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Picture by Enchante
Chase Styles
Player: @Oak
Origin: Natural?
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Chase Styles
Known Aliases: Toughest fighter in the Universe
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 183 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Martial Artist
Place of Birth: Amarillo, TX
Base of Operations: Faultline
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Aaron Styles (Father, renowned Martial Artist), Wallace Styles (Brother)
Known Powers
Vague darkness manipulation as seen in the Skull Bone Daddies
Known Abilities
Fundamentals of Shade Fist fighting style
Namen ja nee zo!



How much do you know about the 1970's series Kung Fu? Not a lot? Okay. Chase Styles was raised in a Shaolin monastery by monks when his father left him behind or something. His mentor trained him to be a master of the martial arts from day one, and when that mentor was murdered, Chase went out for blood. Eventually, he had to leave the monastery, having stained his hands with the blood of somebody very important.

Winding up in the Western United States, still believing it to be the days of cowboys, sheriffs, and gunslingers, Chase traveled around towns, helping people with problems and fighting for truth and justice. While on these travels, he heard tale of his brother, Wallace, and went to seek him out. But he was on the run, assassins sent by the family of said important person that he killed always on his heels and out for his life.

While on his adventures, Chase had many fights and many, many flashbacks back to his training which, until these flashbacks were shown, for some reason didn't help him in the least with his life. Eventually he found his brother and lived happily ever after despite assassins killing everyone and everything he ever loved. The end.

The Truth

Chase Styles was born in Amarillo, Texas to father and renowned martial artist Aaron Styles and loving mother Jill Styles. Chase's mother was only around for a very few years of his life before mysteriously disappearing entirely. Chase may not remember much about her, but the teachings, cheerfulness, and general loving attitude remains with him always. Throughout his years, Chase was always a cheerful kid, full of energy and seemingly full of love. He reminded his father of his mother, always joyful, always happy regardless, looking on the bright side of things. As such, he was never really pressured to enter into the martial arts world. However, his brother was a different matter entirely.


Chase's elder brother of a full five years, Wallace Styles had always been a disgrace to his father. Embracing the hip hop scene, Wallace seemed to always be in trouble with Aaron. Eventually, at the age of eighteen, Wallace finally left the house for good. Chase hasn't seen him since. They'd had a fairly close relationship due to the fact that Chase was always happy to talk to him or hang out with him, often getting Wallace in trouble for taking Chase with him, but the day Wallace left, all ties were cut.


Not long after Wallace left home, Chase and Aaron moved to Paragon City, buying a large house overlooking the sea. It was from there that Chase finished his education and Aaron competed in his martial arts tournaments. So Chase grew up in a fairly peaceful time, up until the Rikti war. During the Rikti war, he and his father mostly stayed in safe places, avoiding the fighting the best they could and watching out for one another and any friends they could. But eventually the Rikti War passed and life began to return to normal.


It was during his High School days that he met a girl of his own age named Jessica. The two spent much time together, and Chase fell in love with her. Finally, the day came for Aaron to meet Jessica. That night it was revealed that in a martial arts tournament years ago, Aaron had killed Jessica's father. Ever since, Jessica had been training to exact her revenge on Aaron. She'd tried to put the entire incident behind her, but Aaron made her angry. Jessica, ever the hothead, charged Aaron and began to fight him. The fight went on for a while, neither Jessica nor Aaron listening to Chase's constant pleas to stop the fight. Eventually, the fight ended as Jessica was knocked off a balcony and fell to the waters below to her death. Grief stricken, Chase tossed himself off the balcony as well, passing out mid-fall.

Shade Fist

Chase survived that fall. He drifted off to the Rogue Isles where he was discovered by a group of Skulls. They took him in and pretty much made fun of him. He was never made a member of the Skulls because he was utterly anti-killing. However, the Skulls taught him to fight, all the while making fun of him for being weak. They taught him the ins and outs of street fighting, a skill which he had to use in order to survive every now and again in the Isles. He continued to train on his own, building his strength for the day he could face his father and defeat him for Jessica. Eventually, through some fluke of fate, Chase gained some of the powers seen in the Bone Daddies. This would later be an art he would develop and make his own, but not before he met Ryusake Setzer.

Ryu and Melody

The Thorn Bandit managed to pull Chase out of the slump in his life. They began by fighting for the stakes of a kiss from Miss Judgement, at the time disguised as a shy, nice girl named Harmony. These two quickly became his best and, at the time, only friends. He respected and admired them, fighting with them many times and cheering them on in life. He remains grateful to the both of them, even if they both were kind of mean to him a lot. He never really minded.

Fundamentals of Shade Fist

Chase began developing his own style of martial art, training hard for it and naming the movements. He called it the Fundamentals of Shade Fist, and even entered into martial arts tournaments with it. The style along with his blinding green and pink gi raised quite a few eyebrows, but the style developed and continues to this day to develop. Amazingly enough, he has actually grown in strength, hoping one day to be a match for the likes of The Thorn Bandit, Volo, Giga Gal, and Mr. Yasuda. He remains strictly anti-killing in his efforts, however, and will always stop before the fight goes too far.

