Blast Asylum

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Issa Blast!
Blast Asylum
Player: Necomancer
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50 >_>
Personal Data
Real Name: Richard Willaims
Known Aliases: Blasty, Captain Blasto, Blastasaurous, Mr.Blasty Head Froofroo(but only once), Blastard, Spider Blast
Species: Human
Age: Unkown
Height: I dunno
Weight: Heavy
Eye Color: Blue and oddly blemish free
Hair Color: None (formaly brown)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Assassin
Place of Birth: Paragon
Base of Operations: Paragon
Marital Status: Dating Silver Monkey
Known Relatives: Mother(deceased), Sister (Lisa Willaims, NPC)
Known Powers
See Known Powers and skills
Known Abilities
See known powers and skills
See known weapons


In Game Description

On the ground a flyer passes by your feet. When you pick it up it reads: "Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap. Blast Asylum, professional assasin, burgler, mugger, kidnapper, and anything else that pays. Assasination a specialty. Please contact at the following--" The flyer goes on to list a number, but whats odd is you saw a flyer like this just a bit ago with a completely diffrent number.


Blast manages to be many things. A gentleman, a pervert, a professionl, a jester, only those who really know him could describe him and in doing so most use the word, and possibly not in a good way, special. Blast is foremost a joker, he loves cracking lame jokes and generaly being silly and amusing.

Despite his generaly happy attitude he manages to be a very good assassin, thief, and anything else that he may get paid for. His personality reflects someone alot less competent then he actualy is. In reality Blast hates, but takes pride in, what he does and can figure out no other way to make a living thats suited to his skills. He may often claim his jokes are a way of dealing with his guilt, thinking that if he makes others happy it might make up for all those he hurt.

Lastly Blast is quite openly a pervert, often times making no attempt to hide his admiration for certain lady's naughtier bits. Despite this hes respectful of them, and treats them like friends who he happens to find sexy more then sexual objects. All he same its sometimes quite clear if they gave the go ahead he'd rush into bed with them so fast they'd wonder what hit them.

Tragic past!

Childhood and the first mental block

Blast was born a only child and his mother became a single parent soon after. His father left soon after his mom became pregnant, and later she had another child to another man who quickly abondoned her. Despite all this hardship she was a kind and caring woman and did the best to make sure her kids got the best she could provide. Blast remembers nothing but warm memories of her, save for one.

At Blast's 10th birthday his powers first came to fruitation, and because he did not know of them he didn't know how to control them. During a fatal hug he gave to his mother he managed to suck her dry of all her life and leave her no longer amongst the living.

At the time there was no special court or procedures for deaths related to the emergence of super powers. As a result a trial was held in wich Blast was accused of killing his mother, but not even the prosecuter had the heart to try and convinct him. Blast was soon released into the custody of a orphanage along with his sister, who had not spoken to him since the incedent.

Teenage years and to the asylum!

Blast lead a troubled childhood. He never listened, always caused problems, and basicly felt bitter and hatefilled towards the world at large. No foster family had him for long and in his teenaged years he eventualy dropped out of high school, becoming a runaway.

His self-exhile lead to rumors related to his toughness. Many young people came to him and challenged him to fights in order to try and prove their worth, and most of them were pretty well beaten by the time it was over, however one group would not take being beaten lightly and one of the members pulled a knife on Blast. Blast replied simply by saying "If you attack me with that...I'll kill you." Unfortunatly he went after Blast anyways and despite being disarmed Blast made through with his threat and drained the young man dry of all his life. Done in a public ally with two witnesses, it didn't take long before Blast was tried as a adult.

During the trial Blast's defense went for a insanity plea, using his mother's death and his troubled childhood as examples. This ultimately lead to success and Blast was sent to a asylum, rather then the Zig. For a brief moment he even thought that maby he really could turn his life around...

The asylum and mental block two!

Blast's powers were well known by now, and others wanted knowledge of them. A crooked deal lead Blast to a crooked asylum not run by Paragon, but by Arachnos. They tested many of Blast's powers in small ways, then decided to test his endurance. Victim after victim was forced to have his life drained by Blast's powers and Blast found himself helpless to do anything about it.

When Blast was finally at his limit he was delirious, and swore he could hear the voices of his victims and their final screams. Finally with too much built up he exploded, sending waves of life energy all around and killing anyone near, as well as blowing up the asylum. The act left his body horribly scarred, wich to this day resist all attempts to remove them. Blast was left helpless, curled up and scarred beyond recognition. It was at this time he met a man who'd turn him into what he is today.

Ninja Blast! Hi-ya!!

He had no name, he was simply a assassin and a ninja, a man who got rid of his name long ago to train with his own master. He saw Blast, and took out his old master's mask. With a strong and commanding voice he ordered Blast to stand and put on the mask, wich was to be his new face.

