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The Hangman's Roadhouse is a semi-private bar which caters to a broad variety of clientelle in the Rogue Isles. Until recently, it was publically owned and operated by Mike Steelsoul Clark. In early September Mike left the isles to settle in Kansas and raise a family, leaving the pub under the management of Varasin and Tabby. The bar is presently run by the managers in trust for the owners, on behalf of the members and allies. Current management is Varasin, Tabby and Jalroy, with Varasin the primary manager.

The bar caters to rough and tumble types, few questions asked. Originally a vampire joint, the Roadhouse still serves blood when requested. Located in the Haven neighborhood of Cap au Diablo, the bar has an unusual atmosphere. It has some odd amenities, such as a mineral bath; and more mundane facilities, such as hot tubs, bars, and more. Hangman's has recently acquired the lease on the neighboring property and is expanding. The additional space is being used for a number of new amenities, resources and projects; along with the renovation of some of the existing fitouts.

On the side

ParaPharmaceuticals. This was a side business operating out of the Roadhouse, producing and distributing ParaPharmaceuticals. These are, basically, "Drugs for the Damned" — narcotics specifically tailored to affect supernatural beings, such as Werewolves and Vampires. Originally a bit of a side business of Ani Reaves, Mike bought a partnership and eventually started building a lab for her to work within the Roadhouse.

Production ceased while ago, and the lab is effectively packed up and not presently in operation.

Brewery and special beverages. The Roadhouse boasts Mike's custom built micro-brewery.

Coaligned Groups

Mercenary and Military and Like

Other Allies



Managers run the pub in trust for the owners and on behalf of members and allies. Varasin is the primary manager as at October 2008.


Owners hold the licence and rights to the pub. Generally they are off doing their own thing, reired, or absent most of the time. Varasin has created a Trust Deed of operation by which managemant of the pub is organised. As at October 2008.




Hangman's has a number of clients 'on the books' who routinely use the services of the roadhouse; some of them include:

Other Staff

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