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Inspired by such classic comic heroines as DC's Power Girl and Marvel's Rogue, Statesman, and by a fellow player Jonny Icon, Giga Gal is also meant to embody some of best-loved aspects of modern comicdom. Plus, she's a hot blonde. Who can say no to that?

-- @Iceangel, on Giga

Jess gigz1.jpg
Artwork (c) @Enchante
Giga Gal
Player: @Super Me
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Tanker/Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Mutant, Homo Superior
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'5? (I forget)
Weight: Somewhere in the 100's
Eye Color: Glowing Pink
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Superheroine
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Colossal Strength, Energy Production/Manipulation, Unnatural Resilience and Durability (Super Strength, Energy Melee, Invulnerability, Willpower, Electrical Armor are the mechanical sets used)
Known Abilities
Retired ICly from Hero work


Prodigal Child

Born to [John] and [Jane Doe], the superbeing known as Giga Gal was special even from infancy. When most children were learning to sit up and crawl, Giga was showing the presence of mutations. Benign in the beginning, her parents soon understood that their child had great potential.

However, before much testing could be done, the [Does] were approached by a representative to a small organization that specialized in helping special children like Giga. They were convinced by said representative that their daughter would get the greatest of care and assistance in dealing with her mutant ability.

That was the last time the [Does] would see their child.

The organization was now the only family Giga knew. Even from toddler-hood, she was being tested and trained on an every day basis. Her powers needed to be fully determined, gauged, and charted. Her extraordinary strength continually grew, and the organization was kept busy trying to keep the girl challenged.

Project Megaera

Megaera (Greek, "the jealous one") is one of the Erinyes in Greek Mythology. She is the cause of jealousy and envy, and causes people to commit crimes, especially marital infidelity. Like her sisters Alecto and Tisiphone, she was born of the blood of Uranus when Cronus castrated him.

The organization, called Project Megaera amongst its employees, was a subdivision initially funded by Paragon City's G.I.F.T. program. At present, G.I.F.T. has no official records of Megaera's subject's, research, or goals.


Ostensibly, the purpose of Project Megaera is unknown. Given the nature of Giga's powers, and the training they were putting her under, assumptions could be made regarding a prototype program for crafting superhuman soldiers.

As her time under the Project continued, Giga was subjected what could amount to physical and psychological torture. Her tests, based upon those often utilized by cybernetics companies to test artificial strength, drained the little girl. She was given no comfort, no encouragement, only derision and criticism. She was never spoken to, only about, and was treated little better than a machine. She was driven to great acts of aggression, never taught to rein in her anger. Initial volatile responses were the only things to garner the girl any semblance of positive reinforcement, so she embraced those emotions and put them to the fore. They drove her, and she responded. They pushed her even farther, and she gave back twice as hard. But she was growing up, steadily losing her childhood to laboratory tests and a narrowing four walls. In the course of their experimentations, they forgot a real girl was the cause of all that great energy.


A lapse in security, or perhaps an intentional desire for uncontrolled field testing information, lead to Giga's escape from the facility. Whatever the cause, though, she grew out of control. They had all the hard numbers about her powers, but they had never really seen her live. Free from the oppression and abuse, Giga vented her anger on anything that was in her way. The swath of destruction she left in her wake caught the Project unawares and unprepared.

A twelve-year-old girl should not have so much power.

Desperate, the Project called into its patrons, and G.I.F.T. dispatched a special team to subdue the girl. All in all, her rampage caused a great number fatalities, and resulted in the destruction of Project Megaera's main facility. G.I.F.T. stepped in, pulling the girl from the Project's hands, and placed her in a containment facility capable of holding someone of Giga's capabilities. Investigations into Megaera's purpose and research were also launched.. but by the time any headway was made, all traces had been erased. The Project and it's personnel were ghosts to the world.

Left with a monster in a young girl's body, G.I.F.T. did all it could to help, but her rage was simply too much. The Project's work was too good, and on her own, Giga could not regain any sense of normalcy. G.I.F.T.'s people tried for months to deprogram the girl, but in time the only possible way to give her a chance at being in control of herself seemed to lay in manipulation. A strong telepath was brought in, and the worst of Giga's world was removed, replaced and redone. They gave her a clean slate, a second chance to live the way she wanted.