Blast took amazingly well to his lessons, though the sillier aspects of his personality began to come forth at this time he also had alot of pride. He believed himself to be training to be the best assassin in the entire world, and intended to prove it. He was so caught up in training he never even noticed his master's mysterious disapearence. Considering he was possibly 70 Blast suspects he is dead.

Blast went to paragon were he took minor jobs at first, then one day he got a offer to do his first big job. A hero called Malaise. He eagerly took up the job, without studying his opponent and convinced he had no fear he could expose regardless. The situation ended in a disaster when Malaise managed to bring out Blast's deepest fears, and turned Blast into a quivering ball of fright.

Escape from the Zig!

This time Blast went strait to the Zig's psych ward, and eventualy recovered due to circumstances no one has quite figured out yet (See Keeper of Fears). During a raid by Arachnos Blast managed to escape along with a group of other criminals. With his near fatal defeat he was humbled and more then willing to join up with a group called The Weapon's Union, thus becoming the professional merc he is today.

Friends and stuff

Kheldragon - Possibly Blast's best friend and drinking buddy. For some reason Blast met her and grew to like her almost immedietly, and they became good friends to the point where they've helped each other out in some of their worst situations. Blast also has a crush on her that pretty much everyone knows about wich seems to have settled into simple friendship

Silver Monkey - Blast first met Monkey while getting drunk, and then again while getting drunk. Eventualy he challenged Monkey to a contest of skill, the game Chess. Since neither knew how to play it resulted in Voltrons and nukes. Blast, being the man he is, bet Monkey a kiss he'd win their second game after their first one was a draw. After using her weakness against her he won and became her first sober kiss. Since then hes had a thing for her and recently asked her out. To his surprise she said yet.

Shadowed Twilight - AKA Kat is in alot of ways a motherly figure to Blast, but mostly just a friend. perhaps its why that despite sometimes having inhibitions about hugging hes always willing to give Kat one.

Ink Dyne - Ink and Blast sometimes act as partners in crime, though mostly they try and annoy each other back and forth. This has resulted in a strange bond and Ink's farther has mentioned Ink sees him as some bizzare bigger brother

Tech Kid - Mark really only knows Blast because Blast liked to tease him about his crush on Ink, still hes glad the guys around. He needs good tech people, and though he'd never admit it he think Ink made a good choice liking him.

Red River - Blast's other potential supplier. He describes her as a short angry spanish chick, wich sums her up perfectly. Blast loves pissing her off because its so easy, and shes always angry anyways. Still she recently made a gun for him, so he considers her a friend despite being a hero.

Veressis - A young drow woman Blast met, they became quick friends and in a way he feels like her legal gurdian, and has a need to take care of her and protect her. He even went as far as to buy her a seeing eye floating eyeball named Squinty when she went temporarily blind. He has also recently made her his student in the arts of assassination, furthering his older brother complex over her.

Sasha Ti'Nari - Sasha is a sweet gal that Blast gave chocolates too a couple of times before, he felt any woman who suddenly turned from human to a scaley gal needed chocolate. She formed a crush on Blast and even asked him out, but by that time he already had plans to ask Monkey. Currently hers pondering how to make it up to her

Flora Dominae - A plant woman (yes Blast befriends alot of women) who Blast helped escape a party crashed by Mandate. Hes since told her shes cute on multiple occasions to make her blush, mostly because she is cute.

Yinjian - A partner in crime, when the crime is twinkie thieft. Blast sold her a few crates of experiemental twinkies and their friendship was sealed. Shes every bit as silly as Blast, though a bit more hands on in terms of groping people. Blast just uses his eyes.

Mark Kingsley - Dubbed Blast Blastosaurous and hung around with him alot when groups gathered. Blast considers him a good guy and was quite happy when he heard Mark found Chase, hes also one of Blast's few guy friends.

Nacht Sniper - Blast claims hes canadian, and likes to rile him up...but so does everyone. Face it Nacht, you're hilarious when angry.

Fragile Link - AKA Gunny. A gun bunny who tried to teach Blast how to be sexy and pole dance. Blast in return gave her a carrot half the size that she is.

Tumultuous Jade - AkA Big green and sexy. Blast enjoys flirting with her despite the fact she has a boyfriend because she encourages it. He's also done several missions with her, and she is one of the few people who knows for certain Blast is more competent then he seems.

Johnni - A mechanical catgirl who was the one that got Blast into WU. Considering he thinks its one of the best things thats ever happened to him he considers Johnni a good comrade and tends to be a bit protective of her when he is able.

