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"If lives are so expendable, why don't you go die?"
Nikolai de la Larken
Player: @Kyoria
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind / Defender / Stalker
Security Level: 50 / 11 / 2
Personal Data
Real Name: Nikolai de la Larken
Known Aliases: Bone Orchard
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'7
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Auburn
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Co-Owner of Club Midnight Obscura / Commander of the Wraith Syndicate (Forced Retirement) / Owner of Hangman's Books (Stasis)
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Rafael de la Larken - Brother / Vivian de la Larken - Sister / Maria Jacobs de la Larken - Mother / Gabriel de la Larken - Father (Deceased)
Known Powers
Necromancy / Psionic Manipulation
Known Abilities
Flight and Teleportation
Modified Arachnos Mk. Armored Uniform and Modified Vanguard Mk. Armored Uniform
No additional information available.

- Nikolai de la Larken was created in 1998 for a Preternatural Online RP Message board that went by the names of "Blood Raven" or "BloodRavyn" Domain changed a few times over the years until its closure in 2006 , over the years Nikolai has adapted to his surroundings, though ultimately remained true to his original ideals of protecting his family and friends, even if they weren't on the "right side" of the law. He would have been a hero, but villains had Necromancy so he ultimately ended up V side, which in the end was for the best as I've enjoyed playing a character which walks the lines between "good" and "evil". -

All information upon this page is Out of Character



One of the three Commanders of Wraith Syndicate, an Arachnos Loyalist group charged with maintaining Black Operations within the Isles and a sleeper cell unit in Paragon City. Also the owner of Hangman's Books, a quaint cafe and bookstore that sometimes hosts poetry night and live DJ's.

Current negotiations are underway with a few selected Arbiters upon the forced retirement of Nikolai de la Larken for services rendered to the Arachnos cause, where he may go afterwards remains unknown. Though he's expressed interest in running a facility open to the public.

A possible future.JPG

"I have seen the world in flames. . . there is no future in this path I take" - Nikolai de la Larken

- Update -

Forced retirement placed upon Commander Nikolai de la Larken of the Wraith Syndicate due to services rendered towards the Arachnos cause, likely reasons for termination are connected with a high security clearance Arachnos project, Codename: Destiny, Though reports are unclear as sources are unavailable. Liasons to Ghost Widow were unwilling to comment upon Nikolai's release from Arachnos, Wraith Syndicate or any connections of his to her particular sect within the higher eschelons of Lord Recluse's organization.

Though recent activity would show that he's still on their payroll as an advisor, as to what no one will comment upon, especially him.

Hangman's books has recently closed its doors to the public, though the facility itself has been cottonballed to await later renewel. Currently Nikolai is working along with a close knit group of comrades upon his latest endeavour. Club Midnight Obscura which often hosts live DJ's , theme nights and other social gatherings to a select cliente.

Organizations and Businesses

Hangman's Books : Worked along side Kaschei , who currently is working within Club Midnight Obscura. Currently, the bookstore houses Nikolai's arcane collection, ranging from ancient scrolls to sentient weaponry. The collection itself slowly grows as Nikolai adds to it whenever something catches his attention, a few friends have jokingly called it his "Little shop of Arcane Horrors".

Club Midnight Obscura : Current business project which is situated in the Isles, coordination's overseen by Nikolai.

Club Twilight Obscura : Side business project which is situated upon the mainland, coordination currently unknown.

Wraith Syndicate : Served with Caid and Kossetsu , forced retirement underneath Arachnos Arbiter insistence.

Time Line

October 31, 1982 - Nikolai de la Larken is born along with his biological twin Rafael de la Larken to Maria Jacobs and Gabriel de la Larken.

January 2, 1985 - Nikolai begins to effect the bodies of the deceased around him while he and the family pay their respects to a family friend who died in an airplane crash, though his family is quick to send him to his "Grandmother" to help him better control his abilities, though his adolescent mind believes that what he's being taught within a cavern is merely a game.

September 21, 1990 - Nikolai and Rafael watch as their childhood friend Kassandre fall from their backyard treehouse, she suffers a broken neck. Nikolai revives Kassandre and plays off the entire incident as an accident, even though at that time he has a feeling that he, his brother and Kassandre know what happened. He revived the dead.

