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Current Events: None (Hiatus)

Current RP Arc(s): "Pull Out of the Isles"


Work In Progress!

Expect frequent typos, grammatical mistakes, and information to be regularly added.


With the dawn of the new millennium, mankind has reached a new age--the age of Heroes! And in this age of heroes one city stands out, Paragon city! For in Paragon there exists ten heroes to solve any crime that shows it's ugly face. This has given Paragon it's nickname--the City of Heroes!

But in the glorious light formed by these heroes there exists a massive shadow!

The Malice Society! A worldwide secret society who's sole goal is to dominate the world. Armed with advanced weaponry ranging from microscopic nano-weapons to giant robots. With resources and weaponry surpassing that of nations who can stand against them?

Fear not citizens for the Freedom Phalanx are on the prowl! And with them is one of the greatest heroes ever known, the Statesman!


The Malice Society was founded in the late 19th century by a young European Prince known only as "Lord Malice". While studying philosophy he came to the conclusion that in order to achieve total peace the world had to be ruled by a single entity. With this in mind Lord Malice formed the Malice Society. A society of like minded individuals who's sole goal is to rule the world with Lord Malice as it's leader.

Due to it's nature as a secret society it's early history is relatively unknown, even to senior members. How Lord Malice gained a great number of allies is unknown but theories exist. Some compare him to his more well known counterpart "Lord Recluse". They say Lord Recluse's power is super strength combined with unsurpassed intelligence. Lord Malice, on the other hand, possesses "the devil's charisma". The devil's charisma is believed to be a power that causes all people who Lord Malice meets to feel a mysterious sense loyalty to him. Whoever comes in contact with Lord Malice is said to become a loyal, lifelong servant. It's because of this Lord Malice only meets with those people who are already loyal.

During the 20th century the Malice Society clashed several times with "The Weaver's Arachnos" as they were both global organizations with similar goals. It wasn't until Stefan Richter, better known as Lord Recluse, came to power that the two groups became (very) loose allies. It's rumored that the Malice Society played some role in the Weaver's assassination.

Currently the Malice Society is active around the world and only considered Paragon City as just another city. But due a rare discussion between Lord Recluse and Lord Malice (though it didn't happen in person to avoid Lord Recluse from being effected by the rumored "devil's charm") it was decided the Malice Society would stage an attack on Paragon city. But because of bad information they were provided, they only sent several members of the Destined Eight and a handful of men. During the attack on the city they found themselves swarmed by heroes. The members of the Destined Eight who took part in the battle found it was too easy to eliminate these lesser heroes. But upon the arrival of the Freedom Phalanx they were crushed.

Several of the Destined Eight members were killed, two of the survivors were Lord Vincenzo and Burning Kyros.

In another conversation between Lord Recluse and Lord Malice, Malice eventually convinced Lord Recluse to stage an attack on the Zig to rescue his captured allies. It was then several Malice Society members who were captured were released. Though some were unable to escape.

Upon the breakout of surviving members of the Destined Eight on Paragon it was decided to assign an Overseer for both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Over much debate the severely weakened Vincenzo was chosen because of his experience as a European Overseer and the fact he was still in the area. This growing presence is causing Arachnos and Malice soldiers to clash on the streets. It's only a matter of time until things reach a boil...

RP History / VG Arc Souvenirs

The following is a list of various RP arcs that we have done by ourselves or with other groups. That means RP arcs going on won't be listed here until they're done. This also doesn't contain all of our RP events either, only those which were part of a large arc.

Wax Seal

Looking around the Society's collection of artifacts you find a red wax seal, imprinted on it an alien symbol you faintly recognize. It doesn't take long for you to remember why this mundane drip of wax is here. It once sealed an important envelope containing the will of a royal figure, so it has quite a story attached to it. A story you like to call...

