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The Giordano Family is an infamous Rogue Isles crime family. Headed by Don Giordano, this particular family has worked its way so high up the Rogue Isles food chain, that Arachnos itself refuses to tamper with it. The Marcone and Verandi families have both made enemies of the Giordano Family and, as such, have lost many a Capo to Giordano enforcers.


Originally from New York, the Giordano Family made the move when Giovanni Giordano III was arrested on charges of arson and double homicide. Due to the methods of his crimes, Giovanni was sent to Zigursky nearly just in time for an Arachnos breakout. Looking for the Destined One, many Arachnos troops overran the Bricktown prison and freed every prisoner they could find. Don Giordano, along with Underboss Shadey Roy, and other prominent mob figures, all of which decided to make the Rogue Isles their new base of operations.

Ristorante Giordano

Ristorante Giordano is a nice Italian Restaurant in Port Oakes. The pasta is divine, the lasagna stupendous, and if you want a delicious pizza without having to stow away on a cargo ship all the way to Paragon, look no further than Ristorante Giordano! The restaurant is a nice place to go for dinner, the service usually seems not only professional and knowledgeable, but absolutely happy to serve you. However, none of this can hide the obvious signs that this is a mob hangout. Mobsters can be seen nearly always hanging out at the bar, eating some, did I mention the divine pasta?, or hanging out in the V.I.P. lounge. All in all, it's a very nice restaurant, and though there are mobsters, there is never any violence inside. If you want great Italian, a nice romantic dinner, or just to sup outside on the scenic porch, Ristorante Giordano is the place for you.

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