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Ashigaru Maxwell Tsuyama
Player: @Ragnarok Star
Origin: Natural(?)
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ashigaru M. Tsuyama
Known Aliases: Ashi, Scarfy, Berry, Ash, Ashigayru, Bone Splinter
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 187 lbs
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Asian American
Occupation: Rising actor
Place of Birth: King's Row, Paragon City
Base of Operations: The Don's Villa, Off of Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: Currently dating the Iceangel, Mackenzie
Known Relatives: Sakura Tsuyama (Mother - Deceased), Aaron Reid (Father), Yuki Tsuyama (Cousin), Kiko Tsuyama (Cousin), Hiro Tsuyama (Grandfather - Deceased), Takara Tsuyama (Grandmother - Deceased)
Known Powers
Darkness Mastery, Energy Mastery
Known Abilities
A royal blue Scarf

Ashigaru has long since been the main character of @Ragnaroks Star. A heartbreaker, a playboy, and a hard head with proud asian roots, Ashigaru is a reincarnation of a Stalker from Ragnarok Online, a Necromancer from Guild Wars and a Warlock from World of Warcraft.


Early History

Ashigaru was born on November 15th to Sakura Tsuyama and Aaron Reid.


Ashigaru had a rough time growing up. He resided in The Gish, King's Row, where his Mother and Father, who were unmarried, lived together. When Ashi turned four, he found out that his mother was diagnosed with Cancer. Immediately, his Father went into severe depression. He began smoking, drinking, dealing illegal drugs... All the while his spouse was lying in the hospital on the brink of death. Ashi was not allowed to speak of any of this to his mother, or he would be beaten severely by his drunken father. Shortly later, Sakura Tsuyama was pronounced dead, leaving one item of possession to her son; A sky blue, hand knitted scarf. His father's condition only got worse...

<Work in Progress>


Darkness Mastery

Ashi was given the powers of the underworld, thanks to his time spent with the skulls. Although his Bone Daddy powers can preform everything from creating deadly tentacles to shielding him from danger, Ashi prefers to use them to create something not usually associated with darkness- A beautiful rose.

Superdyne Effects

Due to the Supderdyne that was pumped into him, Ashi has mastery over energy as well.



Delta Eclipse

Scylen earned Ashi's hatred after quickly taking up Petite Le Morte during her single status, a woman Ashi had been attempting to woo for months.

Skye Valentine

An enemy to the family, is an enemy to Ashi.

Silver Spar

Nothing more than a minor annoyance to Ashigaru.

Cadaver Man

Although forced to work together, Cadaver Man finds absolute glee out of torturing Ashi and making him miserable.


Petite Le Morte

Ashigaru's ex-girlfriend, ex-boss and ex-heartbreaking buddy, Petite and Ashi have always shared a special bond as best friends. Ashi worked for months to win Petite's heart, only to be won over by Delta Eclipse. Although at one point later on, Petite did date Ashi, their relationship was short lived, mutually agreeing it wouldn't work out between the two. Best friends is all they could hope to be together. In a trip fifteen years into the future, Petite and Ashi could be seen wearing wedding bands... Wether or not they were matching wedding bands is unconfirmed.

Don Giordano

Giovanni has been Ashi's closest male friend throughout his adventures in the isles. Taking Ashi under his wing multiple times, Ashi has agreed that if on the offchance he was to ever marry, the Don would be his best man. Ashi and the Don can often be found either at the arena having friendly duels or in grandeville, picking on Arachnos for shits and giggles.

Ghost Scream

Another one of Ashi's friends, Fallon and Ashi have often supported each other with relationship advice. Although the two have hinted that they are curious as to how a relationship would work, they have yet to give it a try, especially considering that Fallon is already in a working and steady relationship with...


Super fast in every way except the brain part, Volo can tend to have his blonde moments at times, but he's still a great friend to Ashi.


Mackie is Ashi's current 'love interest.' Ashi became attracted to Mackie when he met her in the Rikti Warzone, where they pulled a job together. Mackie's personality over all, has kept Ashi interested. Unlike most women, she didn't fall victim to his boyish charms so easily. Her random and spontaneous attitude keeps Ashi on his toes at all times.

Chase Styles

Chase met Ashi after being beaten, where he and Mackie took care of him.

Shock Jaw


Garret Prince

Why isn't he dead yet...?

Chill Yeti

Blake and Ashi stand on somewhat of a love-hate relationship. Where as Blake thinks Ashi can be strange at times, Ashi is unappreciative of Blake's arrogant, conflict seeking attitude. Regardless, the two stand up for each other and are most dudical 'bros.'

Dmitri Petranov

Dmitri has been a powerful influence on Ashi, and has always had his back when he was underboss.


A mean, cruel woman, Ashi has seen right through her harsh, outter shell and has made many attempts to make light of the... Not.. Quite... So bitchy... Inner shell... He has been striving to get her relationship fixed with...

Commander Moone

Adam and Ashi arn't much friends, but definently are acquaintances.


Ashi's stood up for this hopeless romantic time and time again.. And time and time again, Abs continues to do stupid shit.


Cally was one of Ashi's earlier girlfriends, and the woman to take his virginity. Recently, Ashi's been seeing less and less of the fun-loving ex-hellion around.

Zeal Drain

... *sigh* ... How bothersome...

Keeper of Saints

Ashi and Kate are fairly close friends, and Ashi has granted her the nickname of 'Faith' due to her religious views.


A pretty girl. Ashi hates more than anything in the world to injure a woman unless he absolutely has to. This has been used to his disadvantage before. Ashi's also really not that powerful. Although he can control Energy and Darkness at his will, he's still not much more than a young man. Even a regular pistol can easily take Ashi down, if caught off guard.


Ashi is a charmer. He goes out of his way to make just about any and all women feel special, and can be quite the flatterer. He's also an insane flirt, and although this has done some bad against him in past relationships, most women he date seem to understand that he may look at the menu, but would never order. Ashi can be friendly most times, and usually dosn't mind being made fun of, but watch your back if you mess with his friends or family.

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