Shelbe Biers

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Shelbe K. Biers
Player: @LittleSister
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corruptor/Brute
Threat Level: 29/14
Personal Data
Real Name: Shelbe Kayln Biers
Known Aliases: Scrap, Scrapper, Little Sister, Miss Biers
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 3'6
Weight: 68Lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Gray
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles Inhabitant
Occupation: Professor
Place of Birth: Germany
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Daevian Biers (brother)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Vast technological knowledge, Genetic alteration knowledge, Some faith
Cybernetic arm: includes collection of vials and serums and other small devices.
*Shelbes weight does not include her robotic arm*




Born and raised in Germany, Shelbe lived a rather secluded childhood. When her parents died her older brother Daevian did the best he could to raise her, funding their lifestyle with the inheritance they were given in their parents will and by working as a lab assistant, which fostered his career in Biochemistry. Shelbe did tend to make friends easily as a child, often preferring to spend her time in her room studying or helping her brother.


Due to Shelbe being for the most part, an orphan, her choices of study were limited to what particular school she went to at the time. The school her brother and she chose would guide her through the field studies of technology. She went to private schools from the age of 4 until she graduated high school at the age of 15. She excelled pass most of the rest of the school and proceeded to a university majoring in the studies of Computer Programming Engineering and Biotechnology as she had since she was 8.


Daevian Biers - Older brother to Shelbe, raised her and helped teach her science. He can be rather upfront and controlling when it comes to taking care of his little sister and teaching her.

Patricia and Edward Biers - Parents, deceased.

The Experiments

Her Eyes

Shelbe was born without the ability to see the color green. When her brother began going to college to study further in Biochemisty they worked together to find a solution and did an experiment; quite like laser surgery. The experiment caused her eyes to turn green, hence her always wearing glasses.

Her Skin and Ears

Shelbe has a fondness for the color purple. With her brother and her studies she never had the time or ability to check out what he called "juvenile costume parties" though she had been invited to plenty of them when she was in school; more so as a joke. She wanted to make her own costume, something she thought she could show off and make friends over. Without the supervision of her brother Shelbe performed a new science project. The result of which caused her skin to turn purple and her ears to extend to a supernatural length. As punishment for her disobedience Daevian said she would have to live like that until she was out on her own; which to this day Shelbe has yet to work on returning her appearance back to normal.

Her Arm

Cap Au Diable, Aeon University. August 2, 2005. There was an explosion in the science department where Shelbe was teaching students how to properly mix chemicals. One student, Gregory Shen, preferred to test his own theory of controlling Hydrogen Peroxide and Sulfuric Acid when mixed. The combination of said chemicals can spontaneously detonate. Noticing his actions Shelbe attempted to reach for the concoction to protect the student from harm. The explosion caused anybody within 5 feet to suffer near fatal wounds. Two students nearby as well as Shelbe lost a limb due to the chemical burns, however Gregory's wounds were much more fatal and he did not survive.

Newspaper Clipping


Shelbe is currently interested in seeking and taking possession of an old German book, "Zeitspielraumexperimente". This book, written in German in the last days of World War II, appears to be about early time travel experiments. One section has been highlighted heavily, and notes are scribbled along the margin in English. The notes are about the abysmal failure rates of the program, and about the test subjects used in the experiments.

Demonic Possession

Demonic Form known as Xaphia

After Shelbe became friends with Corvin Dead Fall they both began feeling affection toward one another. Corvin, while a Knight of the Templar Order, swayed from his path and wandered into the haven of a Mistress Demonica after their meet in the Pocket D. From that point on Corvin began showing more and more affection toward Shelbe, drawing her into his arms and into the Midnight Coven where Corvin had taken loyalty to.

Her logic was blinded by the power held over her, overcome with the desire and belief of her love for Corvin. With promises from Demonica of their everlasting unity Shelbe let her loyalty sway. It was not until Corvin was cornered by the Knights of the Templar Order that Shelbe declared her loyalty to Demonica. She was angered at Corvin's return to the church and determined to bring him back. With the help of Demonica, Shelbe was fused with the essence of a demon as means to give her more power and help her retrieve Corvin.

Her attempts were futile, continuously thwarted by James and Satine. It wasn't until Satine threatened to kill her that Shelbe began to think for herself again. The next day she went to the only person she felt she could trust anymore, the only person she had trusted from the start; Beth Perkins. With the help of Beth and the power of Roessa from Ghost Hound, Shelbe was brought back to her natural form.

After her experience Shelbe kept part of the demonic essence as a reminder. Later finding it of use in an experiment to alternate her form and give herself power when necessary.

The New Shelbe

With the demonic essence being mixed with Shelbes DNA more often with each passing day another being has begun to show itself in the conscious world. The mix of the essence into Shelbes body making is capable for the form to be taken by choice now, without the need of further injection. With a more aggressive attitude two match the awoken powers Shelbes normal consciousness becomes suppressed. It has its own views and ideals as well as its own memories and goes by the name Xaphia. With no means to harm the new demonic being within Shelbe goes about completing tasks and continuing her 'loyal aid' to that of Phoenix Insurrection.

Experiments in Germany

Near the end of 2009, during the winter season, Shelbe and Daevian Biers took a trip to Germany in search of a particular book. During their time there they learned of the technology being used and the research being conducted since they departed to the Isles. From this brought curiosity in one experiment for Shelbe; cloning. Previously deterring her interests from such a thing she now found herself intrigued with the capability of combining the power of cloning with her split personality know as Xaphia. Over the course of four months Shelbe and her brother worked on the experiment with the help of a few scientists there and a good bit of money contributed.

The Insurrection

A group run by Clint Sanders that Shelbe use to work with before she visited Germany. Since her return to the Isle she has rejoined their cause to cleanse out the Isle. With her advanced knowledge and experience with technology she was welcomed back as one of their tech advisers under the leader of the Tech Department.



Mina Kephnea - A lost young girl seeking out something better to do with her life. She works for Shelbe at her warehouse.


James Perkins - A previous student of the school Shelbe works at.

Elizabeth Perkins - The former Vice Principle of St. Joan of Arc School. Shelbe has high respect for this woman.

Dr. Kazz - The man that helped Shelbe repair her arm, and has allowed her entrance into the Ghost Hound base if she ever needed supplies to fix it again.

Roessa - Roe brought Shelbe back to normal when she got involved with a dark power and was fused with a demon.

Unleashed Force - Her leader and comrade in the Phoenix Insurrection.

Corvin Dead Fall - The one person Shelbe felt the closest to back in Templar; currently MIA.


Aka-Bara - Rose, a soldier Shelbe has found the habit of helping out.

Ryoku Sei'Bara - Shel isn't sure, but apparently they are very close in the future.

Blast Asylum - He makes her smile, and makes a great salad or pie. Recently started dating.

Xaphia Biers - The demonic presence that use to inhabit Shelbe and now has her own body, courtesy of Shelbe and the clone created in Germany.


Shelbe doesn't really have any enemies. Whether good or bad she isn't really against anybody. But she does tend to avoid large gatherings, more interested in standing away from groups fidgeting with some gadget or another.


The Templar Order - This order protects where Shelbe works.

Phoenix Insurrection - A freedom fighter group Shelbe has been aiding.

The Skull Society - Shelbe use to live here, and work in the technology and science department.

St. Joan of Arc School and Church - Another place where Shelbe works.

Aeon University - Shelbe works here as well, often as an aid, substitute, or to help fix the machines.

Shelbes Warehouse - Shelbe lives and works here, as well as teaches.



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