Ghost Hound

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Ghost Hound
First Appearance: Jan 1st, 2008
Founders: Wraith Prime , RYNO
Website: - Ghost Hound on
Current Members: 103
Active Weekly Members: 47
Active Daily Members: 38
Top 100 VG Rank: 67
Commanders Wraith Prime, RYNO, Dr. Kazz, Will McBlack
Officers Marie Lavell, Roessa, Thorgar Wulfson

Ghost Hound is a themed Medium Role playing Supergroup on the Villain side of Virtue. Though on the Villain-side, they are not villains, as much as "Anti-Heroes". Their cover by day is as Street Thugs and Ruthless Cybernetically-enhanced Black Ops Mercenaries, but their hidden agenda is as Freedom Fighters, waging a war in the shadows of the Rogue Isles against Arachnos and other oppressive groups such as Crey, Malta, and The Council. They are Cyberpunk by theme, and have a team-centric atmosphere.


Background and Theme

The Hi-Tech-Lowlife Mercenary Guild known as Ghost Hound began it's life in a group of friends over a tabletop game of Shadowrun. Months passed since the end of that game and the inception of Ghost Hound into City of Villains. Thanks to Moone and his Spec-Ops and Business Suit theme to Ascension Foundation, and a lacking villain-side cyberpunk market, Wraith Prime, RYNO, and the old players of the Shadowrun game were able to be inspired enough to remake the old Ghost Hound Wolf Pack into a Team of quality players and RPers, and a haven for Cyberpunk on the Villain side of Virtue.

Being themed, they have extremely stringent requirements for recruitment and membership. Ghost Hound's primary theme is Cyberpunk, with Shadowrun as a secondary theme to support magic, and varying races to make them more flush with with City of Heroes Universe. Those that are not familiar with this Hi-Tech-Lowlife Noir Genre of Science Fiction are advised to do their research before joining. This does not mean Ghost Hound as players play with Cyberpunk and Shadowrun rules within City of Villains, rather that it is just that, their theme.

Beyond that, Ghost Hound is also geared towards ex-military, ex-special forces types. Employing jargon, values and mentality from wide a variety of armed forces.

Other genres and races are allowed in on occasion, through RP appointment only.

Additionally, Ghost Hound carries with it a "Mature" Rating. Adult and ethically questionable themes as well as harsh language and scenes depicting graphic violence may be expressed on occasion. Though, it is kept under control, and done in the spirit of good, clean fun.


Ghost Hound was was founded by Wraith and RYNO in City of Villains after finding they wanted to do something Cyberpunk or Shadowrun during their time in Ascension Foundation. Seeing there was nothing out there, Wraith and RYNO quickly moved to seize the opportunity, still staying close friends with Ascension Foundation. The concept quickly gained popularity with the villain-side RP community and within 4 months, stabilized, virtually able to run itself.

Incorporated into the founding of Ghost Hound are many Military Values as well as Team Mentality and Success Principles. Ghost Hound was built as a place where people could feel part of a team and have fun, without the hassles of drama and political power struggles. The Team, itself, is built around 2 Distinct motto's:

  • "Stickin it to 'The Man' in the One and Twenty"
  • "Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful"

For more information on Ghost Hound's policies involving "Zero Tolerance for Drama", You can look to this post in their Public Forums: Zero Drama Policy: What does it mean?

Modus Operandi

Ghost Hound has gotten recognition as one of the best known Mercenary Companies in the Rogue Isles. They are, by a long shot, also the largest, operating more as a syndicate than a company. By Arachnos standards, their methods are questionable, but their results speak for themselves. Ghost Hound has access to a variety of contacts at all levels of Isles. Their membership is free to pick and choose which missions and contracts they wish to take. As dues, Ghost Hound asks for a percentage of the profits received based on Threat Level, offering weapons and ammo, gear, medical, supplies and safe house access in exchange. These dues also go to a "Black Box Fund" to keep the operative without identity and out of sight and mind of Arachnos.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Ghost Hound is actually a Splinter Cell of Ascension Foundation, and in turn, corporately backed by them, giving them unlimited funds and resources with which to work. To the general public, Ascension Foundation poses as Ghost Hound's largest contract.

Spoilers end here.