March 1, 1998 - Nikolai returns home after a year of traveling the world with a small group of relatives and their friends with similiar "powers". Learning further about his abilities and the stigma the world holds upon communing and raising the deceased.

March 30, 1998 - Nikolai's father dies, reasons and causes are still unknown but Nikolai seems to often say "He died from a heart attack". He in turn takes up his father's business and begins to run a small occult bookstore within the heart of Paragon City.

December 21, 2000 - Haven, the bookstore that Nikolai maintains is burnt down. Reasons unknown but an APB is placed upon him by the Paragon Police Department. He flees to the Rogue Isles to avoid prosecution.

August 17, 2006 - Nikolai resurfaces, the years since his disappearance and reappearance are murky at best, though from then on he's been known to wear the Arachnos Uniform of those affliated with the Wraith Syndicate.

July 7, 2007 - Nikolai is released from the Wraith Syndicate, an Arachnos loyalist group dedicated to fulfilling the tasks set to them between Ghost Widow and Black Scorpion. A shaky coalition at best considering the general views that Widow and Scorpion hold. Nikolai's release mandate is underneath a "forced retirement" clause a rare and highly suspect situation as a high percentage (almost ninety nine percent) of those who've reached the rank of Commander often retire to a rear line position or disappear.

A few days later, a large plot of land was bought within Cap au Diable by Nikolai. The Victorian era building was restored to its original state, excluding a subtle neon crimson sign above its entryway which reads "Club Midnight Obscura"

August 17, 2007 - Nikolai de la Larken alias Bone Orchard appears for the first time as a registered "Hero" of Paragon City.

June 15, 2008 - Nikolai has been seen in conference with a few Arachnos officials in Grandville, as to the true meaning behind this meeting no one knows, yet.

June 6, 2009 - After his unexplained disappearance a year or so ago, Nikolai has been spotted once more. Though as for why he's become active in the Isles known only to a few. He's been seen in the company of the Giordano's and a few others who're still maintaining his place of business.


Mambabarang Image.JPG

"We are each our own devil, and we shall make this world our Hell." - Nikolai de la Larken

Calm and often collected, Nikolai views the world through the eyes of a rogue scholar. Seeking to accomplish the goals he's set before him by any means necessary, yet in this he's developed a sense of justice that far exceeds and potentially twists the normal views of "Good" or "Evil". Often going out of his way to punish those who've hurt others, but in this he realizes that he's merely completing the cycle of destruction and waits patiently for someone to set him in his place, as the adage goes "What goes around, comes around." Though in that, it doesn't mean Nikolai won't go down without a fight.

When it comes to being a leader, Nikolai has the knowledge and the ability to lead from the forefront be it in a physical or psychological manner. Though often steering away from physical conflict if its at all possible, he's willing to let a series of cold and quite inhumane internal calculations rule over his usual means to quiet any misgivings that have arisen when verbal negotiations are no longer viable, especially if its in the defense of anyone he respects or befriends.

Yet at times Nikolai has been known to embrace his chaotic "devil may care" persona, often rushing into things with little to no fore thought towards the consequences that may eventually arise due to his caught in the moment reasoning. Prone to drinking, loud behaviour, violence, dancing and chain smoking. One would never truly realize that perhaps underneath it all lies a man whose unsure as to what he'll do next.

In Game Biography

Nikolai de la Larken

An aura of darkness seems to hang upon the very essence of Nikolai de la Larken, though a subtle and sometimes charming smile is often upon him. The ability to call back the "soul" into the bodies of those who have fallen is an inherited ability passed down through the generations of the De la Larken family.

Once shunned for their practices within the Philippines, often being referred to as Aswangs, Manananggal's and even Mambabarang's. They've eventually redeemed their image and honour within the Islands by performing invaluable services in the defence of their homeland and it's people, though while they continue to help their people, a few venture forth into the ever changing world. Why Nikolai has settled within the Isles is anyones guess.

Through his grey lenses, the eyes of a scholar burn brightly. To him, the concepts of good and evil are notions placed down by popular belief.

Bone Orchard

An aura of darkness seems to cloud the very perception of Bone Orchard, though a subtle and sometimes charming smile can be seen upon him, though often the gesture bleeds through when he's deep in thought, seeming to stare off into the distance.