Giga taking on one of the Shadow Shard's eye tyrants.

To Be A Hero

Giga was given time to acclimate herself in this new world she'd been given. Hardy and adaptable, it took her little time to figure out what she wanted to do with herself. She wanted to be a hero. She wanted to save all those people she saw on the television news, to keep the world safe from people who had no right in hurting it. Under G.I.F.T.'s aegis, Giga began her training as a hero. She relearned how to use her powers quickly, and with far greater care. She met and trained under a variety of pre-established heroes -- one of which being Iceangel -- until she developed self-confidence in her abilities. In time, she struck out on her own. Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, she petitioned the city court for emancipation from G.I.F.T.'s guardianhood. It was granted warily, given her background and how she came to be under that guardianship, but several of the heroes she had trained under gave excellent testimony.

For the very first time in her life, Giga had a will of her own.

The first freelance super group Giga joined was the Reciprocators, a new band of heroes just starting up. There isn't much on record of her time with the group and approximately 2 month's after joining she found herself acting solo a great deal of the time. After coming to a heated disagreement with one of her teammates she decided to leave the group and strike out on her own. This, however, was not acceptable by Government standards or the mandates regarding her. Given her past, and her present tenacity, they informed Giga that she would need to join another group or risk having her license revoked. Simply put, she needed the balance of teammates to keep herself in check; solo, it was altogether possible she could get into a lot of trouble. Destructive trouble. Grudgingly, she accepted their terms, and began looking for another group to apply to.

In the course of her search, Giga befriended a woman by name of Diamond, and had teamed up with her often. On a whim, she mentioned to her new friend about Hero Corps' ultimatum, and Diamond offered her a place within her group, the Templars of the Abbey. A group based around the good-press of mutant relations, it seemed to fit Giga's ideals. During her tenure with this supergroup, Giga Gal began to display overly violent tendencies.. almost to the point of complete loss of control. She was directed by her G.I.F.T. liason to seek out counselling in the form of a young empath named Silencer Micheal and his father the Gothic Defender. This led to some strong friendships and bonds, among secrets that have never seen the light of day.

The Clockworks' Paladin taking it like a bitch.

While in the Templars, a coincidental discovery of some old documents lead to the reemergence of Project Megaera. [More information about that particular story line can be found at [The Templar's RP Message Board].] Bad press, good press, a media debacle for all to see as her life and early childhood at the hands of the project were put under the public eye. Suffering humiliation and repeated attacks upon her person and property, Giga Gal lashed out. Someone was trying to alienate her, degrade her, and ultimately destroy her reputation.. they were succeeding. Unfortunately for the powerful heroine, the emergence of other villains and threats (namely the assassin 7) would bring ,pre negative press to light against her and tip the scales further against her. Facing multiple charges from both public and private interests, her ability to legally act as a hero and enforce the laws of the United States of America was finally taken from her.

After her license was revoked, Giga was contacted by Graffiti Samurai; he had an airship, and she had time. She gutted and refurbished the ship, working alongside Cloudgazer, then opened the ship's doors to students and employees. A mobile training center/dojo, the ship houses several students, instructors, and has recently hired on the bounty hunter group the Dawnstride Syndicate as security. This was short lived, interest in the facilities and services offered therein waned and eventually it was retired. Several disappearances on the part of Giga Gal left many of her friends wondering what had become of the young blonde, and it wasn't until her return in early 2009 that any form of closure would be found. Even then, it wasn't much.

Her return brought with it even more questions, more problems. She didn't seem to recall the last year or so of her life, or even where she had been. Tight lipped and without a proper heroic identity, Giga Gal's real name came to light, and Amber stepped out from the Shadows to begin building a new life. Mysterious benefactors had left her in substantial wealth, and with an airship in her name she wasted no time. Setting out to procure a business license, it seemed she may yet find some degree of normalcy. But misfortune follows closely the daughter of Megaera, and the next chapter is about to unfold.