In summary, Ghost Hound is a corporately-backed, quasi-legal Black Ops Mercenary Syndicate in the Rogue Isles. To their allies they are a Thug Army that can be called upon to carry out specialized, highly-sensitive and ethically questionable tasks and operations. To their enemies, they are invisible terrorists, an enigmatic force that strikes quickly, with surgical precision and leaves no survivors. Beneath that, they fancy themselves as Robin Hoods of the 21st Century. The resources and assets they gain, they use to slowly free the people of the Rogue Isles from the oppression of Arachnos, Crey, Aeon and The Council. They live a Live Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard, Die Hard lifestyle.

Their attitude as a group is very straight-froward, No-Bull, cut to the chase, and "Git'er dun!" They waste little time on complications, tending to boil things down to their simplest common denominator, attacking problems at their core.

Structure and Organization

Ghost Hound operates very much under a team-centric or "Pack" mentality. Having no Super powers on their own, they rely on superior and precise teamwork to win in situations where they come against those with Super Powers. They tend to work under the mentality of "all or nothing" or "No one of us is better than the rest of us." Their standard mode of Operation is very much in line with that of Malta, operating at different levels in independent Cells and highly specialized teams. Their system of promotion rewards those who continue to define Cyberpunk and are the greatest servants to the Team.

Guppies. The Rogue Isles are filled with them. Short-handed, abbreviated scumbags and wanna-bes that can be found anywhere. But out there in the Neon Gutter, among the Guppies are Tenderfoots; Street Thugs and Freelancers with a chip on their shoulder and a fistful of angst against Arachnos.

Tenderfoots, in the eyes of Ghost Hound, are a cut above everyone else. This is where any Operative begins their Career as a Black Ops Ghost Hound Merc. Once recruited, they have full access to Warehouse 42 and the other safe houses. Though, at this level their opportunities to see action with the rest of the Pack are often limited. In this fashion, Tenderfoot tends to act as a probationary rank. From here, paying a certain amount of dues to the company gives them Full Operative Status. Tenderfoots who generate less than 5,000 Prestige will be released from duty (booted) after 14 days of inactivity. Those who generate more than 5000 Prestige are allowed 30 days of inactivity before they are released from duty.

Street Operatives have proven their loyalty to the Pack, earning 50,000 in dues toward the prestige of Ghost Hound. Operatives are the workhorse rank of Ghost Hound, trusted to carry out just about every task, and have a variety of privileges and freedoms within the organization. Each Operative has a very specific role within the team, some level of functionality that will allow them to be picked over Tenderfoots on Company sponsored Operations. Early promotions to this rank is given out by RP appointment. Operatives are allowed 60 days of inactivity before they are released from duty.

Shadowrunners have put in countless hours and dues toward the cause of Ghost Hound. Often times, earning 200,000 Prestige will grant an Operative this rank. Early promotions to this rank are given out by appointment only. Shadowrunners act as Special Forces within the Special Forces outfit that is Ghost Hound, able to do more than the average Operative, and have permission to act on their own from time to time. Insurgents always have first pick on company business, are often Team leaders, Mentors and Malefactors. Achieving this rank allows the Insurgent Hound an indefinite period of leave.

Strikeforce Lieutenants are the Mentors and Underbosses of Ghost Hound. They have proven themselves as Team players, good leaders and mentors, often times furthering the Company as a whole. They exude the Core Values of Ghost Hound and the Cyberpunk genre. Alphas have privilege enough to run Company Business without a Commander being present. Alphas also gain the privilege of helping out Command with recruitment, logistics and other behind-the-scenes work, should they so choose. Like Insurgents Alphas are allowed indefinite leave, but need to be active on at least a monthly (30 day) basis in order to maintain their rank.

The Strikeforce Commanders of Ghost Hound are responsible for alot of the behind-the-scenes work. These few are the greatest servants to the team, often dealing with tough issues and logistics so that the rest of the Pack doesn't have to. They understand that true leadership is not command, but servitude and leading from the front, running with their Pack, and putting the interests of the team ahead of their own. The Leadership of Ghost Hound also sets the pace and the example. In terms of recruitment, they set the example as the outer limits of what races, magic and technologies Ghost Hound allows. As with Insurgents and Alphas, Commanders are allowed indefinite leave, but must be active on a 15 day cycle to maintain their rank. This rank is only given out by appointment, by continuous service to the team above and beyond the call.