While Bone Orchard is clearly an alias, he has yet to come forth with reasons as to why he's chosen such a name. Many have come to believe that it may be due to a fascination with the "Dark Art" though he's noted that its merely an inherited family ability passed down through the generations. Though if one were familiar with early frontier history, Bone Orchard was often the slang term for "Graveyard" or "Cemetary", perhaps theres a connection between the alias and who he really is.

Bone Orchid (WiP)


"All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks. . . in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Magician - For as long as he can remember, Nikolai's trained his body and mind to better contain and control the innate abilities passed down through the generations of his family, he dabbles in other areas of the Occult, having a working knowledge, understanding and an extensive library allows him to at least provide some understanding in most situations.

Necromancy - Six deceased humanoid forms in variable states of decay have been noted to follow Nikolai de la Larken. They seem to be partially sentient and able to act upon their own if left alone, though Nikolai often keeps them close as he gestures orders and incantations to strengthen them.

Teleportation and Flight - Nikolai is able to appear anywhere within his visual location, often eclipsing himself within a bright "light" that seems to tear the very boundries of reality as he reappears in another location. Though he's often seen hovering a few inches off of the ground and this seems to be his normal means of transportation.

Soul Mastery - Upon the day inwhich he swore his "allegiance" to Ghost Widow, Nikolai began to learn the ways inwhich the spectral woman effected the world around her on a daily basis. Through his studies and the brief conversations held with her, Nikolai learned a variation of her abilities.

Psionic Manipulation - Through his training with his Grandmother, Nikolai was able to better shield his mind from outside sources, which in turn allows him to better control his minions. Though most notiable would be his ability to hamper the thought processes of another by sheer indomitable will, granted this greatly drains Nikolai to the point of exhaustion.

Dark Miasma - A Mambabarang's abilities are sometimes used to heal the injured, though more often then not these abilities are used to inspire fear or weaken the fortitude and conviction that others have towards the Mambabarang. Though most notable would be the ability to conjure a "Spirit Guide" that helps the Mambabarang to a certain extent, often departing when their services are complete.

Silent Wind Kali - On occassion Nikolai has been seen practicing a dual wielding Kali technique prominent within the De la Larken family, this form of Kali "Silent Wind" technique. Variations of other Kali techniques which have been adapted from inner tribal and battlefield conflicts upon the Philipines.

Minion War Cries


Patayin natin sila! (Let us kill them!)

Death beckons. . .

These are your last moments, suffer well.

We hunger. . .


Fresh meat. . .

There is no mercy, only death. . .

The scent of death is strong upon you.

The Forsaken


"You summon us, but you will regret this Necromancer. . ." - Azirael

Azirael - (Lich) A fallen Paladin with a grudge, he fell from grace willingly to take on the gods. Ultimately he defeated all those who stood before him and in the process destroyed the world as the final breathe passed through the dying lips of the last god, though was able to save the one he loved, Seishyn. As she accompanied him upon his journey. Through a series of events, Azirael found himself in the service of Nikolai de la Larken. Their working relationship is tedious at best.

Draechengard and Valin

"We are, eternal." - Draechengard

Draechengard and Valin (Grave Knights) Norsemen who simply wish to continue their eternal battle against all those oppose them, even in death. Garnering more souls for the eventual end of days, their Ragnarok.

Jason, Thomas and Leon Lane.

"We hunger. . ." - The Lanes

The Lanes (Zombies) Brothers who decided to attack Nikolai and they eventually returned from their deaths as eternal servants, bound to him by their misdeeds against him. While initially Nikolai was horrified he could potentially do such to another in his inital stay within the Isles, slowly he accepted the fact they would have done the same to him if he hadn't taken the initiative.

"A friend"

"You walk eagerly into your damnation, just like the rest of your family. . ." - A Friend

A Friend (Dark Servant) An entity that Nikolai ran across while furthering his studies and abilities to control his family's inherited abilities. More often then not, this "friend" appears when Nikolai is in need of help. Sometimes Nikolai is seen talking to his shadowy friend, though those close enough to hear the conversation never hear the shadow speak back as Nikolai converses.

Citizens of the Isles and Paragon


Vivian de la Larken - Younger sister whose come looking for her older brother, though she seems to have come to Isles to test out its night life. "I've come to help, now shut up and take it."

Rafael de la Larken - Nikolai's biological twin, though from there the similarities seem to dwindle as Rafael's a foot taller and more muscle bound once he hit his growth spurt. "I think you fucked up bro."