Powers and skills

Blast's mutant abilities are odd and unique, he can drain energy from people and use that energy to enhance his own body. He can heal incredibly fast, harden up his skin against various kinds of damage, run at super speeds and even make himself stronger. Despite these skills he excels only in super speed and regeneration, the others being only a minor help at the best of times.

Blast is also trained as a expert in stealth. He'd never use any stealth devices, because his too proud of his ability to not need them. Sadly stealth doesn't always work so when he wears a special suit he made it blocks out all possible radar, aura, scent and what have you forms of detection. It also looks cool.

Blast is trained in stabbing people just right. His assassin training gives him a surprisingly good knowledge of human anatomy and especialy the knowledge of whats the best place to stab.

Known Equipment

Melee weapons

Various swords and knives -Blast keeps a near endless collection of swords and throwing knives on his person. For the most part he considers these disposable and easily replaced with two exceptions.

Ghost Slaying Axe -Blast tries to be prepared for anything, and since undead are hard to assassinate he bought this axe from a wandering gypsy. At the time she claimed it was one of a kind, and so was the other item she sold wich she called The Sands of Mu. Blast has later learned this is not true

Training Tanto -When Blast first became a assassin he trained with a couple of old worn out tantos. They've been passed down from master to student for longer then anyone knows, and when Blast looks at it he realizes hes expected to get a student of his own someday and recently handed it off to Veressis.

Baseball bat -Not even Blast knows why he really carries this around. Maby just because its fun to smack people with.

Sledgehammer -A large sledge hammer Blast uses when he has to cause property damage. Despite being a expert assassin sometimes he just wants to smash shit up.

Sword with a freakin' eyeball in it! -Blast got this, presumably, from the same gypsy who sold him the axe. Nothing's known about it except it has a eyeball in it, and thats good enough for Blast.

Ranged weapons

Pistol -Just a simple pistol Blast uses from time to time. Its old but effective.

SMG -Sometimes the client wants to make a big show of the assassination, sometimes Blast just wants to cut the crap and gun them down. Thats when he uses this.

Nullifier gun -Blast got this old gun some time ago, and is amazed it still works. Despite its condition it reliably fires more then half the time, and is a very useful instrument when used against fellow super powered foes.

Rikti Blaster -Red made this for him. It has all sorts of features and is incredibly souped up. Blast loves it, even if he forgot half of what it does.

Right shoulder -In Blast's "buisness suit" (mentioned later) he keeps weapons in the shoulder pads. This one contains a small gatling gun with armor peircing bullets that release MP3s upon entering a subject's body. Anti-robot weapondry

Left shoulder -This shoulder contains a compact missle, useful for causing chaos and blowing shit up from a distance.


The rocket packs -Blast owns at least three things that could be considered jet packs. A zero G pack, for jumping, a jet pack, for flying and finally a jump pack, for getting over pesky walls. He has also installed silencers in all three, effectively making them quiet.

Armor of holding -Blast found out about a thing called a bag of holding wich can hold most anything. At great expense hes had all his armor enchanted like this, and its the only reason why he can carry all these weapons at once. Hes been known to store dead bodies in there.

Acid Flasks -Blast once faced a rock beast and was quite useless against it. Since then he carries these.

Buisness suit -A black and white outfit he uses when going on dangerious missions. It blocks nearly all known forms of stealth detection. This suit also has retractable tiny hooks in the hands and feet he can use to help climb

Cookies -Blast *always* has cookies

Boot with a knife in it -Always useful.

Keeper of Fears

After the first attack by Mailase some of the pychic energy he used stayed in Blast's head and eventualy manifested into several personalities that personified his fears, and eventualy one turned itself into a being known as the Keeper of Fears. The Keeper claims to be all thats between Blast and his fears, a mental block if you will. He is quite happy being stuck in Blast's head and has never made any attempts to escape or take over. In reality he hates the real world, it smells bad, its hot, theres bright lights everywhere and the air feels funny.

After another fight with Mailase Blast conquered one of his prime fears, and left a open psychic "bubble" in his head wich required a conciousness to fill it. Eventualy Blast's own was sucked in, but since he needed a conciousness for his own mind the Keeper was thrown out into the real world. He took on the apearince of Blast if one eye was huge and swirly and he had a long crooked mouth. Eventualy he shifted when Monkey was about and she sent off a cry for help. With the assistance of psyhic hatter, he was able to fix his problem and gain control again...Much to the relief of the Keeper.

Opinions of others!

What others think of Blast. Say something, people! I craaave feedback!