Core Values

Ghost Hound was founded by two ex-marines, in both Wraith and RYNO (though they will claim "Once a Marine, Always a Marine"). The two of them took the values they had learned in the Corps, and applied them to the standard operating procedure of Ghost Hound. These Values being Honor, Courage and Commitment. Each one carries with it a set of subvalues such as Discipline and Integrity, Punctuality and Accountability, Servitude and Sacrifice, Unity and Teamwork, and Attitude and Respect. But most of all, they don't forget to have fun along the way.

  • Honor The Hound's Top Priority is Honor amongst one another. No Hound will ever lie to, cheat, steal from or sell out another Hound, Ally or Contact. They will never play political games of power, and will always treat their allies and one another with respect and integrity.
  • Courage Not every common thug has what it takes to be a Hound. You are going up against the most powerful Corporations, and Terrorist Organizations in the world. To say the least, it takes guts and cojones. It takes an eagerness and enthusiasm to go out hard every time you go on a mission, and to leave no survivors.
  • Commitment Ghost Hound takes every contract they can, and sees it to it's end, no matter what the cost. Ghost Hound has a commitment to the mission, it's contractors, allies and to the rest of their team as a whole. To mess with one Hound is to mess with the entire pack.


While off Duty, Hounds are encouraged to wear whatever is comfortable, and allows them to blend into society.

File:Ghost hound ready for action.jpg
Ghost Hound Tac-Suit (Left to Right): Gunsang, Felicia Grant, Moone (Ascension Foundation), Vahanna, Pyrotastic, Col. Marcus Drake (Ascension Foundation), RYN0, Wraith Prime, Dr. Kazz

When on Company business, they are required to wear a Tactical Operations Uniform. These "Tac-Suits" can vary from Hound to Hound, depending on personality, but they are always done in a "Special Forces" style. Black Urban Camos, Flak Jackets, Work Boots, Gas Mask, and Tactical Harness. Though the Tac-Suit format itself was originally inspired by the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the British SAS, these Tac-Suits can find a variety of other inspirations, whether from SWAT, USMC Special Forces, the British SAS, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, or Malta.


Aside from the Tac-Suit, Ghost Hound has at it's disposal a variety of weapons. The most Common among these is the Council Assault Weapon, which is used by not only The Council, but by Malta and Longbow as well. The Militray Assault Rifle and Merc Assault Weapon are also used by Tenderfoots and lower Threat Level Operatives.

Used by Ghost Hound are other weapons in homage and reference to their real world counter-parts, such as the FN P90, HK G36 series, AK-101, M4 Carbine, M60 Machine Gun and PK Machine Gun. The Uzi and Ingram Mac-11 are alternative sub machine guns. The Main Sniper Rifles used by Ghost Hound are the PSG-1, AI Arctic Warfare and Barrett M82 "Light Fifty". The sidearms of choice are the 10mm Ares Predator, Colt 1911 or Glock 26, or in RYNO's case the Smith and Wesson 500. Shotgun selection includes Remington 1100, the SPAS-12 Tactical Shotgun, Defiance T-250 Combat Shotgun and DAO-12 Streetsweeper. Grenade Launchers are ordinarily the M203 Under-barrel variation, but the MGL-140 is also used.

Having Vanguard as a Contractor, Ghost Hound also employs the use of the Vanguard Redding Rifle, for those Hounds that prove themselves to Vanguard. They also have their share of Plasmatic and Energy Weapons, though use of these outside of the Rikti War Zone is rare.

Ghost Hound also has weapons catered to the cybernetically enhanced. Weapons far too powerful for a normal human arm or body to handle. .458 caliber Handguns, .50 caliber Fully-Automatic, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm rifles and Miniguns are available to the Fulcons ( Full-Conversion Cybernetic Overhaul) of the Pack.

All of Ghost Hounds weapons have been illegally modified for optimum performance in accuracy, range, penetration and rate of fire and are made able to support a number of SOPMOD-style accessories.

