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Cerenkov testing new armor for engaging Rikti ground forces
Player: @Serenity
Origin: Science
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Deleted
Known Aliases: Cheri, Cerenkof
Species: Altered Human
Age: Apparently 26
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Classified
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Pale, Blue tint
Biographical Data
Nationality: Soviet Union
Occupation: Theoretical Phyiscist; Bartender
Place of Birth: Magadan, Magadan Oblast, USSR
Base of Operations: St Martial, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Autumn, adopted daughter
Known Powers
Quantum control
Known Abilities
Generation-Ansorption of exotic particles; suppression of thermal energy
Typically laptop, PDA and phone. Recently seen with battlesuit during the second Rikti invasion.

Cerenkov (birth name missing) is a theoretical high-energy physicist born in and formerly employed by the Soviet Union. She is known to have been involved with a significant experimental accident she openly claims was an attempt to capture a particulate relic of the early universe. Entering the world stage in 1991, she has been employed by several western governments since, typically covertly due to the sensitive nature of her work. One example of this is her employment by Hasting-BAE in Cardiff, Great Britain, to assist in updating the British government's submarine-launched nuclear missile program. In 2003 she was also one of dozens of scientist working on the 8-dimensional brane equations that became the War Wall project, but she says her involvement was only in the level of review.



Cerenkov in businesswear.

Cerenkov has no great loyalty to any organization; she has applied to work in Paragon after her collaboration on the War Walls project, but due to her radioactive nature her application was denied. After some time on other projects, she took up residence on the Rogue Isles, specifically Cap au Diable. While having no loyalty to the Arachnos organization, Cerenkov does work within the research structure of Dr. Aeon regularly. She typically spends early morning overseeing experimental tests. Often she works as a freelancer in the isles.

Two notable exceptions exit: Recently, she has joined the Vanguard organization and reclaimed her Omega-level security clearance for contributions to the war effort. Secondly, she is firmly grounded to the bar she helps to manage, In the Loop and her daughter, Autumn.


Typically Cerenkov can be found as the polite host of In the Loop, a bar and restaurant located in St. Martial on the Isles. She is mannered, usually, but can often be frazzled when the place becomes crowded and she can no longer keep up with the crowds. Truly, "Cheri" is a geek who spent too many years in laboratories and is now trying to add some social skills to herself.


Cerenkov and the Hamidon

Her most notable ability is the transfer of Brownian motion -- in effect, a living heat pump. Cerenkov can take the thermal energy out of an object or area and pull that energy into herself, resulting in her higher-than-normal body temperature. She also converts this energy into tailored stream of particles, from leptons to hadrons to far more exotic forms. Combined with her deep knowledge of quantum mechanics, she can accomplish a great deal with her abilities. Occasionally she also demonstrates the ability to absorb radiation into herself, leaving her to ignore safety protocols when handling nuclear materials.

Primary Set

Most often she uses a simple technique: sucking the heat from the air near her hand and forming a spear of frozen atmospheric gas. She then tosses the spear at a target, relying on it's sharpness and sublimation on impact more than any of her (poor) upper-body strength.

Secondary Set

Her versatility comes from the ways she uses radioactive particles to many different effects. From a blast of hard EM radiation to disable electronic circuits, to her ability to devastate an enemy's metabolism, to demonstrated cases of her using her energy to forcibly accelerate biological tissue's healing properties, to twice using her powers to snap gravely wounded people to a fit condition.

Additional Powers

After the Second Rikti War began, Cerenkov has begun working on a battle suit -- advanced armor typically used by heroes and villains to augment their defenses and abilities. First, she has adapted Rikti Drone hover technology to her suit, giving her limited flight powers. Other systems should be expected as she refines her creation.

Weaknesses and Limitations

When using her powers extensively her body temperature rises dramatically. To regulate her temperature she begins emitting radiation at higher and higher rates, necessiating her wearing her containment suit or battle armor when around others.

Cerenkov remains uneasy when confronted with large crowds; an odd mental state for a bartender. She often feels she's faking interest in people to make the conversation flow. These traits are remnants from the many years she has spent working on research projects for 16 hours a day.


Her battle armor is planned to include hovering capability based on Rikti Drone flight systems and a stealth system stolen from Longbow Special Operations soldiers. Currently she is attempting to adapt Malta Sapper's energy draining weapons to a energy collection and redistribution array to a force-field generator.


Her body temperature is naturally 40C, approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit. She often feels chilled in warm rooms. When excited, her eyes glow a bright green or turquoise. She never leaves the bar without her PDA, her phone, and her laptop computer.

Cerenkov openly admits she was born in Magadan [[1]], Magadan Oblast [[2]], in the extreme northeastern USSR and feels comfortable among the warmer ports of the Rogue Isles

Cerenkov and Autumn high above Nerva during a Rikti assault
Cerenkov supporting an assault on renegade vanguard soldiers
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