Arrion Shadowkeeper - Arrion has always been an enigma, ever since their first encounter and yet through it all she stays by his side, the ever faithful apprentice that eagerly learns from her master. He sees in her a hint of himself and yet Nikolai can't help but wonder what'll happen once she's learned enough to be his equal. "Nikolai, you're being stubborn, again."

Carrigan Masters - A former love interest from the past, a perpetual enigma to the likes of Nikolai and yet through the hardships, tantrums and psychological games they play upon each other. Their relationship has blossomed into something unexpected. "I think you're going to have to explain yourself Nikolai."

Ony.01 - Childhood friend and a former yet perpetual interest, current location is unknown. "I don't do normal"

Kaschei - One of the few people that Nikolai considers a true friend, mostly because they've been through hell together and happen to have the same outlook on life which expresses itself through humor. Which often means its crude, loud, chauvinistic and quite possibly obnoxious. "I've got my wooden spoon and the jar of crunchy peanut butter, where too?"

Masume Yasuda / Blue - A peculiar man that Nikolai befriended while they worked within the Wraith Syndicate. A series of interesting events have caused these two to test their friendship through incalculable hardships. "Sir Nikolai, time for a beat down. . ."

Denahli - A woman with a complicated past thats been sent to document and befriend Mr. Yasuda. While much isn't know by Nikolai, he takes the adage of "A friend of a friend is my friend." a rare occurance considering Nikolai's background. "Um, no. . . try again."

Hallow'd - A child necromancer with a heart of gold, yet unfortunately has the tendency to colour Nikolai's books with crayons in the attempt to simplify the words for him. "Oh Niki wiki pedia, when will you start playing with the big kids? You and your preschool magic."

Fibs - A recent attempt at familiar summoning has brought forth the Imp known as Fibs, a minion named by an unknown "Dark Mistress" within one of the lower circles of Hell as revealed by her, though knowing her penchant for lying. Nikolai is weary as to how he'll treat Fibs or if he'll continue using her as a servant (Go-fer). "Wuzat?"

Joy Ride - A woman he befriended while working in the Wraith Syndicate, she's quite pleasant to be around. "I'm goin' to pretend I didn't hear that. . ."

Ms. Malum - A love hate relationship, "love" in the terms that she and Nikolai enjoy talking to each other about how they'll end the others life by any and all creative means from the use of a Spork to an anti gravity generator. "You know Dahlmer, you've got to stop playing with the dead."

Caid - Commander of the Wraith Syndicate "Eh?"

Kossetsu - Commander of the Wraith Syndicate "God damn it Nikolai, if I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times. . . stop summoning the undead on the conference table."

Erana - Sister to Caid and Kossetsu "Keep this up and I'll mind rape you to make you think you're a chicken"

Diavolina Nailo - Second in charge for Club Midnight Obscura *Slaps Ryu across his face,hard* "Don't ever do that again"

King Genesis - Bartender for Club Midnight Obscura *MIXINGDRINKSOMG* "One Screwdriver coming up"

Addramalech - One of the few Necromancers that Nikolai respects, mostly out of professional and intellectual courtesy. "Did you hear that? They think the undead stink, lets follow them around the D until they gag."

Don Giordano - Don of the Giordano Family. It's always nice to rub elbows with one of the crime syndicate families of the Isles. "Idiots."

Winsome Blue - A former partner of the Silvermoon and Pub, though her current whereabouts are unknown, she's seemed to have disappeared. "That's right Nikolai, I'm trying to get you fat, now eat"


Arachnos Commander - Nikolai never did like his "views" of Arachnos while he worked for them and even after his forced retirement he still doesn't. If they were to meet one on one upon some field of conflict, the ensuing chaos would be quite interesting to behold.

Vanguard Commander - Nikolai met the "commander" briefly, after having fought in the twilight hours of the Rikti Warzone without even detecting him. Nikolai's lost even more respect for this so called leader.

The Thorn Bandit - At the best of times, Ryu is a minor annoyance. Though often enough his awkward social graces or lack thereof tend to grate upon Nikolai's nerves.

Kyle Helsing - Smart mouthed, cocky and to make things worse. . . a hero with an inferiority complex.

Skye Valentine - Multi - Dimensional, internet entity thingymajigger. Nikolai doesn't even bother to try to understand this person, encounters between the two are tedious at best.