Ammunition granted is Ball-tip 9mm, 10mm Auto, 5.56mm NATO, 7.62mm Soviet, .357 and .45ACP Magnum, 12.7mm (.50Cal BMG), .50cal Express, as well as 12 gauge buckshot and slugs, and all other standard rounds. At Higher Threat Levels and in more dangerous operations, hollow-point ammunition, APDS, Incendiary, Explosive and Electro-thermal rounds are used.

Standard Issue Armor is a Ghost Hound tailored Kevlar-Impervium weave Jacket or or Plated Vest. Varying levels of heavier armor are also worn, as well as lighter form-fitting armors. Those with a background in Engineering, also tend to use Powered Armor or Battle Suits under more extenuating circumstances. Stolen Force Field Generators also provide extra protection to Hounds that are lucky enough to acquire one.


Ghost Hound also has access to it's own Cybernetics Lab and Infirmary, also known as "The Chop Shop." all Tenderfoots are outfitted with either an earpeice comm system or head-comm which works through a closed-circuit voice or IM system. Additionally, each Operative is given the exact setup of cybernetics they will need to do their job best. These enhancements and Augmentations range from Headware to Cyber-ears and eyes, Muscle replacements and augmentation, Sub-dermal armor, Wired Reflexes and Spinal Replacements and augmentation, Cybernetic Limb replacement, Filtration Systems, Skill-wires and Skillsoft Chips, and Bone Lacing and augmentation. Marie Lavell is Ghost Hound's Chief medical Officer and Cyberdoc, able to provide a wide variety of procedures. The other Cyber docs are Wraith Prime and Dr. Kazz.

Ghost Hound also offers Bio-tech and Gene Therapy for mages or others who want a more natural alternative to cybernetics. Lord Xaqhan is Ghost Hound's chief Biotech engineer.


Some might say the Magic is in the Teamwork. This statement wouldn't be too far from the truth either. Ghost Hound does have it's fair share of mages and other magic-wielders. These Hounds are usually assigned in with their fellow Operatives when engaging Circle of Thorns or other missions where magic may be prevalent. RYNO realized early in Ghost Hound's career, during the Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force, that mages and magic would not only be handy, but a necessary force to possess in the Rogue Isles. It was this incident that caused Wraith to hire-on the infamous Witch-Hunter Will Black, who now acts as a consultant to the team when it comes to the supernatural.

Ghost Hound also employs it's share of Psions to help fight against Lord Recluse's Widows, as well as Lost and Rikti. Psions in Ghost Hound are also used in investigation and interrogation when necessary.

Necromancy, Vampirism, and Demonic Magics are never allowed in Ghost Hound. They feel at that point, they'd be no better than the evil which they fight. The only Demon who has ever been able to prove themselves as an invaluable asset to Ghost Hound is Commander Saber.


Ghost Hound first came together as a result of Operation: Desert Storm in 1990. At the time, Major Hannibal Fischer, now known as Wraith, assembled a Special Forces team for the USMC. In this Team were the following Eight Members. Each was picked for their specialty

  • Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Cortez, now known as Bulwark Ryno, a Tank Mechanic and Aspiring Mech Engineer.
  • Sergeant Andrea Andersen, now Templar Falcon, a Martial Arts and Lingual Expert
  • Corporal Marcus Wraith, now known as Specter Raven, Medic
  • Sergeant Cael Reisius, now known as Sai, a Military Wizard
  • (( names of Wraith's Old henchmen ))

Most of their History in the Iraqi-Kuwait war is still classified to this day. But the team was incredibly successful, nonetheless. By the end of the war in 1991, All of them were promoted because of their Tour of Duty in the Saudi Desert. Their teamwork, precision and level of accomplishment seemed nearly unbreakable. But before they were allowed to return home to the States, they were required to complete a final mission. This mission was known as Operation Seattle.

The US Government still to date denies any knowledge of Operation: Seattle. -Nor will any surviving Hound ever talk about it, only that it seemed to change the team forever. Following the Operation, All members of Ghost Hound were considered MIA, and later pronounced dead and hired into Black Ops.

Ghost Hound now only existed in quiet whispers in the Pentagon, incredibly sensitive operations and missions which were 'the tough ones,' without easy answers. Ghost Hound became the only answer. it was in the Black Ops Program where the team saw continued Success in Afghanistan, Iran, Guadalajara and Venezuela. The team excelled at Night-time Urban Ops and Infiltration.