"A Royal Fiasco" For the Society, it all started when King Nexus of the royal family of Vega was found dead. At first many thought it was suicide because the king had died of a lethal injection in the neck, the poison being something only found on Vega. But upon hearing the details of the wound, Lord Vincenzo came to the conclusion it wasn't suicide but assassination. The reason for this was the injection point was located near the collar bone and not near the jawline. After explaining, Vincenzo revealed that the arm would naturally inject something into the neck horizontally near jawline and below the earlobe. Injecting it in a rather downward motion with your own arm was unnatural.

After a period of little communication with the Vegans, due to the chaos happening with them, Queen Xena approached Lord Vincenzo asking for his aid. Seeing how he was an honorable man with a keen sense of justice he was asked to be a judge--for the trial of the Vegan Judge who, at the time, was believed to have betrayed the Vegan Royal Family.

Though, before the trial could happen the tables had turned. Queen Xena was now on trial! With their judge back on the podium the Malice Society attended it. Though, due to "unseen reasons" the jury couldn't make it. And the Vegans were forced to allow members of the Society and the Weapons Union to act as jury. Though, unknown to the Vegans, the jury was all employed and working for Vincenzo! Lord Vincenzo was able to figure out a conspiracy was underway but didn't know who was the real villain. To ensure that the conspiracy is uprooted and Queen Xena is safe he took decided to tuck several aces up his sleeve.

One he kept a secret from everyone, the other was the fact he had paid the jury to vote Queen Xena as innocent. With these aces hidden in his sleeve he came to the trial, he was prepared for the worse.

The wait was quite long, the defense and prosecutor carefully bringing out their evidence. While this happened Lord Vincenzo kept and eye on the various people in the courtroom. His largest suspicion laid with the Judge, who seemed rather biased. But, to Lord Vincenzo's surprise, the conspiracy turned out that the Queen was being controlled by the Ex-Chancellor through Vegan magic!

After the chaos of this revelation had settled, the Vegan court was left in a haze of confusion. Before the trial could be declared a mistrial, Lord Vincenzo revealed one of his aces. The will of King Nexus!

After reading it out to them, he revealed Nexus intended to have Xena rule in his place. And with the King's heart filled farewell the Vegans were moved to both tears for his passing and joy for their future. But as the Vegans celebrated their peace Lord Vincenzo decided to speak to one of the Vegans in private, Queen Xena's father.

After discussing the situation and sharing their opinions, Vincenzo revealed to the Lord his concerns. The Queen had approached him during the time when her mind was under control. Could this mean that the Ex-Chancellor wanted Vincenzo to reveal this information? And if that's true--how did he know that Vincenzo was given the King's will by Nexus himself? And what about the other enemies laying within the ranks of the Vegans? Even though the situation was over. There were too many questions left to be answered.

Current Condition

Currently the Malice Society is alive and well. But due to the disappearance of several upcoming operatives in the Rouge Isles as well a lack of resources they have recently pulled out of the Rouge Isles. Vincenzo De Luca, the overseer, has returned to his position as a Head Field Operative for the organization. As a head field operative he still is deployed for missions in the Isles.

There were rumors of sabotage from within the Rouge Islands Branch, but it's yet to have been discovered who was responsible if the rumors are true.


"Hail Malice." This motto is often said by members of the Malice Society. It shows loyalty to both Lord Malice and the society itself. It can be used as a greeting, a goodbye, or simply to declare loyalty.


The Malice society is composed of several levels. A Region Overseer, the Destined Eight, Malice Society Lieutenants, Malice Society Soldiers, and Henchmen/Operatives.

Regional Overseer

An Overseer is a member of the Malice Society who has given the task of keeping an eye on a certain region. While it does make the person "in charge" of the operations in the area he's assigned to, he still acts out Lord Malice's will. Generally Overseers are high ranking members within the society. It's not uncommon for one of the Destined Eight to become an Overseer. Though anyone in the society could potentially be selected to be a Regional Overseer.

Overseer isn't always a fixed position, as occasionally Overseers are needed for certain operations outside their area of power.

