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"Prendere loro basso, ragazzi!"
Akai Natrapan
Player: @LittleSister
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Master Mind
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Akai Sei'Bara-Natrapan
Known Aliases: Rose
Species: Mutant
Age: 22
Height: 4'11
Weight: 126
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Long brown
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Rogue Isles Citizen
Occupation: Soldier, Mother
Place of Birth: Maryland
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Married (Open Arsenal)
Known Relatives: Ryoku (daughter), Daevi (estranged brother)
Known Powers
Mercenary/Dark Miasma - Assault Rifle/Device
Known Abilities
Military Intelligence, Combat Training, Command Specialty
Weapons: Assorted guns, specially designed pure silver throwing knives, pocket grenades, tainted silver knuckles, blessed silver knuckles, short blade.

Armor: Thick padded torso armor, padded camo pants, combat boots, heavy grip leather gloves.''


"Any 'f y' boys wan' t' shoot, now's the time. Ain't one 'f us tha' don' wan' t' be someplace else. Bu' this is wha' we do, 'ho we are. Live f'r nothin', 'r die f'r somethin'. Y'r call."



Throughout the years of her life before the Isles Akai has picked up bits and pieces of other languages. Her knowledge of Japanese comes from her mother, who went to a university and studied abroad throughout Akai's childhood. During her training time in the Army boot camp she learned bits of Italian, Russian, and some Spanish. There are times where she can be heard rambling off in another language without realizing it, because it is something she and the other soldiers use to do when they got angry.

Akai's name translates into three different words from the Japanese language. Her name is translated to Japanese because her mother was fond of Japanese arts and history.

Akai: red; or rather from preference of name Aka, which translates to scarlet, red, or bloody.

Sei: true (logical), regular, surname, family name, spirit, made (suf), make, companion, energy, military strength, height, stature, sex, gender, system, organization, imperial command, laws, threaten; this part of her name was given to her by her fellow soldiers from camp with the specific translation to be military strength.

Bara: rose, brambles, thorns.

Prendere loro basso, ragazzi! Take them down, boys!


Akai was born in Washington, D.C. in The George Washington University Hospital. She was brought back to Rockville, Maryland to live with her family and be raised by her parents. Her birth name is Akai Marisol Bara but she had it legally changed when she emancipated herself at age 15.


Akai attended three elementary schools, due to her elder brother being expelled so often. She attended College Gardens Elementary from kindergarten to the first grade. Second to third grade she went to Summit Hall Elementary, and from fourth to fifth grade she attended Rosemont Elementary. Her middle school she attended all three years; Forest Oak Middle School, where she took her first class of language in French in the 7th grade. Her high school career didn't last too long. Akai took NJROTC (Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) in the 9th grade, as well as performed on the Drill Team and Color Guard. She also attended some of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meetings out of curiosity. She never finished high school after the ninth grade; the summer after her first year there Akai was kicked out of her fathers house.

'The Camps'

After Akai was kicked out her fathers house, she lived on the couch of a few people she knew from the past couple years of schooling. A few months after, with no luck in finding a job, Akai went to one of the recruiting posts nearby and signed up to join the U.S Army. She spent 4 years of training in combat and command, excelling most in her precision and control of a sniper rifle. Akai was also top 50 out of 200 cadets to excel in command abilities and combat tactics. Throughout her training she was put to the test, sent to serve as a a Corporal in Japan where she was based in Okinawa, Tokyo, and then Nagasaki. Her third year she was sent abroad to serve as Staff Sergeant under a Captain Stuvelo around Spain and Italy. At the end of her fourth year before her release, Akai was awarded the rank of Master Sergeant, and was expected to arrive in Paragon City at the end of the month.

Master Sergeant Insignia

U.S. Army

| E-1 Private E-1 | E-2 Private E-2 | E-3 Private First Class | E-4 Corporal

| E-5 Sergeant | E-6 Staff Sergeant | E-7 Sergeant First Class | E-8 Master Sergeant | First Sergeant | E-9 Sergeant Major

| W-1 Warrant Officer | W-2 Chief Warrant Officer | W-3 Chief Warrant Officer | W-4 Chief Warrant Officer | W-5 Chief Warrant Officer | O-1 Second Lieutenant | O-2 First Lieutenant | O-3 Captain | O-4 Major | O-5 Lieutenant Colonel | O-6 Colonel | O-7 Brigadier General | O-8 Major General | O-9 Lieutenant General | O-10 General

