mascot of the Union. Some would consider Nacht Sniper as the Union's mascot as he is very "VREAKY!"

Morgan Blood

Technically everyone's senior in the Union, as he's been in the group longer then even Nic. His current rank is Executive Officer and he is the group's arcane specialist. Morgan is best described as a smelly, magical fish man with his own harem. He's said to have an enchanted liver as he can drink incredibly strong magical alcoholic drinks as if they were a light beer. According to rumors no one in Paragon or the Isles can out drink Morgan Blood, no one. Such a feat is often questioned but when Morgan chugs a whole keg of beer and smashes it on his head people tend to believe this.

Morgan is also a very close friend of Nic, often trying to get him drunk. The two of them are the oldest members of the Union and thus have a rather...unique bond because of their history together. Oddly, the two met at a protest.

Officially Morgan is the "Director of Emerging Products", who's department is currently producing a calender featuring famous women of the Rouge Isles posing semi-nude or tastefully nude.


Johnni's Business Card

Johnni's past is quite enigmatic. Few, if any, in the Union know much about her. Like Nic she generally is seen with a group of mercenaries. The most notable of these mercenaries being the unit's medic, Dr. Wren. When the Union encountered some hard times because of Tasipher's death and Nic's disappearance she stood up to assist Nacht. Unknown to most she was a hidden jem and a excellent people person. While Nacht focused on getting new mercenaries she was able to get new clients for the group. Not only that she had redesigned the base to improve it's functionality and made it more secure.

While not a combat head, she specializes in dealing with people and offers a good balance to the team of three Commanding Officers. But because of her enigmatic nature she might have more hidden talents they have yet to utilize. Long ago there was a rumor that she would lead a coup against Nicholas for the position of leader, proving she shouldn't be underestimated by anyone.

Most believe she's the sanest person in the Union, as even Nic gets a little goofy a times.

Like Nic, she's on extended vacation.


Have you ever hired us? Do you secretly admire us? What do you think of us? Leave us a note!


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