The Destined Eight

The Destined Eight are the elite fighters and leaders of the Malice Society. They are among the few people who are given permission to see Lord Malice in person. They are often among the first to be assigned the position of Overseers. It's not uncommon to have several members in a single area but the group is often spread out across the world. In rare occasions all eight members appear in a single area.

Over the years their roster changes, only adding new members when previous ones die. Though, due to the power of those in the Destined Eight, it's rare for new members to be included in the roster. It's said one can judge how strong Destined Eight members are by how old they are.

It should also be noted that every member of the Destined Eight has a nickname used to describe something about their power, appearance, or personality.

Wise Zhang

The eldest member of the Destined Eight who acts as the Overseer of China. He is considered to be one of the brightest minds of the world and a reincarnation of military genius Zhuge Liang. His power is heavily tied into weather and uses it as part of his plans and strategies. Due to his close location to Japan he has occasionally been known to pilot giant robots.

Crimson Vincenzo

Vincenzo De Luca, a senior member of the Destined Eight. He is considered to be most loyal person in the society, willing to go far as die for the sake of Lord Malice. His nickname comes from the red electricity his body generates. Capable of running at super speeds, having amazing stamina, and a level of superhuman strength. He has been a member of the Destined Eight since his early twenties. The time he has spent as a member of the Destined Eight shows his ability as a warrior. Strong both in mind and body, to a point he can be viewed as heartless at times. His pride and sense of honor makes him a bit of a relic in this day and age.

Mikhail the Miser

Mikhail, a large Russian born man who is a genius when it comes to money. His operations provide most of the income and resources for the Malice Society. He can turn in a huge profit in any situation and knows how to handle every financial issue. Although he provides most of the resources he gathers to the Society he keeps a great deal of it for himself, hence his name "the Miser". Along with being a financial guru he is a large man with incredible strength.

Silent Kagemaru

A mysterious Shinobi who is active around Japan. When not working on foot he pilots giant robots to combat Japanese Super Heroes who rely on giant mecha. Kagemaru's past is a mystery, but everyone knows he's the youngest member of the Destined Eight at age seventeen and the loudest. His ego can't be surpassed by anyone.

His rival(s) are the five colored sentai team the "Ultra Rangers". He has history with the ranger who wears red as his color, as they are long lost twin brothers.

He's also appeared on the Isles, considering he is a member of the Destined Eight who freely moves across areas.

Burning Kyros

Kyros Winters, a childhood friend of Vincenzo and, in spirit, his "younger brother". He has a mystical connection to "the phoenix". Giving him limited "immortality", seemingly "eternal youth", and the ability to generate flames from his body. Kyros met a teenaged Vincenzo when he was a young boy and ever since then has stuck with Kyros as "his partner". Even though they climbed the ranks together in the society Vincenzo joined the Destined Eight years before Kyros. The main reasons being Kyros' wild personality and the fact no position opened. It wasn't until a member of the Destined Eight was killed in a skirmish that Vincenzo recommended Kyros. While Kyros lacked many leadership skills his ability to ensure the success of missions was enough to back up Vincenzo's recommendation.

Vincenzo and Kyros' relationship is rather brotherly in the sense they don't harbor any hard feelings whenever they have one of their frequent conflicts. Kyros is considered to be the opposite of Vincenzo. While Vincenzo is a calm and reserved gentleman, Kyros is wild and rude. Though one of the larger reason's behind Kyros' harsh personality is because of the connection between his flames and his emotion.

Currently Kyros is missing in action.

Malice Society Officer

The Officer Uniform of the Malice Society

The "Field Leaders" within the group. Capable of taking henchmen and soldiers out on missions. While they have to show a level of loyalty they are given less responsibilities then Destined Eight members. Because of this this is a highly desired position within the Society as you get a satisfying amount of power but not a huge burden. These members also have access to the esteemed "Malice Society Officer" outfits.