The Dawnstride Syndicate

Chase fell in with the Dawnstriders completely on accident. Walking to the Mexican restaurant in Faultline for no more than food, he ran into the likes of Tsuruko, Fox., Kara Starbane, and Jump-Kick. Not many of them took a liking to him at first, it seemed, but eventually he made friends with them all and the others in the Dawnstriders. He respects and believes in them all, happy to have them as friends. Likely his closest friend in the Dawnstriders is Enchante, whom he sees as somewhat of a sister figure. He stood beside her when many others left in a fight with Mr. Yasuda, going through great pain to try to stop him from taking her. Unfortunately, Chase was nowhere near strong enough, and it didn't work.


The Dawnstriders got Enchante back the day that Mr. Yasuda fought Zaraki Yasuda. Though he'd once seen Masume as an enemy, he now respected him as a fighter and strove to seek revenge for his honor. Eventually he got that chance after dressing himself like Masume. Zaraki came for him and his group, the fight quickly proving one-sided as Chase and the rest of his party, consisting of Giga Gal, The Thorn Bandit, Chill Yeti, Iceangel, Volo, and a few others he wasn't exactly familiar with. The police eventually arrived and Chase, along with a few of his teammates, fought on the side of the police to stop the assassins from escaping. However, during the fight, Chase was sent high up into the air and landed in an awkward manner, injuring his back and rendering him unable to walk.

Trouble From Home

Aaron Styles sent employee Mr. The Suave Junior, somebody Chase had known for a long time as one of his father's men, to get Wallace, who was apparently in the Rogue Isles. Chase received word from Wallace, whom he hadn't heard from in years, and knew that he had to do something despite being in a wheelchair. He forced himself out, and though, barely able to even kneel, he pushed himself hard from the ground, flipping and letting off a sickening crack from his back. His spine somehow miraculously and absolutely painfully reset itself and he was able to walk, though he was made to stay in his chair until they found who'd kidnapped Wallace. Upon discovering it to be Mr. The Suave Junior, Chase leapt from his chair despite the repeated concerns and threats from his friends and fought the man. Weakened already, Chase was eventually defeated, and his friends jumped in and defeated Mr. The Suave Junior. Suave was sent back to where he came from licking his wounds, but not before revealing to the group gathered that Wallace Styles was Giordano Hitman and self-proclaimed positive role model Whitey D. Gangsta.

Facing Father

Chase, along with friends Xeved, Toketsu, Kara, Tsuruko, and DoubleTime, went to find Chase's father after helping him make peace with the world. Eventually the group came across his father and Chase, narrowly escaping the same fate as his late girlfriend, managed to come back and defeat his father using the Shadow Geyser technique. For as long as it lasts, the story can be found Here.


Kage Sokko Fushi Kaiken - Roughly translated, very, very roughly mind you, into "Swift Shadow Knuckle Dagger" or something of the like, it is one of the quicker movements in Chase's style, but can still manage to be a devastating blow if he lands it right.

Styles Genko - The Styles Fist. A quick, strong uppercut of sorts. When executed perfectly, a single blow can be destructive.

Styles Reppai Danketsu - One of Chase's special and signature moves, the "Styles Destroyer of Fighters Who Are Weaker Than I Am" technique is a quick combo. Once caught in the combo, an opponent will suffer blow after blow until the final uppercut is delivered.

Shadow Geyser - Chase's signature move, desperation attack, and finisher, the Shadow Geyser is the strongest attack in Chase's arsenal. With a sweep of the hand, a pit of pure dark energies erupts beneath the foe's feet. The vent continues to spew darkness for a while, possibly inflicting copious amounts of damage.

Bakasu Setsuyaku Gijutsu - The "Enchante Saving Technique" Was invented when Enchante was captured by Masume Yasuda. It was supposed to be the technique to pull the fight in Chase's favor, drawing on the strength needed for the situation to fight harder.

Styles Oroshi - The Styles "Mountain Air" technique allows Chase to regain control of his breathing, allowing him to fight longer, and if need be, tirelessly for a short time. What may seem like a second wind for Chase could only be the Styles Oroshi.

Taunt - A famous philosopher and fighter once said that you couldn't be a true martial artist without showmanship. A minor taunt here or there gets Chase's adrenaline pumping, the fight consuming him and allowing him to better concentrate, dodging the opponent's maneuvers without hesitation.

Styles Oroshi Part II - Another part of the Styles Oroshi technique allows him to focus his mind on the fight instead of the pain he's in. It seems to re-energize him, though any wounds inflicted remain. For a little while, he's able to forget about the pain. This technique requires heavy concentration and he can be distracted in the performance.

