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In the Loop is a bar and restaurant located in St Martial in the Rogue Isles. Typically abbreviated to 'The Loop', it specializes in a comfortable atmosphere for connected clientèle.

At this time the Loop is hiring new employees and is looking to hire regular patrons. The Loop maintains a webpage and forums here at GuildPortal.

Main Room of The Loop


What We Do

A Night at The Loop.  Behind the bar is Cerenkov

The Loop is a meeting place for notable residents of the Rogue Isles. Trade information, acquire assistance, work on deals, or relax inside it's secure walls.

The Crowd

The Loop is open to anyone who can peacefully sit and socialize. No sociopaths, please! Come in and have a drink, have a meal, dance or relax in our spa. We have a private dining room available for couples and other quiet meetings.

Got a Threat Rating?

The Loop's Private Meeting Room

Well, then the Loop may have other services for you. Come inside and meet others who are eager to assist you in questionable activities. Meet potential bosses. Find that bit of muscle or brain that will complete your team! There are NO questions asked and all confidences are kept.

You've Got an Organization Backing You?

Meet other groups! Use our meeting room to hammer out an agreement. Rent our special Customizable Room for a group meeting -- we'll arrange it to your specifications! Frequent visitors to The Loop come from many organizations, such as: Malice Society, the Shadowhunters, The Daemon Consortium, the Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens, the Survivors of Vega, the Weapons Union and the Aeon University.

Current Staff Rankings


The Loop's back rooms contains a secure laboratory and storage vault

Everyone new to the Loop comes in as a probationary. After a week, the 'proby' will move to one of four states. Most often, they become either Employees or Regulars, dependign on ability and desire. However, sometimes it doesn't work out and the probationary member will be shown what problems exist and what is expected of them, and may leave or stay on for another period of time to become a better member.


A regular to the bar is someone who spends time there. They don't have any responsibilities beyond common sense manners and being respectful to our allies. Regulars can ask to be moved to Employee status and vice-versa. Aside from responsibilities, the two positions are equal. This is a new position to open up the Loop to more people.


Employees are the most common rank. They are expected to help out with the bar's operation, filing in as needed with drinks, food, maintaining the peace. Almost every night you can find some of the following: Zeara, Twi'Lek, Shivola, and others.


A manager has the power -- and responsibility -- to hire new probationary members and oversee the bar's operations. Current Manager is Sharon.


Bosses also hire new probationaries, and promote employees to managers. Considered owners of the Loop, the current bosses are Cerenkov and Autumn.

The Loop's Beach Party
The Loop's Beach Party
The Loop's Beach Party
The Loop's Formal Dinner
The Loop's Formal Dinner
The Loop's Halloween Party
The Loop's Halloween Party
Karaoke Night
Karaoke Night


The Loop throws parties often. Aside from parties in the bar or dance floor, we've thrown theme several parties and have a list of more we'd like to try.

Beach Party

The Loop turned it's Ready Room into a beach. With pier, dunes, sand and an ocean, surrounded by beach flora and lit by tiki torches and bright, hot sun. Of course we had a bar on the pier. Dozens of peopel showed up in their swimwear.

Formal Dinner

Next month the Loop hosted a black tie dinner for our friends. The Ready Room again was made into a warmly lit dining room and our staff turned out in their best finery to wait on our guests.

Wedding Reception for Panzer and Garret

After seeing what we could do with the formal restaurant, two of our friends asked to hold their wedding reception at the Loop. Late Friday night the Ready Room was made into their group's colors and logo, a head table was set up and the guests of honor showed to be welcomed into marriage by all their friends.

Halloween Party

The Monday before Halloween the Loop held it's first holiday party. The ready room was remade into a cold, lonely forest in the black of night with scattered ruins in a small clearing. The party had music provided by DJ Coyoti of, mostly metal and requests with a cooler, spookier theme for Halloween. We had many people turn out for our party in the dark, culminating in a costume contest with 16 entries. Skull Jester, new member of the Loop, won the grand prize for a picture-perfect costume and mannerisms of Jim Carey's The Mask. Cat of the Shadowhunters came in second place for singlehandedly bring back the 70's with Disco-Cat.

Elven New Year / Thanksgiving

The party room was made up as a forest temple and pool for the elven festival of celebrating the new year. The theme was all natural clothing and materials in a sylvan setting.

Karaoke Night

In what is planned to be a monthly event, people came together to drink heavily and sing their favorite songs. Dayka and Mina of the Shadowhunters won first and second place in a contest for the best performance.

Want to be In the Loop?

If you want to be one of the regulars, or even staff, contact one of the senior staff. Ask for a flier, or even a meeting! Senior staff should be able to reach any one of the isles. Keep an eye out for:

Cerenkov / Cerenkof

Leaves of Autumn / Flames of Autumn / Flowers of Autumn


The Interview

The layout of the bar

A short number of questions, typically along the following:

The Rules

We expect some behavior from our staff and regular patrons:

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