Malice Society Soldier

Well equipped, trained, and the backbone of the Malice Society. In a manner they are the most iconic members and can have more of an impact on the Isles then the Destined Eight because of their uniform. If even two similarly dressed soldiers are seen in a single area, their matching uniforms show that they come from a organization that needs to taken seriously. While they can have street clothes it's a requirement for them to have a uniform that must be put on during operations. In return for this they are well supplied with enhancements suited to their origins. This is due to Malice wanting a strong fighting body.

It should be noted soldiers within the Society are more gifted then the grunts of Arachnos. While a good body of them rely on firearms there are numerous ones with unique powers. Scientists also can be assigned this rank and it's the rare occurrence of a "soldier" ranked member given permission to not have a uniform. Though they need to wear proper lab attire.


While not the a glamorous level on the chain they get the job done. They don't wear uniforms and are free to wear whatever they want. But because of their choice to not enlist as a soldier they don't have access to the Society's vast armory. But, in turn, they have a level of freedom not available to other members on the society.

It's up to them whether or not they want to climb the ladder. Through hard work and loyalty they can become Destined Eight members, Officers, or (in the case of Henchmen) honorary soldiers.


An Operative of the Malice Society is lone agent who receives little support other then what his allies provide him (generally manpower). While most operatives are loyal to the society it's more then possible that there exist operatives who only use the Malice Society's power to fulfill their own goals. Since their freedom allows them to be less trusted they're given little power. Though loyal operatives have the potential to become Officers or later decide to become a soldier.


Everybody loves a loyal henchman. These people are loyal to the society but, for whatever reason, don't fit in the ranks of soldiers. Generally henchmen find higher ranking members to serve in order to receive some rewards and support. Sometimes dedicated henchmen are made honorary soldiers after serving someone for a long time.


Even organizations as big as the Malice Society need allies--especially if they're an area where they have little influence.

OOC Information

Because the group is RPed as a tight nit organization we have some rules some VGs may not have. But these rules exist to ensure a proper RPing experience for those interested in joining the Malice Society.

Uniform Policy

The correct shade of Blue
The correct shade of Red

Soldiers and Officers are required to have some sort of uniform. Masks can either be Full or with hair. Members are free to add details to their costume such as glasses, eyepatches, ect to make them more unique. The reason we heavily encourage henchmen to become Soldiers is to give the Malice Society a "wow" factor to make us stand out amongst other VGs. The only reason we give people the option to remain as henchmen is to not exclude anyone who'd like to join but wouldn't like to give up a costume slot. When designing uniforms it's easier to have all colors set to the blue and then the red. Then work on the details.



Standard Issue Soldier Uniform

Here is the Soldier Uniform:

To make things easy, set everything to be the Dark Blue and then Red.

Malice Heavy

The "Heavy" Soldier Uniform

Asking our members about the uniform policy we heard something a few times: Certain characters will refuse to wear a spandex outfit. We took the challenge of designing an outfit that would accommodate someone with more modern tastes but still keep a retro element. After a few designs this one seemed to be the most promising. Keep in mind that HELMET IS OPTIONAL.

To make things easy, set everything to be the Dark Blue and then Red.

-OR- (As shown in pic)

Soldier Female (Alternate)

An alternate outfit for female toons!

As we progressed we noticed that female characters who donned the standard uniform had a little costume flaw! One of the draws of the standard uniform is those lines appear to be "attached" to our emblem. But on female toons the emblem appeared too small and detached! Working hard we quickly came up with an alternative for female toons that had the same "feeling" as the standard uniform.

RP Policy

We will take RPers of all kinds and our veteran members will be more then happy to give anyone with lesser experience some pointers. But if someone's character's personality creates too large of a conflict they will be approached IC, disciplined, and if they continue they will be expelled from the Society in an IC spirit. We will rarely blame anyone OOC for character conflicts and will try to end such expulsions on a good note to prevent any bad blood.

We will also try to have as many RP events as possible. To make things interesting we work hard to find new allies and get them involved in SLs. Although not being implemented now it's being debated to have "free for all" RP events within the D. But due to not everyone would want to get involved it's only being considered for a possible method to have events.

Group Colors

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