Luficia - A woman who got in the way of Nikolai's goals, where it'll lead is anyones guess.


Legacy Chain - Nikolai's never been one to conform to anothers ideals, especially when their argument lies around, "Do it our way or die".

Circle of Thorns - Nikolai views this rabble rousing group as nothing more then damned fools who enjoy their paltry parlor trick magician fame. Often finding insult in the way they conduct their "summonings" through the use of innocent bystanders.

Banished Pantheon - Entities bound for the single purpose to remove all life, while Nikolai's encounters with them have been brief, they've always ended with conflict.

Malta - Nikolai doesn't enjoy the fact that people are willing to target and "nullify" another group merely for the ideal that those with abilities are potentially dangerious to the populous.

Knives of Artemis - Nikolai has nothing personal against the women who're employed within the ranks of the Knives, though their affiliation with Malta doesn't put them in his high regards.

Rikti - With the invasion culled back to the aptly named "Rikti Warzone" Nikolai has found a sense of peace and quite possibly some tangible tranquility in regards to the hero population when he begrudgingly allowed himself to work along side them. Yet in this, Nikolai's views upon the Rikti are still the same, to be eradicated at all costs.

Heroic Gallery

Captain Flame - The first hero that Nikolai ever faced in his search for knowledge, he was still considered "wet behind the ears" and eager to prove his worth to the ever growing hero community, ten minutes later in the vault of 21st National Bank of Atlas Park Captain Flame became Captain Comatose as he confronted Nikolai's cadre of undead. A briefcase was reported missing, nothing else of value was taken from the bank.

Mr. Good Guy - A hero that Nikolai met in the famous "Pocket D" a brief yet heated arguement on how to create the perfect "Martini" eventually degenerated into Mr. Good Guy insulting Nikolai's family lineage and especially his mother. A free for all duel was accepted by Mr. Good Guy and this conflict was settled within Bloody Bay, the current whereabouts of Mr. Good Guy are unknown to this day.

Wild Catz - A violent allergic reaction to cat dander caused Nikolai to act irrationally as he set this female feline hero on fire with a BiC lighter and a can of WD 40. Many of the "heroes" and "villains" that witnessed this event applauded his efforts, some even bought him a few drinks.

Ultimate Hero - A hero that broadsided Nikolai as he hovered quietly while contemplating the very nature of Siren's Call, the resulting conflict ended poorly for the "Ultimate" Hero as Nikolai teleported him into an Arachnos Arbiter Drone.

Super Azn - Nikolai was under Arbiter orders to document the current positions of all active "heroes" within the free fire zone of Warburg, his attention to the surrounding battle torn area was briefly distracted by a brightly coloured and verbally loud hero who proclaimed himself as the "Super Asian" as he leapt from building to building wielding a Katana, but upon longer communication upon the "broadcast" frequency that allowed all to communicate to each other. He soon learned that asian was spelt "Azn". A quick summoning of his undead cadre and Nikolai quickly dealt with the "Azn" along with the help of Blitz's rogue Arachnos faction.

1337 Spekorz - Another jaunt into Bloody Bay to retrieve Shivan samples produced an unlikely and rather unpleasant encounter for Nikolai as he found himself face to face with a "hero" freakshow by the name of 1337 Spekorz, never one to put down a duel. Nikolai and Spekorz fought near the water reclimation facility closest to the Arachnos Firebase, though unknown to the "Spekorz" a recently disturbed group of Shivan's rose out of the ground beneath his feet. Not one to take any situation for granted Nikolai rose above the ensuing melee to collect his Shivan samples for future processing. Arachnos personel have noted that a particular Shivan upon the beach border seems to have "Freakshow" visual qualities (most noted would be the multi-coloured "mohawk") though further visual proof has yet to be confirmed.

Whiskerz - Another relaxing moment ruined by the constant howling of a female humanoid cat in heat, another reason as to why you don't leave WD 40, BiC lighters, left over fireworks from the Fourth of July, Nikolai and a cat girl in the same room. . .


Nikolai Image.JPG

APB - Nikolai de la Larken

Last known area of contact/sighting - Rogue Isles, Cap Au Diable

Warning - Should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Category Omega - Arcane threat.