One day in 1997, while on shore leave in the Rogue Isles, RYNO recognized his old family on TV, being made examples of and being moved to Darwin's Landing. RYNO blew a gasket that night and the team fell apart from there. Most of the team lost contact with one another at that point, but Wraith continued on to hire on Mercs around the Rogue Isles to try and get a legitimate business of privateering going.

In 2002, The 2nd Generation of Wraith's Ghost Hounds even assisted in the cleanup which followed the Rikti War, and were recognized by Vangaurd as an "indispensable Special Operations asset." But following the War, having a dwindling interest in clean-up, Wraith moved the business back to the Rogue Isles.

It was 5 years later that Ghost Hound caught the eye of a Commander Moone. Adam, as he was called recognized Wraith's leadership ability as well as the unity of his small team. Moone gave Wraith a position as a Cell Commander in his organization, where the Hounds would continue to do the work they were meant to, and then some. At this time, Wraith was also doing work for Director Majora, who was head of an underground robotics and cybernetics organization. His Mercs were decked out in the best cybernetics money could buy, and in the Rogue Isles, the money was good.

That wouldn't last forever though. Majora's lab was attacked by Arachnos Elite, they had traced Wraith and Ghost Hound to their location in Aeon City.All the remaining Hounds were destroyed, Majora's cyberlab destroyed, and Wraith left little more than a pasted pulp on he floor.

This may have been the end of Ghost Hound, but faith thought differently. Majora's cybernetic abomination, Project Apothis, or "Ape" as he was called found the crew dead and Majora's body destroyed. Apothis recognized that Wraith's brain was the only brain still alive. The wretched horror known as "Ape" executed it's protocol for if the lab was ever attacked. He took Wraith into the chop shop of the lab, and transplanted his brain into a new, experimental full-conversion cybernetic body.

Weeks later, Wraith was born a new being, and returned to work for Moone as a Fulcon, but now with an Entourage of Hitmark Class Robots which resembled his old Ghost Hound soldiers. It was at this time in late 2007, he met up with RYNO at an Anarchist Haunt known as The Hangman's Roadhouse. RYNO was no longer the tiny but stocky Mexican he used to be, he was now a Supa troll. The only way Wraith recognized him was by the tattoos and missing arm. Wraith took RYNO back to meet Moone. Operation: Seattle had prepared them both for what Moone would introduce them to.

It was in agreement between Wraith and RYNO that they would reform Ghost Hound, for the good of the Rogue Isles and the World. And it wasn't long before Ghost Hound became the largest Cell of Moone's Organization. It was without word of dispute on Jan 1st 2008, when Wraith and RYNO took Ghost Hound from a shadow organization in the Rogue Isles to a legitimate Mercenary Company. In the eyes of the public, Ascension Foundation was Ghost Hounds first and largest contract, though the truth would be the Moone would be who the Hounds would be loyal to when all else was gone. From there, Wraith and RYNO began looking for all takers, any common street thug, cyborg or merc who has a fist to raise against Arachnos, and wanted to make good money along the way.

Rogue Isles Operation

And so in a matter of 18 years, Ghost Hound has taken on many projects from USMC Special Forces, to Black Ops, to Privateers. But as of late, Ghost Hound has their feet firmly planted in Port Oakes in the Rogue Isles as Mercs. Very quickly, they were able to establish a few ends, hiring cryptologist's in the Newspaper, and strong-arming the Family out of a warehouse to use as a Base of Operations and Safehouse for Mercs and Runners.

Ghost Hound's presence in the Rogue Isles is perceived as "Hire it Done" for just about anyone with money and a job that they need taken care of. On the back end, they use the money and resources they acquire to fight against Lord Recluse's Spider Army and take back the Rogue Isles for the people. They'll take any job that comes their way, and have no qualms about fighting just about any gang or organization out there.