Decent on the Isles

As she left the ceremony her orders were to take her ticket and head straight for the hotel for the night, then to meet with her platoon in the morning and board a plane that would bring them to a small city with a train waiting to take them to Paragon City. On February 12th, 3 days after her orders were given, Akai and her platoon boarded their plane. The ride seemed smooth and simple for the first 30 minutes as they ascended into the clouds, until something went wrong. There was roaring over the speakers, commands to strap in and hold on. Out of instinct and habit of training Akai yelled over the speakers and the screaming of the engine, shouting the orders again as the plane spun downward. What seemed like forever were mere minutes as the pilots tried to steady the plane, succeeding in bring the nose back up just seconds before the metal base skidded along the shore of a beach. The nose of the plane lowered again from the weight, sending the plane under the water. Out of instinct once again and habit of training, Akai broke from her restraining buckles, clinging to her seat for a moment as the water rushed through the broken metal. She made gestures towards the other soldiers, silently ordering them to get out. Her second, Chris Johnson, worked with her to help free the soldiers they could as the plane sunk. They didn't have long, hearing the creaking of the plane as seven figures swam from the wreckage and broke the surface of Nerva Archipelago, gasping for air.

The 'ounds

(No this is not the new -poser- Ghost Hound group, but the original that moved to Champions Online)

After a personal ceremony the seven held for those lost Akai began her search for a temporary hide out. For a while they crashed in an old warehouse until one soldier, Koldon Rints, led them to what looked like a school and a church where they staid for a few days. After being caught by a few students and questioned by a rather short teacher, the group left the school grounds and went in search of another place to sleep. In their search they wondered upon a strange place called Pocket D. It was here that Akai ended up bumping into a peculiar being. Dr. Kazz; a cybernetics genius who worked for a sort of military group run by a bunch of mercenaries. That same night Akai and her group were let into their group who called themselves Ghost Hound.

Phoenix Insurrection

Late September-Early October. The Hounds packed up their things and shipped out for Afghanistan. Akai decided to reluctantly stay behind with her soldiers and take up another offer. They joined ranks with another group under a new leader, Clint Sanders. Akai and her men had been living in their cavern and helping them out for months before the Hounds set out, and had made most of her friends there. Now it would only make sense that she was working under them, as well as caring for her first born, Ryoku.

Future Baby? Oh Gawd...

Akai had her first born, Ryoku Sei'Bara, and was only settling into motherhood when an awkward yet extraordinary thing happened. Akai had dealt with children from the future before with Clint's children, but it was still odd for her to see her own daughter standing in front of her like a mirror image. It was strange, and even stranger when she introduced herself as Ryoku Sei'Bara Sanders. After an explanation it was understood that her daughter was not Clint's future step daughter, which had risen a very uncomfortable feeling, but in fact she was his daughter-in-law by marriage to Clint's son, yet unborn, William Sanders. (Confusin', huh? -grin-)


When Akai was pregnant with her first child she had found another former mercenary from Ghost Hound, Jeremiah Natrapan. They use to work together for many missions and even then he was faintly flirting with her; or was passed out in her lap after far too many drinks when they celebrated a successful mission. Now on his return Akai guided him into the ranks of Phoenix Insurrection, and the two of them hit it off like old times. It wasn't until halfway through her pregnancy that Akai became aware of how protective Jeremiah was being, always telling her to go sit on her ass and relax and let him do whatever stupid thing she was thinking of doing next.

When she needed money for new things, he bought them. When she had odd cravings, he went and got them for her. When she was having a rough day, he cheered her up or he gave her a shoulder to cry on. And when it was time to go to the hospital, he was there for her. When Ryoku came, he was there for her too, and bought diapers and necessities. It dawned on Akai then, that Jeremiah wasn't just being a good friend. He was being a friend, a lover, a father, and a few months later he became her husband. The only man she believed she would ever love again, and the only man she ever wanted to love again. Even on the day he disappeared, and the day after, and the week after, and the month after. Even now, months adding up to nearly a year, she loves him still.

Conversion to Champions Online

Akai would never give up hope of finding her husband but she knew there were more pressing matters at hand; like taking care of her daughter(s). And seeing as how the Rogue Isles were nearly job free since Phoenix Insurrections dominance over the Arachnos, she left for a new place that might have use of her skills. She found herself heading to Millennium City after hearing word that they were in need of "heroes", or in her terms, mercenaries.


Zarek: "You bring your rifle to the D?"
Akai: "Yup..."
Nyak: "Whyyyyyyyy?"
*Robin walks up*
Robin: "You're hot."
*Akai pulls the rifle off her back and points it at Robin*
Akai: "Tha's why."