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An altered genome in Giga's DNA was the cause of her super powers. Whether she inherited it from her parents, or was simply the benefactor of a curious genetic hiccup, her abilities came naturally. They were altered slightly by the scientists of Project Megaera, the extent of which may never be known. In the course of her rehabilitation, Hero Corps had used a form of genetic inhibitors to help overcome the conditioning by the Project. These inhibitors, with their DNA bonding from other mutants, were to help Giga overcome the berzerk rage that came alongside overuse of her abilities. While they gave her control, an unforeseen side-effect was the manifestation of secondary mutations, such as wings. While the wings were later surgically removed, she now takes medication to help keep these mutations from reemerging.

Super Strength

Giga is strong. Wicked strong. Lift-a-freighter-overhead strong. The peak capacity of her dead weight lift is unknown, as the Project was never quite done testing her performance. She can shatter concrete with little effort, and has performed amazing feats in the course of her heroing work. Due to this amazing strength, her body has become accustomed to great duress and strain. This force side-effect mutation has left her capable of withstanding boatloads of damage. Bullets ricochet, feeble weapons break upon contact, and very little exists that can cut through her tough hide. She can still be knocked back, however, and can be bruised, but to draw blood is truly a remarkable thing.

Energy Manipulation

Her second power is the absorption and manipulation of ambient energy. Her first noted manifested mutation, Giga's body acts as a storage cell for all the various energies around her. The glow from her eyes is a leak point of the energy, like steam from boiling water. Through time and training, she's been able to use this energy for many different things. Primarily, she uses it to cushion the impact of her blows, as a kind of self-restraint. Otherwise, she might liquefy certain foes with a single punch. A secondary use allows her to fly for extended periods of time.

Unfortunate side effects of this mutation have left her vision with something to be desired. The world she see's is far different than what others would perceive, constantly bathed in a pink hue with shapes and definitions blurring when obscured by bright lights or even distances. Were it not for her training and incredible motion perception, she wouldn't be able to functionally see past a moderate distance.

Commission of Giga Gal by Sabtastic.


At first, Giga seems brusque, possibly arrogant, but spend enough time with her and you'll realize her bite matches -- even surpasses -- her bark. She can be stand-offish, especially towards people who run their mouths or can't match their own bragging. Those who can get past the girl's self-erected shields find a friendly, cheerful young woman dedicated to the cause of justice and good triumphing over evil. She's extremely loyal and selfless, always willing to go the extra mile for a friend. She'd sooner cut off her own hand than betray a loved one, and is merciless if someone should dare harm those close to her. It's not often that Giga Gal spares anyone's feelings.. her advice is often accompanied by a rude tone and 'suck it up princess' attitude.


(In no particular order, liked and disliked)

Giga Gal In The Media and other possibly publicly known facts


Others on Giga

"Giga Gal - Let's start with the obvious. Goddamned powerful. Once saw her throw a tree as others would throw a spear. To be bluntly obvious too powerful. I'm nervous having that much potential destruction contained within one single being, especially one as potentially emotional and... human, as Giga. Thankfully her heart is in the right place. Recommended proceedure, make an effort to remind her why she should fight the good fight regularly. Make an attempt to undermine bad publicity among the populace about her (and if possible other metahumans). Final point: Keep her close, Stephan. She is one of the truest friends you have." - From the intelligence files of the late Shade Wield.

"She's as powerful as she is wise. Just by being near her, listening to what she has to say and what she does, from that I've learned dozens of new things. I've been in Paragon City for almost a year and I can safely say that Amber is one of the true heroes that this world has to offer." - Arlow

"GiGi's my girl. Y'all see how she is now, and ya gotta respect that, but I saw her green as grass when she first joined GIFT. She had scary-ass potential, none'a the other yahoos wanted to take her on as a rookie. I knew she had the chops t' do this city some good, so we rolled. And it was good times, believe you me. All this bullshit 'bout her bein' a danger? Somethin' happened, somethin' bad. She ain't a bad egg. Whoever fucked with her, they gonna be in a world'a hurt soon enough." - Iceangel