With Longbow, as well as Arachnos having a presence in the Rogue Isles, Ghost Hound tends to pay the red and white little mind. Their thought's on Longbow tend to be "We have enough problems in the Isles, don't need to go pissin' off the Capes too," or "They stay out of our way, we stay out of theirs." It is an uneasy neutrality, and Ghost Hound tends to try to avoid Longbow, but if the money is right, they are willing to combat them, often calling them "Lone Star." "You don't wanna mess with Lone Star," is what RYNO will warn most Tenderfoots with.

Along the way, they have met other Organizations of like mind, and so formed a coalition with these groups, creating a Rebellion in the shadows of the Rogue Isles, right underneath the nose of Arachnos.

Early on, in this rebellion's infancy, it's mission was in jeopardy, threatened to be back-bitten while in their pursuits against Arachnos. The Council had failed in their attempt to subjugate and dissolve Ghost Hound's allies, Inevitable Evolution, in a hostile takeover maneuver. This left them with the possibility of any of their allies being attacked by the Council. In a preemptive and preventative strike, Ghost Hound lead an attack with Ascension Foundation and Inevitable to raid the Council's supply depots. This attack would leave The Council paralyzed for months, unable to wage any sort of attack against the three. In All, 3 Teams hit a total of 12 supply depots. The Operation was a success. The Supplies from that raid were then held in Warehouse 42.

From there, overstocked with a huge stockpile of supplies, graciously donated by the Council, The Coalition was in full swing, ready to take on anything.

Warehouse 42

Warehouse 42

Warehouse 42 is a regular, run-of-the-mill warehouse in the Oil Spill Neighborhood of Port Oakes. RYNO literally took it right out from under the Family. He just moved the Hounds right in. The Local Marcones and Mookes weren't able to do much against the years of Special Forces Training the Supa Troll and Fulcon possessed, and so within a few weeks, just gave up and decided to let them keep it. But as far as Arachnos knows and cares, it's still in the hands of The Family. Spiders which hover in the vicinity to investigate these claims are never heard from again. And with the backing and resources that the Hound possess, these disappearances are always blamed on the Family.

It's this warehouse that acts as the Headquarters of the Shadow-Running Mercenary Syndicate known as Ghost Hound.

Goin' Indy

After 9 months of Coalition, Ascension Foundation and Ghost Hound hit a snag in the road. A failure to reach an agreement on "What is the overall goal?" became a reccuring issue, and major point of contension between the Hounds and the Foundation. The Hounds wanted to drive the oppressive forces from the Isles, but were wondering why the Foundation kept granting support to enemy groups such as Wraith Spiders, Widow's Web and the Empyrean Mandate if Liberation from Oppression was the overall goal. Ghost Hound had already gained enough rescources through raids and contracts to become it's own independent company, and after feirce debate, they broke from the Ascension Foundation and the employment of Commander Moone. Ghost Hound had achieved Independence as a Mercenary Company, free of politics, shadow wars and hidden agendas, able to pursue what needed to get done to free the Rogue Isles from the forces of oppression.

In spite of the fallout between close allies, their closest friend in the Foundation, Colonel Marcus Drake, offered to support the Hounds with his own Cell, The Shades of Tiamat. As well, Drake's wife, Sil dropped a line about a fellow Anarchist Group known as "The Riot Act" with which the Hounds could get in contact with. Wraith and RYNO had to quarrel with Drake or his wife, and so graciously accepted both offers of support in the wake of recent events.

Warehouse 90-01

Warehouse 90-01 (Right Click for Larger View)
After severring ties with Moone and the Foundation, it became apparent that the Hounds would need a new Base of Operations. And so began the search for a hideout. it would not be long before Ghost Hound would stumble upon Warehouse 90-01 in the Hard Way neighborhood of St. Martial.

Originally a Wailer Den, a small contingent of Hounds, including RYNO stumbled upon the abandonned warehouse, and after evicting it's current resisdence, learned that it had all the space the Hounds would need for their growing army. It also had sewer access from within the warehouse itself, making it easy for the Hounds to get around St. Martial. Once it was established "This would be the new Base," RYNO and Ghost Hounds' robotic workforce began construction on a newer, larger, more advanced bunker underneath the St. Martial Sewer System. The image to the left has all rooms marked alphabetically.