DPMS Panther LR-308B w/flutes

Rose's favorite sniper rifle: DPMS Panther LR-308B - Caliber: .308 Win (7.62x51mm) | Barrel: 4140 Chrome Moly, Bull Barrel, button rifled | Barrel Length: 18" (457mm) | Twist: RH 1:10", 6 Grooves | Empty Weight (no optics): 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg) | Overall Length: 37.6" (955mm) | Magazine: 19 round detachable | Trigger: Standard AR-15 trigger group | Stock: Standard A2 fixed stock | Finish: Mil Spec anodized and Teflon coated

Rose also carries a M-29 assault rifle on her back, sometimes with a short sword as well. She hides other weapons amongst her armor: throwing knifes slid into her boot, two Browning 9 mm Hi-Power semi-automatic pistols, two sets of silver plated knuckles (one blessed), and grenades in the pockets of her pants.


Dark Energy

"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers." -Pulp Fiction

For long did Akai believe herself human. Why shouldn't she? Raised in a human family, born of a human woman. She attended school like any normal being. Even when she joined the Army none of her tests showed any abnormalities. It wasn't until halfway through boot camp that Akai began to experience an odd sensation when she was tired. She would strain herself and exhaust herself, but she always had that extra bit to pull her through. Was it will power? Possibly, but it was also a dark power. A power that drained the energy from other living things to restore her own energy, or even speed up her healing process.



Ryoku Sei'Bara : Akai's daughter. Akai feels blessed that her daughter was born into the world as a normal human child and hopes she grows up normal, without the powers Akai has.

Open Arsenal: Husband and Ex-Hound like Akai. Currently M.I.A.

Her 'Boys'

James Perkins: Akai considers him to be a brother. They have their differences but when things get right down to it they know they can divide their abilities to get things done right.

Warren: Father of Ryoku. Deceased.

Luis Etsetu Bedeau: One of the other soldiers to survive the crash. Rose did not know of this until 4 months after.

Other Soldiers: Koldon Rints, Luke Devins, Alex Sorav, Cody Reinhart, George Devins, Brian Kohagi

Missing Soldiers: Brian Janison, Arnolde Jacobs, Teddy Sruge, William Turk, Johnathan Cardel

Chris Johnson: Akai's second. She goes to him with information that may concern the rest of her platoon and relies on his logical decisions. Deseased.


Nyak: He has 'adopted' Rose as his big sister. He left with the Hounds.

Shelbe Biers: Rose treats Shelbe like a little sister and trusts her technological capabilities.

Silent Burn: Gwen, a young girl who is unable to speak. Rose came to PI with her and Seijun after meeting them in the D, and has become protective of her.

Blinding Snow: Seijun, the young blind girl who travels with Gwen. They met in the D and the young girl did not have a name, so Rose named her Seijun, in translation to Japanese, it means innocence or purity. Rose is protective of her as well.

Blast Asylum: He watches baby Ryo for Rose when she needs to do a job.


Wraith Prime: The leader of Ghost Hound. By default Rose shows much respect to this man.

Dr. Kazz: He is a commander who made Rose one of the Hounds. She holds high respect for him regardless of his 'mental state'.

Will McBlack: Another one of Rose's commanders. She finally met him in the heat of a small hostility when she wandered into the base. He helped patch her up afterward.

RYNO: Ryno 'patched' up her ankle. Aside from joking around with him like any other Hound, she respects him. He founded the Hounds with Wraith.

Clint Sanders: He welcomed Rose to Phoenix Insurrection, and even though they have their differences Rose considers him to be one of her commanders.

Roessa: A strong willed Shaman whom Rose has met in the midst of a small battle once.

Marie Lavelle: Ghost Hounds superior doctor who has staid behind and joined the ranks of PI.


The Templar Order: Rose use to find herself spending time at St. Joan of Arc church and school when she needed to be alone to think.

Ghost Hound: A military style mercenary group Rose worked with, and misses terribly since their departure to Afghanistan.

Phoenix Insurrection Rose moreso 'lives' here than anything else. She does offer her aid when she is needed, other than that she spends her time working odd jobs and taking care of her daughter.


Labal: The Ashen King of Lies. Rose detests him and any of his 'pets'.

Lock an' Load

"Rose is a good friend. She's pretty nice, and sticks up for me... Er, ok, that was only two times. But I'm sure there will be more! But, yeah! Any person who gives out free hot chocolate, is an ally to me!" -Nyak

"I like Rose. I can flirt with her and she'll only be mildly upset! Also she has a awesome kid who is totally learning guitar from me"- Blast Asylum

"She's gonna b' m' wife soon...I love her with all m' heart. Who steps in her way t' harm 'er? Well, They ge' the love o' knowin' m' barrel gettin' shoved into their throat. Love ya Hun." Open Arsenal


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