"...Blast interesting man...He's a joker, an assassin, an entertainer, oddly lighthearted and empathic for one of his occupation...He's a good drinking buddy, certainly, and good company...always good company...Someone to talk to. He may be one who kills for a living but, in the Isles, aren't we all?... And I don't much mind his obvious lust for me...since he's well aware it's not going to get him anywhere." - Kheldragon

"...Ah dew d'clai-uh! That boy makes me blush mo'uh thin anywun else Ah know! He's awful sweet, though...if yew kin ketch 'im on th' right day." - Flora Dominae

"Blas', jus' shut up already. You, sir, 'ave been demot'd fr'm bein' m' third-in-c'mmand." - Ink Dyne

"Deep down he's a sweet guy. ...mmh... oh Hell, sugar, on the surface he's a sweet guy, too. For all he talks about bein' a criminal, I just can't see an ounce of bad in him. I won't lie... I'm awfully protective of him. He can have at my cookies anytime." - Chelsea Miller

((From Kat/Twilight's Journal)) Blast is...Blast. It's funny how one word can describe the entirety of a person to those who know him. "Oh, it's just Blast being Blast." Still, he's loyal, has quite a sense of humor, and sometimes surprising bits of wisdom come out of his lips that people wouldn't expect from someone who chooses to play the clown. I admit, I find it difficult to reconcile his attitude with his profession. He just doesn't really seem like the assassin -type-.

"He's got a nice ass." - Yinjian

"Well, I think it's a good thing Blast can be stealthy on occasion, since he lets his mouth run a lot more freely than is good for him sometimes. He plays at the clown, self-depreciating and cracking jokes a lot, but I wonder just how deeply he's been hurt..." -Tumultuous Jade

"Blas' don' go ge'in' Ryo sick 'r 'll kick y'r ass. No booze, no smokin', no bein' a perv." - Aka-Bara (Rose)

OOC origins

Blast was made as a rival to another toon I never planned to play. I made up a force called Anarchy squad that was basicly a bunch of heroes who, for some reason or another, did not fit into main stream heroing. One was a transexual, another insane, there was a drunk, a evil genuis held in control via tech (He was a floating brain in a jar!), a creature that looked totally evil and demonic, and finally a fox like man with no actual powers who was skilled at infiltration. When I made Blast I fell in love with his original costume, wich is odd since I've since changed his main costume. I decided to play him but waited for duel blade/willpower to come out. I figured everyone would have a DB/will and this would be mine. Later I joined WU with the help of Johnni and I made up Blast's story as I went along. As per usual his story ended up tragic. Later I realized how much he had in common with the marvel character Deadpool, aw well.


-Blast's body is scarred all over and he can't grow body hair. These scars arn't able to be healed as they are more a mental condition then physical scarring. As long as he can't deal with the horrible incedent at the asylum he will have these.

-Blast refuses to take off his mask. He strongly beleives its his face even if he'll conciously admit it isn't. Any attempts to remove the mask are usualy met with violence, even if the person trying is close to Blast.

-Though Blast has many tricks hes no good at strait up combat. He can hold his own but against most super powered enemies hes toast. This is why he considers himself a professional at running away.

-Blast can't regrow limbs while awake, he has to sleep.

-Blast wants a airship and a tail. These are both running gags for him.

-Well known for bad pick up lines.

Blasty quotes!

"Hey baby, I'm dark, tortured and mysterious. Wanna have sex?"

"We made up after I exploded and she got sticky."

"Kheld is busty, beautiful, sweet, saved my ass plenty of times and actualy likes me. Shes also asexual. This is proof god does not love me."

"I'd totally oggle you good and long before I stabbed you"

"Man, Silver Mantis creeps me out. She keeps giving me her number because she says I know exactly where to stab"

"Dammit! Monkey said no marriage on the second date"

"So once during a mission I snuck up on this guy and when he saw me BAM heart attack! My employer refused to pay the other half of my fee because he died of natural causes! I am not a natural cause dammit!"

"Blast, i've known ya for all of two minutes and you're mental health already scares me" -Lil' Miss Chaos "Woohoo! New record!"-Blast's reply

"Cooking is alot like assassination. You gotta know exactly what goes where, take your time, and hope that nothing catches fire"

"See I'm about as charming ad a dead brick, ugly as sin, and a pervert. Speaking of wich, nice boobs"

"Quickly! Someone give me something here! I can't link baby seals to terrorism on my own!"

"So I was once hired to club baby seals. Actual baby seals! Then I get there and theres like, fifty heros waiting for me. I get my ass handed to me faster then I can blink. I later found out the heros actualy hired me so they could beat me up for good PR. Assholes."

"Can do mistress sexy cookies"

"My pick up line worked?!...Whats wrong with her?!"

"Dude, we live in a world where gods can walk up to a bar, ask for a whiskey, then have sex with a random catgirl who happens to be half vampire. *nothing* is impossible"

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