Nikolai de la Larken is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murders of Grace Sullivan, Mark Sullivan, Nathaniel Sullivan, Thomas Lane, Jason Lane and Leon Lane. These people were associated with VSN, particularly a co-op surveillance team with Longbow associates. One of their known surveillance operandi was to catalogue the movements and nature of villains upon the Isles. The victims were reported missing November 5 2000. Grace, Mark and Nathaniel Sullivan’s bodies were recovered from a sewage drain south of the Mercy District by a Longbow Patrol in December of 2000. Thomas, Jason and Leon Lane are currently unaccounted for and presumed deceased.

On September 1 2002, a felony arrest warrant was issued by Paragon Court, Sixth Judicial District after Nikolai de la Larken was indicted for multiple accounts of homicide. Nikolai was charged federally with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution by the Paragon City District Court. A federal warrant was issued for his arrest on December 10, 2003.

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local Longbow office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.


As of August 17 2007, Nikolai de la Larken has been cleared of all prior offenses due to exceptional means and services rendered towards the conviction and arrest of several Arachnos officials which are now being held in Zigursky Penitentiary.

Stories & Plot lines

A Case File

"Now show me your greatest fear and I shall wrap you within the warmth of oblivion. . ." - Excerpt taken from voice recordings between Nikolai and the late Longbow Commander Williams.

Ghosts of our Past - ( WiP )

A Fate like no Other - ( WiP - Plotline involving Mr. Yasuda, Dawnstride Syndicate and others )

"One day, it'll all come to an end"

One day, it'll happen. Nikolai will grow tired of the lifestyle provided by the Isles and Paragon City, while liberating and exciting, past the enjoyment lies a darker side that Nikolai knows far to well, his past affiliation to Arachnos and other Splinter Cells are a clear indication to his Black Operations involvement within the Isles. To many friends have died and even for one well versed in death, one never truly accepts that their friends or lovers are truly gone.

He may even resort to restoring them to life if the pain became to much, though the reanimated are far from what he remembers and ultimately that brings him closer to despair as he watches and eventually destroys the brief mockery of those he's revived to relive his happiness.

Though one things for sure, after all the pain is said and done. He'll return to where he's always felt alive, a darkened cave located within the Philippines, where his ancestors and family coincide be they living or undead. It's merely the cycle of being a Mambabarang, we live to help and serve those who help us, we return to our home to die a quiet and honoured death as we go into the arms of those who've gone on before us, eventually we arise to teach the newer generations of our family. The cycle continues and we live on in their hearts and minds as the men and women of our clan further shape the world in their image and hopefully for the better.

"For Honour, for family, we shall never perish from this world as long as one of us draws breathe. . ."

Random Facts

- New image done by Jessi! Loves her so.

- Nikolai would best be portrayed by Takeshi Kaneshiro.

- Villain side Nikolai is a Necromancy / Dark Miasma Mastermind while Hero side Nikolai is a Dark Miasma / Psionic Defender. Surprisingly enough those two builds pretty much fit the original intent for my character. In turn with the dual wielding aspect that'll soon be released, I'll be able to use Nikolai's Kali/Eskrima background more.

- Nikolai was originally a telepathic symbiotic "vampire" (Aswang) for the RP board (Blood Raven/Ravyn) he was created for, though through his RP with the other members and a dozen or so board wide events he eventually found himself in the redeeming graces of a higher purpose. Losing his vampiric abilities/tendencies in the end as he became what he originally set out to be, human.

- Nikolai, through another series of board events learned that a particular lineage of his family practiced a blood art version of Necromancy. Yet due to his ascendence he was able to do such without the lose of blood on his part, while practicing how to improve his abilities the board (Blood Raven/Ravyn) was closed.

- The creator of Nikolai found out about CoV through a friend who particulary enjoyed the RP aspect and insisted that I create Nikolai here, so she and I played here and through the RP here. Nikolai evolved from a lowly practioner into a full fledged Necromancer when he hit fifty in August of 2006, three months after I had joined.

- A wide variety of theme songs have been suggested for the use of merely representing Nikolai as a character, but unforuntately due to his varying nature (Often cirumstantial to the situation he finds himself in). The best songs to truly represent him would be. . .

Take Five - The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Oasis - Gackt

Jump Right In - The Urge

Everlong - Foo Fighters

Unicorn (Duet Version) - Apoptygyma Berzerk

Ready Steady Go - Paul Oakenfold

Hey You - The Clarks

An Honest Mistake - The Bravery

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