  • A - Enterance to the Warehosue and Kazz's Office
  • B - Wraith and Ryno's Offices (Wraith-South/Ryno-North)
  • C - Will McBlack's Office and Defense Corridor
  • D - Warehouse Area / General Storage
  • E - Hangar (Telepad goes to Mercy Island and Grandville )
  • F - Day Room, Gun Range and Sparring Ring
  • G - Atrium and Cafeteria
  • H - Men's Barracks
  • I - Women's Barracks
  • J - Locker Rooms and Showers
  • K - Basement / Cold Storage
  • L - Sewer Access from Warehouse
  • M - Abandoned Sewer Tunnels
  • N - Hunter's Den / Occult Library and Storage
  • O - St. Martial Sewer Access
  • P - Entrance to Underground Bunker
  • Q - Armory
  • R - Command Center
  • S - Briefing Room
  • T - War Room
  • U - Power Plant / Fusion Generator
  • V - Brig
  • W - Security Checkpoint for Brig
  • X - Fabrication / Machine shop / Cybernetics Lab
  • Y - Combat Area Support Hospital (Medbay)
  • Z - Portal Room (Teleporters)

The Slinger Wraith Menace


The Deck of 52

main article: Deck of 52

The Shadow Network

Ghost Hound does not operate alone in the Rogue Isles, they work through a tight network of like-minded individuals. This network of Guilds, Foundations and Organizations is known as "The Shadow Network." It is through The Shadow Network that Ghost Hound and it's allies continue to battle in the shadows those who keep the people of the Rogue Isles in a constant state of oppression.


This is the Shadow Network. The Tightest and most organized group of revolutionaries in the Rogue Isles. To come against any of these, is to come against all of them.

  • Phoenix Insurrection - Around the time GH's contracts with IE expired, Unleashed Force created a more proactive movement of mutants. The Hounds were more than excited to engage in contracts with this movement.
  • Survivors of Vega - It seems to be a strange relationship, but in exchange for the alien technology of the Vegans, Ghost Hound helps to repair the Blue Star with their ability to create a labor force of robotic drones.
  • Inevitable Evolution- With Rezz at the helm of the Organization, The Hounds and Inevitable Evolution are back in business together
  • Dawning Light Academy - A Special Division within the Midnighter's Squad that specializes in Hunting down Rogue Supernaturals. Will McBlack was given full Command of this Ministry and kept in close contact with Ghost Hound


Close contacts which regularly employ the services of the Hounds or work along side of them on occasion.


Other groups Ghost Hound associates themselves with.

  • Weapons Union - Weapons Union is a fellow Merc Guild that Ghost Hound occasionally aligns themselves with. Both have animosity toward the Council, and work together to combat them in the Rogue Isles.
  • Shades of Tiamat- Since the fallout between Ascension Foundation and the Hounds, Col. Marcus Drake and his wife have kept themselves in contact with RYNO and Wraith. The two groups have a mutual respect of one another and work parallel to one another most of the time and never realize it.
  • Vanguard - Vanguard has been a contact of Ghost Hound since late 2002. Lady Grey appreciates the aid of the Hounds as a Special Forces Outfit in the ongoing war against the Rikti.
  • New Moon Pub and Inn - New Moon was once Silvermoon Inn and Pub, but it was burnt down by the original owners and later restored by Zeta Foxx and identified themselves as a safehouse to Ghost Hound

To the Posers

We know who you are, and what you are doing. We know you've been asked not to, yet you continue to anyway. We know that you who lead had left Ghost Hound under bad terms and took part in it's attempted destrution. What is here is the shadow of the Villain Group that changed the face of the villain-side of Virtue.

Flattery is one thing. Flattery is a compliment. This is not flattery, this is not a compliment, it's an attempt to be what once was, to copy or plagiarize.

There will never be another Ghost Hound on City of Villains. There will never be another group to lead and influence the Villain-side community as we did. We left you, Virtue, on the best of terms and thanked you, and all that made Ghost Hound the success it was. We do not approve of the posers attempting to fly our name. They will never be the original, nor be able to accomplish the works of the original. They will always live in the shadow of what once was, never able to regain it.

To those thinking you are part of the New Ghost Hound, The Posers are not the actual Ghost Hound. We do not condone their attempt to franchise our name. If you wish to experience the real thing, we have moved to Champions Online, where we re continuing to make a positive impact in that community.
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