Desperation - Desperation doesn't always come from life or death situations. Sometimes they come just from the deep longing to win. When Chase is backed into a corner, feels as though he's massively underperforming, or becomes desperate in his attempt to protect anything from a friend to a memory, a purple energy emits from his body. His mind state becomes purely combat-focused and seemingly devoid of any thought except winning. The normal smile disappears from his face and he begins fighting with only his right arm. In this state he is a tireless warrior and generally doesn't stop attacking or moving until he's either defeated or finally burns out, leaving him too tired to fight for a while.

Friends and Not Friends/Jerks


The Thorn Bandit -Sama - Chase sees him as a savior and as quite possibly his best friend. The man may not have treated him like a brother, but Chase feels that he can confide anything in Sake-Sama. Ryu probably wouldn't like that though.

Miss Judgement -Chan - Melody proved to be another friend after Chase had given her a pep talk and told her never to give up. She seemed to be into it, so Chase kept checking in on her and making sure she was alright. He values her friendship greatly, perhaps more than she knows.

Kara Starbane -Chan - Chase's first friend in the Dawnstriders. She's always been nice to him and he's been nice to her. He thinks she's a wonderful person and he's "on to her."

Jump-Kick ...Man? - Chase has absolutely nothing but respect for Jericho. He thinks the man's got a terrific attitude and an unreal drive for survival. Chase looks up to him, though Jericho Man may not know it.

Tsuruko -Chan - Tsuruko's got a temper. But Chase can tell under it all that he really cares, as he's shown before. He can be a great leader when he puts his mind to it, and Chase listens to him when it comes to situations where the Dawnstriders need to stick together, but every now and again a man has to make his own decisions.

Enchante -Chan - Jessie-Chan is becoming more and more like a sister to him. She watches out for him, he watches out for her as much as he can. He cares a lot about her and would gladly dive headlong onto a bomb to ensure her safety. Chase hasn't seen her since before leaving to fight his father...

Ashigaru Tsuyama -Sama - Ashi was the one to convince him that the Skulls weren't worth his time. He was never a real part of them, but Ashi started getting his life moving once again. He feels that Ashi is like some sort of guiding light that guides those in need of guidance.

Iceangel -Chan - Mackie met Chase after Masume beat the ever loving crap out of him. All of his friends left him injured and unable to move, but Mackie came along and took care of him. He's ever grateful for it and feels he owes her his life. As such, he'll do whatever he can for her.

Guitar Hero ...? - Aaron is kind of nice sometimes. He called the ambulance when Chase needed it, and he makes good music. he's since kind of disappeared though... Where has he been?

Rooftop Rumbler -San - Jim is AWESOME. Chase hasn't seen him in a while...

Giga Gal -Senpai - Giga had his back when he wanted to fight Zaraki. She also took him to the hospital after the fight. He respects her as a fighter as well as a friend. Since being paralyzed, she's been sort of like a big sister to Chase. He appreciates it, but had no idea prior that she cared. Presently the only person to receive the title of Senpai, Chase really does look up to her.

Volo -Kun - Volo joined the Dawnstriders and agreed to be Chase's martial arts parter for doubles tournaments. They even worked out names for Volo's moves together. Chase respects him and his speed, thinking him an all around cool guy. They've grown closer as friends and co-workers. Volo even asked Chase to be his best man. Did not see that one coming.

Toketsu Taki -Kun - Toketsu is an impressive swordsman and is very insightful, but too bent on revenge. Chase considers him a friend, especially after Toketsu took his advice on not killing.

Fox. -Chan - Fox is one of the people to care about Chase. He still doesn't know everything about her, but he accepts her for who she is and thinks she's a cool person.

Nikolai de la Larken ...? - Despite what he does, Nikolai is a really cool guy. He even motivated Chase not to give up!

Xeved -Kun - Xeved is really quiet, but he's a cool guy! He found the papers with his logic. Somehow. Anyway, Xeved is a good guy!

Kami Sensei ...? - Vale is alright. Chase fought him because of what he said about Jessie-Chan and they're cool now.

Masume Yasuda -Hanshi - After proving himself by returning Jessie to the Dawnstriders unharmed, Masume earned Chase's respect. They don't talk a lot, but Masume is a brave and strong man.

DoubleTime -Kun - Chase's first student, Brandon was found flailing his legs to attack his foes, using only his speed. Chase took him in and taught him to fight comfortably, and even helped him get faster by giving him a heavy backpack to carry! Brandon is a good kid and very, very respectful... To Chase, anyway.

Lucent Jackal ...What's his name even? - Chase's second student. A bit weird... Had no idea Chase was a martial artist, and then wanted training after Chase showed him. Okay!

Not Exactly Friends

Zaraki Yasuda - He killed Masume. Even wanted to have him killed dishonorably. Chase finds him completely distasteful regardless of how strong he is.

Chill Yeti - Blake remains steadfast in his rivalry with Chase, but at least it isn't as bad as it used to be. They shout each others' names at one another and then proceed not to talk. There's a great picture of it on Blake's Virtueverse.

Ein Yoshida - Ein is a jerk.

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