"When the doctors first told me what was going on, I was unhappy. My entire life was about to end, and I was going to become some experiment in a lab so they could see what those Rikti bombs had done to me. I didn't want to be an experiment, I wanted a life. That's when I found out about Giga, and I learned that I could be more. I could be a hero, I could protect people, I could defend my country. She gave me hope, and a purpose, and that's why she's my role model. I might still be in Russia right now, as some pet of the Motherland, but Giga's example gave me the strength of will to allow me to stand up for my rights. And now here I am, walking in her footsteps, and I'm still in awe whenever we talk." - Ballistic

"Madness has many facets, anger was one of the first formed, and she examplifies that anger more then anyone I have known. Her human nature has withered away over the years as if a great toil has wiped away outside emotions, she is raw nerve and prode her and expect a response. Beyond this her compassion is still there albeit I find it much harder to see then it used to be. But her anger and whats left of her could serve a purpose and that is something to be said of the child of Megaera." - Vehas

"Number 8." - Rafael de la Larken

"Giga is truly something special. Never in my life has my opinion of someone changed so drastically in such a short time span. Unlike so many, she isn't willing to compromise her moral beliefs for her own selfish gain, or convenience. I'm not at all used to being on the receiving end of advice, but she has proven time and time again to be a voice of reason in an unreasonable world. Each and every second I spend with Giga, my appreciation and respect for her grows. Her guidance and friendship are invaluable to me, and I can honestly say I would do anything within my power for her." - Rezz

"Eh, she's ok I guess. I mean, she's blonde, so, that's cool, cos I can't hold that against her, but, I don't see what the big deal is." - Blase

Interview with a Game Hunter

Detective Alvarez put the coffee cup down in front of Arthur Mandrut, the weariness under his eyes for once merely caused by the long hours, low pay, and moral ambiguity of his work. What was missing from that list, was a difficult suspect. The fact that Arthur Mandrut, AKA Game Hunter, serial killer of superpowered heroes, was so co-operative was the only reason he gave the man his single request, a cup of coffee.

"Thank you, Detective. The stimulants my suit injects me with were starting to wear off. I would not wish to be so ungallant as to pass out during my interrogation." Alvarez waved a hand impatiently.

"Home stretch now, Arthur. Events leading up to your arrest, continue." He paused for a moment, waiting for the average sized Englishman to begin speaking, but instead Arthur merely stared at the coffee cup held in his hand.


"I wonder, detective, have you ever held a life in the palm of your hand? No, do not answer, I know your answer. You have probably killed, but that is different. To hold life in the palm of your hand is to have the ultimate dichotomical choice in front of you. You can either grant life or death to the person. The look in their eyes as they realise this is... exhilerating." Arthur turned his eyes so they stared at the detective, who for the first time in the interview was beginning to feel ill at ease. The man had been so amiable, it was easy to forget he was responsible for no less then two dozen super-powered murders.

"It is powerful. You asked me about the circumstances of my arrest? That was the circumstance. To have life and death in my hand, then suddenly realise it was no power for ME I held in my hands, it was power itself. Giga Gal. To realise the energy my suit absorbed was so much, in my hands I held both a goddess, and the path to Olympus." He paused, taking a slow sip of his coffee before letting out a contented sigh and continuing. "My hands had been around her throat, but they could not squeeze. My armour had crushed her into the ground, but she would not yield. I looked into those defiant eyes as she traded blow after blow... I saw that which I desire most. Power. She is everything I wish for. Everything I wish to have, and everything I wish to destroy." Alvarez slowly swallowed, not wishing to break the silence.

"And then, it was over. I had thrown everything I could at her, and she still stood. Her magnificent features defiantly staring down at me as my armour... ceased to function. Then, without a word she turned and left, leaving me to my shame."

Arthur Mandrut, the Game Hunter, mass murderer, leant forward and asked, "tell me, did you pass on my message to her? Is she willing to meet me?" The intensity in his eyes spoke volumes of his newly found obsession. "I'm dying to speak with her."

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